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Evelynn Build Guide by RaGe-DmgDeal

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaGe-DmgDeal

Evelynn - The Widowmaker / FullADJungle

RaGe-DmgDeal Last updated on November 4, 2012
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Full AD Jungle/AD Bruiser

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why I do this Guide?

I saw many players playing the new and remaked Evelynn on ability power damage in the jungle or in the mid lane. I'm a player who think that I was just a good Evelynn player before she gets reworked after the rework I tested her on Public Beta Enviroment and saw that she got some more burst damage with her new ultimate and the new and reworked Q-Skill. It's my first guide and I'm testing how to do it, so please comment, rate and be critical with me I want to learn how to do nice and good guides. You blocked me on Facebook and now you're going to die. I hope you enjoy my Evelynn guide.

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Why I play her in the jungle?

Yes, why I play her there? Because I'm a noob and can't play her. No, wrong. There was another thing... Ahh I know, it was because I can roam very much!Firstly, I know Evelynn has the potential do deal tons of damage (c)Phreak, but I won many matches against an AP Evelynn with my AD builded Evelynn, that I'm thinking AD Evelynn is more recommended and reliable than an AP. Secondly, if you play on attack damage you aren't depend on your ultimate skill. You can kill AD/AP carries without using you ultimate, that's very positive because you can kill those tanks with your ultimate easier. A main advantage is that she can do a level 2 gank to get the first blood to her team. Another main aspect, she clears the jungle faster than other junglers if she isn't successful with the firstblood gank, but I think after the first gank at bottom/mid/top the flash is burned. But later I give some more informations about "How to..".

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Advantages and Disadvantages (Pros & Cons)

Advantages(Pros) SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE Disadvantages(Cons)
+ Nice Tons of Damage SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE - Often banned in ranked games
+ Passive regenerates mana SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE - hard to master
+ Low CD on Q-skill so your sheen gets activated SPACE - Armor kills her damage!
every 3 seconds.

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At marks I'm getting Greater Mark of Attack Damage, to clear the jungle faster than some other champions. If you don't like Greater Mark of Attack Damage you can get Greater Mark of Attack Speed for more attack speed. But I prefer to have some more damage.

At seals I'm getting Greater Seal of Armor for the survive abilty in the jungle.
Same I'm doing at the glyphs.

At Quintessence I'm getting Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for the movement in the jungle and in the late game it's important to have the 4,5% more movement speed + the 2% of the Masterytree.

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At Masteries I get 21/0/9 or 20/1/9.

At the offense tree I'm getting all normal AD powerups except the lifesteal because you need 3 points for 3% lifesteal what is nothing against the Wriggle's Lantern lifesteal of 12%.

At the utility tree I'm getting the Summoner's Insight and the mana per level Expanded Mind , then I get the four points for Swiftness and the last available point for Runic Affinity for the longer buff duration.

If you like the 10 gold what you get with the smite mastery Summoner's Resolve in the defense tree you have to delete the point at Executioner .

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Items "Core"

At the top of this page I post my "Core Items" what I'm thinking it's the best choice to buy. After I said some things to my core build I will write some things to replaceable items.

You start the game with and three times a .
At your first recall you have to think about what you priorize. If you want to jungle more then get , and after it. If you priorize to gank more lanes get your or first and then your . If you have these items you normally notice the higher damage.
At next you get for more damage or for more sustain and a bit more Crowd Control. Finish up your . At this moment think about these questions:
-I got many kills?
-I just died only twice?
-We got another champ as tank?

If you can answer all with a yes get an . If not change your priorize to an ad-offtank. Buy and an

The next best item I choose is the . The AP scales with her ultimate and her Q-skill. And the attack damage pushs your Q-skill-damage up. The attack speed just pushs your damage up and more up. Your target has to die as fast as possible.

Pro-Tip: If you've recalled and after buying your items you got some gold get sight ward and . Ward the entrance of the enemy jungle and the buffs of the enemy jungle. Place your vision ward at the botlane after asking your support if the enemy placed vision wards to undetect you if you want to gank.

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Items "Situation depending"

After you got the core build you can buy some more damage or you can get more tanky, normally I want to have some more damage so I buy a . You can also get a for more mixed damage, attack speed and magic resistance or a for more Armor reduce. If you don't like get for the same amount of reduce.

Is the enemyteam dominating to you and your team get more sustain with or . A nice item too is the .

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How to jungle? (Jungle route)(Early game)

Green circle: best places for warding the enemy jungler
Purple circle: Only get if your support doesn't do it. Better get an oracle's elixier.

1.Wolves: Just pull them and place your Q-skill that you hit all three wolves. Let the AD-carry and the midlaner autoattack a bit to help you.
2.BlueBuff: Ask about a hardpull from your ad carry. Use your smite as the lasthit, use one pot if needed.
3.look bot/top/mid: Is one lane pushed? Go gank from back but firstly wait until you're invisible, maybe they got some early wards.
4.Wraith's: If your lowlife use smite to kill the blue wraith. If your fulllife don't smite! just finish the wraith's and go to red buff.
5.Red buff: Use your pots and smite to kill the red buff.
6.golem's: Just kill them, isn't difficult..

After finishing jungle go back or gank top/mid/bot...

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Mid game

Make sure that your opponents have to fear you everytime ! Punish them at every push with a gank! Don't get every kill, give some kills away to your team.. I just got games where I got 22/2/3 but we lost because I got 80% of all kills.

-Hold the lanes for your teammates if they need to recall.
-Clear your jungle.
-Give the blue to your ap carry.
-Kill all wards with your oracle.
-Do the dragon. After you got and you can solo it.

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Late game

Now it's going to the interesting chapter of this guide.

The Late game isn't easy for an Evelynn, because you get all focus from the enemy team if they are not stupid. Let your tank initiate the teamfight in a nice postion for your team. In that time he initiate you have to come from back to get in position to kill the AD/AP carry.
If the enemy team see you to early they get all focus to you and you can't survive. Just wait until the teamfight is started... You need a team what can survive for some seconds 4v5.

If the opponents stand on each other use your ultimate on all 5 enemies to get the heaviest shield ever. It's over 9000. You can also going to Splitpush with Evelynn. Just use Dark Frenzy and your invisble to survive if the enemy team wants to stop you.