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Evelynn Build Guide by Scrax

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scrax

Evelynn: The Patch Made her Useless (ARCHIVED)

Scrax Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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About this Guide

This guide will show you how to effectively play Evelynn in 5s. But you have to understand that her skill-cap is a tad high, as a single player with Oracle, or smart use of Wards, will destroy most of your element of surprise (how to counter it I will tell you later). You'll have to think smart while playing Evelynn, and thats why so many give up on her.

What they do not know is that Evelynn is still quite strong if played correctly, and if the player takes advantage of her environment (who said the bushes aren't for Evelynn?), he or she will most definitely succeed as the ultimate assassin.

If people are running around with Oracles and flashing Wards all over the place, play Evelynn as you didn't have Stealth, and be SMART!

Also; Thank you for taking the time to visit my guide, and hopefully you'll read it all! :) As you'll soon find out, this guide focuses on the assassin aspect of Evelynn. Not a silly AD/AS jungler, but the true way of playing Evelynn. If you're an AD lover you might as well just leave now :)

(Hover-over the icons for tooltip)

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Pros / Cons


  • Incredible Nuke
  • Super-fast
  • Stealthed
  • Great scout
  • Leathery Sexyness
  • Can gank as early as level 1

  • Very squishy (even squishier early game)
  • Focused 90% of the time
  • Smart and effective use of wards and oracle potions may limit your effectiveness
  • Is MIA most of the time, resulting in your enemies walking on eggshells (harder to gank!)
  • Hard to master

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Summoner Spells

  • : Great to use while fleeing, or to land a gank. It will reduce incoming damage so champions like Xin won't InstaRape you, and it will slow down those easy targets like Soraka.
  • : Very handy for landing kills, and for random harassment. If used before Ravage you will do ridiculous amounts of damage.

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Other Summoner Spells

I wouldn't pick any other summoner spells when playing Evelynn but if you are 100% sure in yourself there are some picks that could turn out to be useful.

  • Ghost - So you feel you need more speed? Ghost will ensure you that kill, or that you get away. Passing through minions as you ravage the target with.. Well, Ravage.
  • Flash - Very good to use to setup the perfect gank, or get that extra mile for a last Hate Spike or Ravage.
  • Teleport - Always handy to get around the map. Can be used on wards for "invisible teleports". Awesome to set a gank.

Again, it's all up to you. I've already stated what I recommend to use.

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Alright, I'm just quickly gonna go through Evelynn's abilities to give you guys some basic information.

Shadow Walk - NEVER be afraid of initiating a gank in the middle of a bunch of minions. They will hardly EVER damage you. This is incredibly handy overall when it comes to kicking some serious ***. Just remember to not overextend.

Hate Spike - Your tool for "sustained damage", or rather; my-ravage-is-on-cooldown-so-I-spam- Hate Spike-till-it's-off tool. It's very handy, and it procs Lich Bane. What more can you ask for?

Shadow Walk - Basically what makes Evelynn the super-deadly assassin that she is. Whats not to love with stealth?

Here's a tip: If there's only one target, use Ravage out of Shadow Walk. It will stun him. If there's two targets, use Hate Spike. It will stun BOTH. Remember to utilize this!

Ravage - Your main source of damage. It does high amounts of damage, and adds a debuff when used from behind. Yes, yes; SURPRISE BUTT!.. You get it, right? Just use it whenever it's up. This is crucial.

Agony's Embrace - Super-awesome survival/ganking tool of super-awesome.. Awesome.. Awesomeness! It's truly amazing! Heals you when you kill someone and gives you Z0MG attack and movement speed when activated. Whats not to love?!

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Rune Setups

Runes are debatable. There's several rune setups for Evelynn that works. Ability power, CDR, Mana regen; All works. However, they all have different uses. Hopefully this section will give you some insight on it :)!

Full Functioning Setups:

The AP/Magic Penetration setup works great for the early game, which Evelynn needs.

greater seal of replenishment
This gives you weaker burst, but enables you to lane/gank/roam for a longer period of time (you should head out ganking around the levels three-four if you are not roaming).

greater seal of replenishment
This is a mix and match of above sets. It gives you a little bit of everything, and it works quite well.

Of course you can use whatever runes you want, but above mentioned are all good, and they work very well.

When selecting runes on Evelynn you should think about a couple of things:

  • How is your playstyle?
    • Is it aggressive, patient, careless, defensive?
  • Are you preservative when using abilities, or do you just go all out?
  • Who's your early-game laning partner?
    • Does your partner have anything that would enable you to neglect a typical kind of rune? E.g; He got clarity. This makes for you to be able to change out whatever Mp5 runes you have.

Good synergy of runes with playstyle and lane/team partners can give you a nice little edge!

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Talent Tree

Masteries are the typical 9/0/21, mainly because this is the best mastery page for Evelynn. There's little to debate on this, as it's rather straight forward. Ability power and magic penetration goodies from offensive, as well as the basic experience enhancement, neutral buff duration increase, and all that other stuff, in utility.

Why not expanded mind? Because it's ****. It gives you bonus mana off of your base, I say again, BASE mana. Not your total mana with items, but your BASE MANA without any items at all! So if you had a base mana of two thousand mana (which isn't plausible in even the most distant of dreams), you would have a 100 mana bonus. That's nothing!

Here's a quick calculation of how much experience you get extra from each minion kill with 'Awareness':

64 / 100 * 5 = 3,2 (Melee minion).
32 / 100 * 5 = 1,6 (Mage minion).
100 / 100 * 5 = 5 (Tower).

Hope this clarifies things!

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Core Items

I usually start by picking up a Amplifying Tome and a Mana Potion. This opens for a strong early game, and as I've said; Evelynn needs to be properly juiced up from the very start of the game to be effective.

When you head back, grab Boots of Speed or possibly even Boots of Mobility if you can afford it. Start Rabadon's Deathcap as fast as possible AFTER building Sheen. Always build Sheen first! It boosts your damage A LOT. Remember what I said about the Hate Spike spam? Pick Blasting Wand after Sheen.

Finish Rabadon's Deathcap as fast as possible. Take another Blasting Wand for Lich Bane. Come back when you can afford the rest for Lich Bane.

Guinsoo's Rageblade should be quite obvious :)!

Rest is up to you and what you prefer.

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Early Game Laning and Ganking

Laning with Evelynn can be quite the hassle, especially in the beginning. You will most of the time pick Shadow Walk as your first ability, solely to scout for you and your lane partner. Now, this can give you some problems at level one when it comes to minion farm. It's a challenge, a challenge we will gladly overcome!

Two key-points:

  • When Shadow Walk is about to end, if possible, go up and auto-hit the enemy player two times.
  • Scare them off! Shadow Walk in clear sight, preferably with your teammate walking into the bush at the same time! It will appear that you are about to attack, but instead you are actually getting ready to shred down minions.
If nothing is working, and your lane opponents are super aggressive, you'll probably spend most of your time stealthed and in the bushes. Why? Because then they can't harass you, and you will be ready to gank whenever. You still get exp! See now why the early good game is so important? Evelynn's minion farm is easy to shut down.


When it comes to ganking you, obviously enough, will always pick the weakest target. If you ever attack the tank and I see you, I will personally pick up the stamp that says "Jackass" and whack it all over your forehead. You are the clean-up, the guy (chick) that takes the runners, the cowards and the near-dead down. You are not to REMAIN in the team fight, but you can contribute by being an annoying piece of **** to the other team by running in, stunning, tossing one Ravage, then run out. Repeat when Shadow Walk is off of cooldown again.

When opening on the target you are about to gank, pop Agony's Embrace while stealthed. Of course it doesn't take off your Shadow Walk! Head in, auto-hit + Ravage or just Ravage. Depends on you, and if you want the little extra damage from the auto-hit.

After opening keep spamming Hate Spike till your target is either dead or Ravage is back off of cooldown. If more people join the battle; RUN AWAY! There's no shame in retreating, specially not when you are this squishy.

Go back later to finish the job!

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Laning Partners

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General Game-Play

Quick reminder:

Picking up Elixir of Brilliance around the levels of 10-15 can sometimes land you that triple kill!

Awareness is key, early and later game. Keep track of your enemies, see if they put out Wards, or if they organize well. Keep track of those low on HP, and if they are ballsy or just blatantly ignorant to their own HP. Control over the map and your enemies gives you the edge.

Start off by focusing on last hitting minions, and sneak in some harassing here and there. If this doesn't work stay in the bushes as mentioned above. Wait till level 3 before initiating a gank on your lane opponents. Focus on keeping their HP lowered till later. Around mid-game you'll probably landed some kills/assists (because of early harassing, and some neat use of Ignite), got some items, and you're half-way there to become a mean killing-machine.

At level 6 you should head out ganking. If Lich Bane is done that will make the job helluva lot easier. If the team is packing Oracle, and putting out Wards all over the place, make good use of the bushes. Even though your stealth is half-way disabled, you can still make good use of the bushes, and somewhat get your element of surprise back. Remember that the stun supplied by Shadow Walk still works even if they got Oracle Potion's :)!

If you see the team placing out wards, or you KNOW they are using them; Buy an Oracle Potion for yourself. You can then see their wards! Kill 'em, and get on with your life.

If the team is packing Oracle, be my guest, use stealth. But only when the opposite team is preoccupied with one of your teammates. They are either to busy with your teammate, or just don't see you. Land the stun and get yourself a kill! Then run away and repeat what you just did.

After that... Just go for it, enjoy, but don't get ballsy. It will be your undoing.

And thats pretty much it. It all comes down to being smart, take advantage of your minions line of sight, and awareness. Good team communication is also a plus when hunting gankable targets.

Have fun, and please don't downrate without constructive feedback, and I hope this somewhat helps you in your quest of being the best League of Legends assassin out there!

Go out there, and...

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Miscellaneous Information

06.10.2010: Masteries changed to rather endorse Utility instead of Offensive.
30.10.2010: Checked for old content; Updated and fixed.
01.11.2010: Switched some masteries in Utility.
22.11.2010: Added click-able index.
02.01.2010: Added 'Pictured Testimonials' to the index.
05.01.2011: Removed Zhonya's Ring, and added Rabadon's Deathcap, stats still needs to be updated.
07.01.2011: Updated the guide using the new builder.
07.01.2011: Changed the name to 'Leather Encased Pain' from 'Oracle Potions? So What?!'. Don't like it? Suggest a new one :).
07.01.2011: Added an instructional video.
10.01.2011: Added a new Evelynn with Hextech Gunblade instead of Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
15.02.2011: Fixed item sequence to support early game purchase order.

  • More overall detailed guide:
    - Laning, zoning, harassing, and more..
  • More videos:
    - Instructional videos showing how to do each trick
  • And MAYBE a livestream:
    - Each set day and time of the week I will be playing Evelynn for X amount of hours

    Request more in the comments!