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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by WorldSlayer

Dr.Mundo The Meatbag - Solo Guide

Dr.Mundo The Meatbag - Solo Guide

Updated on July 31, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WorldSlayer Build Guide By WorldSlayer 4 3 16,435 Views 5 Comments
4 3 16,435 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WorldSlayer Dr. Mundo Build Guide By WorldSlayer Updated on July 31, 2012
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You are Dr. Mundo! you go where ever you wanna go. but just make sure that you go in first! you are a walking meatbag. your job is to open the fights, and force your enemy to aim you, while your team do what ever it is your team do!

Roaming is also an important part of your job, as soon as your laning phase is done, you wonna roam and setup as many good ganks as you can, since that will be your main income source. you dont have time to run around cleaning up minions, + you wonna leave that to your carry, if you do a good job on the ganking you will get more then enough farm.
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its pretty simple, you just wanna stay alive for aslong as you can, with you Burning Agony and your sunfire cape, the longer you stay alive the more damage you deal, and the longer you are alive you can help out your team more. mundo is not a carry, hes a meatbag, your job is to take the damage and help out your team, in every way you can. that is why your masteries are all about survival being alive and moveing faster!

Offense: 1
Summoner's Wrath Its pretty simple, your main summnor spells are Ghost and Exhaust.
Defense: 21
Resistance Your a tank so you want to be as tank as you can!
Hardiness Your a tank so you want to be as tank as you can!
Durability The more hp you got the longer you can stay and fight!
Vigor Mundo Runs alot of hes regen, but vigor is more from giveing him the the upper hand in the laning phase.
Veteran's Scars The more hp mundo got the more he can regen with hes passive.
Initiator You Are a initiator so ofc you want this talent, you wonna move with lightning speed while roaming, opening fights, and catch your Enemy by surprise.
Honor Guard Do i even need to say why ?
Juggernaut This Talent works great with mundo! Let me tell you why,with this skill and With mundos second skill Heart Zapper and Mercury's Treads you get 80% reduced duration on stuns and slow effects, makeing him a beast!
utility: 8
Good Hands You are Dr. Mundo! you go wher you want, but its hard if you are dead.
Swiftness you want to be abel to move around the map as fast as you can. the faster you get around, the more ganks you can do!
Improved Recall Well.. its the best place you can put that last point.
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Ups And Downs

Mundo gets 80% reduced duration on stuns and slow effects, From Mercury's Treads - Heart Zapper - Juggernaut .
Mundo Have a insane hp regen thanks to Goes Where He Pleases makeing laning super easy.
Thanks to Mundos Maximum Dosage you dont have to go back to the base, before you have enough gold for the item you want. giveing you a easy way to outlevel your enemy.
Mundo got a great damage output and harras thanks to hes Infected Bonesaw, and hes Aoe damage.

Ignite it Makes Maximum Dosage and your hp regen look like a joke, but Cleanse can Fix that.
Madred's Bloodrazor Like any other tank, Madred's hurts you!
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Team Work / Laning Phase

Team work is the most important part about playing Mundo! (Well it is for every champion)
Mundo! is a great solo champion, so if you got a jungler in your team, you wonna go to the solo lane, Mundos health regen and harras, makes it easy to solo, even vs 2 champions,

1vs1 Solo Lane: What you want to do is, harras your enemy with your cleaver while still getting farm, and trying to push the turret, its best if you can get the turret down around level 6-7 so you can roam, Mundo is great at ganking. so as soon as you got the turret down, you wonna roam the map (Mundo goes wherever mundo pleases!)With mundos high survivability and great slow, he is the perfect ganker.

1vs2 Solo Lane: What you wonna do is, just get as much farm as you can, even use your cleaver for last hits if its needed, still try to harras a bit if its possible, wait for jungler to show up before you try anything, if the gank is succesfull you should easly be able to get lanecontrol after that, try to pick up a few kills in your lane, before pushing the tower, and starting the roam.
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Allways in Front

You are a meatbag, and that means you should allways be in front of your team, being able to jump infront of a missile before it hits your team mates. it also means you should be the first one to go in, Aka you open the fight. when you open the fight make sure that your team is not fare behind, or its gonna end up bad for you. you also need to know when to back out. for example, if you tanking a turret and you are running low on hp let your team know you are going back a few seconds before you do it, so it gives them a chance to backout with out dieing or takeing hits from the turret.

after backing out you dont need to go back, you can always stay in the backgound(if thers is no one trying to pick you off ofc)and help out with your cleavers. since your ulti only got a 1 min cooldown you simply just wait for it to get ready use it, and then you are ready to get back in front of the push once again.
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You are Mundo you go where you want, but the jungle you want to leave alone, you dont got time to jungle, you wanna roam gank and look scary!
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Summoner Spells

Ghost: its pretty simple, you want to move faster. (This is a Must Have)

Exhaust: Should not be used for picking up kills, your cleaver is more then enough slow for that, you wonna use your Exhaust defensively to help your team mates, whenever it is needed.

Ignite: can also be used on mundo for a more offensive build, but Exhaust is a better choice since your job is to help your team, not to pick up kills, leave that to the carry.

Heal: Heal can also be used on mundo, but is not that good, mundo dosent really need the heal for himself, its mostly to heal your team mates.

Cleanse: Okay this might ba a little confuseing, since Mundo Gets 35% Tenacity from hes Mercury's Treads, and another 35% from hes Heart Zapper, and another 10% from Juggernaut Bringing him up to 80% reduced duration on stuns and slow effects. But! The only reason to get Cleanse is to remove Ignite Mundos ulti and health regen is useless while he got ignite on, so if your haveing a hard time with ignite. Cleanse is the way to go.
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Mundo dosent need to farm, the only time you will be farming is when you are in the laning phase. you will get alot of farm, from ganking and puhsing lanes, if you find your self standing and farming a lane that dosent need defending or pushing, you are doing something wrong. while pushing mundos aoe will make short work of the minions in the lane, your main source of incomeing comes from pushing lanes and ganks.
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Mundo got a great hp regen, which means, that he dosent have to go back to the base very often, so what you want to do is, stay roaming to you have enough to buy your item, instead of going back all the time buying a few components, with your hp regen and your ulti this should not be a problem for you.

The items you will be buying is items that improve your survivabilty, The longer you stay alive the more damage you do, but its not only about dealing damage, its also about you being there all the time to help out your team.

Start - you wonna get a Dorian's shield as your first item, since all of your skills cost life to use. you might ask yourself why not just get a Regrowth Pendant, the reason is pretty simple with mundos passive skill Goes Where He Pleases and what you get from you masteries Vigor , is more then enough to keep you in the lane.

Early Game - The first thing you wonna get when you get back to the base is your Boots, then start working on your Sunfire Aegis, when your done with your cape you wonna finish your Mercury's Treads, when you are done with that start working on your Warmog's Armor.

Mid Game - when your done with your Warmog's Armor, you wonna start working on Force of Nature. if you are vs a heavy Ad team you wonna get your self a Chain Vest, before you finish your Force of Nature

Late Game - when your done with your Force of Nature, you wonna Get or finish your Thornmail, and start working on Another Warmog's Armor.

Ultra Late Game - if it happens that you get into a really late game, and the team you are vs are not that heavy Ad you can sell your Sunfire Aegis and build another Warmog's Armor.

READ! Reason why you should not get Spirit Visage it is a very overrated item on mundo, and here is why. Spirit Visage Gives 15% Bonus healing and regen, wich sounds good, but it aint. Lets start with Infected Bonesaw, it Returns half of the damage it cost to cast when it hits, the cost is 90, so he returns 45 hp when it hits, so with a Spirit Visage it returns 6.75 more hp. Now hes passive Goes Where He Pleases it makes mundo regen 0.3 of hes hp each second, The bonus from Spirit Visage will make him regen 0.045 more each second, not to usefull. Now for hes ultimate, Here Spirit Visage is pretty okay, but you got other things you want to use your gold on instead. Level 1 gets 6% more regen from ulti, level 2 gets 8.25% more regen from ulti, and at max level it gets 10.5% more regen. you might think now 10.5% More healing on the ulti is great, and i agree its not bad. but its not worth the 1500 gold to upgrade your ulti from 70% healing to 80.5% healing, you have more then enough health regen as it is allready.

before and after Spirit Visage
Infected Bonesaw: 45 hp / 51,75 hp
Goes Where He Pleases: 0.3 Per second / 0.3,45 per second
Maximum Dosage: 70% healing / 80.5% healing

Rushing Sunfire Aegis. The main reason why you are rushing Sunfire Aegis is for the damage output, the damage on it is pretty good if can get it around before 15 min, but if get it as a mid-game late-damge item, the damage is not gonna make much of a difrence, another reason why you wonna rush its is the health and armor. with your Mercury's Treads and your Sunfire Aegis you are off to a pretty good start for a tank. Health, Armor, Magic Resist, is what you need and on a tank, and those 2 items got it.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WorldSlayer
WorldSlayer Dr. Mundo Guide
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Dr.Mundo The Meatbag - Solo Guide

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