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Lillia Build Guide by SleepyFawn

Top Devious Deer (off meta top lane build)

Top Devious Deer (off meta top lane build)

Updated on August 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SleepyFawn Build Guide By SleepyFawn 5,343 Views 0 Comments
5,343 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SleepyFawn Lillia Build Guide By SleepyFawn Updated on August 25, 2021
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Runes: Optimal Rune Page

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Standard Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Devious Deer (off meta top lane build)

By SleepyFawn
This is my first guide. I really love playing Lillia top. I don't claim to be amazing at the game (platinum 4) but I have a lot of fun with this champion so I thought I would share how I play her. I will update match ups and such over time.

The main reason I wanted to make this build is because the way I play Lillia top seems to be quite different from how the majority of people do. I do not opt for the conqueror Riftmaker build. I came to the conclusion that comet is better through discussion with LegoPotato (a high platinum mid Lillia main) and his discussions with HeavensTower, a Grandmaster Lillia top main and through extensive theory crafting and testing in the practice tool. I had asked other people if they would consider making a match up guide but they all said it was too much work so I thought I would give it a try myself. I hope it helps someone!

Pros & Cons
+ Cute Deer!
+ AP Damage Source
+ True & Max% Health Damage
+ Very Few Hard Counters
+ Huge Team Fight Potential
+ Amazing Waveclear
+ Tanky & High Damage
+ She is THE FAST
+ Extremely Fun!
Lillia is an amazing top laner. It's great to have an AP Pick in your champion pool when you play top lane, especially with how prominent AD mid laners and junglers are these days. Lillia can help round out your team comp perfectly and purchasing MR items is far less efficient than armor items for your opposing laner. Plus, with her true damage and max % health damage, she can melt through tanks easily.

Lillia has amazing waveclear. This will be useful for shoving lanes before backing, punishing your enemy laner if they roam/TP and also late game she can absolutely melt super minions if your team is ever down an inhibitor.

Lillia also has very few "unplayable" matchups in the top lane. She struggles against ranged champs and a couple high mobility champs (Irelia, Riven) and champs who can cancel her ult and W (Camille). However, she is very strong into most meta top laners currently such as Sett, Tahm Kench and Jax. Generally, she does well into AD bruisers tanks and melee champs.

With my build, she is extremely durable with high defensive stats while still dishing out huge amounts of damage and utility. Not to mention, she's SUPER FAST and just super fun to play as!

- Weak Early Game
- Low Range
- Weak to Poke
- Weak to CC
- Semi-Ult Reliant
- Weak Split push without Demolish
Since her rework, Lillia's early game is much weaker in exchange for a stronger late game. She cannot hold her passive movespeed stacks early anymore which means you need to be extremely careful about ganks and you can't bully as hard early as you could before.

Her low range makes her naturally weak against poke lanes. She has to step up to the wave in order to farm and she has no way of getting on top of these champs early on without her MS stacks and ult.

Lillia is really great at teamfighting but not so much at split pushing, despite her amazing wave clear. The reason is because she doesn't take towers very quickly. You can remedy this by taking demolish but it's not a rune you can afford to take every game as she does typically need unflinching since she's very weak to CC. But her team fighting capabilities are so strong that you generally want to do that over split pushing anyway.

She's also somewhat ult reliant for team fights but can still 1v1 without it.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is mandatory on Lillia. Her W dash is too short to be used as an escape and cannot go over walls. Lillia also relies on Q + Flash to help set up her ultimate in teamfights.
TELEPORT: Due to Lillia's weak early game and low mana pool, you aren't generally looking to play too aggressive super early. It's definitely possible to get a cheeky first blood with ignite but teleport is the better summoner in my opinion. It gives you great macro control later on in the game and helps you get into position for flanks.
IGNITE: Although I think TP is better, you can still run ignite if you think you can bully your enemy laner early. It's possible to get a surprise kill on them with it but late game I think you'd rather have TP.
Why Comet?

The reason that we take comet over conqueror is quite simple: It synergies better with Lillia's playstyle and does more damage.

In lane, Lillia primarily wants to whittle her opponent down with drive by Q's. She isn't looking to get a full combo off most of the time. Primarily you want to use your Q repeatedly and a few E's until the enemy is low enough to ult; only at this point will you typically use your full combo.

Comet synergies really well with this kind of playstyle while conqueror does not. Comet will help you achieve the poke that you want and the cooldown will be reduced for every spell Lillia hits (her passive burn also lowers the CD). Later into the game, the damage scales quite well and you will actually be able to get 3 comets in one full combo.

Even at full conqueror stacks, comet will still do more damage. This means the main reason you would choose to take conqueror is for the healing but that was nerfed significantly so you aren't even going to get that much healing from it.

The benefits that conqueror does offer is that unlike comet it cannot be missed and can affect multiple people in a teamfight. However, comet does hit quite often (especially when slowed by E) and I think Gathering Storm will offer similar damage to Conqueror later on which you can take freely if you run Comet.

Ultimately, either rune is obviously viable but I think comet synergies with Lillia a lot more than Conqueror does.
Minor Sorcery Runes.

Manaflow band is a clear choice for Lillia since she struggles with mana. However, you can also opt for nullifying orb against heavy AP threats.

Transcendence is a great option here. Lillia loves ability haste. The reason I don't recommend celerity is because of the soft movespeed cap giving diminishing returns. It sounds great in theory but you actually don't gain all that much extra movespeed though it can be good in combination with waterwalking for early roams.

For the last tree, you could choose any option. Scorch is better for early game; you can argue that early game happens every game and thus it is a great option. Gathering storm is on par with Scorch after 10 minutes and it has no cooldown because it's just raw AP. After 20 minutes, it is quite a bit better than scorch so I personally prefer Gathering Storm but scorch is not terrible by any means. You could also opt for Water Walking if you enjoy roaming. As a top laner, this is less typical but it's still possible. Waterwalking is more viable for Lillia mid.

Armor or MR shard based on lane opponent.
Secondary Rune Options...

Resolve secondary is the standard option for Lillia top. Typically you will want bone plating or second wind depending on your lane opponent; bone plating for champions that will want to hit you with several abilities or second wind against ranged/poke lanes.

Unflinching is very strong if the enemy team has a lot of CC. However, if they do not then that frees you up to take something else.

Revitalize is always an option because it will give you more passive healing. If you take second wind, this becomes more valuable.

One of my favorite minor runes, if you can get away with it, is Demolish. Lillia can usually 1v1 anyone in the game once she has items. Especially if she is tanky. She also has really great wave clear. If you have taken teleport, all of this combined means that she can exert immense pressure on side lanes. If you build tanky with Everfrost, Cosmic Drive and even Rylais then you'll actually be able to take down towers extremely quickly. Without demolish, Lillia is pretty terrible at taking towers so this can be really helpful. That being said, Lillia shines in team fights so you should actively look to join them. But if you don't win the 5v5 or you have teleport to join the fight, you can look to pressure side lanes first and maybe grab some towers along the way!

Apart from resolve, you could also look to take inspiration secondary. If you start Sapphire Crystal and take future's market you can get a VERY early Lost Chapter. (Look up the "Ziggs Early Lost Chapter Strategy" that pros were using earlier this season). I don't really recommend it but it is possible. You can take Cosmic Insight or Perfect Timing if you run this tree.

She can also go Domination secondary. Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection and Ingenious Hunter are great options. Ingenious Hunter is particularly valuable if you run Everfrost and Zhonyas.
Tanky Deer? (Build Explanation)

A lot of people don't like to rush defensive items. They think it makes them weak and gives up too much damage early. However, Lillia is a special case. Because her Q has true damage on it and she also does max % health damage, she actually doesn't lose that much damage from rushing Frozen Heart. Frozen Heart gives her armor, reduces a % of the damage she takes, gives her Ability Haste and some much needed mana. It's the perfect item for her against AD top laners. Pair it with Plated Steelcaps and she'll be virtually unkillable. With just Frozen Heart and Plated Steelcaps, you will do enough damage while negating enough damage from the enemy to duel and straight out kill people. Being tanky is also valuable because you are the top laner; you may have to front line and soak up some damage for your team later on and it will help you to create side pressure without dying!

Next, you might question why build Everfrost over Riftmaker? This also plays into the same argument against Conqueror. You typically aren't doing extended fights. You're whittling someone down and THEN going all-in. Her passive healing is quite enough to sustain in my experience and the extra mana from Everfrost helps Lillia out a lot.

The active from Everfrost is also very helpful for Lillia as it can set up her W even without her ultimate being up. A good E slow into Everfrost root, or hiding in a bush and surprising them with an Everfrost root means you get a free sweet spot W. You can also use it after you ult; it WILL apply the damage from your sleep and it gives you the choice to run away if you need to or to land another skill on them (W preferred but Q if W is down).

It also adds to your already insane waveclear. On top of that, Everfrost gives you an additional 15 AP per legendary item for a total of 75 AP for free. Compared to Riftmaker's 8 per item for a total of 40 AP. More AP means more true damage and max % health damage! And, to top it all off, Everfrost gives health and more ability haste than Riftmaker as well. It's the only mythic that gives both health and mana, playing into your spell spammy, tanky playstyle. Overall, it's a very reliable mythic. However, Riftmaker is completely viable if you prefer it.

Luden's Echo is another viable mythic item for Lillia. You can take this when the entire enemy team is squishy. It's also decent to take if you find it difficult to land your Everfrost root onto them. Just keep in mind that Luden's doesn't have health on it so you'll be squishier than usual, though!
Early Game:
Lillia isn't very strong early game since her rework. She cannot maintain her passive MS stacks anymore which makes her very vulnerable and her Q is on a 6 second CD with a higher mana cost.

Early game you want to play mostly passive. Against melee champs you can harass them with Q when they go to last hit but be careful not to shove the wave too hard as you can be extremely vulnerable to ganks. Shoving the first 3 waves and backing is viable to protect yourself from a gank.

Once you get your first item and level 6, you should be able to fight most people. By this point you can spam your Q on them and maintain enough MS to run away. Q and E are your primary poke. Once they are at roughly 40~50% HP you can usually kill them with a full combo. (E > Q > R > (Everfrost if you have it) > W > Q).

Keep an eye out for teleport opportunities in the bot lane and always be aware of scuttle fights in the river. A good roam can land your team some huge leads. Be sure to push your wave out before roaming, though!

Mid to late Game:
At this point in the game, you want to pressure side lanes as much as possible while also joining team fights for objectives. Shove waves past river and then go to join your team when necessary. Always push lanes on the opposite sides of the objective you want to prioritize. For example, if baron is up then you should be splitting bot side IF you have teleport available.

Shove waves hard with your skills and stay aware of the map state. Do not push too far up if you have zero pressure elsewhere. Although you can usually get out of most sticky situations with your MS, ult and Everfrost you will still likely die if the entire enemy team collapses on you. Make sure you know where the enemies are; keep a good ward placed to watch your flank and COUNT THE RED CIRCLES (enemies) ON THE MAP. :)

Don't forget to steal enemy jungle camps as much as possible. This will deny some gold and buffs to the enemy team so if you can do it safely you absolutely should.

Solo Fighting:
Your fight pattern hasn't changed. You generally want to Q someone, run away with your MS and then run back in again as your Q is coming back up. Do this repeatedly until you can kill someone.

Team Fighting:
To join team fights, you will want to look for good flank opportunities or wait for someone else to engage for you. Going in first on your own can be dangerous unless you have Zhonyas or MS stacked already. Try to stack off minions or jungle camps before joining a fight. Cause as much chaos as possible, running around the fight with your Q spam and then press R when you have tagged a few people or a priority target. Use Zhonyas if you have it and need it. (Pro-tip: You should already know beforehand what you want to use Zhonyas for. Ie; Yasuo tornado, Yone ultimate, etc).

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