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Aatrox Build Guide by Yawen

Top Dominate as The Darkin Blade [patch 8.13]

Top Dominate as The Darkin Blade [patch 8.13]

Updated on July 7, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yawen Build Guide By Yawen 1,513 Views 0 Comments
1,513 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yawen Aatrox Build Guide By Yawen Updated on July 7, 2018
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Legend: Alacrity
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Bone Plating


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi!My name is Yawen(JamaiKayn on LoL) and I am a toplane main since season 7.My divison might not be very high but I can say that I played 99% of the champs at least 10 times,so I have a good grasp on champion knowledge.
I like to make videos and stream in my spare time (you can find my Youtube channel on my profile).I really hope you'll learn something from my guides.A thumbs up would really help me ;)
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I hate how every big name in this community says that Aatrox is in any way similar to Riven.
It's true that both of them are bruisers,but their playstyle is totally different.
Riven is and auto attack weaver(uses her fast spells to empower her AA's) while Aatrox is spell weaver (he benefits a lot from his spells and he uses AA's when his spells are on cooldown).
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About Aatrox jungle

Guys,really,don't play Aatrox in the jungle.He has weak ganks even with his W,because the enemy can dodge or walk out of it.Your E is short AF so you can't really close the gap between you and the enemy.Your Q roots you in place if you don't use your E so that's another con.
Riven can jungle because her E has a decent range and her Q moves her forward so she can close the gap between her and the enemy.
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Laning Phase

You want to poke your enemy with your Q and go all in when you are sure you can kill him/her.Early,you are useless without your Q.
Focus on farming and try to push the enemy away from the lane so you can push as much as you can.Don't very hard with the enemy in lane or you might get ganked,and it's not easy to escape without burning your flash.
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Mid Game

Now you should already have your Black Cleaver.You are very strong now and you can mostly 1v2 anyone if they're not fed.
Try to do as many objectives as you can and be sure to ward important objectives.
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Late Game

You're unkillable!Be sure to peel for your carry and protect him/her while you dish a lot of damage in teamfights.
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Tips for your abilities

-Don't forget that you can E while in your Q animation to get closer to your enemy!
-If you get ganked,you can try to Q and use your E to dash bacwards,so you can knock up anyone that is in range of your Q "sweet spot".
-Don't try to W the jungler or your laner if you get ganked.The shape of the W makes it so the target gets pulled back only if they get away from you.
-You can use your Ultimate before going into a skirmish/fight/teamifght so you guarantee a higher heal if you die.
-Don't forget that you can use your Ultimate to dive a low health target under the tower.But be sure you're not doing that on a full health Pantheon,or you'll regret your poor decision!
-Your E is an auto attack animation canceler (you can cut time from your AA animation by using the combo AA-E-AA)
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Really hope you learned something useful from this guide!I covered most of the runes,items and matchups in the notes on the specific segment,so I didn't make a separate chapter for them.
Don't forget to vote my guide and check my Youtube channel fore more content!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yawen
Yawen Aatrox Guide
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Dominate as The Darkin Blade [patch 8.13]

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