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Ashe Build Guide by clarkngo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author clarkngo

Eat My Perma Slow Arrow! (Philippine Server)

clarkngo Last updated on May 29, 2014
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October 31, 2013 - skills, masteries, items,
November 12, 2013 - ability sequence, item chapter, situational items
November 14, 2013 - introduction to item build, item explanation on starting
May 29, 2014 - completed the guide

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Need to max Volley first in early game as this is ashe's only damage output in this build.

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As a support champion, Ashe's items should provide vision, sustain and movement speed.

Vision - No map vision would mean less aggressive plays by you and your ADC. You would also be prone to ganks.

Sustain - Ashe doesn't have any abilities to sustain herself. So she needs to have health regen items like Rejuvenation Bead. Also, ashe lacks a bit of support skills thats why she would need aura items like emblem of valor

Movement speed - The trouble with ashe is that, she doesn't have any escape or chasing gap closers aside from her Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Her Frost Shot and Volley are useless if she's out of range. If you give her movement speed, Ashe will stick like glue to her enemies by kiting.

Now let's discuss her item build
Rejuvenation Bead x2 = These will give Ashe sustain power in lane. With additional health regen, she can tank or block the attacks of enemy ADC or support. If you're worrying about armor, do remember that this guide's runes and masteries for Ashe is already high in armor

Health Potion - So Ashe can tank everything? Well, because she's lacking escape abilities, she prone to get harassed more. good thing we have that health potions. Do remember to take potions if you're chasing your enemy in the laning phase with 3/4 HP or 1/2 HP. This could save your life from focus fire, ganks and tower dive.

sight ward - The Ashe build here doesn't really rely on wards very much. Be careful when placing your wards.

Targon's Brace - S4 support item. easily fits ashe as she is ranged and able to execute minions far away and heal your ADC

Boots of Speed = Adding mobility to Ashe increase her chances of chasing or escaping the enemy champions in the laning phase with Frost Shot and Volley. Basically, we would need to buy boots if there's no one protecting your tower from damage from enemy ADCs (especially Tristana or Caitlyn) or support. They can destroy your tower quickly by peeling it when you're not around to defend it.
Again, buy boots if you need to return to your 1st tower quickly.

sight ward - It is a MUST to always go back in the lane with sight ward. Do also remember to use Hawkshot to add temporary map vision. Even if you have placed a sight ward in the river bush near the bottom lane, don't forget to cast Hawkshot to the nearest bush in your own jungle. Usually if you over extend, enemy jungler would try to gank you from the back.

emblem of valor - This item is also a must. It enchances Ashe's and her ADC sustain power by adding health regen. This is very helpful as your ADC's item would only be Doran's Blade or Boots of Speed at this time.

Health Potion = Spare change? buy 1-3 these if you can.

Boots of Mobility - This gives Ashe more utility. 1) Increases chasing and escaping capability 2) Quick response to small skirmishes

Aegis of the Legion - Get this, you are a support. Increases overall health regen, armor and magic resist. This will protect your ADC more.

Giant's Belt - Having this item can enable ashe to soak some damage and be in the front line.

Pickaxe - Pickaxe for added poke damage

Boots of Mobility - I personally go for this item because as support ashe, i would be able to go back to my lane quickly and help my ADC and if possible, help the jungler or mid-laner in small skirmishes.

Frozen Mallet - great item on ashe! with this, ashe would be able to stick to its enemies and enable your assassins or ADC to get better positioning

Thornmail - here's where you laugh at the enemies ADC, just draw them out and run to your teammate, this is item will bait most champs as they would normally see ashe as squishy.

Statikk Shiv - This will be your core damage item, we have dual purpose for this. 1. To kite enemies using minions (chain lightning). 2. With your mobility boots, you can quickly go to a lane and push.

Last Whisper - another core item. basically at late game, enemy tanks would already have some armor right now.
You can exchange this for black cleaver to give armor reduction to enemy instead of having additional armor penetration.

Face of the Mountain or Locket of the Iron Solari - ashe lacks support skills that enhances defenses or heals teammates. therefore, getting this item adds utility to her along with heal. With this item, ashe would now have heal + shield on her skill set.

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As support ashe in laning phase
Poke, poke poke. Soak some damage for your ADC

In small skirmishes
Spam Volley to stick to enemies, or help your teammates get out a sticky situation.

In team fights
Spam Volley to slow all enemies within range. Give your team better positioning always.

be sure to reserve to Enchanted Crystal Arrow to initiate against enemy ADC, AP or assassin.

Also, you can be defensive by reserving Enchanted Crystal Arrow, then shoot the enemy that engages your ADC.

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Hi guys,

This is my first build! =D
This build is for normal games.
It could also be pulled off at ranked games. But this should be executed as a duo and not solo queue.

Thanks guys!
clarkngo (PH server)