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Ezreal Build Guide by PhoenixianSlayer

Support Ezreal Support: the danger hiding in the bushes

By PhoenixianSlayer | Updated on June 25, 2019
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Magical Footwear
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Safer play
LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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ADC Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

Ezreal Support: the danger hiding in the bushes

By PhoenixianSlayer
Hello Everyone, I am PhoenixianSlayer

I recently was thinking about Ezreal after trying out some supports that are bullies instead of defenders and found that Ez can work well as a support. Therefore, I decided to put my experiences into a guide in case someone was looking for something new to play.

Ezreal is an AD/AP caster that has major power spikes. Most people think of him as an ADC, however, he is first and foremost a poker and lane bully. his entire kit is basically different long-range pokes. Therefore, he can do a great job as a support. As an Ezreal Support, You basically want to stay back and poke whenever possible. This will create pressure and force the opponents to either back off their minions to avoid a lot of damage or retreat under tower. Both of these effects will cause them to lose cash, maybe some experience, but mostly cash. In addition, your Arcane Shift is an escape, so you can poke safely.
Pretty safe support
Mid game snowball
The opponent will lose plenty of CS if you poke them a ..... lot
Pretty adaptable for different opponents
Can carry if your ADC can't
You have problems if you can't avoid CC from your .....opponents
You don't have any escapes for your partner and no .....peel until Iceborn Gauntlet
If you have a BAD short-range ADC, then its game over

Passive: Rising Spell Force
This is your passive. It adds attack speed for each spell that lands. It only really helps when trying to take towers or late game killing. For the supportive role, it's not that helpful.

First: Mystic Shot
This is your main damage tool and income source. It is a low cooldown and mana cost spell that applies on-hit effects. It allows you to use Kleptomancy from a long range. You get 25 gold for each hit and decrease all cooldowns by 1 sec when hit. By stacking on-hit effects, you can easily get this spell to anywhere from 500-1000 damage per 2 seconds.

Second: Essence Flux
This makes your Mystic Shot more effective. It amplifies your damage. It used to be helpful for ADC's, but now it makes your early game pokes hurt A LOT. This is assuming, of course, you can follow up with another poke. Otherwise... its just wasted mana.

Third: Arcane Shift
This is your emergency escape tool. You can also use for killing, but that if after lane phase. Mainly though, it's your escape tool.

Ultimate: Trueshot Barrage
This is your finisher for if they run. A global ult that deals a lot of damage. It has as many uses as there are targets on the map. Just understand that it has a delay and travel time, so it will take a while to learn how to snipe with it.


Row 1: Kleptomancy
Kleptomancy gives you 5 gold for the first two basic attacks landed on a champion after an ability. since Mystic Shot applies on-hit effects, if it lands, it will count as a basic attack for Kleptomancy. It may not sound like much, but you can easily get 600-800 gold throughout the match due to low cooldown on your Mystic Shot and amble opportunity since your job is to poke them as much as possible. Due note that if you auto a minion, which you shouldn't be doing too much, you lose the 5 gold for autoing a champ. For example, if you auto champ -> minion -> champ, you only get five gold since the second auto was on a minion.

Row 2: Magical Footwear/Perfect Timing
Magical Footwear gives you free boots at 12 mins and you get them 45 secs earlier for each takedown you accumulate before they are distributed. The boots are a free 300 gold and if you play safe, there should be no need for them during the 10 mins you need to wait for them. They also give you a bonus 10 MS. Perfect Timing gives you a Stopwatch at 10 mins. This should only be needed if you have a Fizz or other quickly snowballing burst champ. I would only use this rune for a Fizz specifically due to his skill that gives his invincibility (even from towers!) AND gives him mobility allowing him to tower dive safely. The majority of the other burst assassins can be dealt with through skill (except a late-game Veigar that is FED).

Row 3: Future's Market/Biscuit Delivery
Future's Market gives you the ability to always buy something when you recall and allows you to finish items earlier, all for the minor cost of 50 gold. With the items you get from Future's Market, you can make back the 50 gold easy. On the other hand, Biscuit Delivery gives you sustain in lane and synergizes with your Manamune/ Muramana by giving you extra max mana. However, you rarely need the biscuits considering you should have health and mana potions due to Kleptomancy. In addition, you should be able to recall when you're low, so you don't always need potions in the first place. Biscuit Delivery is a good rune, but I think Future's Market is better.

Row 4: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight gives you an extra 5% CDR on all your cooldowns. Gives you a max 45% CDR on abilities instead of just 40%. Your summoner spells are on a lower cooldown, 18 secs off Teleport and 12 off of Heal, and since you use your summoner spells a lot during a game, having them on a shorter cooldown is nice. Item actives have a lower cooldown as well, but this isn't as important since you don't have many actives on your items until late game.


Row 1: Manaflow Band
The build doesn't work well without Manaflow Band. Do not switch this!

Row 2: Scorch
I prefer Scorch above anything else because it adds quite a bit of early damage with a 10 second cooldown. Gathering Storm adds a nice amount of damage over time. Transcendence is only helpful if you are really hooked on getting that 40% CDR. You can get 40% CDR with the build, but near the end game. 30% is more than enough for winning a game.

Spellthief's Edge
The whole point of Ezreal Support is to damage enemies and create pressure. This item rewards you for doing that. Only build it to Frostfang because that is the lowest upgrade that gives you the max money for a poke. You want to get your core items as soon as possible, so expending money on any further upgrades delays your power spike and therefore your ability to destroy your opponents.

Tear of the Goddess/Manamune
This is your main AD item. It gives you the mana to poke people silly and plenty of damage to make each poke hurt. Build Tear of the Goddess, then stop to get Sheen then continue with this item as your first item.

Sheen/Iceborn Gauntlet
Since this build is trying to focus on your Mystic Shot and building CC into it, we want to get Iceborn Gauntlet to get a nice slow area that can be reapplied quickly. While we do stop after Sheen to get Manamune, this is only to speed up the stacking process and put some kick into Mystic Shot the goal is to get this and Muramana as soon as possible making this the second item.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Ezreal Support loves his CDR, but it's not super important, so get this when you can.

Blade of the Ruined King
This item makes you accel when in a lane and especially before a team fight since you can really take chunks out of the enemy's tank before an engage. The 8% current health passive allows you to deal serious damage with each Mystic Shot to whoever comes close enough. This passive obviously works better on tanks, so it makes it hard for them to start an engage in a team fight. In addition, Mystic Shot should be on a 2 second cooldown at this point, so you can abuse this passive easily.

Lord Dominik's Regards/Mortal Reminder/Duskblade of Draktharr
You have your base AD item, you have your Spellblade item, you have your Lifesteal, all that's left is some Armor Penetration. These items all offer nice amounts of armor destruction. Whether you seek max penetration, recovery negation, or a way to keep your opponents from finding you this arsenal has got you covered.

Spear of Shojin
Its a nice round out item to give you a bit of burst when needed with an effect to increase your attack speed and make your autos decrease your non-ulti cooldowns after using your ulti.

Heal is Emergency health and speed for you and your ADC. At least one person should have Heal in the bottom lane, and since it gives you a way to help your ADC escape in the early game, you should always have it.

The idea of this build is to create constant pressure by always attacking the opponents. Teleport allows you to get back a lot faster to keep that pressure up. In mid and late game. This allows you to make plays and take towers unexpectedly.

Take Ignite if you want to get that close. I personally have no interest in getting that close, but it's a personal choice.

Why not Barrier or Flash?
I don't suggest taking Barrier because it only lasts a few seconds and doesn't absorb that much more than Heal. In addition, Heal also gives health to your ADC to keep her/him safe and increases both your MS speed for quick escapes. Flash is one of those irreplaceable Summoner spells that makes people look at you funny if you don't have it. However, Ezreal has no real use for Flash. Arcane Shift does the exact same thing WHILE dealing damage back at them and has a max cooldown of 17 seconds instead of 300 seconds. Whenever I choose Flash as a summoner spell on Ezreal, I find it just sits there unused during the entire game.

Your goal is to hit the opponents with as many Mystic Shots and Essence Fluxes as possible. However, save your Arcane Shift for when you need it, so don't use it to set up pokes. Its not worth landing one Mystic Shot if you end up dying because of it. Try to not use Essence Flux unless you can land a Mystic Shot or auto attacks well. With Ez's rework, Essence Flux cannot proc Spellthief's Edge/ Frostfang on its own. It can proc Kleptomancy, but needs an auto attack or Mystic Shot to make use of that proc. Also, try to stay on the bush side of the lane. While that makes you predictable, this predictability gets you two things.

The opponents stay near the river and your ADC can stay near the bushes side. This makes it easier for your Jungle to gank and harder for the enemy Jungle to gank you.

It is harder for the opponents to hit you because they don't always have vision on you. Taking Oracle Lens increases this effect by allowing you to remove any wards they place in the bushes. If you are in a bush when they try to ward it, you can poke them when they ward or get maybe even get a kill. Having that lack of vision allows you to spring surprise attacks if you can get another person in that bush too, like the Jungler or Mid to quickly burst them when they don't expect it.
Ezreal is a really cool support if you can use him properly. Poke the opponent to make them lose their money and hopefully their lives. Good luck on the rift

"Time for a true display of skill."
League of Legends Build Guide Author PhoenixianSlayer
PhoenixianSlayer Ezreal Guide
Ezreal Support: the danger hiding in the bushes
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