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Ezreal Build Guide by Meiyjhe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe

Ezreal- Experimental guide (hybrid)

Meiyjhe Last updated on November 8, 2012
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Hybrid (-AS) - Hybrid (+AS)

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Greetings ladys and gentlemen.

I want to introduce: my first guide :D

This guide will provide as much information as I can give you about hybrid Ezreal.
But please note, this guide inspired by some other guide, so if you see something that looks familiar, you know why :D

There is also a little difference between -AS and +AS hybrid ezreal, and that is basically whether you prefer to do a lot of damage with spells, or a bit of damage with everything including auto attacks.

Keep in mind, this is an experimental guide, not recommended for ranked games. Use this for either normal games or all random all mid. If you were to experiment succesfully and you get your own guide which has a 99% rating, then maybe it would be a good idea, till then, my answer is no.

Have fun reading!

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Pros and Cons

Of course Hybrid Ezreal is not the usual real deal, thus we must look at the good and bad things about hybrid.

+ Does damage with all abilitys
+ A lot of great pokes
+ Good sustained damage
+ Super uber duber global ulti
+ You're playing Ezreal
+ Does damage with all abilitys!

- Squishy
- Not such great burst as ap, and not such great sustain as ad
- You're playing Ezreal
- You aren't welcome in many lanes
- And you are Squishy

So yeah, ups and downs, but if you were to try this guide out, you will see great oppurtonitys.

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Okay, so who is Ezreal? Lets take a look at his abilities:

Rising Spell Force (passive):
Hurray for +AS hybrid ezreal! Each time you HIT a spell, you get bonus AS stacking 5 times!
If you were to hit you w to all of your opponents, your passive is maxed instantly!
Nice to have, though you are hybrid. This passive will not suit you as much ad would.

Mystic Shot (Q):
Your main poke. Does decent damage at start, does great damage after sheen and does even more after trinity force! Works both with ad as ap (thought ap ratio is much and much lower) thus very useful for hybrid Ezreal!
It also reduces all your spells cd with 1 sec each time you hit. When you hit this enough of times, you can pretty much use your ult every 20 secs.
I max this spell first

Essence Flux (W):
Your extra poke. Does low damage at start, sorry to disappoint you. However, once you have your archangles staff, you do lots and lots of damage with it. The great thing aswell about this spell is that is goes through all your enemys (other than your Q ability). If they stack, you cast your W, they all get damage, and if you hit your allies, they get extra attack speed aswell! Woah, that is just awesome!
I max this spell second

Arcane Shift (E):
Your miniflash. Allows you to escape tricky situations and allows you to chase just like other movement spells. However keep in mind that this spell also does damage! So if you would chase someone with low hp, and you do E, sometimes that is already enough damage to finish the job!
Though, I prefer early game damage. Since you have escape summonner spells,
I will max this last.

True shot barrage (ult):
Muhahaha! Finish off those weaklings! BURST THEM DOWN TO DEATH! This ult does great damage, benefits from both AP as AD in great ratios, has great range and has a short cd when you use you Q well! This is your reason to play hybrid Ezreal. When starting teamfights, use ult, when people tend to escape, use ult, when massive minion wave or champion wave is pushing a far turret, use ult.
But of course, it has a downside. This ult does less damage each target it hits. So, just keep in mind before you use your ult that you can do max damage with it.
I max this whenever I can

Skill sequence:
You do not HAVE to follow this order of course. If you see your enemys behind minions all the time at start it is very frustrating, just max W, doesnt matter.
Though, I will never advice to max E first, you can max it second. It will provide you a shorter cd, thus more escapability. But like said before, I prefer early damage.

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Summoner spells

Well my dear friend, many spells available, but which spells are viable for Ezreal?


Flash is pretty much the standard spell for anyone who is squishy and prefers to live. Helps you escape from dramatic situations, allows you to unfail with your e every once in a while and helps you chase down low bro enemys.

Another OP spell atm. Used by anyone who can use the bit extra damage to finish low bro enemys off. Do not forget you can also reduce 50% healing with this spell. Anti mundo and support all the way.

Consider these!:

Exhaust is a very strong spell. Just like flash, it helps you escape situations and chase down enemys. Also great spell 1v1, but still I prefer Ignite, since I won't allow you to go 1v1 :P
This could replace ignite

Underrated spell. This is a strong one, maybe if you are planning on going solo top this would be good to advice. But I wouldn't recommend going top as Hybrid ez anyway. (I will discuss his place in an other chapter)
This could replace ignite

Well, you already have e, so you could think if you are good with your e, you might consider this spell. Just like flash: helps you to chase and escape. Pro of this spell though is that it lasts longer and when you E'd well, you probably will be safe, or get kills easier than with flash.
This could replace either ignite or flash

Also underrated. This spell deserves much more love for it helps you surviving veeeery tricky situations. Though, it also requires you to be focussed, and to be focussed you need to do damage, and to do damage you need to be awesome. So pick this spell only if you are awesome :D
This could replace ignite

Unworthy summoner spells:
I do not like this spell even though it is popular. Easy countered by ignite and does not give great survivability as ghost, flash or cleanse.

You could think like: OMG I play hybrid Ez! As + Ap is super useful! NOT! Go hang your head in shame because the ap you get aint to great, and you are not as ezreal, you are hybrid, sure the extra as and ap could be useful, but it isnt useful enough.

The rest:

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Your place

Hybrid ezreal, you would think: not viable for botlane, not viable for midlane and not viable for top lane!

Well well, look who is trying to be smart. Actually, he can be anywhere he wants to be. Due to his good range and escapability, he is viable top. Due to his great poke and sustain he is viable mid, and when with a premade friend, you can also go bot with him. Of course, you are no ad carry, so keep in mind that no support will love you if you go all hybrid on him. So if you go bot, please be premade.

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Runes & Masteries

Yeah you saw it, I have very special masteries. I wouldn't look to much at it, for these are prototype. Thought, I like this for now, go ahead and change the way you think is right.

If you Question: MEIYJHE Y U NO DEFENSE?!
I will answer: Defense masteries are for noobs! >:D
If you are good enough, you can position yourself well and will not have trouble of getting killed to quickly.
+ I like the fact I took both spell vamp as life steal :D
This is no must, but I think it is kind of funny.

Like I said, it is a experimental guide, do with it as you wish.


Runes basically the same story. As long you have decent AP or AD runepage is will suit you. Because you are hybrid! You can use anything! :D

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Starting items

Now the interesting part! Which items to pick? What items to use? :O
Lets take a look at the start!

This is fun, because you have multiple options:

Boots and 3 pots (whether it is mana or health pots):
This is sooooo cliche, everyone uses it! And that is also the reason why YOU have to use it, it isn't fair and it is boring. However, it still allowes you to escape ganks and poke an enemy easier.
And about the pots, just think like this:
Do I play aggressive by spamming spells and be dodgy? Take 2 mana and 1 hp
Do I play aggressive by auto attacks and tank everything? Take 3 hp
Am I a *** and play defensive? Take 1 mana and 2 hp
Am I brave? Then take 3 mana pots or no pots at all, suit yourself.

Meki Pendant and 2 hp pots:
Yeey you can spam, you can rush tear of the goddess earlier and you still have survivability thanks to your pots.
Thought, you are slow because of this stupid meta.
Be brave, take pendant.

Lately strangely underrated as starting item, also because of the lame meta. Any dorans though, will provide you a great boost. You can use the ring for spamming, blade for auto attacks and shield for failing. The health and bonus damage of the ring and blade will allow you a very good start with damage as well as survivability, while shield only grants survivability. If you are a noob, get shield, easy as that.
Keep in mind, boots are still adviced

Guide Top

Later items

Gogo power ranger! With these items you will win for sure! IN THIS ORDER! (First recall and after) :O

1. Tear of the Goddess
You can't max this item if you buy it as one of the last items. We want archangles staff asap so buy this asap!

2. Superboots
You are a free man and can take any sort of boots you want! But, since we are no *******, we ignore defence boots, since we are freaking awesome, noone will escape from us anyway so we have 3 options left: Sorc shoes, Bers Greaves and Ionian boots.
Ionian boots or bers greaves are the best choice, which one to pick differs whether you prefer spamming spells or spamming auto attacks, its as simple as that.
Sorc shoes is also an option, but then you are literally spamming spells only which is a whole other story. I can only think of one build where it would suit for hybrid ez, which I will explain in the next chapter.

3. Sheen
Your secret to a lot of damage with your Q, that is enough reason for me.

4. The Bloodthirster vs Manamune
Your ad source. Like I said I was inpired to make this guide by an other one. The poor guy adviced to buy both manamune as archangles staff. I did not like the +350 mana + an amount of like 80 bonus ad at the end in comparison of bloodthirster which will have like 100 ad at the end and also 20% lifesteal. The 350 mana is like 9 bonus ap for your archangles staff, so it would barely give anything extra. Though, manamune is cheaper and allows you to max tear of the goddess faster.
The only reason why I would buy it is to sell it later. That is what I advice.

5. Archangles Staff
Your ap source. This item will grant you amazing amounts of AP, will make sure you NEVER get out of mana and did I already mention the amazing ap? At the end you will get around 100 or so bonus ap, which is a lovely amount and boosts up all your ability damage!
Do I need to name more reasons?

The following items are necessary, choice of order is your own:

Hextech Gunblade:
The ultimate hybrid item. Grants AD, grants AP, grants a slow and grants health regen. So basically, gives damage, enemy reduced movement and survivability. That is everything we want for Hybrid EZ!

Trinity Force:
It is a waste not to finish your sheen, is it not? Just like Hextech gunblade, it is a great hybrid item. Though this item grants less ap and ad, it still provides a slow, extra health, mana (ARCH STAFF!), movement speed and even attack speed. The crit chance is pretty much useless, but hey, still a bit extra damage.

AS vs Spells:
The big difference between AS and spells is the following item:

Guinsoo's Rageblade:
This little guy is number 3 as a hybrid item, because it grants you power in all sources of damage. However, this isn't so awesome if you keep a great range. In that case, rabadons would be much better! Why? Grants you MASSIVE ap thus extra damage with all your spells!

So the question is: Do you prefer massive damage with abilitys or with your auto attacks?
Then make your pick.

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So let us summarize the different possibilitys:

Bers greaves build:
Berserker's Greaves
The Bloodthirster
Arch staff
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Trinity Force
Hextech Gunblade

Ionian boots build:
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
The Bloodthirster
Archangel's Staff
Trinity Force
Hextech Gunblade
Rabadons deathcap

!Sorc shoes build!:
Sorcerer's Shoes
! Athene's Unholy Grail!
The Bloodthirster
Hextech Gunblade
Trinity Force
Rabadon's Deathcap

So yeah, the last build doesn't have arch staff.
This is my secret build.
I always used tear of the goddess, but since this is an experimental guide, we can also say this is an option! Athene will give us also good amounts of ap, grants cdr and magic resistance aswell. This isn't a bad option at all, and maybe you could combine it with ionian boots? Who knows?! GO experiment my minions and find out! :D

But no seriously, my last build is to prove that there are a lot of options for hybrid ezreal, and the best way to find out is by doing it yourself.

Guide Top

The end

As you probably had noticed, this isn't the best guide ever, I know that.
Still, when used correctly, ezreal has so much possibilitys!

I want to thank you all for reading, and maybe, I will make a new guide if you guys like this one.

Thank you once again, I am out!
- The great Meiyjhe -