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Lee Sin Build Guide by Coelophysis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coelophysis

Dominating the Game w/ Jungle Lee Sin [Updated 4.14]

Coelophysis Last updated on August 24, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Lee Sin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu Easy matchup. Try invading him early and counterganking because you can destroy him easily.
Fiddlesticks Easy to invade and you should always be able to 1v1 him as long as you hit Q. Deny his blue buffs and countergank.
Karthus I don't even understand why some people even jungle with this guy but it's really easy for you. Just deny blue buffs and try to fight him all the time. Easy matchup.
Nautilus Nautilus is a pretty weak jungler right now and you can beat him in every way. Kill him in his jungle and countergank. Very easy matchup.
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Hi everybody! My summoner name is ProMrMudkip and I am currently Diamond Von the North America servers. This is the first guide I've ever made and I just wanted to give it a try on one of my favorite champions. I have had a ton of experience playing jungle Lee Sin and he was my first main champion. Even right now he is one of my best champions and he is probably one of the most fun champions to play in the game. So let's get into the written part of the guide shall we?

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Basics on Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a very dominant jungler early game and can make plays that can greatly help the team. He brings great damage to the table and, if played correctly, can outplay pretty much any champion. The reason that I think that jungle Lee Sin is better than top Lee Sin is because you need to abuse his early game power as much as possible before he falls off late game. Because of this you need to have a lot of map presence and dominate early game. His ganks are amazing and you can be really creative with how you perform them. He can be quite successful in getting his team fed because it is hard to escape him. Although he does fall off very hard late game he can still make really big plays by kicking a high priority target into your team. Unfortunately, Lee Sin isn't as strong as he used to be because, after his nerfs he can struggle against basic attack reliant champions.

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Pros/Cons on Playing Lee Sin


- Very good duelist.
- High burst damage to low health enemies.
- Hard to catch.
- Hard to escape from.
- Amazing early and mid game.
- Can pull off big plays.
- Many methods of ganking.
- Can rely on basic attacks and spells to fight making him not useless when his abilities are on cooldown.


- Falls off REALLY hard late game.
- Requires a high skill cap to pull off some of his combos.
- If you do bad early/mid game you are screwed.
- Can be kited if you miss his Sonic Wave and if he is slowed.

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When playing as Lee Sin it is almost always best to go for the 21/9/0 mastery tree. The points in offense really help his overall damage and the points in defense make him more survivable in the jungle and in fights. Double-Edged Sword is a great mastery for Lee Sin because he gets the 2% additional damage because he is melee. Putting your points in Sorcery instead of Fury is better on Lee because, he does the most damage with his spells and using spells gives him attack speed from his passive Flurry. Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving work well because, Lee Sin he uses spells and basic attacks combined in fights so, if one increases the others damage it is all the better.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Taking flat attack damage marks, flat armor seals, flat magic resist glyphs and flat attack damage quintessences all increase his early game power which is what you want to abuse as much as possible when you can. Depending on personal preference, you can switch the flat armor seals to scaling armor seals and flat magic resist glyphs to scaling magic resist glyphs to help him more later into the game.

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Skill Distribution

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Maxing Q first is definitely the best option and I do it every game when playing Lee Sin. It is primary damage ability which helps you chase and secure kills. The cooldown lowers as you level it, so you can have it up quite frequently when it is at its higher levels. Maxing W second gives you a bigger shield and more lifesteal and spell vamp. The extra lifesteal that Iron Will gives is really useful for gaining back HP in the jungle after fights and the spell vamp makes you heal more with Smite. Because of this, I find it more useful to max W over E because, E just does more damage and increases the slow.

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Last Whisper gives a lot of armor penetration for shredding tanks and allowing you to still be relevant in damage later into the game despite building tankier items. It is very important to have going into the late game.

Randuin's Omen is really great against heavy AD teams because it gives so much armor and health. The slow also helps you chase down enemies so it becomes very useful. I find it better to build this over Sunfire Cape because it gives much more armor and health and since you won't be building pure tank you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of the tanky items that you build.

Ruby Sightstone is so great to have on Lee Sin. He can do so much with wards and you get five rechargeable ones out of this item. It also gives some health compensate for lacking any offense stats but it just makes Lee Sin so much more mobile and it makes him very hard to catch. He also needs wards to pull off insec kicks.

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Tips and Advice

1. When chasing someone, you don't always have to use Resonating Strike immediately after hitting your Sonic Wave. Wait for them to use their gap closer or Flash first before you follow up with the second half of your Q.

2. Don't use Dragon's Rage to execute an enemy unless you know they are going to die. I hate seeing Lee Sin players kicking away enemies to secure a kill but instead end up saving their life.

3. Utilize your passive Flurry in 1v1's and while jungling. Don't spam all your moves at once or else you will be wasting your passive. Use one or two basic attacks in between abilities for the most damage output. This will also help you jungle more efficiently and it is useful for conserving your energy cause if you run out it takes a while to recharge it.

4. When ganking, don't try to Sonic Wave as soon as you get in range of an enemy or if you think that you can predict their position in a bush. Get closer to make sure you can hit it because you usually won't have a lot of luck with trying to hit long ranged Q's.

5. Try kicking high priority targets into your team with Dragon's Rage.

6. There are about a million different ways to gank with Lee Sin. You don't always have to come through the river. Try lane ganks, ward jump ganks, etc.

7. A lot of the time enemies will try to juke your Sonic Wave but if you just wait patiently you will eventually catch up to them where you can slow them with Cripple and then hit the Q afterwards.

8. Smite gives you health if you have spellvamp. If you use Iron Will and combine it with smite you can gain a pretty good amount of health instantly and it could be the deciding factor between life and death.

9. If you try to gank and an enemy runs behind a minion to avoid your Sonic Wave, Smite the minion while your Q is in mid-air. This will give them no time to react but you need to have precise timing to pull this off right.

10. Remember, you can jump to jungle monsters with Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike. Use this to escape sticky situations.

11. If 10. fails just remember, you can use wards to jump over walls with Safeguard

12. If you get low during a fight and need to get health, go to the nearest jungle camp. Using Safeguard and then immediately using Iron Will gives you a ton of healing especially if you have a Ravenous Hydra. If you do it on wolves or wraiths you can get almost full health again depending on the level of your W.

13. To secure your buffs, dragons and barons use Sonic Wave when it gets low, Smite it and then use Resonating Strike to make sure that you get the execution kill. This makes it a lot harder for the enemy jungler to smite steal it.

14. Remember that you can kick enemies into other enemies with Dragon's Rage. If you are fighting in an area where the enemies are all aligned, try to kick an enemy so that he will knock up the entire opposing team. It does a lot of damage so it can easily turn the tides of a teamfight into your favor.

15. When ward jumping, try to make sure that you are doing it in a fluid motion. Try not to stop movement by placing the ward and then taking a while to jump to it because I've seen that a lot. Make sure that you place a ward somewhere that is in your ward placing range. If you place the cursor outside of the ward placing range then when you reach that location you will stop moving. By making sure that it is in your ward placing range you can do the ward jump in one fluid motion. This also helps the speed of your insec kicks.

16. Because of Lee Sin's amazing early game fighting, it isn't a bad idea to try and invade after you take your double buffs. You can easily sneak up on the enemy jungler especially if they are weak early and kill them or at least burn their flash. (Ex: Fiddlesticks, Amumu, etc.) Pay attention to your minimap to make sure that the enemies are not coming to kill you. I don't recommend invading against champions like Udyr though because, unlike most champions, they should be relatively healthy after taking their double buffs and they can actually fight you somewhat decently.

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Jungle Start

If you are on blue side start at your red buff and if you are on purple side start at your blue buff so that you can get the best leash from your bot lane. Take Q first and make sure you hit the buff with it. Tell your laners to back off early so that you can execute quickly with Sonic Wave, Smite, Resonating Strike. Also, by doing this you are probably mirroring the enemy jungler's route. This allows for solo invade opportunities and potential counterganks. Remember to utilize your passive in the jungle but I usually use Iron Will immediately so that I can get the life steal. Here's a map to show the start. (If you are planning to invade and kill the enemy jungler, skip 3)

After Start

After you get your double buffs, look around the map. If you see a good opportunity to gank TAKE IT! Don't waste your time farming the jungle. You need to help your team get as fed as possible while you are at your best stage of the game. When you hit level 6 ganking will get a lot easier if it wasn't already. If you can try to screw with the enemy jungler by constantly counter jungling, taking his buffs or possibly even killing him. Lee Sin can duel pretty much all other junglers early game so it shouldn't be hard to catch and kill them in their jungle. Just pay attention the them minimap to make sure that enemy laners aren't coming to converge on your location and always have an escape planned out.

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Useful Combos

1. The Execute

Sonic Wave - Dragon's Rage - Resonating Strike
(Q - R - Q)
Used for finishing off low health enemies. Can also be used as an escape tool if you Sonic Wave the enemy, Dragon's Rage them over a wall and then use Resonating Strike. It is useful although it can be pretty hard to pull off sometimes.

2. The Insec


Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - Ward Behind Enemy - Safeguard - Dragon's Rage
(Q - Q - Ward - W - R)
Probably the most important of your combos and the hardest to pull off. You have to do all of this with lightning speed because if you take a long time you give the enemy team time to react and flash away or crowd control you. Try to do this on an enemy carry. You can also replace the ward with a Flash but it just depends on whether it is on cooldown or not. I recommend putting smartcast on all your abilities and on your items to pull this off very fast. It may take some getting used to but it is well worth it. Practice it in normal or bot games. Here is an example of The Insec.

3. The Kick Flash

Dragon's Rage + Flash
(R + Flash)
Now this is something that many of you have never heard or seen before. Basically what it is is, when you Dragon's Rage somebody, Flash behind them immediately after. If you don't do it extremely quickly it won't work. What should happen is they will get kicked backwards even though you kicked them forwards. This just makes kicking an enemy player into your team a lot faster which gives enemies less time to react. The only problem is, it takes a lot of practice and skill to pull it off. Here is an example of the Kick Flash (Not my video)

4. Healing w/ Smite

Safeguard + Iron Will + Smite
(W + W + Smite)
Using Iron Will gives you spell vamp and smite actually gives you health depending on how much spell vamp you have. As you level up your W, it will increase the amount of spell vamp you get from your Iron Will. You can use this combo in the jungle to help you survive or to save your life if you are ignited.

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Late Game/Teamfights

As we all know, Lee Sin falls off quite hard late game but, if you play him correctly he can still be relevant and useful at this point of the game. Remember, you can't get cocky even if you are very fed. It is very important to know your limits and the limits of your champion. When both teams are grouped and a teamfight is close to breaking out, hide in the fog of war somewhere. Try to hit an over the wall Sonic Wave on an enemy carry and proceed to insec kicking them into your team with Dragon's Rage. Try to go in as soon as the Sonic Wave hits so that you give the enemies less time to react. After you do this your primary job is pretty much done. If your team gets engaged on before you can perform an insec on the enemy carry you have two options. 1. Zone the enemy carries and get them out of the fight or 2. Peel for your AD Carry. If it is choice one then get close to the enemy carries with your Q and then kick them away from the fight or just try to immediately kill them. Either way, the enemy team will lose most of their main damage output. If it is choice two, Safeguard to your carry and then Dragon's Rage the enemy bruisers or assassins away from them. Remember to activate your Randuin's Omen and use your Cripple to slow them. When your carry is in the clear you can proceed to going into the center of the fight or zoning the enemy carry. The only problem is that, without your Dragon's Rage it can sometimes be hard to take out the enemy carry by yourself especially if they have good champions to peel for them.

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Thanks for Reading!

Thanks a lot for checking out this guide! It's the first one I've ever made so I would be glad to hear some of your guy's suggestions, opinions and feedback. If you have any questions just ask me. Have fun!
Here are some clips of me playing Lee Sin to end off this guide. (These are videos from a little while back from season 3 so, there's some old stuff. I wasn't as good back then and these clips were taken in season 3 when I was silver. I've definitely improved since then.)