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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

Duff's Competitive Lee Sin

DuffTime Last updated on August 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide Top

Hey guys, Duff here.

Like my official Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter for future updates! Don't be shy!

Twitter; @RealDufftime


As anybody who knows me is already aware, I'm a solo top lane main.

I've taken the time, put in the hours, and have thousands of solo top match ups under my belt.

I'm also a player who keeps his eyes open for new things that may come about, to quickly take advantage of them. I like to be ahead of the other top lane players whenever possible.

Well, you could say I was ahead of the game on this one, because my last "Solo top Lee Sin" guide was posted on 2011-07-29. Now, over half a year later, solo top Lee Sin is becoming a thing!

I've been pounding out Lee Sin bit by bit over the past three to four months, and he's actually a champion that I've experimented with and played from time to time since his release. I've always found his toolkit to be rather "Full" and completely applicable to the top lane, and I played him up top like a true hipster would, "Before it was cool."

Being a decent Lee Sin player myself, after seeing Q1imax make solo top Lee Sin popular in high elo, and having seen VoyBoy's success in IEM, bringing Lee Sin's strength to the public eye, it seemed only fitting that my next guide be a Lee Sin guide. Additionally, with the recent release of a powerful new item that suits Lee Sin and many other top laners very well, we'll take the time here to explore some of Lee Sin's new itemization options.

I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Guide Top

Solo top Lee Sin in a nutshell.

If solo top Lee Sin were a person that you were considering to ask out on a date, Lee Sin would be a 10 out of 10.

The total package.

The apple of your eye.

"DAMN look at dat azz"

If you were given the choice between Lee Sin and a Lambo, you'd hesitate. Etc.

Why is this?

Well, it's quite simple really. Just look at his kit and what he has built in.

Lee Sin has;

Gap closer. Check.

Escapes. Check.

Armor buff. Check.

Life steal. Check.

Spellvamp. Check.

Attack speed buff. Check.

A method to replenish his energy between skills? Check.

A shield for himself? Check.

A shield for his allies! Check.

Knockback. Check.

Pop up. Check.

Attack speed debuff. Check.

Move speed debuff. Check.

Natural Magic resist scaling per level? (1.25 per level) Check.

Good base movement speed? (325) Check.

An execute? Check.

Solid potential AD ratios? Check.

Stealth reveal? Check.


The answer is essentially nothing. He has everything that matters in a solo lane, and even some things that don't matter! Lee Sin is probably the most complete top laner in the game, which explains his recent boost in popularity. He has an answer to almost every situation that can come about, and an answer to almost every champion he might face off against. It almost seems as if Riot ran down the list of skills and attributes and whatnot, and then just said, "Meh, thinking about this hurts my brain, let's just give him everything!"

In this guide, we'll attempt to cover those powerful elements that Lee Sin possesses, and understand how to use and abuse Lee Sin in the solo top lane.

Guide Top

Being the best.

What does it mean to be the best?

When a situation goes down, you are the one who out performs everyone else. You are the pinnacle. The over achiever.

By that definition, Lee Sin very well might be the best solo top laner in League of Legends. He's ready for anything, generally doing better in more situations than most other standard top lane champs. He does it by not truly being the best at anything, but instead by being great at everything.

The sustain in Lee Sin's kit is among the best skill-based-sustain in the game if you max W Safeguard / Iron Will.

His single target burst combos are excellent when maxing Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.

His AoE utility is fantastic in team fights, both early and late when maxing E Tempest / Cripple. Keep in mind, not even the active of Randuin's Omen (an item which costs over 3,000 gold) can compete with the utility of Lee Sin's E Tempest / Cripple. In any game where the purchase of Randuin's could be valid, consider maxing This skill before your Q for early team fight utility. Rank 5 of Lee Sin's E will yield a 25% more effective slow than randuin's, and will last DOUBLE the duration. This cannot be over looked. Keep in mind the power of Lee Sin's E Tempest / Cripple when allocating your skill points.

He is strong when played aggressively to shut down enemy lanes, and hard to gank when his R Dragon's Rage, his E Tempest / Cripple, and his W Safeguard / Iron Will are used properly. His passive Flurry is excellent for 1v1 engagements in lane. He is hard to shut down when played defensively.

This means that Lee Sin will be able to handle a wider variety of lane opponents than your average solo top laner. Other champions may out perform Lee Sin in certain champ-vrs-champ match ups, but fall short in others, where Lee Sin will stand stronger across the board.

If you can master Lee Sin, you have a champion capable of winning you every top lane (And you have the option to jungle him and be flexible in Solo Queue) meaning he's a champion worth the investment of time.

The ONLY problem with Lee Sin is that he is difficult, and maybe a little bit too difficult for your average gamer. This is because of his 7 skills, and his massive range of options. Energy management is key on Lee Sin, without energy you're dead in the water, and with 7 skills, a newer player may not be able to make the clutch split second decisions that need to be made.

The very reason he is so good, is what makes him difficult. However, don't let that discourage you! Keep trying, practice may not make perfect, (I'm being realistic here) but it does make you suck less, and you will improve! You will never be the best if you don't work like you want to be the best. Put in the hours, work your *** off, and get the results. (Body by DuffTime)

With practice, Lee Sin's skills will become more second nature. His depth with stop feeling like a confusing pile of skills and will start feeling like good options that can be applied to a wide array of scenarios.

Here are a few pointers and things to keep in mind when playing Lee Sin.

Guide Top

Tricks and Tips for Solo top Lee.

-Landing Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike is difficult and at times feels almost buggy. You will notice what I'm talking about when playing Lee Sin yourself. The projectile animation and the hit box do not always feel entirely true to one another. Work at it, and with practice you'll learn how to land his Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike more often. Sometimes this means getting right next to them and shooting a Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike that cannot miss to be safe.

-Plan your escape routes. You have escape mechanisms. Plan your exit path BEFORE you have to exit. Is there a wave of minions coming that you can jump to when they reach the lane? Do you have wards in your inventory that you can quickly place and jump to with W Safeguard / Iron Will? is there a wall that you can ward hop over? Always keep 2-3 wards in your inventory, as this makes Lee Sin borderline impossible to kill. It feels like you picked Spider Man in your champ select when you have a few wards on Lee Sin. (P.S. Riot, if you read this... Spider Man skin... Do it...)

-Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to minions in jungle and dash to them to escape champions chasing you in the jungle. Have your ward and W Safeguard / Iron Will ready to continue farther over other walls IF they flash after you. This is a great way to escape and make people burn flashes as well.

-Abuse your insane sustain! Lee Sin sustain in lane is among the highest in the entire game! That's unbelievably important in a solo lane, where all other sustain champions are being nerfed one by one, and even life steal items are being nerfed as well. Get points 3 into W Safeguard / Iron Will, and you'll feel in control of most solo top lanes. Get 5 and you'll just laugh the lane away.

-When comboing skills and attacks for damage trades in lane, it's generally better to only attack once inbetween your skills. This is because the longer a trade lasts, the more opportunity an opponent has to deal damage back to you as well. A quick bursty combo, landing auto attacks inbetween and immediately chaining your skills with them is the most efficient way to win trades. Waiting for auto attack to reset is wasted time where you're not dealing damage, which might cause you to lose a trade.

-When comboing skills and attacks for sustain, and/or to push lanes or jungle, it's generally better to attack twice between your skills in lane. This is because each hit will Heal Lee Sin a lot, and your skills are used to keep your attack speed buff on to maximize your auto attack output, which also means you're maximizing your healing per W Safeguard / Iron Will activation.

-When casting your ultimate Dragon's Rage, evaluate what you are trying to accomplish. If you're using it for damage because you built full AD, you can kick at any time in a fight to maximize damage. When building offtanky, the damage is still good, but consider landing the kick for the disable effect more than the damage in fights. Consider the timing and how it will impact your opponent's team-fight dynamic.

Guide Top

Skill Order.

Be willing to vary your skill order. All of Lee Sin's skills are outstanding. When you can dominate an opponent, you don't always need to max W Safeguard / Iron Will. W Safeguard / Iron Will is your tool to out sustain your opponent. Sustain means you will win your trades, but it doesn't necessarily land you kills. Maxing Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike can add to your burst combo, pick up some kills, and lead to an easier lane. Maxing E Tempest / Cripple, will dramatically enhance your utility in team fights. These are things to consider when putting points into skills.

Guide Top

Choice of Runes.

The rune page for Lee Sin is amazingly basic and multi-purposed.

In fact, if I were going to coach a new player who wanted to learn the top lane dynamic, I would tell him to get this page, and I'd give him a list of champions who could use it. Lee Sin is one of them.

9 AD reds. Greater Mark of Attack Damage

9 Armor yellows. Greater Seal of Armor

9 MR blues. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

3 AD quints. Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Everything flat.

All of Lee Sin's damage skills have good scaling with BONUS AD, and since his passive boosts his attack speed, Lee's kit revolves around having additional AD.

This rune page is quite frankly the best answer for Lee Sin. It allows you to dominate lane phase against the vast majority of the champion roster (Even most traditionally powerful top laners) and gives your auto attack a huge boost in lane. I have been asked, "Why not take armor pen?"

Well there's a few reasons why I don't. Lee Sin's scaling on bonus AD is too good. He will always do more with AD than armor pen, until his opponents start to build so much armor that a Last Whisper is a logical purchase (If you're not sure, wait till either one target buys over 170 armor, or until a lot of targets buy a reasonable value of armor). Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike has 180% scaling with bonus AD, his E Tempest / Cripple has 100%, and his R Dragon's Rage has 200% scaling. That's a mind blowing 480% scaling with bonus AD, assuming you land your Q, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. If not, it's still 300% bonus AD.

My other reason is simply that E Tempest / Cripple is magic damage and scales on AD. Armor pen won't have any effect on your magic damage, so there's a variety of reasons that buying more AD makes more sense to me on Lee Sin.

Other options for runes include Armor quints, MR quints, and Life Steal Quints, but if you're just trying to get your first rune page, just get the AD reds and AD quints page. It's multi purpose, and the best page in the most circumstances.

Guide Top

Choice of summoners.

Thanks to his incredibly full kit, Lee Sin has a wide variety of summoner spells available to him.

I'm an aggressive laner by nature, I prefer to take champions with a strong lane phase who have a lot of available options with me into the top lane.

I use Ignite and Heal in most games for this reason, but that's not an every game thing. When a champion already has gap closers and escapes, you have the option to forgo mobility summoners, and take battle summoners, like Ignite / Heal, Ignite / or Exhaust, things like that.

I'll often times take Exhaust for when there's a hyper carry like Vayne or even Kog'Maw, or a super caster threat like Kennen or Cassiopeia, and I want to take the sting out of their bite in team-fights as well as have a useful lane phase summoner.

Ghost and Flash are excellent summoners on Lee Sin, providing even more mobility.

I prefer Ignite and Heal, as Ignite not only adds True damage and a healing debuff, but it also gives me a flat 5 AD I can use to bully in lane phase while it's on cooldown, and some AP for my W Safeguard / Iron Will. Keep in mind how well Lee Sin's skills scale with bonus AD. I take Heal because it affords me the opportunity to stand and fight, and keep cycling through my skills. Due to the Nature of Lee Sin, his passive refreshing his energy, his sustain, his shields and AS debuffs and whatnot, the longer a fight goes, the better it is for him. Heal facilitates that function early game in lane and essentially allows me to win my fights.

To put it simply, take what summoners work for you. This is a guide informing you of what I've found to be effective, not a strict rule book. Every player has a playstyle, and if you aren't aggressive enough, you might not be able to make full use of Ignite / Heal in lane where it is the strongest. If that's the case, consider taking a better late game summoner like Exhaust in place of Heal.

Guide Top

Choice of Masteries.

Lee Sin has TWO effective Mastery pages in my opinion.

I believe a 21/1/8 is the optimal page personally speaking, but a 21/9/0 is also a great option, and makes your Lee Sin beefier.

The 21 in Offense is easy to understand, make sure to get your improved Ignite with Summoner's Wrath .

Brute Force adds a bit more to your excellent scaling with bonus AD.

Weapon Expertise and Deadliness follow along the same vein of working into your AD.

Vampirism has excellent synergy with your W Safeguard / Iron Will, DON'T underestimate the impact of 3% lifesteal! if your attack deals 100 damage (Which it will very early with a couple Doran's Blades and Ignite on cooldown.) then 3% life steal is 3 HP recovered, EVERY HIT. That's huge over the course of a lane, you'll probably heal a thousand HP or more over during lane phase with just this mastery, not accounting for additional life steal you might purchase or what comes from your W Safeguard / Iron Will.

Sunder Does this need to be explained? Take it, it's a huge boost to your early game damage.

Executioner is a great cherry on top of Lee Sin's bursty damage dealing kit. It synergizes well with his Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, meaning when your opponents go low HP and you tag them with Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, they're gonna absolutely blow up.

Now, when/why take Defense and when/why take Utility?

Well, it's simple, really. The defensive tree will offer you some very nice resistances and a boost to HP, and the utility tree will offer a deeper energy pool, and faster movement speed.

Personally speaking, I can't imagine that a bit of HP and resistances would be better than more energy and movement speed, but to each their own. Take what works for you!

Guide Top

Viable/Optional items for Lee Sin.

The best items include;

Doran's Blade The lane phase king item for Lee Sin.

Mercury's Treads The best boot for a champion with a lot of in's and outs, who's only possible weakness is CC's which lock him in place.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity CDR, good for snowballing a lane.

Ninja Tabi Vayne? Tristana? Tryndamere? Etc? Gogogo.

Warmog's Armor The highest HP item in the game, by FAR, even before you stack it. This is a great one-stop-shop for HP, enabling you to build chunky damage and resistance items elsewhere.

Atma's Impaler Defense and offense in one item, and a bit of crit, which Lee Sin uses fairly well due to his passive.

Maw of Malmortius A great item to boost survivability and damage in one package. Scales well enough into late game to consider purchasing. Hexdrinker can be purchased in lane to help against AP laners like Rumble, Kennen, or Vladimir.

Frozen Mallet Welcomed CC, AD, and HP.

Guardian Angel Enables you to fight to the death without dying. Always good.

The Bloodthirster The highest single item damage boost to your skills.

Infinity Edge Right click all the things. Use your passive/skills for attack speed.

Trinity Force Proper spacing of skills makes Trinity Force a big damage pick up for Lee Sin.

Last Whisper When opponents are stacking armor, if you have to be the one who carries, this item is undeniable.

Wriggle's Lantern In tough lanes Vrs AD champions, Wriggle's is the answer. Armor, AD, sustain, and a ward for either ward hopping or protecting your lane entrances from ganks. Examples of lanes when you should consider a Wriggles might be against Renekton, Garen, or Riven.

While I feel the above listed items are best, there are still other good items for Lee Sin as well.

Aegis of the Legion if your team doesn't grab one.

Randuin's Omen Synergy with his E Tempest / Cripple is undeniable, and the tanky stats are welcome. If your opponents have 2 right click threats, perhaps a Tryndamere / Vayne type of team comp, buying a Randuin's Omen is a perfectly legitimate response. Remember to stagger your activations so that they don't overlap, causing their move speed and attack speed to be slowed for 6 whole seconds. (Most teamfights are decided winner/loser before 5 seconds of fighting are done)

Sword of the Occult Crushing the game? Feel like troololo? Do it. You know you want to. A real man would do it.

Quicksilver Sash Some nice MR, and a great active that might enable you to pull some slick moves. Generally I'd prefer a Maw, but this item should still not be forgotten. Counters certain champions like Mordekaiser, Warwick, Skarner, and Malzahar

Wit's End While I personally don't like Wit's on Lee Sin, it's not too bad. It's powerful at the moment you buy it, using your passive to deal your damage with auto attacks when you buy the item. The main problem is it doesn't scale into late game at all, and Hexdrinker can now scale quite well for Lee Sin, building into Maw or Malmortius. For those reasons, I prefer buying a Hexdrinker and finishing Maw of Malmortius, I feel it has better synergy with Lee Sin's toolkit.

Madred's Bloodrazor This item is actually a very legitimate purchase on Lee Sin as a 4th or 5th item.

The Brutalizer Yes, this item is very good for Lee Sin. I don't buy it, simply because I feel Wriggle's is better in lane, and Youmuu's Ghostblade is an undesirable item for almost any champion. However, in lane phase, The Brutalizer is strong. I would simply buy a B. F. Sword or a Wriggle's Lantern in it's place, however.

Force of Nature Move speed and chunky stats will never be a bad thing, but in most games for Lee Sin, Force is outclassed by Maw of Malmortius.

The Black Cleaver It's not awful. A decent boost to damage. I think other items are better.

Guide Top

Itemization for Lee Sin.

Lee Sin is a fairly unique champion when it comes to item build for a few reasons.

He's essentially a "Melee/Bruiser/Tanky DPS/Offtank/Melee Carry/Assassin" etc. Whatever you want to call him, as long as it isn't Ranged Carry or AP carry, Lee Sin can probably fit the bill.

Lee Sin's inherent versatility as a champion is present in his item pathing as well. He can do such a wide variety of things, and his kit so readily supports such a wide variety of actions and play-styles, that when it comes to gear, it's fairly hard to go wrong.

There are, however, three main effective item paths for Lee Sin in my opinion.

Offtank / Tanky DPS.

Physical Caster / Assassin.

Melee AD carry / Tanky AD melee carry.

The Offtank/Tanky DPS route is essentially a Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler core, with a Maw of Malmortius, rounding out your defensive stats perhaps with a Guardian Angel. Your focus is defense with a build like this, and your playstyle will be initiator, taking advantage of your chunky resistances, and starting the fight for your team, trying to lane a good R Dragon's Rage out onto a team to ruin their position and deal good damage, and an E Tempest / Cripple to slow your opponents. Your damage will be decent enough with this build, but your tanky stats will be very hefty, and you should look to take advantage of that fact and take hit for your team, force the enemy to use cooldowns on you. You're buying HP and resistances instead of damage for a reason, use them as a weapon.

The Physical caster/Assassin route basically starts with The Bloodthirster for a huge boost to AD. Guardian Angel will be the only pure defensive purchase. A Maw of Malmortius will be a great purchase against teams with some magic damage, and provide a substantial boost to your AD threat. Later you can round out your build with a Frozen Mallet to try to make up for your lack of survivability, and your final item can be anything with a lot of AD to keep your spell damage very high. An Infinity Edge, another The Bloodthirster. it's up to you. This is a build I would only recommend when you are ahead, to be used to -stay- ahead. Keep in mind, a Lee Sin with 300 bonus AD from items gets 600 bonus damage to his ult Dragon's Rage, and he can land that across an entire team for an AoE burst of 1200 damage per target. That means you could deal 1200, 2400, 3600, 4800, or 6000 damage with that ultimate Dragon's Rage before resistances are factored, depending on how many opponents are hit by it. The damage could be higher with more bonus AD as well. Glass cannon Lee Sin -is- viable if properly played, and when snowballing a lead.

The melee AD carry build for Lee Sin is a route that I don't often take. It's probably the most difficult to effectively use, the most expensive, and the hardest to finish in any given game, but it does have legitimate merit and should not be forgotten. You can build glass, but I prefer a very tanky DPS type of build, building Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler for a hefty slate of stats, and then coupling that with the purchase of an Infinity Edge. The playstyle of AD carry Lee Sin is quite different. Instead of leaning on your skills for damage and bonus AD to boost that damage, your skills (while still doing decent damage due to your AD bonus) are used mainly for their utility and to keep your passive working. Your W and E should be cycled through repeatedly, landing 2 auto attacks inbetween each activation. With this build, you have a lot of AD and crit, but NO attack speed, and you'll need your passive, Flurry to boost your DPS. Instead of building a Phantom Dancer, try working towards a Trinity Force and more defensive stats. Lee Sin can't build like a generic AD carry, but he can carry like one, and with a core of Warmog's, Atma's, I.E, and Trinity Force, and a final pick up of perhaps a Guardian Angel, you'll be amazed at your damage output per auto attack and your undeniable tankyness. The main issue is that finishing the build is not realistic, but in some games this is a very legitimate item path. You'll feel a little bit like a raid boss out of WoW raid if you ever manage to finish your items and triple pot.

Keep in mind that 480% bonus AD scaling we mentioned earlier. If you have 300 AD, keep in mind that's 1440 damage just from your bonus AD alone, and 900 of that is AoE damage. This is a champion with big damage potential.

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General advice for lane phase.

Generally speaking, Lee Sin will inevitably win most top lanes simply by getting points into his W Safeguard / Iron Will.

In the early levels, 1-5 you can play aggressively or passively, but I would advise to exercise at least some aggression in lane. Farm as much as you can, and try to maintain a balance in the lane. If your opponent pushes the wave against you, that's fine. Try to freeze the lane in front of your tower and last hit, and let the jungle know your lane is gankable.

When you're level 7 and have your 4th point in W Safeguard / Iron Will, pick up two Doran's Blades, a ward, and a Health Potion. Your lane opponent is probably going to think he can trade with you, but chances are that he cannot. Don't be afraid of a fight, even if you start off losing the trade, tap your W Safeguard / Iron Will, landing an auto attack and press it again. Auto attack twice and Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, attack twice again and land your second Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. I guarantee that you won that exchange. If you're not maxing Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, you can use E Tempest / Cripple instead.

With your 2x doran's, basic boots, and points in W, you should dominate most lanes from here on out. Play very aggressively, and try to shut down/kill your lane.

Ward effectively, and try to force the enemy jungler to camp top lane if you can, but don't die to him when he comes. If you can force jungler top repeatedly, your mission is accomplished. You've gained your team map control by drawing jungle ganks top lane all game.

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Skill comboing on Lee Sin.

Due to the inherent depth of a champion with 7 available skills, I've opted to make a section detailing some of the skill combo's that I find useful.

These are NOT the ONLY combos, they are simply some of the combo's that have worked for me.

(AA means auto attack)

Passive - Flurry

Q - Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

W - Safeguard / Iron Will

E - Tempest / Cripple

R - Dragon's Rage

When being chased/trying to escape. CHECK YOUR ENERGY LEVELS. Some of these combo's are energy intensive and you don't have time to attack and get energy back.

Escape combos include;

E-W-E; E first, landing the proc onto your enemies who are pursuing you. W to a minion. Activate the second E, and now your opponents are slowed and far away from you. It's not too much different than using E-E-W, but this way if you aren't full on energy, you won't accidentally E twice and find yourself unable to W. Also if you can only afford 2 skills worth of energy, you can E - W and wait for the energy to cast your second E. This combo is hard/impossible to follow for most champions.

E-R-E-W; In a teamfight gone wrong, you can disengage the fight by landing an E, ulting the nearest champion through the enemy team, and pressing E again to slow everyone affected in place. A quick W away to a ward or friendly unit will most likely mean your escape was successful.

Offensive combos include;

Q-R-Q; Q first, ult your enemy blasting them away, and then Q to them again. First, this guarantees your combo if you land the initial Q. Second, ulting between the Q's will actually cause you to deal more damage by lowering your targets HP further, taking full advantage of champion mechanics.

Q-E-Q; Walk up close to your target, auto attack them, Q them, land 1 auto attack, not two. Press E twice as quickly as possible, attack once, and Q again, and try to land two auto attacks after the Q. This is a useful lane phase combo for Lee Sin, designed to deal damage that cannot effectively be traded back. It's used when you are in control of the lane. AA-Q-AA-E-E-AA-Q-AA. Two auto attacks at the end are optional. The reason for the spacing of the skills this way with one auto attack instead of two is to make your trade damage efficient. Waiting for your auto attack to reset and go through animation again is giving your opponent time to attack you as well, so I simply prefer to land one attack between skills when combo-ing damage in lane phase.

Sustain combos include;

W-W-AA-AA-AA-etc. It's really as simple as it sounds. A simple W-W-Auto attack-Auto attack (Until W runs off.) is free sustain with Iron Will, without pushing lane very much.

W-W-AA-AA-E-AA. Setting up Iron will and Attacking for sustain will also activate your spellvamp. You can them E the wave to push and heal at the same time. Subsequent auto attacks will be faster due to E and you can keep sustaining until Iron Will runs out. Don't underestimate the spellvamp, even though you get lower returns because E is AoE. It's a substantial impact for your lane.

WW-AA-AA-Q-AA-AA-Q. Setting up Iron Will, attacking for sustain, and using Q, which will give you your full returns on the spellvamp portion on your W, unlike your E, because your Q is single target. The combo is relatively simple, and uses the same logic as if you were using E. It also does not push the lane as hard, and I believe the amount healed is comparable. It just depends if you want to push the lane or not.

W-AA-AA-W-AA-AA-Q-AA-AA-Q-AA-AA. This is the same as the previous variation, but if you have life steal in your items you'll get the attack speed modifier for two extra attacks. Can be useful.

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Any questions or concerns?

Please find me on Facebook/Twitter if you have any questions and contact me there, as I will not be updating these guides any longer or checking in to answer questions!

Sorry for the inconveniance, look forward to seeing your questions on Facebook and Twitter! =]


Guide Top

Thanks for reading!

Hopefully this guide has benefited you in some way and/or improved your game with Lee Sin!

I would put on my *Sunglasses, but Lee Sin is blind so it sorta defeats the purpose... :P

Thanks for reading, and do let me know how your games with Lee Sin went for you!

Cheers guys, signing out~