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Shyvana Build Guide by MossyCub

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MossyCub

Dragon vs Dragon : Shyvana in the Jungle

MossyCub Last updated on August 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Shyvana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Bard Bard Jungle is really , horribly bad (mana issues , blue needyness ) . The only good thing is his ganks , just camp whatever he camps and counter gank/jung like a madman on his blue
Dr. Mundo Mundo Jung. Oh boy. Just dont get chained q-q-q-q cause that shit will damage you. Other than that you're good to go.
Fizz Eh.
Rengar Does this work anymore ? Hello? Neh , dont underestimate this guy. Ward bushes , and take what he has , slow him , and make sure he isn't fed.
Sion Dodge his ult - win . Dodge his Q - win. Dodge his shield explosion - Win . Dodge his slow - Win. just Dodge , go practice in just dance 4
Twisted Fate Really?....Really?
Caitlyn Dedicated to my fellow friend , who mains this chick. The only way you're gonna gank with her is time the trap soooooo right and possibly net . lets not talk about her horrible clear time , and AoE. She has ok picking off potential with ult , but the only way she will be effective is with kills , and as a jungler , she would take her laner's kills really badly. Can work with a team filled CC and communication. TBH , one of the worst. Keep her inlane , most likley Bottom.
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Hi ! I'm David Brown.... Neh! I'm Mossy... I started to play Shyvana jung back when I first met this game , s4. At my friend's house , which trolled games by Lux Jung. I met Shyvana there and played alot of games with her. Then I got to League on my own 1 year later . And got back to play her around 4 / 5 months after playing League . Looking for my role in league (Top was always taken , I sucked at mid , ADC was not my thing). So supp and jungle were the only things I could use. I sucked at jungle so I mained Supp... I went into ranked soloq and noticed that me and my friend can't really carry the games when he can but I can't as a supp. I wanted a role that let me tower sieging , and being alone , but helping the team. Being sneaky was always in my nature (#c9_Sneaky) , So I assumed the role of Jungle.

1.Don' need no damage to be strong
2.Devour is sooooo good on her
3.Don' need flash cause u haz ult
4.Speed steroid is so good3
5.Amazing clear speed
6.Counter jungler
7.Can carry out of bronze easy

1.Objective control is meh
2.Suspectible to high CC
3.Ganks are pretty bad without ult and exhaust
4.Baron kills dragons.

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The Runes are basically AD brusier runes mixed with some damage. I like to put health in alot of my rune pages. Its just helps sustain. You can change to scalings but I like to give Shyv a really strong start , and let her late be not so great compared to her early. She still would be eventually a late game beast , so she doesnt need scaling , its built in her.

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As I said in the notes, The masteries can be changed around if you feel like it. I like these alot cause they fix and enhance every point in her. You can enhance her weak points but then she will be ok overall and not great in specific points.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is explained in notes. Here is some more info why the sequence goes accordingly. W is first for the Krugs and big clear in the AoE camps. E or Q can be both taken , E is faster for clear , but if you wanna counter jung lvl 2 , maybe take q instead.
Q is 3rd / E is 3rd depends what you took. Then max w for the speed in the ganks and go for ganks at lvl 3 try to go all in to get a laner that roams the most a kill. Then he does some of your job by roaming.Take ult as fast as possible , you dont have to upgrade it on 11 and 16 , but upgrading other stuff would be as efficent as upgrading you ult , so why not.

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On Shyvana you wanna go ahead and take these following:

Smite: Smite is a must have on Junglers. No doubt.

Exhaust: Exhaust is an amazing tool , better than ignite , and its like you have a secondary support , which lets your support actually take something else than exhaust for killing potential or survivability like Ignite or Heal. It's amazing for ganks , the only problem is , it's cooldown.

Flash: Flash is a really good summoner spell , however you dont really need it on Shyvana , because of her almost constant timing on ulti. Plus her ulti comes up quicker .

Ignite: Ignite is one of those niche summoner spells ,that helps generate kill potential . I would recommand taking this on Shyvana in a very very agressive and strong early game composition.

Here is an example of an early game team , taken from a guide here in mobafire linked : Mobafireguide

Picks & Bans
Early Composition
TSM Santorin
C9 Incarnation
CLG Doublelift
CLG Aphromoo
Poke Composition
FNC Huni
TiP Rush
TSM Bjergsen
GV Altec
GV BunnyFuFu

I am aware that there are 2 Morganas , whatever this ain't LCS.

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Ranked Play

has a really big and high chance to raise your ELO.

I already have 100% win rate with every jung (within 3 games :P) .

Try this build and Shyvana in Ranked , I tee it xD.

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Creeping / Jungling

I know most of you already know this but wanted to add this .

1.Start your route with krugs --> --> --> Either back or go more jung both of those, then either take his blue side or yours blue side , and try to sneak alittle deep ward in there and back, if you can apply early lvl 2 pressure with a gank go ahead , dont waste heavy cooldowns untill you bought Stalker's , and then waste your on the enemy laner. Go with easy no escape lanes first.

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Team Fights

Shyvana , at least in my opinion likes to work alone so she wont apply much to team fights , only with use of her ult. Then she needs to flank and pick off easy kills. If she gets flanked with no ult , you are in danger and should be trying to kite with E , W .

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Thats the end of this guide , its my first one so sorry , if it's not perfect. feel free to comment suggestions and comments , fixes and more in the comments section.

See you in my next guide :D