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Ezreal Build Guide by Terror II

Ezreal Awesome AOE/ADC Kite Master Guide :)

By Terror II | Updated on January 12, 2013
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Pros / Cons

+ Escape with Arcane Shift
+ Very good skillset
+ Team Steroid Essence Flux
+ Personal Steroid Rising Spell Force
+ Good Early, Mid and Late game damage
+ High Skillcap
Ezreal's Strengths Ezreal is great at poking and kiting, he has many spells to help him do that. He's mobile, he has Area on Effect damage abilities. His Mystic Shot deals plenty of damage, with a low cooldown and a low manacost. A team steroid, and an incredibly overpowered spell if you ask me; Arcane Shift.

- No Crowd-Control
- Difficult to master
- 3/4 Attacks are Skillshots
- Squishy like all ADs
- Highly focused
- Needs a lot of Gold
Ezreal's Limitations

As most AD carries he lacks CC, both Area on Effect CC and single-target CC. He has difficult to master thanks to his skillshots. And like all ADs he will be focused all the time and he needs a lot of gold to be efficient. And of course, a glass cannon, deals tons of damage, but is easy to break.
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Early Game.

You should be playing really safe at the start trying Last hitting minions as much as possible try not getting harrased and when theres a chance the jungler is going to gank try not to get killed while his ganked bot because its not going to be worth ..Harrasing with Mystic Shot( Q )will help your jungle to get the easy kill without any one getting killed at the start and try using your ulti as much as you can to harras and Kill minions at the same Time.( Best Supports : Taric,Leona,Bliz, )
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Mid Game.

Mid Game you Should have Manamune,Sheen and Brutalizer are try farming Manamune as much as possible( Each Hit or Spell will Give you 4 Mana but it has 3 Seconds Cooldown so dont try auto Attacking or Spaming spells it wont be faster ) You have an Advantage over any other Champion/ADC in Range Harras since you have alot of mana and the Mystic Shot( Q ) Mana Cost is low and you can spam it easily and you can even use it to last hit if you think theres a gank going to happen
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Late Game.

Late Game Manamune needs to be Upgraded and you'll need to have IceBorn Guantlet Cooldown reduction Boots and Black Cleaver, Heres where i tell you the Secret of this Build, You'll have 40% Cooldown reduction for Sure, Your Mystic Shot( Q ) is going to be 2.4 Seconds Cooldown ( When you hit it it reduces all spells Cooldown By one second ) which means its a 1.4 seconds cooldown if hit .. so you will be able to spam it and to heavy Damege and when manamune is active ( It needs to Be upgraded to active it ) it will take 3% of your mana each time you Hit or do a single target spell which is Mystic Shot( Q ) with the 3k mana you have you will do 120 Bonus damege each Mystic Shot( Q ) Plus the IceBorn Gauntlet Sheen Damege increase and Aoe Damege you will Be Aoeing the Whole Teamfight as an ADC!, Thats just a Huge Advantage.
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Bonus Chapter.

This Build Will Help you vs any ADC Because of the High armor you have and low Cooldowns with unlimited slow and Hybird Damege which means that you can even kite a whole team without worrying since you have aoe Slow Every 1.4 SecondsTrying Getting The Blue Buff because your Going to Oom alot but dont take the Blue from the APC if he Has mana For example like Kathus,Kassadin,Brand or Leblanc ETC
Hope you Enjoy the Guy and Try my Build out, Worked hard for it played alot of games trying to perfect my Build and finaly found one :)
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Skill Set

Rising Spell Force (Innate) Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Thanks to this spell we can focus more on attack damage items instead of attack speed. This ability stacks up to 5 times. You gain 5 Stacks after casting Trueshot Barrage.

Mystic Shot (Q) Ezreal fires a bolt of energy that deals 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+20% of ability power) physical damage and applies on-hit effects. If it strikes an enemy unit it reduces all of Ezreal's cooldowns by 1 second. Your main ability, it's nowadays on a low CD and a low mana cost at all levels.

Essence Flux (W) Ezreal fires a fluctuating wave of energy at a targeted area. Any enemy champions it passes through take 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+80% of ability power) magic damage, while any allied champions it travels through have their attack speed increased by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 % for 5 seconds. Don't spam it, it has a very high manacost.

Arcane Shift (E) Ezreal teleports to a target nearby location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit dealing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+75% of ability power) magic damage. A truly epic spell that will save you from certain death multiple times, if used wisely. Has a pretty long cooldown so only use it when you absolutely need it.

Trueshot Barrage (R) Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles, which deal 350 / 500 / 650 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) (+90% of ability power) magic damage to each enemy unit they pass through. However, it deals 8% less damage for each additional unit it hits (30% minimum damage). Useful ultimate, global. Remember to use in beginning of teamfights and not to ks kills.
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Extra Build.

You Find Extra Build/Items That you Can Use either for Fun or for other purposes .. Arcangle will Boost you mana which means more damege from the manamune and will give you high ability power since you have high mana that will boost all your spells ( Q.W.E.R ) , Last whisper can Replace Black Cleaver if you needed the Extra armor pen but you will lose the Health and Damege from the Black Cleaver, Hex Drinker if you found your self Getting Focused really Hard from the APC ( Ability Power Carries ) then i advise you to get it
League of Legends Build Guide Author Terror II
Terror II Ezreal Guide
Ezreal Awesome AOE/ADC Kite Master Guide :)