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Ekko Build Guide by Sylakko

Middle diamond

Ekko guide [9.14]

By Sylakko | Updated on November 18, 2019
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #28 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Ekko guide. My name is Kader but I go under the name of Sylakko. I hover around D1/masters maining Ekko. I started playing league of legends back in preseason 7. In my first season I peaked p2, finishing p4. In season 8 I ended d3 having peaked d2. Ekko was the first I bought but I did not start onetricking him before season 8.

My goal in this guide here is to share the knowledge I have gathered from playing Ekko to masters in mid lane. This is by no means the perfekt guide, but it is how I personally was able to climb to masters playing Ekko.

Here is my for those intrested:
these are the two accounts I play on for the most part.

Let's get into the guide!

Twitch Back to Top

Come and hang out on my twitch, here is my channel. Drop a follow to be notifed of when I go live! :)
Summoner spells Back to Top

Flash is taken pretty much every game by majority of the league roaster and Ekko is not exception. Flash is useful in many different scenarios, you should take it pretty much every single game no matter what.

Ignite gives a lot of kill pressure to Ekko. I recommend taking Ignite in most games if you are bellow challenger, because there will be a lot of mistakes made by people bellow that rank which Ignite lets you capitalize on, I take ignite pretty much every game.

Teleport is really good on ekko but is difficult to use to its full potential and also removes a lot of your kill pressure early. Taking teleport on ekko is a safer play if you feel that you might not be able to win lane.I am more of a aggressive player so if you like playing more reserved you might opt for it instead.
Abilities Back to Top

Z-Drive Resonance

Ekko's playstyle resolves around Z-Drive Resonance. This passive gives ekko an in-out play style where you use the movement speed granted from procing it to back off until your next rotation of spells are up. Ekko's passive is both his main damage tool and also his repositionings tool.


Timewinder is Ekko's wave clear ability and is the reason he has an above average wave clear. However, Timewinder's wave clear isn't the strongest before ekko reaches the power spike of being able to kill the caster minions with one Q, which is normally around level 9.

Parallel Convergence

Parallel Convergence is a great ability but also a unrelible one. Hitting it requires you to predict where the fight will be in 3 seconds. However, it doesn't need to hit for it to be useful, it grants a shield even if you miss and it zones the enemy. It also gives Ekko bonus damage when hitting an enemy under 30% health. However it scales bad with levels and great with ap, which is why it is the ability you max last.

Phase Dive

Phase Dive is ekko's main gap closer which is used to set up the rest of his abilities. Since Phase drive works with on hit abilities, it gives him a lot of damage from Lich Bane and Hextech Protobelt-01 which as often built on Ekko. You max this ability second because it scales better with levels than Parallel Convergence


As most other ultimates you put points into Chronobreak whenever possible. Chronobreak defines Ekko's playstyle as a timetraveler and allows him able to escape difficult situation. However it also does loads of damage but is very difficult to hit, which means you have to choose between using it for damage, or holding on to it for safty.

Skill sequence

> > >
You max Timewinder first for the wave clear, second you max Phase Dive because it is his gap closer and last you max Parallel Convergence because it scales the worst with level. Always take points into R whenever possible
Runes Back to Top

Electrocute: Ekko's trade pattern fits perfectly with the rune electrocute. His combo of E-Q-AA procs both Electrocute and his Z-Drive Resonance dealing great damage. It was also recently changed to have shorter cooldown but lower damage, which is better for. I still think Electrocute is better than Dark Harvest even after the rework, but it is preference. If you feel it is better go for it. Ekko.

Eyeball Collection: This is more of a preference, Ghost Poro is also pretty good if you are willing to constantly keep track of it which I don't. Eyeball Collection is great because you get extra damage for doing something you would have done anyways.

Sudden Impact: Ekko's engage tool procs sudden impact, which helps him deal extra damage in his trade. It is also the most useful for Ekko in this line.

Ravenous Hunter: This gives great sustain because ekko's Q is aoe which makes it proc on all the minions your Timewinder passes threw giving you hp back.

Biscuit Delivery: Biscuit delivery does not only provide susitain, but also mana which makes it an amazing rune for a champion like ekko that gets poked in many matchups and also has some mild mana prolbems. I swapped from Manaflow Band because this rune provides a lot more.

Time Warp Tonic: Time warp tonic has a really good synergy with Corrupting Potion which is an item you always take on ekko no matter what. It provides a great deal of sustain which is needed for ekko because he has no sustain in his kit.

You can swap out health stats for armor or mr based on the matchup you are in.

Items Back to Top

Starting items

Corrupting Potion:
Corrupting Potion is a pretty basic starting item on ekko, especially since time warp tonic is pretty strong right now and it synergises well with corrupting potion. It not only gives you a lot of sustain in but also damage if you have it active whilst trading. Dark Seal is also a great pickup on first item with corrupting start since it synergises very well with it.

Dark Seal
This is a great alternative to corrupting potion if you are facing an easier matchup. If you believe that you will be able to get something done in the early game I recommned taking this instead and getting Corrupting Potion on your first back. Dark Seal is all around a great item for ekko since he has a really safe playstyle where he can get out of sticky situations with Chronobreak

Core items

Hextech Protobelt-01:
This is the bread and butter item for Ekko in mid lane. It gives wave clear, it gives damage, it gives health and cooldown reduction. This item even has great components which lets you spike early game compared to other items that ekko buys.

Lich Bane:
Lich Bane's spellblade passive synergises well with Phase Dive, this leads to Ekko having a lot more oneshot potential. It also gives Cd which is helpful. You should buy it in nearly every game after Hextech Protobelt-01.

Sorcerer's Shoes:
These are give a lot of damage in mid-early game against squishy champions. You should take these boots in most games if you are confident in your Ekko play because Ekko has great surviablity with or without defensive boots as long as you play smart.

Situational items

Ninja Tabi:
Great against very heavy ad teams.

Mercury's Treads:
great against heavy cc teams.

Zhonya's Hourglass:
This is great item against many AD assassins and it also synergises with ekko's Chronobreak really well. However because Ekko has his ultimate, it isn't as necessary for him as many other AP champions. You can get away with building this late or not at all if you are confident in your Ekko.

Rabadon's Deathcap:
This item is a great all around purchase for all ap champions and Ekko is not exception. Rabadon's Deathcap scales with your ap so buidling this early is bad but it is great as a 4th/5th item.

Void Staff:
When you get into later stages of the game their is a high chance people will start buying magic resist, and that is where Void Staff comes into play. It lets you penetrate some of peoples magic resist helping you deal damage threw magic resist. It is a great overall item in late game.

There is two different uses for this item, the first being buying its component Oblivion Orb to get flat magic penetration which is great against people with low magic resist which makes it a great item early game when no one has magic resist. The other use against healing heavy enemy comps, it applies grievous wounds which makes it great against champions such as Vladimir, Soraka, Warwick etc.
Laning phase Back to Top

Once you get into a game as Ekko there is two main ways you can play the early game,first one is that you just hard push the first and second wave to bounce back the third wave so you don't get ganked for being overpushed. The second one is that you just last hit and try to make a freeze outside your turret where you try to get as much farm from the comfort of your tower. There are other ways to play the lane but these two are useable in pretty much every game as Ekko.
If the enemy has no way of stopping you from pushing, the first option is the supiror one, it allows you to help out your jungler in the early scuttle fights which happen quite often in this meta + it lets you get the level 2 spike which is huge. It also lets you be safe under your tower by the time the enemy jungler is looking to gank.
If the enemy does have high kill pressure on you early you should focus on just last hitting and trying to get as much farm as possible until you are able to kill the wave with 2 Timewinder, after that you should just push out and roam as much as possible to get fed of side lanes by roaming . There are many different ways to play the early game but it is based on the matchups you face
Match-ups Back to Top

Kassadin is a champion made to counter ap champions, his q pretty much blocks your entire trade and once he hits level 11 it is going to be hard to 1v1 him unless you are ahead. However his early game is really weak, so if you see him waste Q in lane try to go for a trade once his shield wears off. Don't trade with him with his Q up because all your damage is going to be wasted. Also push the two first waves really hard because he can't do anything to stop you.

Yasuo has a surprisingly strong early game although he is a late game champion. He has all around more damage than you in the earlier stages of the game and his Way of the Wanderer + his Wind Wall makes it difficult for you as ekko to trade with him. You have to try and waste his shield with a q before going in for a trade, also hold on to your q for a bit in case he uses his windwall. I good Yasuo won't let you beat him in lane, but Ekko has a better teamfight than yasuo so try to hold even until teamfights start happening.

Orianna not only has great poke, but she can also defend your trade by shielding herself. Killing her in lane is quite difficult without assistance from your jungler. if she runs out of mana you can try to go for an all inn if she doesn't have teleport.

Fizz R get's countered by your own ult, so he has difficulties trying to kill you. He has more raw burst damage but you have better wave clear and self defense. If you are able to dodge his E you can win a fight against him pretty easily. If he isn't going for plays or is playing somewhat safe, you can easily push him inn and go for roams.

Vel'Koz has one self defense ability, which is really easy to dodge as Ekko. You can trade with him whenever, your ult counters his only all inn too so you won't die to him unless you waste your ult or get ganked. He has really good wave clear so you have to try to pressure him in some form, by either killing him or roaming.

Ahri's charm is pretty much undodgable if you are the one engaging on her, ekko's E is pretty telegraphed so she can hit you whenever you trade pretty easily. She also has a lot of safefy after 6 because of her ult. However once you get protobelt and merc threads she is a really easy matchup. She can still easily escape but she has no way of beating you unless she is far ahead.

Mordekaiser has a pretty linear trade pattern, so just dodge his E with yours and he shouldn't be able to poke you down. You also have your passive so you can take short trades without him being able to retaliate. His ult you the most dangerous part about him, it is difficult to kite him without having to use all your spells.

Aurelion Sol has really good wave clear from level 1, whilst ekko's wave clear is pretty medicore before level 9. This makes it hard for you to stop him from roaming to your team. He is also really strong in the 1v1 in the early game so you can't just kill him to stop him from roaming. However once you hit level 9 with proto he is a pretty easy matchup if he isn't already fed from the prior roams.

Corki's early game is really weak and abusable, he can't do much before his triforce. Which means you get a free laning phase, where you can do pretty much whatever you want. If the Corki is playing aggro, you can easily kill after a few good trades. However, be careful about his late game, if he get's to free scale he becomes a monster.

LeBlanc has a lot of mobility and really strong early game which makes it dangerous to go for any play against her. She can easily dodge your passive, meaning you can't do any decent damage on her if she plays it right. Your best bet against leblanc is to just farm up to level 9, at that point you can just push her inn and roam because she has medicore waveclear.

Irelia got her MR removed from her W, which means her W is useless against AP champions such as ekko. Although irelia has a lot of moblity, that is gated by her having to hit her E or R. As long as you dodge her E, you win short trades. Try to wittle her down throughout the laning phase, but be careful about her E, because if she does hit you with it, she can pretty 100-0 you.

Zed is really dangerous for ekko before the first back, you have to respect his laning phase before your first back. Your goal in this lane is to not die before you can back and buy Seeker's Armguard. After getting Seeker's armguard you are pretty safe unless you do something stupid. Killing zed is going to be difficult, the only reiable way to beat him is to make him over greed on a kill. The best way to play this lane is to roam as much as possible after getting your Seeker's Armguard.

Zilean is a pretty easy matchup, and very killable lane before 6. Whenever he throws a bomb on the wave engage on him because, if he has already wasted one on the wave he can't stun you when you are trading with him. After 6 you most likely won't be able to kill him but you can just shove and roam.

Karthus's only self defense ability is a slow, which doesn't really do much to deter you from killing him. His Q is really easy to dodge with the movement speed from your passive, and you can also ult's his ult. All around a free lane.

Talon has a really strong level 2, so avoid getting hit by two parts of his W. He has all around more damage than you do at early game, so you most likely won't be trading with him. You need to be careful about letting him push you inn though, because he can easily roam to sidelanes. Talon's a lane stomping champion, but he won't be able to kill you as long as you play it right. Go for a early Seeker's Armguard for safety
Teamfighting Back to Top

Outside of lane you can either splitpush or teamfight as Ekko. Ekko is a great splitpusher if you are ahead enough for you to be able to 1v1 both there solo laners because they are the ones most likely to defend against you. However splitpushing requires a lot of cordination with your team which is risky and since ekko also has a great teamfighting, it is the easiest option to climb with.

Ekko brings damage, cc and engage to a teamfight which is great. However you are really squishy so any misteps can lead to a quick death. That is why going inn at the right time is really important for Ekko. You should always be standing at the outskirts of a teamfight, throwing inn q's until you see the perfect oppertunity to engage.

Your job as Ekko vary from looking to assasinate the enemies backline to engaging teamfights depending on what your team needs of you. In most games your goal is going to be to wait out the enemy cc so you can get to there backline and blow them up. In late game Ekko's damage is insane but you are also easily blown up if you get cought by CC because than you are not able to use Chronobreak.

If your job is to inisiate the teamfights because you lack engage than you should opt inn for a early Zhonya's Hourglass. It allows you to inisiate with a lot more ease because you can distract them for a long time with the help of Parallel Convergence and Chronobreak
Summary Back to Top

All in all ekko is a great assassin that is able to hard carry games and is rarely picked/banned. He has difficulties with CC but if you play around it correctly you can excel.

This is the first ever guide I have written so any type of feedback would be greatly appericated. I will update this whenever the meta changes and I also am not done with the guide.

I am far from done with the guide and this is just a start, I will be adding in new sections and editing old ones. If you think this guide is familiar it is because I had orginally written it on another account, I moved it over to this one and updated it to fit the meta of the new season. I have also added a new matchup section, although I still haven't added every champion, I will do so in the near future

Thanks for taking your time to read this guide, peace!

- Sylakko
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylakko
Sylakko Ekko Guide
Ekko guide [9.14]