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League of Legends Build Guide Author mastajdog

DPS Mundo FTW (for those who have been waiting

mastajdog Last updated on November 16, 2011
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alternative mundos

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So for starters. I didn't see the light of mundo. following common philosophy, i tried to tank with mundo. it doesn't work so well, not nearly as well as Alistar, for example. that doesn't mean he can't be tank-like. it just means he isn't a tank. i kept wondering why none of his abilities were tankish except questionably his ult and definently his passive. then i thought that they would be annoying as hell to face on a dps and i saw that he was listed as a melee and a fighter and that turned out to be so right. by capitalizing on and accenting his survivability he is one of the most dangerous champs in the league. My third guide so far, so please check out my others.

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1 minute or less

Look at the stuff skill sequence
Harass with q engage e and r in close prolonged combat
have w toggled on at end game near champions
use q to chase and slow pursuers

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fairly explanitory. Biggest things : feel free go grab armor/magic pen runes in stead of hp, but i only go with flat runes for 2 reasons: They are only noticable early game, and early game advantages =more kills, exp, and creeps which in turn = more late game advantage. Also since i play on 3v3 with the common gank which can be an ace quite easially you would be kicking yourself for going with /level runes. Biggest reason to take flat runes is that mundo is an early game squishy. he tends to be a bit fragile until he can get both Spirit Visage and either The Bloodthirster or Zeke's Harbinger finished.

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despite not going as a tank i do find 9/21/0 masteries very important as mundo is early game fragile. while a lot of champions thrive better on the utility tree you have to get either buff duration or ghost and teleport with 3 points in good hands and waste half of the perserverance point... just not worth it. CDR/attack speed = up to you but i perfer the magic pen for my cleavers.

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this is the quirky part. most mundos go hp, tank, ect. Spirit Visage is very common and for good reasons. end game you can literlally regen all of your hp in 12 seconds with Sadism. really good times for fights where you get focused. the later you use it the less the cost, but the more the risk. great item, healing buff affects lifesteal, hp regen, Adrenaline Rush, Sadism, allied heals (DO NOT TAKE HEAL YOURSELF), pretty much any + hp affect to you. Vampiric Scepter. probably your best survivability item yourself. lucked on to it after watching sions play. Ever seen one who has Enrage constantly on but suffers no effects because of his scepter? i have. very annoying. so anyway, brings you out of your low health, but in a fight if you're good you can stay low to maximise Masochism. the merc's treads give you some mr. most of the danger to you will come from magic damage that deals % health, so these help negate it and give you some stun protection. Phage gives hp regen, health, a slow, and some attack damage. nice item, works like a charm (yes i know that you aren't seeing hp regen but all your health adds regen). The B. F. Sword adds a nice bite that normally makes it game over for the other team if it's been even till now. last thing they would expect from a "tank", but it works great, especially once made into The Bloodthirster. keeping the bloodthirster stacked is easy for as regenable a champ as you. Then you grab the Frozen Mallet for the extra hp and increased attack slow. Then to finish a reign of terror you grab a Madred's Razors which becomes Madred's Bloodrazor. This gives you more armor, as, ad, and makes you a tank raper from a range and close. it also augments your attack by giving you magic damage to deal with their probably thornmail. If the game is still going on grab a Recurve Bow to become Sword of the Divine. This item is my personal preference as far as attack speed goes. While there will be those who complain about lack of these 2 items Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, these are in my opinion the best items. more discussion on why not down at Situational Items/Rejected Items

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Build 2 (alternates)

Build 2 is designed to counter people with either ignite or grevious wounds. the main way it does that is by giving you 133 hp regen/5 and more attack speed to livesteal faster. it also gives more mr and armor than you would have in build 1. I did toss magic pen marks in also because they do work well. other ones you could use are armor pen or ad.

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The main thing is to try as hard as possible to (a) lane with a non-squishy nuke (b) make them hurt with your cleaver early on (c) LEVEL UP
Why you want to lane with a mage-type champ: your job is to ensure that they grab mr (aka Banshee's Veil Force of Nature Quicksilver Sashect so that you don't get screwed end game with the deadly combo of Thornmail Frozen Heart randomen's opien. your nuke can go assist a solo lane after about level 12 for you, so that they can still do damage and you can wreck.

Early on harass with cleaveres, even zone them with cleavers, and don't push the wave too far. Once you've finished your spirit visage pushing can start slightly. With The Bloodthirster you can reigh havoc. once you finish your madrid's you should be able to 1v1 infront of their turret if you've harassed enough.

Still exercise some caution. as a good mundo you should be very hard to kill if you play it right. After the mid-point of the game your job is to do the following things: fight, run to fights, jungle, lane, take out towers, or be jumping back to buy stuff. you should never be jumping back to heal once you have your phage.

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Alternate/rejected items

ok if you prefer these:
stark's ferver over The Bloodthirster. i feel that as a mundo, you should have no problem keeping all of the bonous damage and lifesteal, which i believe makes it a better deal, however, the attack speed and hp regen do make it merely a matter of personal preference.

Force of Nature is a nice item in place of your Sword of the Divine which i would move up IF and ONLY IF you are getting massive bursts from nukes. i don't feel it necessary. your lifesteal should be able to handle the regen problems.

Thornmail really is the same as the above except obviously facing a bunch of hard hitting ad carries.


Infinity Edge. great for some, not you. as nothing you have scales in a way that's at all worth it, and nothing with ad, and only your basic can crit, i don't see what you'd replace this with. people will tell me Sword of the Divine can be chucked for this, but the bonus ad and magic dmg will make a bigger difference, adding half again to your damage output.

Phantom Dancer ovious replacement for Sword of the Divine, right? only minus 5% attack speed for crit chance and movement speed. yea, but you can already run face enough and slow opponnents. also you have big problems being held down by cc. and i prefer guaranteed attacks at low health to possible crits. at low health, playing the high risk, i don't want to die because i chanced the crit over taking the guaranteed more attacks. also there is a MASSIVE cost differential.

Warmog's Armor. you stack enough bonus hp as it is. this item doesn't do enough for me. my 2 health items do more than just hp: Spirit Visage drastically increases my regen and also increases my mr. Frozen Mallet gives me some more ad and a slow.

Any more items for me to explain i will if you comment with a question, not a downvote.

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Laning partner (Yes, take a duo lane)

First, read gameplay as an explination for why you want a duo lane. What you are mainly looking for is a mage-type character who isn't a total squishy. You should be laning with someone for quite a while, preferably one of the following people:
In my opinion, Cho'Gath gives you more sinergy than anyone else. he can hit for massive true damage and has aoe cc and is totally a magic damage person. in my opion he's best played as an off-tank to accent his incredible AP rations, which again works great. some other good people to play with follow:

Galio has nice magic damage, aoe damage, and a speed boost. his taunt also works well for you.

a good Leona would work just fine, since she has stuns and aoe.

Amumu is always nice.
These are the best tanks to have.

Most mages would work great, but my preferences have been so far:

Swain can work well with his cc (again, you're looking for sombody who grabs hp or armor and mr so you aren't forced to totally tank for them)

Veigar tends to be played too squishy, but can work ok if not played so squishy

Vladimir can work sooooooooooooooo well, but beware of opponnents grabbing madrid's bloodrazor to target you both. however, if done right you can be a deadly combo

Anivia works well with nice aoe and cc. wall is cool.

Nunu way op, full of slows, cool to work with

Kog'Maw again, can rape from a distance, can be built many ways just like you, and will keep the opponnents guessing.

Support champs i don't usually recommend, but as far as they go:
Janna is about the only one i would normally go with, but if your team wants a support besided her:
both Yorick and Kayle are only ok if they can put their ult on you when you use yours to save you a few seconds. Zilean's ult required your death to do ****, which i don't advocate. try to go with the above listed tanks/off tanks or possibly one of the nukes. just don't solo a ranged.

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Laning against:

Easy prey:
Hp anybody. your madrid's bloodrazor and Infected Cleaver should wipe through them
Olaf. blah blah blah he's so hard to kill blah blah blah NO! he's a health stacker, and is the easiest to bait because he too gets stronger at low health... you just do it better

a tanking Dr. Mundo is one of the easiest characters for you to FACE ROLL. WHY? he
s got like 1/8 of your damage output. he stacks health like crazy (currently i just checked the top 3 builds and they all have both a Spirit Visage and a Warmog's Armor within their first few items: low mr and low armor.

Alistar: prone to health stacking due to Unbreakable Will. when out of it can be really easy to crush. if it's ready i recommend using ignite on him about 5 seconds into the heat of the battle to wipe through his ult and stop him from constantly popping Triumphant Roar.

Heimerdinger is prone to health stacking due to his squishyness. also about the only thing he can really do to help himself. his turrets can be 1-shotted with a cleaver, causing him to either switch skills or waste mana

Medium hard characters:
Cho'Gath is so variable. depends a lot on how much you move, and his frequent health stacking again makes him vunlerable. beware of his burst, as an ap cho can slam you for 1k true with his ult, and another 700 with his spells. just keep moving and harassing him and you should be fine. never chase him with low health. (just recently i was playing cho and got bursted to 50 hp by a sion at lvl 6. i got him to 230 and got him to chase me. feasted him before he could finish me and got some raging from him)

Karthus has nice burst and is relatively hard to finish off due to the face that he often saves his ult for after he dies

Morgana has a shield some aoe and a stun. also can punish you for staying close
mordakaiser if he didn't take ignite. your ult will drive him up a wall if he forgot ignite because he can't eat through you faster than you can regen it.

Gangplank is easy enough if shut down, but otherwise be careful. he will stack lifesteal often.

Sion does have an annoying stun, and deals good damage, but grab your merc's and you should be fine

Nunu has tons of slows. however, often stacks hp with his ap and thus gets vulnerable. you can also stop his ult easily and take minimal damage from it.

Master Yi tryndamire and Wukong are much alike. you can out last them all. just watch for these: ap yi gets annoying, save your ult for just before trynd's, and if wukong suddenly stands still chase where he would be going.

alkali is easy if you remember your oracle's elixer, hard if you forget. randomly throwing cleavers into the pool helps stop her though.

HARD champs to face:
Kennen runs to dang fast, hard to stop

both Miss Fortune and katrina have the ability to apply a grevious would to you every 6 seconds. stay away from them and pray they haven't studied you

Warwick can heal more than you and hits % health. play him cautiously and ask for ganks. (or take him when his laning partner's back). he excells at 1v1's at least as much as you, more so if played well.

Kog'Maw has too much dang range, too many ways to be played, hits % health, and has a spammable ult. play him with care

Teemo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO his shrooms are everywhere he hits you with a ton of poison and is impossible. great to play with on your team though.

Vayne IS YOUR BANE. She can hit for true damage of a percent of your health. the only way to stop it is to make her re-focus. never try to solo her. have a 2v1, anything, but don't let her target just one person. make her pay by dealing massive damage alternating. also try to stay out of the range of her basic attack when harassing.

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General problems you might face

Lots of armor/anti ad items
Madrid's bloodrazor
The trick early game is to make people believe you're going to be dealing a poor combo or mostly magic damage. The problem is figuring out what your opponnents are going to be dealing so you can counter if necessary.
Anything that can hit you for % health, ESPECIALLY VAYNE, is annyoing

Guide Top

Unique Skills

Besides the eitirity of you....

Only slightly similary champ i had ever played was Mordekaiser. Not nearly as similar as i thought. first, he's a massive ap character, and his survivability comes from his shield. yours is totally different. i did try the gunblade to spell vamp from cleavers, but it's still not effective enough.

Adrenaline Rush is one of your biggest assets. better than garen's Perseverance, because it's ever present, kinda like Strut or Tailwind. you know? It's actually the main reason most mundo players stack health.

Infected Cleaver is your main anti-champ skill early game, and a chasing/running skill mid/late game. 2 key things. if you suspect a gank from brush x, throw it into brush x. it's really easy to tell, especially with the + hp over your head and the splash sound. it will throw through walls, and can demolish neutral monsters. if you want to farm monsters to regain hp (as i do reccommend), cleaver the big one then just auto-attack him then auto -attack the small monsters.

Burning Agony is the most tricky skill on mundo. when to have it on, when not to. if you're chasing sombody , have it on incase they try to cc you to get away. if you're running at high enough health because it's time just to get the **** outta there, have it on so that they (a) get punished for getting close enough for it to hurt them, and makes you less-cc'able. if you're running cause you're almost dead, however, don't have it on because you CANNOT stack the hp regen needed to keep it up. don't activate it at low hp, because i once got silenced with it on and literally burned myself to death. (that was early on in my mundomain though)

Masochism is a potent ability for you. combined with a nice dose of your Sadism, you can make enemies pay for attacking you. the more you get hurt(as you should be hurting them) the more hurt you get. it's almost as bad as olaf... except it's worse. i've never lost a 1v1 with olaf.

Sadism has many a use. early on in a slow game, it can keep you in the lane, but be wary of using it when you don't need to. by saving it for ganks/team fights, you can become quite the annoying champion. it can also allow you to keep you health low but present while 1v1ing while using Masochism. tower hugging at low health? early on popping this and a few cleavers can make some people regret tower diving you.