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Sion Build Guide by crashstash5

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author crashstash5

Even elo hell couldnt stop him......

crashstash5 Last updated on December 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why play the noob champ?

Sion is a extremely unknown champ below Tryndamere and Fiddle/Vlad. Part of this is because he can be relatively unreliable in higher elo when people actually know what he does and can stop him more frequently. This is a relatively good thing as it makes him a highly non-banned champion so you can play him almost every match. Even if you are very unfamiliar with Sion remember: Most players have never seen him played or personally played against him, they have no clue what you will or can do. This makes Sion one of the deadliest champions in lower elo. Now lets get down to the basics.

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Sion has a relatively peculiar spell set compared to other common top laners as of now: (Assassins, Bruisers, Tanks) Sion's passive makes him slightly resistant to pokes and extended fights especially early on. Sion's Q is a Ranged projectile that moves slowly and activates a stun and up to 300 damage with a large AP boost on impact with the selected target. The stun lasts 1.5 seconds at all ranks making it a effective gap closer or finishing blow to squishier ranged champions. This ability requres high amounts of mana and I DO NOT recommend it is used as a light poke, it is better for all out fights or heavier pokes. Sion W is a efficent shield and AoE nuke when built AP as an AD champion though it is still relatively usefull as its base shield and damage reach up to 300 without any AP whatsoever. His W gives you a 8 second lasting shield that when it is destroyed, runs out of time or you reavtivate it (possible after the shield has been active for 4 seconds) it will detonate dealing equal damage to the shield amount in AoE slightly larger area than his attack range.
Onto E. Sion has a very usefull E that can make him extremely powerfull late game if farming correctly. His E gives him a very high attack damage boost for a small amount of health per attack when toggled. When at max rank 10% lifesteal is enough with it on to replenish more health then the user is required to attack. Also this ability makes it so that when it is toggles and you kill a minion you gain from 1 to 3 health increasing in rank. This has no limit making it so that sion in extended games can have infinite health and attack damage with Atmas Impaler. This also makes health items ocasionally irelevant. Finally Sion's ultimate uses 100 mana to give him 50% attack speed and from 50% to 100% lifesteal to himself and every bit of damage he does equivelant to 50% lifesteal goes to his nearby allies in a radius comparable to that of Ravenous Hydra. this has a low cooldown making him a incredibly powerfull all in duelist and split pusher and a huge teamfight presence. Think you want to mess with a Sion now?

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Since Sion is relatively reliant on gold income I am going to tell you all about general ways to get gold from minions fast while keeping ahead of your opponent. First of all there are a couple things you may want to change to help you farm. First you want to turn health bars on and second (this is much more optional) turn auto attacks off. This makes it so that it is easier to see what minions you can 1 shot with a basic attack. Turning auto attacks off makes it so that you don't accidentally hit a minion early and miss a piece of farm. Now what you want to do is move around in random directions behind your minions or at least opposite from your opponent. You want to hit a minion once it reaches either 30-70 health or when the bar reaches about 1/6 to 1/8 of its max size. You should be able to kill the minion with your E active. Once you reach around level 3 you can probably start heavily poking your oponent by drawing them in by backing slightly behind your minions and allowing them to move slightly forward to take one of your ranged minions. When they are close to your minions quickly Q them and begin to move toward them. Since the projectile from the Q is relatively small ans practically invisible they (not knowing what to expect) will likely keep on towards the minion or move back slightly. You want to possibly W and make sure your E is active and begin attacking them. If you have your ult you may want to use that if they try to fight. this should keep them from getting minions for a bit. Every time they try and come farm force them out. Since you are not attacking minions consistently the lane should Freeze in place. This allows you to gain a large gold and XP advantage resulting in you being far more powerfull than them. Since Sion also gets large health and mana boosts per level and his damage is massivly increased along with his E giving you more health even just a small level advantage can make him seem like a extreme threat.

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Unique Skills

Now that we have covered how to do things lets explain why we do things. First of all say you froze the lane, your level 8 your opponent is level 5 who do you think would win in a fight? if you can grab your ult before someone else thats a huge advantage. But if you can grab your ult and a couple more levels what do you think would happen? First it gives you a global fear factor and makes people hesitant to try and blow you up in a all out fight OR poke. 2nd Your just dang powerfull and can match other global threats. Now im going to explain 1 thing to you right now: SION DOES NOT SUCK. Most people say he sucks usually its because they don't know how to play him or they don't see the pros playing him. Sion is unreliable so sometimes the pros might say he is terrible they mean because if you actually know how to face him you can stop him from becoming too OP. Since the pros likely have played against SIon or have played with Sion or as him they know how he works and relative mechanics and can easily prevent him from carrying at 2 minutes. (that is a exaggeration)

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One thing you need to get used to as Sion is why you get items and how to use them to your advantage. First off you know how to get blade of the ruined king but do you know how to use it? Say your getting ganked by 3 people. You want to stun the person that will disrupt you the most and use the blade on the person with the highest attack speed. If you dont know just use it on the person who does the most with basic attacks. This lowers the total group damage tremendously and makes it possible for you to escape or try and fight it out. That's sort of how you use this.

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Pros / Cons


-High damage
-Insane potential
-good pusher
-Item relient
-requires relative skill

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Ranked Play

In ranked Sion is relatively uncommon since he can be very unreliable if shut down. This makes him best to help you get out of bronze or silver otherwise known commonly as elo hell.

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Other potential Builds


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Advanced Strategies