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Evelynn Build Guide by ChrissyDoc

Evelynn - The AP Assassin

Evelynn - The AP Assassin

Updated on June 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChrissyDoc Build Guide By ChrissyDoc 26 11 124,299 Views 39 Comments
26 11 124,299 Views 39 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ChrissyDoc Evelynn Build Guide By ChrissyDoc Updated on June 7, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



    This is my build for
Evelynn. I think that a lot of the Evelynn builds on Mobafire are good, but none of them really work for me. After about 2 months I decided to upload it because there is no similar build to it.

As you can see, I build Eve AP and find it to be extremely effective because of her 1:1 scale on Ravage. Her stealth is great for scouting in bushes and her slow is extremely helpful in a team fight.

Because of her stealth, she forces the enemy team to buy oracles and vision wards. If they don't get them, you have a great advantage, If they do, your entire team has an advantage.

Why not AD Evelynn? I find that AD Evelynn to be ineffective because it doesn't make use of her amazing abilities, however it is still viable.

**One note from all the comments would be that I don't play her as an assassin who goes in and bursts squishy champions and takes out low hp champions. I play her as someone who can sucessfully 1v1 other people with a continuous source of damage, as well as someone who can take out an enemy who escapes luckily.

Finally Thanks for looking at my build and I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Also, This is my first build so sorry if the layout isn't very good. Please feel free to leave comments, I am always looking for ways to improve my build.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I have a few options depending on who I'm laning with and who I am up against.

This is almost a Necessity for Evelynn, it is like a free getaway because of her stealth. It is taken by almost every champion about 70% of the time and I think it is a Must-Have

I like teleport with Evelynn because she can sneak into lanes unnoticed and appear when the timing is right. It is also good when the enemy team has someone on low health and you can go and clear up the kill. Finally, it is also good for getting back into lane or switching lanes when an enemy is pushing towards a turret.

At the risk of being called a heal noob and getting flamed at by everyone, you must admit that it can be a life saving spell and is great for deceiving the enemy in a 1v1. It can also help your allies in a team fight and is good if you see an incoming Requiem or if Twitch, Teemo or Singed's poison is about to kill you.

This is great if you are fighting someone and need that extra lift, also good to kill fleeing enemies on low hp. It is great at countering heals of all kind including Soraka's Astral Blessing or Wish, Volibear's The Relentless Storm, Taric's Imbue ect.

Exhaust and be good if someone is getting away and your ult isn't enough to catch them. Another use can be if the person you are fighting has a little to much damage and you need to stop that. Also if you use this while stealthed which is always a plus if you want to help but you don't want to be seen.
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Skill Sequence

> > > > >

I know most people max Ravage first for the high burst damage but think about it, what will you do if the enemy turns around and attacks? Your only damage is on cooldown. Whereas if you max hate spike first you can keep dealing that damage to them consistently, and with your Sheen or Lich Bane, you will be dealing high damage every few seconds.

I only leave stealth at level 1 for the start because if you can time your Shadow Walk correctly, you should be able to leave and enter lane unnoticed. Also that slow should be enough to deal significant for you and your partner to kill the target or to make them have to go back.

Finally, the reason I max Hate Spike first is that it is a fantastic farming technique hitting 2 minions at the same time. If you can master farming with Evelynn, then you should have no problem playing her. As long as you have a laning partner who can scare of any advances from the enemy team such as Vayne or Graves then you should have alot of fun with Evelynn and completely destroy the enemy team.
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Ideal Lane Partner

There is one piece of advice I can give you that every other Evelynn player will agree with
Never Solo Lane.

As well as playing a champion well, you also need a great team to go with it. Here are some of the champions I recommend to lane with

Cassiopeia is a good laning partner. She has excellent harass with Noxious blast and Twin Fang. Also her Petrifying gaze is great for keeping an enemy still while you both deal a ton of damage and is almost a guarenteed kill.

Twitch would be a great laning partner as long as you have 1 more AD carry in your team. The first thing you will notice is that you will have 2 stealth characters in 1 lane which means your enemies will almost definitely buy Oracle'sand this loss of money will be very noticeable late game. Twitch also has nice range and his Slow is also very good to help you get close to enemies and take the kill.

Shaco Is another good laning suggestion, mainly because of his Jack In The Box and Two-Shiv Poison. The jack in the boxes can keep the enemy team out of bushes and again because shaco is another stealth character, they will almost definetly but oracles or vision wards. Shaco's two shiv poison is a very nice slow and is great for harrasing to keep the enemy away.

Rammus is a great laning partner. First thing is that he has a fantastic taunt which will keep the focus off of you in s fight. It will also keep the enemy in place while you both destroy them. If the enemy thinks they are getting away rammus' powerball will slow them in their tracks. Your slow, followed by his taunt followed by his slow is almost a guarenteed kill.

These are just a few of my suggested laning partners there are alot more and I could go on for ages but I think you get the idea of great laning partners.
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For masteries I take a 21/0/9 maxing in all Ability power and turret destruction for offence and in utility I max my mana regen, Max mana and take 1 point in runic Affinity. These are pretty good masteries for Evelynn because it will give her good early game Ability power and magic penetration. It will also make you more sustainable by keeping your mana topped up considering mana pots aren't very effective. Evelynn is an extremely mana hungry champion so don't spam spells too often or you will find yourself spending alot of time at base.
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In this section I will do an in-depth explanation to why i take these items over other items.

First the Lich bane. This is a NECESSITY for Evelynn if you are using my build and I recommend you take your sheen first and turn it into a lich bane almost immediately. This item works very nicely with the spammability of hate spike, and if you open with ravage you will deal a devastating amount of damage and if the enemy is weak enough will kill them instantly.

These are the only boots I would recommend for Evelynn. It allows you to navigate the map very easily in stealth. Also, if an enemy is getting away from a team fight, these are great for going in stealth and catching them. Also, i just like these for getting back into lane fast.

This is a fantastic item for Evelynn. It gives great ability power and gives you a little armor which is always great. The reason this is particularly great for Evelynn is that her stealth needs 2 seconds to activate and with Zhonya's active, if you can use it correctly, then you can go stealthed no matter how many enemies are around you. However there is one thing you must always be careful of and it is Oracle's

There's not really much to say about this item. It has the highest amount of AP gain in the game that isn't lost upon death. Also the unique passive boosts AP gain from all other items. There isn't much else to say apart from this.

Now this item is not really a must-have, but I think it is a great item for Evelynn. It has a passive which lowers enemy magic resist which is great because all the damage you are dealing is magic. It has very high magic resist which is good for being tankier in both areas of AD and AP. Again this item also gives you AP. The only con however is that if the enemy team is smart, they might notice the aura when you are stealthed and know you are closeby.

This is a final item for Evelynn and you may not get it very often. It is a nice finishing item for her because of the bonus health and AP gain which will make you more sustainable and higher damage dealing. Also it has a very nice passive which with hate spike, will offer a permanant slow
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Optional Changes

Now I don't always take the same items in the same order or level my skills in the exact same order. Here are some possible changes you may find useful.

If you don't want to take the lich bane as the first main item, you can always miss out buying it and head to deathcap and go back to lich bane. This can be effective if you don't find the bonus damage from lich bane to be too significant to take it. The extra damage from the deathcap will make your early game damage from ravage and hate spike be much stronger but at the cost of losing some magic resist and about +130 damage on your basic attacks.
Your items will look like this
Amplifying Tome > Boots > Sapphire Crystal > Sheen > Mobility Boots > Blasting Wand > Needlessly Large Rod > Rabadon's Deathcap > Lich Bane

I would recommend this if you don't care about your move speed. I would get this at level 18 when the game is close to finishing for that extra magic penetration. I wouldn't take these right away because you really do need that speed. These are not in my builds main items because I still like the movement speed because near end game you will all be trying to push lanes and because level 18 Evelynn is a fantastic pusher and this move speed will allow you to react to seeing an ally getting ganked or if you get ganked you can push another lane quickly.

Now personally, I never take this item but if people are confident they won't die then I suppose it could replace Abyssal Mask because this item isn't giving you much AP and a fully stacked Mejai's will give you at least 3x as much AP. The main reason I don't take this is because it is a really unstable source of AP and if you die you will lose 1/3 of it. What is you get ganked by the entire enemy team? What if you get focused in a team fight? What if the enemies have vision wards and kill you because you don't know?

Now this isn't a great item for Evelynn but I only take it for the magic resist while not sacrificing a slot for an AP item. If you are ever going to deviate from the build and looking for an item to replace, I think this would be the item to get rid of.

This is an awesome item if the enemy team has started to build Magic Resist because it will Negate 40% of it which is almost half. If the enemy team has started to realise how much of a threat you are and decided to try counter you, this is the item for you

Skill Order

Sometimes I will change my skill order depending on the enemy team. If the enemy has too much range and you cant get too close without taking alot of damage, then I recommend you max Ravage before Hate Spike or evenly with hate spike because you want ravage to scare the enemy off if they are harrasing you too well.

If you are having a hard time timing your Shadow Walk then you could always take 2 points in shadow walk by level 8 and you may find it easier. After all, it is better to sacrifice that small damage bonus for a longer stealth which could save your life.
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Pros / Cons

    Can switch lanes unnoticed
    Forces enemies to buy Oracles and Vision Wards
    Can face check brush easy
    Underestimated as a high damage dealer
    Can stop enemies getting away with her slow
    Exceptionally good farmer
    Can easily burst down squishies
    Extremely fun to play
    The satisfaction of owning your enemies with an "underpowered champion"

    Very squishy
    Low damage early game
    Team may flame at you for picking her
    If you cannot farm, you will not be good late game
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Here is a collection of scores to show that this build works.
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Final Notes

I just want to say thanks for reading my build, sorry if it doesn't work for you, but I hope it does. This is my first build so please don't be too harsh. Hope you enjoy ^_^#

Credit to Rjitloip for the 27/3/7 score
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10/03/12 - Changed items so you purchase Deathcap before Abyssal Scepter
01/06/12 - Changed item order and removed Abyssal Scepter
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