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Renekton Build Guide by Allaeus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Allaeus

Diamond Renekton 6.19 - Butcher of the Top Lane

Allaeus Last updated on September 25, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiora Renek is a hard counter to Fiora, being able to punish her attempts at trading with some high damage of your own.
Malphite About as easy as it gets in laning phase seeing as Renekton isn't AS reliant given (once he has tiamat) he has 2 auto attack resets and is primarily ability based damage. Abuse his weak early game hard and make his scale into mid game a difficult one.
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Hello my name is Allaeus, a diamond jungle/top (when i cant get jung) main. Today i am about to talk about Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands. He is by far my best and favorite top lane champ.

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Renekton - What is He?

Renekton is a high damage bruiser who excels between early and mid game. He is primarily a top lane champion but has seen play in both mid lane and jungle.

High early damage.
Very aggressive lane bully.
Snowballs hard.
Easy to follow up ganks/ Set up ganks.
Rather naturally tanky (With ult health increase).
Is manaless (depends solely on CD's)

Doesn't scale into late game like other top laners.
Has a strictly physical damage basic skill set.
Kiteable after initial Slice and Dice.
Really no escapes once commited.

Passive - Reign of Anger: Renekton gains Fury every Auto Attack (5, 10 if with W (Ruthless Predator)) and for each ability that lands on a target. Fury decays out of combat by 4 every second. If below half health he gains 50% more fury from every source. (7.5 for autos, is double proc'd when hit with W (Ruthless Predator) making a grand total of 15) At 50 Fury the next ability renekton uses (In terms of slice and dice, only his second activation will consume fury) will be enhanced, and deal extra damage and extra effects.

This is Renektons main source of damage. Knowing what infuriated ability to use and when to use it is what makes a Renekton player good or bad. In example, knowing whether or not to empower q for the damage or empower e for the armor shred.

Q - Cull the Meek: Renekton spins in a circle hitting a small target area around him, dealing physical damage and healing for everything hit to a cap.

Empowered Q - Triples all the healing effects, as well as the cap, and increases the damage by 50% (ex. 90=135)

Take this skill first if against a ranged enemy for it allows sustain against their ranged pokes.This is Renektons main source of damage, harass, and sustain. Its on a relatively short cooldown and does a decent amount of damage. It also makes his sustain in lane good. Max This ability first. Use this empowered ability to harass enemy laners when they try to farm, or use it for the massive heal it grants.

W - Ruthless Predator: Renektons next basic attack strikes twice, dealing extra damage, stunning for .75 seconds, and applying all on-hit effects. (This is an AA reset, meaning auto then activate to auto again instantly.) (Grants fury for each strike = 10)

Empowered W - Strike three times, increasing damage dealt, doubling the stun, and applying all on-hit effects. (Does not grant fury.)

This is what makes Renekton's early game so strong. An auto reset that stuns and deals extra damage. Take this skill first if against a melee enemy, auto minions until 50 fury, and use it to punish the enemy laner when he tries to farm. Auto and then activate for most damage possible.

E - Slice and Dice: Renekton dashes foward dealing physical damage to all he passes through. If he hits an enemy it allows him to recast again, dashing in the direction of his cursor.

Empowered E - Only procs on Renekton's second dash, dealing extra physical damage to all enemies he passes through, as well as reducing their armor by a flat percentage.

Renekton's mobile ability, this allows him to either close the distance between him and an enemy or widen said distance in the event of a gank or hard initiation. A good renekton knows when to use his empowered E in terms of using it to escape, or shred the armor of the entire team. Works well with The Black Cleaver procs, allowing a **** load of armor shred for your adc to use. Also for maximum distance covered when escaping an enemy, use Ruthless Predator to stun them and move slightly towards them and dash away, making sure you were close enough to hit them with it. Giving you the most distance on the first dash as possible while still granting a full dash to further increase that distance by hitting the enemy with your first.

R - Dominus: Renekton enlarges himself, granting extra range to his auto attack and abilities, while granting health and 20 fury at activation. Also increases fury by 5 per second while active.

This is Renektons bait mechanic. The extra health and intial 20 fury make it easy for him to turn on lane opponents, or even fight the 1v2 that Renekton is known for, when they suspect him all but dead. Use this to lure them into a false sense of security and turn it on them. Can also use while in a bush to surprise the enemy with a full rage bar and extra range to take them down with.

Overall Renekton has a strong skill set that works coherently with itself, while also making him a meat sheild that absorbs damage easily earned back by a well used Empowered Q.

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Summoner Spells

Flash I believe is a given. Gap closer and good for getting out sticky situations

Ghost If you believe flash is overrated and for cowards, running ghost is beneficial and allows you to continuously stick on your enemies.

Teleport Is an essential SS of top lane. Allows for objective control and more interaction with the other lanes.

Ignite Is not bad if you're going for early kills and a snowball.

Exhaust This SS i think is completely underrated in solo lanes. A classic baiting mechanic as well as chasing tool.

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Glyphs: I like to run 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist this allows a nice amount of flat magic resist to soak up any amount of early magic damage that may come your way.

Seals: I run 9x Greater Seal of Armor These runes i find essential on any melee bruiser. Soaks up auto damage as well as any physical damage from spells they may launch at you.

If running against an AP top laner you can also run. Seal of Scaling Health

Marks: I run 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage This accommodates his early game dominance by increasing his ability to sheerly bully them out of lane.

Quints: I run 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Essentially to further the reasons for the marks.

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I run 12/0/18 on Renekton.

Ferocity: Taking Fury to slightly remedy his lack of attack speed. Feast To increase his overall sustain in lane. Vampirism Cause it flows well with the Life steal from the Doran's Blade. And last but not least Oppressor increasing the damage you deal when your enemy is stunned by Ruthless Predator. Note: I dont expect myself to kill every enemy so for efficiency i take Oppressor over Bounty Hunter .

Resolve: I run Unyielding even though the bonus resistances i get from this are quite minuscule, its better then receiving just 24 health back a minute from Recovery .
Taking Explorer instead of Tough Skin because i like to use the bushes in top lane to my advantage.
Taking Runic Armor over Veteran Scars because overall the heal bonus outweighs the initial health. I think either is good given that Veteran Scars is better for early trading; its all a matter of preference.
Taking Insight over Perseverance because the lower CD's on Teleport and Flash are more important then the base heal below 50%, especially when your Cull the Meek will do that for you.
The fourth row again is a matter of preference. Me i run Legendary Guardian over Swiftness simply because i like to be in the mix of things when fighting, and the extra free 15 armor and magic resist is too juicy to pass up, though if the enemy team has a lot of cc taking Swiftness may be the better choice.
And finally for the keystone. I take Grasp of the Undying simply because literally EVERY item i build includes a health benefit. And when its mixed with Spirit Visage it makes for a pretty decent heal as well as a nice little chunk of damage.

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"Combos and Tricks"

Renekton if played correctly can be elusive and mechanically sound. I will now explain a few combos that will get you a kill or a good escape.

Playing a combo depends solely around your fury bar. Lets say you're level three and have a point in each ability, fresh new waves just crashed into each other in lane and you have 35 fury. What could you do with that? Well there are a couple things.

1.) Slice and Dice into the wave --> Cull the Meek this will give you 50 fury --> auto the enemy champ --> Ruthless Predator the enemy champ --> Slice and Dice out. Twala! A classic combo called the hit and run! This combo allows you to deal massive amounts of damage without taking any return fire. They may have a gap close like jax's Leap Strike but if he were to do that he would be dueling you in your minions and would lose the trade extendedly.

2.) Essentially the same combo except you would choose this one if you were missing some health from a previous duel. Slice and Dice towards the enemy champ, making sure you hit a manion on the first dash --> auto, auto reset with Ruthless Predator (this will put you at 50 fury) --> enhanced Cull the Meek --> Slice and Dice out. This will do ample amounts of damage while also healing you from the previous and current trade. Also this combo has a better chance of clearing enemy minions to tip the scales in your favor should a duel ensue.

These are very specific situations and very basic combos but the point is this; you must decide which enhanced ability is the correct one to use at the time. Many factors play into this! Whats your health at, what's theirs at, who has more minions, do they have a gap closer to chase me down with, are they stacking armor. So many possibilities behind Renektons kit that only practice can really master.

Also dont forget that his ult Dominus automatically grants him 20 fury off the bat and 5 fury per second while active. If you feel an extended fight is about to ensue pop this as soon as possible to get as many enhanced ability procs as possible. You can also use the initial 20 fury to make a turn around onto an unsuspecting pursuer with youre enhanced Ruthless Predator

Will go deeper into combos if they are asked for :)

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Starting; I like to start Doran's Blade for its extra health, and AA sustain. As well as health pots.

Alternative starts: Long Sword and heatlth pots is decent also, allowing for more sustain and quicker build path buys, while trading in for the intial tank stats that are delivered with Doran's Blade.

Cloth Armor and health pots is also a good start if laning against an opponent who relise on physical damage spells to do damage.

Doran's Shield is an adequate start going against ranged AA users. (ex. Gnar )

First Back: Going for an early Tiamat ensures the pushing power and extra damage you need. Allowing you to cancel the Ruthless Predator animation and getting one more auto in before dashing out to safety. Also builds into one of your core items Titanic Hydra

Core Items: Titanic Hydra grants a good chunk of AD, as well as a strong activate ability that scales with health, and seeing as every item i build amplifies my health, i find this item to be note worthy.

In other situations running Ravenous Hydra is not bad either. Me i just prefer to be initially more tanky then to have more sustain.

On to the The Black Cleaver this synergizes well with Renekton seeing as he does primarily physical damage, as well as having an in-kit armor shred ability of his own. Which would stack multiplicatively with The Black Cleaver.

Sunfire Cape because it gives him good armor and health stats, and a unique passive that works well with his ultimate Dominus. Essentially just walking around the enemy applies a very decent amount of damage.

And last but not least Spirit Visage. By far one of my favorite items in the game Spirit Visage is so cost-efficient for what it brings. Practically triples your base health regen, 500 health, 10%cdr, 55MR, and a 25% healing to any healing that effects you, meaning your Cull the Meek, all for 2900 gold?! Im sold on it!

- Youmuu's Ghostblade is an extremely cost efficient, and snowbally item. Gives him 20 flat ArmPen (highest in the game) 60 AD, 10% CDR, and an active that increase MS and AS significantly for 6 seconds. Build this when you are 5/0 at 8 minutes.
- Death's Dance Good for similar reasons as Spirit Visage just synergizes well with his ult physical damage kit, and gives extra survivability with the bleed passive.
- Mortal Reminder Chances are youre not gonna go against a champ with more health then you so this would be better then Lord Dominik's Regards if you need a little extra damage.
- Guardian Angel This item allows you to initiate a fight by all in'ing their backline with the thought of death on the back burner. Allowing your team time to follow you up before you revive.

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Renekton's lvl 1 - is insanely strong and important. If against a melee champ start Ruthless Predator, this will allow you to early trade and come out ahead pretty much guaranteed. If against a ranged champ start Cull the Meek this will allow you to out-sustain his poke while hard pushing the wave to get lvl 2 faster.

LVL 2. Against melee - put a point in Cull the Meek this will allow you to ad extra burst to your trades as well as healing off of the minions to come out ahead.
Against Ranged - Chances are they will have some sort of engage ability to chunk you at level 2 so put a point into Slice and Dice this will serve two purposes. 1- it will allow you to distance yourself once they initiate or save yourself from a gank. 2 - if safe from ganks will allow you to close the distance with your enemy and hit an empowered Cull the Meek or Ruthless Predator getting quite a bit of damage off equaling out the trade.

Lvl 3. - By this point you should be either severely ahead of your opponent in terms of health or, in case of a ranged champion, on par with them. Obviously put a point into whatever is missing and just go ballistic on the enemy. All in them the first chance you see. At this point is usually where i get the Flash/empowered Ruthless Predator---> Slice and Dice---> Cull the Meek---> Slice and Dice again and maybe a few autos securing the kill. This combo has worked countless times for me. Its a huge chunk of burst damage that they can do nothing against.

Lvls.4-13 - Continue to harass your opponent down, taking every opportunity you can to shove the wave into tower and either A) roam to mid B) look for a tele bot) or C) invade the enemy jungle. Take tower asap to achieve FB tower gold (SOOOOOOOOOO OP RITO PLZ) and then roam around the map, in your jung, in their jung, gank bot or mid, or even go top to continue your assertion of dominance.

Lvls.13-18 - This is Renekton's weakspot. Late game. Where he is doing minimal damage and being kited for days. IMO personal opinion its best to just sit back and peel for carries instead of diving the front line. Shred the enemies front line's armor with empowered Slice and Dice and The Black Cleaver making them easy targets for your ADC. IF you see the chance to land a quick stun for a pick with a fancy E ---> W combo then you go for it. Picking off high priority targets before a team fight begins is priority UNO. Otherwise just peel for the back line. Be the second front line for them. Its too difficult to not be kited trying to dive the backline, so just do what you know you can do and kite it out with your adc.

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Welp! that pretty much ends the guide. Any questions or remarks i sincerely appreciate. Aiming to get better myself, as well as aiming teach what i know, is what i am in LoL for! Please ask any questions or criticize in any way :)