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Rell Build Guide by Unholy Vanity

Top Fear and Metal: A Synergy Guide

Top Fear and Metal: A Synergy Guide

Updated on July 6, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unholy Vanity Build Guide By Unholy Vanity 7 0 10,657 Views 0 Comments
7 0 10,657 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Unholy Vanity Rell Build Guide By Unholy Vanity Updated on July 6, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Rell
    The Iron Maiden: Toplane
  • LoL Champion: Fiddlesticks
    The Ancient Fear: Jungle

Runes: Resolve + Precision

Shield Bash

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Teleport + Flash
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Fear and Metal: A Synergy Guide

By Unholy Vanity
Hi. My name is Lobo, or by the in-game tag, "Unholy Vanity", for vainness truly is wretched. I'm not a good player, sitting on Gold in EUW-servers. I've been playing the game on and off for five years, trying to pull enjoyment from an overall horrible experience. This is my admission for the "Mathematically Correct Build" showcase, although the math behind the build itself could've been far more detailed. Perhaps someone else could crunch the numbers.

Nevertheless, this isn't your ordinary build. It's a synergy-build, which works only in the pretense of picking the right champions together. In essence, if either of the champions required is banned, the build falls apart. Well, for the poster girl that is.

The synergy spoken of is Rell and Fiddlesticks in toplane and jungle, respectively. I've had an ample amount of fun playing this with my friends, and I hope you will too. However, if you do not have any friends, then I'm afraid this isn't the place to be. I'm certain if you go outside, and ask the next person "hey, want to be my friend", they'll surely playtest this build with you though.

More about the guide itself. I've structured it in a few, to-the-point chapters to spare you the reading. It is not season-tied, unless riot decides to change anything regarding interactions between Rell and Fiddlesticks, and as such, does not have a season tag in its title. It is also not a meta-breaking build, as there's nothing stronger about it than just picking Sylas toplane. It is, however, an alternative in my eyes.
As stated before, the beauty in the build lies in the synergy between the two most unlikely to synergize champions in the game: Rell and Fiddlesticks. Let me introduce both of them to you, for this build was bound to be made.

From a champion design perspective, Rell is very related to the likes of Leona. She is one tanky support, with the ability to eat damage for days and come out barely harmed. What if I told you, however, that you are able to play her in the toplane? Truly, by combing her Full Tilt with Fiddlesticks and his Scarecrow Effigy, you enable her sustain capabilities in a solo lane, of all things!
Quite the paradox, considering that Riot Games had gone out of their way to make sure that the healing was only available to Rell if she was connected by a tether. We aren't doing anything game-breaking though, as this is an intentional part of their abominable coding.

Speaking of abominations, isn't he pretty metal himself? Fiddlesticks is one of the few champions which do not require a leash, making him perfect for the purpose of this build. He is a strong pick alongside Rell for other reasons as well, though. Who would've guessed that the best champion to ship with a literal ur-demon would be the slightly awkward girl with a knack for metal?
Every ability synergizes extremely well. His passive works wonder with the tether. His otherwise squishy demeanor is offset by the resistances he gains from her. His ultimate and her ultimate both feature "storm" in their names. And don't get me started on the amount of crowd control both of them are able to chain!...
The idea is very simple. Fiddlestick places his trinket, Scarecrow Effigy, periodically in the vicinity of the toplane. They never go out of their way to do so, and the player to pick Rell shouldn't force them in any way. Afterall, merely going toplane to place an effigy is detrimental to the jungler. However, if done right, they are able to provide Rell with a way to get through the laning phase.

You see, the effigy itself counts as a champion for the purpose of targeting. The difference being that it is immovable, and doesn't last forever. With it, you are able to heal yourself and sustain prolonged exposure to minions, further increasing your current lieu in terms of xp.

Here is a small showcase of me struggling to replicate the interactions on a bot. In the botlane. Yes, everything done wrong, basically.

To take note of the important parts of the video:
- I used Full Tilt on a Scarecrow Effigy, and not Fiddlesticks himself.
- I healed myself for a good chunk of damage whilst in tether range by hitting Shattering Strike.
- I couldn't heal myself after having already used Full Tilt.
- Whilst it wasn't shown, you also cannot heal yourself outside of tether range.

As such, this build heavily relies on your Fiddlesticks partner to provide you with an ample supply of effigies. This is most important in the laning-phase, which is the only reason why we're bothering to play Rell in the toplane in the first place. You see, she scales quite well, and being able to consume experience solo allows her to hit high levels quite quickly. It is crucial that a toplaner has enough sustain to allow him to hog the waves indefinitely, effectively gaining an experience advantage over others.

In addition, here is a small map with annotated effigy placements. Please make note of the ones with the grey circles, as those are generally safe to use and hard to get rid of by the enemy. The rest are alternatives for when you believe that you can hold the lane in the middle, or are forced to farm under turret.

Let me talk a little more about what one essentially wants to do in a match in the following chapter. This has been tested a few times, with varying results, and each time something was learned.
Game Phases
There are three things in total you want to abuse as an off-meta pick in the toplane.

(1) For one, everyone can see you tether to a clone. If you time it well and do it correctly, you may put indefinite pressure on the enemy by making them believe they're about to be ganked, essentially making it easier for you to farm.

(2) Secondly, the amount you heal with your Shattering Strike is quite uncanny. You should utilize the ability to keep yourself in lane for as long as possible. Not to mention the safety you gain against any sort of engagement thanks to your disengage and shield capabilities.

(3) Thirdly, nobody expects you to be a danger to fight in any shape, way, or form. If the enemy does not expect the healing from your abilities, the shields, the stuns, they're in for a surprise. It is crucial that you are the one being engaged. It requires some getting used to, and many fights could quite well end in your demise. But if you feel confident enough, even the most treacherous match-ups could lead to you winning a 1v1 fight.

Mid- and Late-Game:
Mid-game is quite simple. In essence, you will be looking for team fights here and there, teleporting into the fray as need be. Thanks to your immense peeling and engagement potential, winning 5v5s should be an easy endeavor. It is important that you, yourself, avoid duels for as long as there aren't any clones placed by Fiddlesticks nearby. Apart from that, there is not much to say.

IMPORTANT: You can't "self-cast" the Full Tilt ability by conventional (alt+e) means. To deactivate the tether for the purpose of confusing/fooling the enemy, you have to use it in the area beneath her feet. I don't really know how riot f*cked this up, but it is as it is.
In many ways, Rell is very similar to the likes of Sylas. But both of their healing is distinctly different. Shattering Strike scales less, only 30% as opposed to Kingslayer and it's 45%. However, it is to not that Shattering Strike multiplies with the number of enemies hit as opposed to its counterpart, only increased by her missing health. In essence, increasing her health pool is far more important, as is lining it up to hit more than one target.

Given that, it is quite difficult to tell which is better. Not to mention that it destroys shields, takes away resistances, and heals your tether target as well. Going by gut feeling, it would seem that both are quite equal in regards to power.

One should also take into accord her scaling. It isn't horrible, but one wouldn't want to run her full-ap, either. 50%, 60%, 40%, 110% respectively for each of her abilities, damage-wise. That is exactly why she should be built as a bruiser.

Everything combined, there are two important calculations to be made. For one, her damage and shielding output upon hitting her entire combo at level 18 with a full build, and the healing she is effectively able to with three hits of her Shattering Strike in a fight. (The maths were done using Everfrost, Lucidity Boots, Anathema's Chains, Cosmic Drive, Demonic Embrace, and Abyssal mask.)

(0) Stats:

Total AP: 270
Total AH: 100 (50%)
Total Health: 3920

(1) Damage Calculation:

Q: 210 + 135 = 345
W: 210 + 176 = 521
E: 240 + 81 = 321
R: 280 + 297 = 577
Total: 1764

(2) Shielding and Healing Calculation:

W-Shielding: 160 + 510 = 670
Q-Healing: 3(30 + 81) = 333

(Note: Q-Healing is the bare minimum. It multiplies with the number of enemies hit and missing health, both of which weren't taken into account. 333 is, as such, the amount you would always get, in essence.)
I'm not trying to sell this off as some sort of meta-defying build. This was just something I decided to create in my spare time, effectively taking a few weeks of procrastination to make. Not only that, but I wanted to add something to the nerd community of Deep League, whether or not the thing I was adding worked or not. Coincidentally, this is my first 'real guide', so I'll take joy in that.

I want to thank my friends, Baumanikus and JustalittleBBoy, for helping me playtest this abomination. It was a lot of fun, y'both.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unholy Vanity
Unholy Vanity Rell Guide
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Fear and Metal: A Synergy Guide

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