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Draven Build Guide by Madddhattter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Madddhattter

Draven: The Crit King [Revised]

Madddhattter Last updated on June 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Summoner...
So you wish to summon Draven, The Glorious Executioner. Fine, I will ALLOW you use him as your champion of choice. However, there are some things that you need to know before you can control the power of Draven, The Glorious Executioner.

Here is a guide that will help you in your path to maintaining his power. With this build, you will be able to crit for 1k damage with every axe that Draven throws. Will you be able to do the same? Can you master the unstoppable Executioner? Or will you just fall to his axe like all the others? Well, we will see young, ignornant, naive summoner.

Welcome, to the ultimate guide to controlling the Glorious Executioner

Be wary, of the spinning axe....

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Pros / Cons


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  • Summoner's Wrath :This will boost Draven's attack damage after using Ignite, thus letting him clear a wave of creeps, or kill another enemy champ.
  • Brute Force : There's not much to say. More attack damage. This is a must have.
  • Weapon Expertise : More armor penetration? I think so, summoner! More armor pen, means the more damage you do to other champions!
  • Deadliness : This is just more damage per level, it might not be much, but every point counts in the league
  • Havoc : Damage increased by 1.5%? If you don't take this mastery I will pimp slap you summoner! This will boost Draven's attack by a fair amount!
  • Vampirism : 3% lifesteal equals more sustain, more sustain equals more cs, more cs equals more gold, and more gold equals more equipment!
  • Sunder : Like I said summoner, the more armor pen, the better!
  • Executioner : Look, even the name matches Draven! This will help you take out targets faster!

  • Resistance : This will allow Draven to take less damage from ap casters! It's very helpful summoner!
  • Hardiness : Less damage from ad carry's? I think yes, since that is what Draven is usually laning against!
  • Vigor : hp regen equals more sustain, more sustain equ-wait...I don't have to say this again do I? Just look at Vampirism 's explanation!

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Critical Damage

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
This is Draven's favored rune setup. Why? Well, to put it simply, Draven is a crit champion. Meaning that he is centered around critical hits and critical damage, like the champion of Bilgewater Gangplank.
His passive Wicked Blades allows his critical hits, as well as attacks landed when spinning blades is active, to deal damage over time. So the more critical hits you have, the better Summoner. that is why Draven likes to take Greater Seal of Critical Damage so he has more damage when critical hits happen, summoner. Greater Seal of Attack Speed and Greater Glyph of Attack Speed gives Draven the pleasure of seeing his beloved axes rip into the flesh of the enemy champion more often, this is one of Draven's favorite past times. Greater Mark of Desolation allows Draven's axes to get rid of the enemy champion's armoring and deal more damage to them, I believe this rune works well on any ranged, or melee, champion summoner. Finally, Greater Quintessence of Life Stealreturns 2% of the damage that Draven deals as health. Now, who wouldn't want to feast upon the blood of another champion? I know for a fact that Cho'Gath loves this.

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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells
Non-Viable Summoner Spell
  • Ghost: a great escape/chasing mechanism when combined with Blood Rush
  • Ignite: very useful when enemies are at low health and you are out of range of the enemy champion
  • Cleanse: allows Draven to get out of many near-death situations
  • Surge: Gives a good boost to attack speed, but Blood Rush should give Draven all the attack speed he needs, so I do not recommend this spell summoner
  • Teleport: Useful when the enemy is taking a turrent on the opposite end of the map, but not very useful late game
  • Exhaust: Very useful when Draven is either chasing, or making a flashy exit. As the skill drastically reduces the enemy's movement speed
  • Revive: Can be used to juke out the enemy. After the kill, or so they think, Draven, you can use this spell and toss an axe in the enemy's back
  • Clarity: Draven does not need this as he is an attack damage champion summoner
  • Clairvoyance: Draven does not like to support others, he likes to be in the spotlight so this is a pointless spell summoner
  • Heal: this is useful, as it gives Draven more sustain, but other summoner spells are better on him since he can just auto-attack and restore his health via lifesteal
  • Garrison: this is only available in Dominion, it has no use in Classic
  • Smite: Draven is not a jungler, there is no point in taking this spell summoner
  • Promote: this is useful when you want to push a lane during the early stages of the match, but it loses it's usefullness late game

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Skills/Skill Sequence

Draven's passive allows his critical hits, and his Spinning Axe, to deal damage over time. This is quite useful when you cannot get the final blow on a champion, as it will kill them for you.

Draven twirls his axe around, allowing his next basic attack to deal bonus damage based on his current attack damage. When his axe hits an enemy, it will ricochet into the air, if Draven catches it, he will automatically ready another Spinning Axe, he can also have two Spinning Axes at the same time.

Draven gains increased attack and movement speed, this bonus will decrease over the duration of the ability. Blood Rush will refresh if Draven, I mean, WHEN Draven catches a Spinning Axe. Draven uses this when he does his victory lap after he wins a league match. As this skill gives him a great boost to his movement speed and attack speed.

Draven throws his axes, dealing physical damage and pushing his targets aside. Enemies hit, are slowed. Draven likes to use this skill when his enemies are running in terror, as it gives him great chasing power.

Draven loves to be flashy, so it should be assumed that his ultimate should be a showstopper, summoner. Draven throws both of his axes across the map, they will stop after hitting an enemy champion and return to him. Draven can also reactivate Whirling Death to return his axes to him as he sees fit. Whirling Death can be used to tear the head off escaping champions. Although,
there is no such thing as "escape" when Draven is participating in a league match. Be wary summoner

Skill Sequence
The skill sequence that Draven uses is quite simple and easy to learn. Use Stand Aside to initiate a fight, this will slow the enemy significantly, then quickly follow up with Spinning Axe. As you chase the enemy, since they will be scared out of their minds of you, use Blood Rush for the bonus movement/attack speed. This will help you chase and actually allow you to get the kill quite often (if you're still too slow you can use Ghost for the incredible speed boost). Don't forget to use Spinning Axe as you chase as the axes will land along your path. Since Spinning Axe will land in front of you, it is a good idea to use 2 Spinning Axes summoner. If they get away, ha who am I kidding Draven's targets never get away, use the flashy global ult, Whirling Death, to pick up the kill.
This skill sequence will allow you to easily get doubles throughout the game.

Soon you'll get easy penta's! You're team will be all

The enemy team will be all

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Starting Items
since Draven is based off crit, this is a nice starting item since it gives you a nice amount of crit early game, allowing Draven's passive to work it's magic when you don't have a Spinning Axe active

getting 2 of these will give Draven a decent amount of sustain until Draven decides that it's time for some executions

Mid Game Items
By now, you should have gotten this item. It gives a good amount of crit, and the bonus gold will help out with farming when/if you're not getting kills

getting these will allow you to use 2 Spinning Axes at the same time (if you're skilled enough), it gives you a nice boost to attack speed

This gives you a BIG boost to Draven's attack damage, combined with Berserker's Greaves you'll be dominating your lane

Late Game Items
This item is a MUST HAVE, it gives amazing damage and increases the damage your crits do by 50%!

Ok, movement speed+attack speed+crit chance? As
soon as you get this item, it's gg summoner!

Lifesteal for even more sustain and more attack damage! This helps so much since you're crits do 850-1k damage! You get so much life back!

Dual Phantom Dancers? I think yes! Having two of these bad boys will allow you to pick up quick and easy kills! I think it just gives an AMAZING boost to your attack! Get it summmoner!

I think this is just amazing. It gives armor pen, attack damage, crit chance, and cooldown reduction! Summoner you're probably thinking "why would you get cd?!". Listen young one. let's say you have just use Spinning Axe and you catch it 2x but the 3rd time you miss and now you're only doing 500dmg. No need to worry, ghostblade will let you get another one sooner! it also helps with the

long cd on Stand Aside

Optional Items
This item is nice against teams that just stack armor since it decreases armor upon basic attacks. If you want this, switch it out with Youmuu's Ghostblade

Amazing against tanky champs such as Garen. Dr. Mundo, Cho'Gath, etc, etc. Switch it out with Youmuu's Ghostblade if you're against a tanky team.

So it's late game and Draven's pockets are full of gold. Buy this if you want, although, the enemy will surrender by the time you get your The Bloodthirster. Switch with Youmuu's Ghostblade

zeke's herald If you don't want Youmuu's Ghostblade you can pick this up summoner. It's very beneficial to you and your teamas it gives life steal and attack speed to allies around you.

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Tips and Tricks

Is the enemy champion overextending himself/herself? Here's a tip for an easy kill

  • 1. Go through the jungle and hide in the bush behind them (the path varies depending on which lane you're in)
  • 2. Wait for them to push to your turrent
  • 3. Activate Blood Rush/ Ghost to get behind them quickly
  • 4. Once behind them, use Stand Aside to push them directly towards you're turrent
  • 5. Use Spinning Axe and pickup a smooth kill

Does no one want to mid? TAKE IT!
  • Draven is a strong mid, he can take out most casters since they're so squishy!
  • being mid means you get cs fed, plus easy kills from the squishy ap casters suchs as: Lux, Annie, Morgana, Karthus, etc, etc!

So all of the enemy team is mia during late game and we don't have wards, how do we know were they are?!
  • Easy! Whirling Death is a great tool to find out where the enemy team is! Be it dragon or baron nashor !
  • You can ult from your base, or straight down the river and find out!

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Have you learned much summoner? If you did, I am glad to be of service! This is my first guide so please let me know how I did summoner!

REMEMBER! Draven can be very powerful, I mean 1k dmg per hit! However, it takes time to master him! So take your time summoner. It may take awhile, but in the end it is worth it!

Oh, so you have Karthus, Jax, Sona, Graves, and Nocturne?