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League of Legends Build Guide Author Summert1me

Ezreal - Free Kills? I'm in! (Updated Hecarim Patch)

Summert1me Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Hi fellow LoL players!

This is my first guide ever on this page and i hope it weill be helpful.

As you might have seen it's about Ezreal, the first Champion I bought in this game.

Ezreal is probably the most versatile Champion in the game (in my opinion) and can be a hell of an AD Carry when in the hands of a good summoner.

Since english isn't my main language you might find some mistakes, but I hope that this isn't the case.

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Pros / Cons

- Plenty of poke ability and early game damage due to Mystic Shot
- Adorable damage output all over the game
- hard to gank, because of Arcane Shift and Flash
- Can buff or debuff Attackspeed with Essence Flux
- Trueshot Barrage allows you ultimate huehuehuehue when sniping someone all over the map
- You can ignore people who say Ezreal is a girl in the beginning, you will kick their ***es

-Extremely squishy all over the game
-Hard time vs CC's
-Usually focussed
-No hard CC abilites
-Need to farm well, requires a lane partner who doesn't need kills when bot lane

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For Runes I go with Greater Mark of Desolation runes for obvious reasons of more early game poking damage with Autoattacks and Mystic Shot

For seals I chose Greater Seal of Armor because it offers you along with Greater Quintessence of Health and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist a better durability you WILL NEED when playing aggressive early game, especially when in mid lane.

For people who like to play a bit more risky I recommend Greater Quintessence of Desolation which makes you lack of additional health but makes your attacks hurt badly.

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For masteries I go 21/9/0 to grant your Ez much armor Penetration and Attack Damage along with having some additional durability from the defense Tree.

As I don't find myself spamming skills and just use them when i know i will hit, Mana Regen is not necessary.

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Summoner Spells

As Summoner Spells I usually take

Flash is still the best Summoner Spell in the game even tho it got nerfed. Practically everyone is using it, because of the very nice abilitiy to teleport over walls or just out of range.
Although some people think it's useless on Ezreal it saved me many many times and is a great Addon to your Arcane Shift.

I don't like the Heal meta, but I would recommend you to go with the flow, since nearly every AD Carry will run it on the Bot Lane. It gives you a significant advantage in lane, especially when combined with a Support with healing abilities like Soraka.

Other options:

Nice to hunt down enemies and shut down scary AD carrys

Ignite is a very useful spell to deal a finishing blow to enemies in early game (maybe even as addon to your R) and is still useful in late game to shut down champions like Vladimir, Dr.Mundo and Sion who are constantly regenerating health with their abilities.

Okay spell, but as far as I'm concerned only needed for a solo lane

Handy to get of nasty CC's

Useful for escaping and chasing but I prefer flash for escaping

Please don't

As I said don't waste your mana, more likely a support/caster spell

You aren't a jungler/ this build isn't meant to make you jungle

You are a tank? No!

How dare you...?

....uninstall and play Tetris T.T

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Skill Sequence + Explanation

Rising Spell Force

This is your passive abilitiy which I, to be honest, tend to ignore early/mid game since it's pretty much useless, because you can't allow to spam mana for the passive to stack up.
Mid/late game it will become very powerful and can be a handy tool for farming and teamfights because of the sweet Attackspeed Buff it offers. I recommend to keep this stacked up in a fight, when your mana pool does allow it.

Mystic Shot

This abiltiy is what's making Ezreal an outstanding harasser. The range is awesome, the damage pretty nice and the best part: It applies on hit effects! That means e.g. when you got a red buff, the slow and burn will also apply on your Q like it does on Gangplank's Parrrley. I max this one out at first due to it's phenomenal damage output and harrasing abilites early game.

Essence Flux

Your W spell is not that much useful on AD Ezreal and should not be used for harras, beause of it's immense mana drain early game. Later on it can be very useful to shoot on teammates to buff their Attackspeed e.g. for destroying a tower, killing dragon/nashor, or in a teamfight. It's also useful to debuff the enemy attackspeed, but I always tend to buff my teammates instead of debuffing enemies when it's possible to hit most of them. I max it last, because it's just getting useful later in the game for AD Ez.

Arcane Shift

Your E spell offers you a free teleport + a nice one-target damage in one ability. Unfortunetaly your E's cooldown is extremely high, so you should use it wisely. When you are sure that noone is able to gank you you can use it to get in Position for a nice Mystic Shot, if you are not you might better save it to get out of ganks. In combination with Flash you should be very hard to kill when getting ganked. I sometimes tend to get Arcane Shift at level 2 and 4 instead of Essence Flux for a lower cooldown. Anyways I max the E out at second.

Trueshot Barrage

My favourite spell of the game. Sweet to clear a minion wave and kill enemies in lane, but the most adorable feeling is when you see a Ryze with 200 hp in top lane, retreating at his tower and you go "HYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIAH" and snipe him all over the map. The rage is really worth it. Some people tend to call it an OP Ulti, but I always say, that you still need skill and map awareness unlike as Karthus who is just pressing R. In teamfights you should open up the fight with this since it deals tons of damage and immediately stacks your passive to the max.

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Item Build

I usually start with my Boots of Speed and 3 Pots in order to stay in lane quite long and get some mobility from early on.
In the best case you want to farm enough money for a B.F.Sword before your first back. If this, however, isn't possible you should buy 2 Dorans Blade or if you are very chanceless in lane, for a Wriggle's Lantern since it allows you to farm more easily due to it's passive and sustain.

Farm for your life and get an Infinity Edge asap in order to hit hard and crit hard (Ezreal's crits are very nice early and mid game).

Afterwards you should rush a Phantom Dancer or a The Black Cleaver for the additional attackspeed. If you are up against an armor stacking team you should get the Cleaver. If not i suggest you to buy Phantom Dancer since it increases Ezreal's overall low Movement Speed.

For the Endgame you should get 1 or 2 The Bloodthirster or a Tri-Force

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Optional Items

If you want that hard early game pressure you might want to stack up 2/3 Doran's for crazy damage. I already did it on my own and have to say that it can really rock your early game.

Very useful for additional attackspeed and scales very well with The Bloodthirster and your crits.

An item I find myself to use over and over again. For me it's pretty much equal to 2/3 Doran's and is a very helpful tool to stay in lane and farm like crazy. Only Problem is that it blocks Space for items in late game, but in most cases there won't be this phase when you have purchased this cute little thing (which actually was found by Ezreal lol)

Your personal cleanse item that I strongly recommend vs a high cc team or when getting focussed hard. Also helpful to ROFLSTOMP Requiem or other evil spells.

If you think you need som emore burst in early game you should consider to buy Sheen early, after or before your B.F. Sowrd in order to compensate this lack. However you should upgrade it to Tri-Force later in the game.

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Why I don't like to go mid

Reading some guides, I often saw that Ezreal is considered to be a strong or even the strongest midlaner in the game. I agree that Ezreal is a force to be reckoned with in mid, but I prefer to leave mid lane to a mage like Annie or Malzahar and take bot lane.
I played many many games with Ez now, some of them in mid and I find myself getting burst down from a LeBlanc or an Anivia more often then killing them. It's sure possible that I'm maybe not a hyperskilled player, but I always prefer to go bot when possible.
With a nice support like Soraka you can stay in lane for a long time, farm many minions and can poke from now and then frequently.

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Basic Gameplay

Early game
In early game I grab my Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion and head straight towards protecting my jungler or even counter jungle.
When nothing fancy happens i go alongside with my Support to bot lane and farm minions. If the lane hasn't got a strong early game, I try to harass a lot, while not missing lasthits. Firing a few Mystic Shots on my enemies (focussing the enemy carry) make the deal quite good and if I see someone at low health I combine Q+E+Q+ Ignite to give them the killing blow.
But remember a Q that doesn't hit is a wasted Q and a waste of Mana, make them hit!
As soon as I get my ult I play VERY aggressive, your support and your Pots should keep you alive while doing so.
When the harassing is paying of and someone gets low i fire my ult for a free kill, furthermore checking other lanes for potentially easy snipes for my ult.
Recall when you are low on health and got enough money for your Sword.

Mid Game

When you have been able to have a balance between harrass and farm you might have some kills and your Infinity Edge up. A tower (hopefully the enemy one in your lane) has been destroyed and the laning phase came to an end.
Try to kill dragon with your team as often as possible and stay together. When in Teamfights I often fin myself not using my ult if we are winning and use it to snipe running enemies, but it might be a better idea to use it asap when you can hit plenty of them.
Although it might be mean you should try to get many of the kills in order to buy your expensive items.
In this phase it's also important to stack up your The Bloodthirster since you won't have many chances to do it during late game teamfights.

Late game

You should be a pumped up battle machine now with dozens of creepkills and hundreds of kills and assists. Now it's even more important to stay together, because they will most likely focus you.
Ask your support to ward/cv Nashor in order to eventually steal it with your Trueshot Barrage when necessary. In teamfights initiate with your R and demolish their team.
You should focus Caster>Ad Carry>Offtank>Tank>Support for maximum profit.
Do Nashor whenever half of the enemies team is down.

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Friends you love to lane with


Your perfect support: Doesn't need kills can heal you and give you mana and is able to silence and slightly harass ennemies.


Also a very nice mate to have beside you his stun will make you harras a lot easier. His auras and heal will keep you alive. Anything more you want?


Can also harrass enemies and unleashes the Wrath of the Nature to get you easy kills vs. some high-flying enemies.


Auras + Ulti + no need to farm = Ezreal is on a killing spree.

5. (Warning my evil troll lanemate)

I don't really recommend this, but it is a combo I play with my friend for fun and we are ending up every game that one of us gets legendary. Sure we both need minion kills but the combination of wtf-pwn from this both champions refering to their insane harass abilities is just awesome. Anyways it's a troll pick which you better not do ranked.

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Enemies you will hate for life


This stupid bit** will really shred you and is the main reason why I never go mid. The Combination of her W and Q +R brings you from full hp to 20 or zero.


AP Sion will rly give you a hard time when facing him, because your early game damage output wiil likely be not enough to get through his shield and one combo of his Gaze and Shield will cause terrible, terrible damage.


Her annoying range will give you a hard time in farming and harrassing well. Traps will drastically shrink your space of action.


He won't be that much a problem early game but when hes jungling and fed he will shred you in seconds no matter what you do, since you have no real cc you can't stop him.


You nearly can't shred him without help thx to his Carnivore, be aware of his Feast or you're done.

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Good and Bad Team Compositions

Ezreal is an AD Carry and should be matched with a tank, jungler, support, and mage. Because he lacks of CC you need people with good CC's in your team.


Much CC from all the other Champs + a nice support for you and a great sololane at top


Not that much CC plus 3 People that need kills (Tryn, Karthus, you)

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Playing with this build

Here I have some screens from me playing with that build, maybe you might want to send in your own:

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I hope this guide was helpful to you and would really appreciate constructive criticism and other fair comments.

I will try to keep this guide updated frequently

More Stuff will be added soon:
- Screenshots of more experiences with the build (esnd in you own if you want!)
- Some more Updates I will decide on
- Laning against... section

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13/12/2011 Change Log added
13/12/2011 Disabled comment to vote function, no troll votes pls
20/04/2012 Hecarim patch and meta update