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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Hilen

[Dominion] Spikes and Roses ~

[Dominion] Spikes and Roses ~

Updated on May 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hilen Build Guide By Hilen 6,240 Views 5 Comments
6,240 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hilen Evelynn Build Guide By Hilen Updated on May 23, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn


LoL Summoner Spell: Garrison


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



Hello Rioters and welcome to my very first guide on Mobafire.

Have you even wondered why both Dominion and Evelynn are not really popular ? This is because Evelynn IS Dominion ! Hahaha. Hum, well bad joke indeed.

But there is a fact : Even if on Summoner's Rift the efficience of Evelynn is without a doubt poor in competitive scene, the Widow maker have something to do in Dominion. And if one day there is a serious developpement about competition on this map, on her actual state, there is no doubt Evelynn will be in the center scene.

This guide will explain everything you have to know about her on Dominion, will be updated regularly, and is looking to be updated a lot at "Long" Stealth rework !

Take time to read everything before voting. And stay tuned on the last section to know recent updates !

Sorry for my bad english, as usual !

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Evelynn versus Dominion

Why Evelynn ? Why Dominion ?
- Evelynn have some technical issues to be efficient in her first three levels. This problem is irrevelant to Dominion since you start at lvl 3, and with enough gold to afford a decent starting build.

- Her Early game damage output is really noticeable as she can start with Sheen or Prospector's Ring.

- In summoner's rift, her passive in useless and most others from others champions have a purpose. In Dominion, this is the opposite. There will be plenty of situation where you'll be between enemy minions hurting someone. All along the game, you'll never have problem killing enemies protected by big number of minions. And you'll laugh hard at that Twisted Fate who will give 2 gold per minion kill.

- Even if you have with all of these points a bad Early game, Dominion is less punitive, you'll still be able to rock later. And trust me there is poor chance you'll have a bad mid game.

Still, you'll have to give an interest to her weakness :
- Your efficience is really dependant to your team. Evelynn is great for ganking and capping everywhere, but if your team is not on a good side, you'll likely have a problem.

- Evelynn is Evelynn. You still hate Oracle, especially when it cost only 250 (a timer ? :*****please: whatever champion you play you die at least once per 3 minutes). But the good part is that your ganks are not that dependant to your stealth. Sometimes you'll be surprised to how easy you'll killing that champion in 1vs1. And you do not have to afford yourself one to kill wards.

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Two paths, one goal

The only difference between those two builds are items (and maybe skills orders).

First item
Move item
Core item
Additional item
/ / Bruiser Buster
Prospector's Ring
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Lich Bane
Morello's Evil Tome
/ / Squishy Buster
Prospector's Ring
Berserker's Greaves
Trinity Force
Guinsoo's Rageblade
/ / Goal
Start to kill
Reach them
Reach and kill them
Kill them even more

Those build do not imply the same items but have big commons points :
- Run faster
- Dealing big and consistant damages
- Prioritize the effect of Agony's Embrace and Hate Spike so both raise your chances to work as a bulldozer.

Reminder : the exact building order are at the build section, top of the guide.

Important note : I do not recommend to start the game with Sheen. For a slight damage buff over Prospector's Ring, you'll lose 200 HP and the possibility to buy Boots.

Prospector's Ring is a fountain of damages, survivability with some appreciable mana regen. Prospector's Blade is also a good choice if you prefer AD Runes & Masteries.

Morello's Evil Tome can be skipped for a straight Rabadon's Deathcap. I prefer the first one because of CDR (increasing in two way your damage output with Hate Spike) and his new active perfectly designed to roflstomp most bruiser with any kind of regen (much easier to kill Xin Zhao Irelia Jax Warwick, etc).

For those who really want to roflstomp squishies in short time and like AD, a The Brutalizer can be build before Guinsoo's Rageblade or upgraded to take Guinsoo place in Youmuu's Ghostblade

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Summoners spells & Runes explanation

This section is more about a personal feeling like every SS/Runes section.

I found the choice I did worked the best in my case.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration : Unless you're playing a full AD build, Evelynn damage are balanced in hybrid mode and mostly magical in AP mode. This is why this rune is the best choice in both case.

Greater Seal of Defense : AP casters and equivalent will never be your main death reason on dominion or you're initiating is wrong. Bruisers are more dangerous, and hard to encounter late game. This is why I took armor per level runes. This way all the game I'll survive to them long enough without tank item.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power & Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power : In general manner, I prefer stats per lvl runes over flat runes on Dominion. Evelynn is strong enough to be efficient Early game with just some AP and HP. And late game with that big bunch of AP added with some nice armor, I can deal with most enemies in most cases.

Spell's :
Ghost You never run fast enough when you play offensive on Dominion, especially with a Stealth champion. NEVER. Take this and shut up !

For the second spell I'll list my favorites :
  • Garrison : My favorite of the favorite. Evelynn lack a bit of everything to defend in Dominion and unfortunately you'll have to do it sometimes. Also make you really more dangerous in offensive against squishies who feel secure on their base. Garrison is really the little thing which make everything easier for Evelynn. This is common to do a triple kill with this and Center buff upon defense. Final point, this is really helping to have someone able to carry this and use it on all the map safely.

  • Surge : Good enough on both build to add damage output. It's almost impossible to lose a 1vs1 with this and Agony's Embrace.

  • Heal : If your team is Bruiser oriented, they would appreciate to use aggressive spells while someone is carrying this. You're a good pick for that and work well with ultimate to success a 2 on 1. Also can save you long enough to stealth and go straight to that far, far base noone give a s**t.

I never take anything else, but these three need explanations about why "No!" :
  • Flash Flash can be a great combo with Shadow Walk to avoid death. But Ghost is much more important and if you want to have any impact on the game, you can't afford both.

  • Ignite You do not need this to hurt hard. And so many people tend to take it you'll never be specifically asked for this.

  • Exhaust You. Run. Fast. Enough. You doesn't need this to pursuit someone.

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Skills, order and tips

Let's make a quick table about spells. All you need to know if you trust me. If you want to be convinced, read the next explanation.

Level at 4
Level at 9
Importance on Dominion
/ /[/color

/ /
/ /
High (lvl 2)
/ /
/ /
Very High

This is very important to have Shadow Walk at lvl 2 before mid game. And this is not important to have more all the game. I make it straight and short : 10 seconds is not enough to do your work after early game. 20 seconds is enough to travel the map from base to base. If you manage your stealth time well, you don't need more. The only specific profit you'll have is a slightly better slow. I prefer, when I tend to have a decent amount of AP, to max Ravage before Shadow Walk for a tasty nuke and armor/magic reduction.

Skill tips

Shadow Walk : With the armor you get from runes, minions will do average 5-10 damages per attack to you all along the game without others tanks item. It allow you to focus anyone fast (maybe not at lvl 3 unless you're confident) as they would not be there.

Hate Spike : Since Hate Spike hit two targets, you can technically stop two champions from channelling at once. With some CDR (in case you're on AP way) you can kite 2-3 times (before getting roflstomped unless enemy is really slow brained) with Hate Spike and Shadow Walk.

Shadow Walk : Any source of damage, even minions, reset your "To be stealthed" timer (about 1.5 seconds). You're on a "To be Steathled" state until you do not take anything for 1.5 second or you die. This imply :
  • If you die during this state, you'll be stealthed even dead. Your stealthed remaining time will be reduced by your death duration and if you interrupt it when you're alive, it will go as usual on cooldown. It can be annoying to rush a close base without CDR.
  • You can activate Shadow Walk just before starting a fight if you know there is no much purpose engaging your target stealthed (usually against tanks or if you're defending a base). This way you'll be fighting in "To be stealthed" state. If you feel like you're losing the fight, you just have to flee without taking damages for 1.5 seconds and you'll be safe to go to another location. If you win the fight, you become stealthed just after and can start a new attack/defense.

Shadow Walk bis, thanks to the Wiki : You can activate Shadow Walk just before channelling a base. This is not an interruption and you'll channel stealthed. But be careful :

Shadow Walk Important note : Bases works as a global Vision Ward when they are neutral or red, with a radius slightly bigger than the base itself. If you come too close enemy will see you. If you use the previous tips and channel stealthed, enemy will see you as long as you've not captured the base and you're close as you channel.

Ravage : Debuff duration (5 seconds) is usually enough for a base defense/attack. Don't forget (seems obvious but everyone can make the mistake) to engage with before spamming Hate Spike. You can also use it as a good finisher.

Agony's Embrace : This is, unlike Master Yi, very important to use this whenever you're starting a fight (unless you're getting ganked hard) or you want to travel fast. Remember, Malice and Spite refresh itself in any case as long as an enemy champion die during Malice and Spite cooldown. On Dominion, emeny champions die much more often than on Summoner's Rift. Usually, you'll be able to activate your ultimate every 20-30 seconds. Don't hesitate, if you wasted it it won't be for long. If you hesitate, you'll maybe fail a decisive action to save it.

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Crystal Scar analyse

Instead of a big wall of text, let's table !

Storm buff
Speed buff
Health spot (jungle)
Health spot (bases)
/ / Your need
Very High
/ / AP caster/AD carry need
Very High
/ / Bruiser Need
/ / Tank Need
/ / Support Need
Very Low
Very High

How to read this table : For each "spot" (Healing, Storm, Speed) I list your need and others champions "type" need so you know if you can take this or not instead of them. For the Speed buff specifically, it represent how important it is for you or for them to walk on it often. Healing spots (jungle) represent every healing spots which is not very close to bases. Healing spots (bases) are those 5 spots close to bases.

Crystal scar and you

Important Note : For the following analyse, we consider you start the game at right, as violet team.

Crystal Scar can be divided in 3 zones for Evelynn :
  • The Passive Defending Zone, where you'll be mostly rushing to bases to protect them, or to ambush a walking enemy around. Two bases.
  • The Passive Attacking Zone, where you'll be mostly here to scout, set ganks and take bases and retreat if necessary. Two bases.
  • The Active Attacking Zone, where you'll attack every enemy you think you can kill, take bases whenever possible even if it imply risks. One base, all speed buffs and the storm buff.

- The top base is, with the bottom left base, your priority.
- The top left base is usually took by bruisers/tanks, help them if necessary.
- The top right and bottom right bases are usually took by anything but bruisers and you. You're allowed to let them handle this.
- If an enemy is getting the storm buff of their team and you're close enough, stop it and kite it the longest possible time.
- If you're next to an enemy (stealthed) and he intend to take a health spot, don't hesitate to use Agony's Embrace, steal it under his nose, and kill him if you can. Or if you love sadism, steal it under his nose and go somewhere else while he's doing in his pants.

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Ally Board

If you can play with them, try to support them after Early game whenever you can. Your alliance will pay fast.

With Malphite > Bruisers nightmare
He's beefy, he slow attack speed, movement speed and deal good damages in short time. You slow, you reduce both armor and magic resistance, and you deal good damages in short time and after. Excellent duo to bust all enemy bruisers, especially if you have Morello's Evil Tome and he have Sunfire Aegis and/or Frozen Heart. Also, when both of you intend to defend a base quick for more than 2 enemy, a Unstoppable Force > Ground Slam and you engaging just after with the support of Garrison have great chance to stop any channel and maybe to wipe enemies.

With Heimerdinger > The world can fall on us
You're really a sick body guard for that little nerdz. Heimerdinger in on Dominion really that guy who can win easily a 2 on 1 at his base and with his two towers (more he camp the enemy Bot base more the game will turn in your favor). His only true weakness are those determined killers (less than you, of course !) who have the time to rush between turrets and kill the little boy. Also he don't like high ranged enemies. Now add him a stealthed champion with a slow and high burst and who can freely approach enemies and scout them. Now the world can really fall on both of you, you'll break it.

With Cassiopeia > Here ? Okay now our territory
When we speak about Dominion, I consider Cassiopeia as a moving Heimerdinger : More mobility, equal damage but weaker in straight base defense. That's obvious in that case Evelynn is naturally a excellent partner for Cassiopeia for the same reasons.

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Priority Targets Board

If you see them in enemy team, do everything to kill them, EVERYTHING ! These targets are normal to easy to kill for you, and would give to enemy team too much advantage if left unharmed.

Shaco : Backstab the Backstaber ? Yes please ! Shaco excell at trapping enemies he can see. Fortunately, he can't see you and often use a squishy DPS build. Get him.

Ashe / Ezreal / Lux: Those long range ultimate champions with squishy builds are true pain in the *** in Dominion, especially with CDR. It can be a bit tricky with Ezreal but the others are easy to kill if surprised. Don't forget to move regularly while spamming Hate Spike so getting you with cage/layzor/frozen arrow/skillshots is way harder. Usually you'll kill them in less than 2 seconds. Beware with Ez' Arcane Shift, if you're stealthed close you'll eat the attack and he'll know you're here. Same goes for Ashe Volley and Lux Light Binding.

Kog'Maw: He's really the best example of glass cannon. If you don't kill him, who will do it better than you ? Beware of his Void Ooze or your rush will lead to a pathetic fail.

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Forget them Board

They're doing too much? Bah, this is not your fault ! More seriously, attacking them alone even in difficult situation will often lead to your death

Alone, do not approach them too much, you're mostly powerless (and don't forget to rush them in team while screaming "Revengeeeeee!").

Jax He's a bit like you. Like "You shall die in paaaaaaaain !" And unfortunately he have everything needed to overload you : Same damage output and a stun. Fortunately, he's really easy to gank unless fed. Profit.

Heimerdinger One of your best friends is also on of your worst enemies. With 3 skills, a weakness to slow&stuns and no much tanky stats to magic damages he'll shatter you in 0.5 seconds with towers and spells. If he's moving, you can try to backstab him, but if he's good, your death is a ... possibility.

Malzahar You ever wondered if he have void in the head ? Doesn't need answer. Avoid him, he's the only AP caster who can turn your rush in a pathetic death so fast. Himself he's not that dangerous. He just have the strongest spell to disable you in League of Legends, from what I know : Nether Grasp. You afford yourself a Quicksilver Sash fast ? You're a free kill for bruisers. You buy it after your core build? Ah ! Too late.

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Update log, thanks and etc.

Version of the guide : 1.0

Last update : 22/5/2012
  • Guide release

If you have any suggestion to do or something to discuss about a choice or anything else, don't hesitate to comment.

Note : For the first 20 votes, a comment will be necessary so I can improve my guide.

Have fun, drink beer, love Evelynn !
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