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Nunu & Willump Build Guide by League_of_Coaching

Tank Dont Make the Yeti Angry ( Processed Nunu Jungle Guide )

Tank Dont Make the Yeti Angry ( Processed Nunu Jungle Guide )

Updated on August 4, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author League_of_Coaching Build Guide By League_of_Coaching 7,952 Views 0 Comments
7,952 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author League_of_Coaching Nunu & Willump Build Guide By League_of_Coaching Updated on August 4, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hello there , Readers !

My Name is League_of_coaching and this is my processed Champion-Guide to Nunu , the Yeti Rider . ( and also my first Mobafire-Guide , so i am always pleased if there is any kind of Feedback. )

I hope i can answer all your Questions about this Champion , if not you can send me a message via my Stream . So let's get started.


This is not a Basic Champion Guide !!! We will look at every single Part of this Guide detailed , so you can become as good as the Nunu-God himself .
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So the Runepage i would recommend for Nunu is this one :

- Marks : 9 x Attack Speed
- Seals : 9 x Armor
- Glyphs : 6 x Cooldown Reduction + 3 x Magic Resist
- Quints : 3 x Ability Power

Let's move on to the explanation :

Marks :

First of all we benefit a lot from Attackspeed , cause our Passive Visionary . It allows us to use our Abilities more often and especially if you want to stay longer in your ( or the enemy jungle ) Sustain is the way to go . Thanks to our Ability Consume we can restore some Health aswell . So we got more Health and Mana sounds pretty good !

Seals :

I guess its really standard to take the Armor Seals . You receive less Damage from Basic Auto Attacks ( Jungle Creeps included ) . Generell great Runes .

Glyphs :

So for my Glyphs i use both Cooldown-Reduction and Magic Resist .

First of all why ? :

As Nunu we benefit from Cooldown-Reduction similar to Attackspeed it reduces the Cooldown of our Abilities so that we can use them more often . Take care Math incoming in the next line:

So we got 5 % CDR from our Runes , Probably we will pick up a Locket of the Iron Solari and a Frozen Heart . 5 + 10 + 20 = 35 % CDR . What does 35 % CDR means for our Abilities?

Consume : 13/12/11/10/9 seconds without any CDR and 8,45/7,8/7,15/6,5/5,85 seconds with CDR.

Blood Boil : 15 seconds at all ranks without any CDR and 9,75 seconds with CDR.

Ice Blast : 6 seconds at all ranks without any CDR and 3,9 seconds with CDR .

Absolute Zero : 110/100/90 seconds without CDR and 71,5/65/58,5 seconds with CDR .

( Btw yeah i know you wont have that much CDR at lvl 1 ^^ )

Lets take a closer look to the Cooldown of our Ability Ice Blast . When we got the 35 % CDR we can use this Ability about every 4 seconds . The slow duration of Ice Blast lasts 3 seconds for 20/30/40/50/60 % . Thats pretty rough for our enemies .

I think the 35 % CDR is enough and we dont have to fill it out with more CDR in the Runes or the Masteries . Thathswhy i would recommand some Magic Resist. But if you really want to have the 40 % you take 9x CDR runes and 2 points in the masteries out of Fury and put them into Sorcery .

Quints :

So we got 3 Ability Power Quints what means we got flat 15 AP at lvl 1 . Let's take a look to Nunu's AP-Ratios , if this is worth .

Consume : 75 % AP Ratio on the received Healing ( NOT THE DAMAGE )

Blood Boil : -

Ice Blast : 100 % AP Ratio

Absolute Zero : 200 % AP Ratio

Nunu has one of the Best AP Ratio's ingame ! That's why he benefits from Ability Power alot !
To push your smiting power even further is never wrong . Also it helps us coming through the jungle better .
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First of all if you want to learn more about Masteries I recommend you to watch my Guide onto my homepage ( its linked on my stream or just here --> ).

The Choice how you use your Masteries is , to be honest ,user dependend . That's why you better should learn more about the Masteries and put the points there individually . If you are far too lazy for that you can just copy my Maser
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A good Itemization is the right way to win any kind of games .

First of all we have to know what the Team expects us to do :

- Building up Vision
- Deny the enemy Jungler
- Tank Tons of Damage
- Having a Great Objective Controll

Now how we can achieve this goals ?

Building up Vision ---> Wards
Deny the enmy Jungler ---> Counter Jungling or Wards
Tank Tons of Damage ---> (Suprise) Building Tanky
Having a Great Objective Controll ---> Wards

The most Goals we can simply achieve through Warding . Thatswhy i recommand to build a Sight Stone as soon as possible . I even would build it before the Cinderhulk-Upgrade . Hunter's Machete --> Ranger's Trailblazer --> Sightstone --> Ranger's Trailblazer - Cinderhulk .

Thanks to our great Jungleclear ( Consume + Ranger's Trailblazer ) we should be able to pick up one of the magic Teamitems soon in the Game . At this point of the Game you have to ask yourself : What is the win condition of my Team and what is the win condicition of the enemy Team ? If you want to kite backwards in Teamfights the Item Turbo Chemtank wont be that usefull . Frozen Heart and Locket of the Iron Solari have much more value in those cases . Next Question : Is the enemy Team more ad or ap focused ? If they have a comp like Yasuo top , vi jungle , zed mid , kalista adc and braum support , a Frozen Heart would be godlike .

After every Teamitem is finished ( no you dont have to buy them all your Top-Laner or Support can buy those too^^) you can start getting the Selfish items like Thornmail or Spirit Visage .
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Skill Sequence

Yeah we are finally at the Skill Sequence .

I think not much Nunu-Player are going for the same Skill-Order like me , but i'll try to affirm it with some Math Content !

So the Skill-Order until level 4 is similar to other Nunu-Player i guess . You wanna have access to all your abilities . You level q at level 1 for the faster kill on Gromp/Krugs .

At level 4 you have two choices .

You can either put a second point in Consume or a second point in Ice Blast . The Ice Blast Route is the more Gank focused Possibility. But like I said in the Item-Part of this Guide we wanna build up Vision and deny the enenmy Jungler and it's way easier to do that when you have more points in Consume . So maybe you ask yourself why the heck stops this guy maxing Consume at level 5 ? Good Question , young Padawan ! But first of all what does it mean to have Consume at rank 3 ? Let's look at the Base Damage of the Consume --> 400 / 550 / 750 / 850 / 1,000 . And here is the reason why i put three points in Consume ! So you get 200 extra damage when you lvl it up from level 2 to level 3 . Now when does smite outscales our rank 3 Consume ? At level 12 Smite deals 720 damage. So in the time period of level 5-12 you can outsmite everything even without your smite ! ( That doesnt mean you should smite anything just to waste the summoner spell ). At level 7 little Skirmishes should break out . At this Time Period you wanna max Ice Blast for the extra percentage slow . After that you wanna be ready for Teamfights with your Blood Boil . And of course always rank up your Absolute Zero if possible.
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Pros / Cons

+ Great Jungle Clear
+ Not Item dependend
+ Great Objective Controll
+ Can peel quite good
+ Good Counter Jungling
+ Can buff up Hyper Carries


- No hard Crowd Controll
- Falls off a bit late Game
- No gap closer
- Low Range Abilities
- Unreliable ultimate
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Hey ! I just wanna thank some People right now

My thanks goes to :

- All the Junglers helping me create this Guide
- My Ranked Team :3
- Mobafire and especially Jhoijhoi !
- And of course .... you !

So thats it with my processed Champion-Guide to Nunu , the Yeti Rider . If you want to have more content of me be sure to follow me on Twitch or just check out my Homepage !

Good luck on the Rift , Summoner !
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League of Legends Build Guide Author League_of_Coaching
League_of_Coaching Nunu & Willump Guide
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Dont Make the Yeti Angry ( Processed Nunu Jungle Guide )

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