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Fiora Build Guide by HolyEyE

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HolyEyE

Fiora - Ganked? Just kill them both!

HolyEyE Last updated on December 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I'm HolyEyE (holyeyeolo/Gold/EUNE) and this is my guide on Fiora - The Grand Duelist, who I main ever since I first saw her.

To me, Fiora is an early game Assassin and a late game Fighter who excels at dealing tons of damage, with the price of being squishy and having no CC at all. Thus, playing Fiora is... a Dangerous Game , as we shall see further into the guide.

Many consider Fiora to be a champion with no contribution whatsoever to the team, or in other words - useless. I get this feeling when I see the loading screen everytime, when the enemy team has got one more tank and looks much better composed, Fiora not really fitting anywhere in my own team. However, past the loading screen starts the actual game, where meta is only a word, and what decides the fate of the game, is the actual game-play.

Let's see what's the difference...

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...but first we must tend to how our starting position would look like. First, let's see the runes:


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

This is NOT the rune page I'm using, but a combination of two rune pages.
The difference is that my first rune page includes Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction instead of this rune page's Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. This is a simple luxury for when I'm facing heavy AD oriented teams, where magic resist will be of less help.
My second rune page includes Greater Mark of Attack Damage instead of this rune page's Greater mark of armor penetration (made for ADCs).

Usually, Armor Penetration isn't made for the early early game, but more for what comes after level 6 / first B, then you have enough damage that the enemy champion's armor actually starts to hinder your attacks. However, Fiora has so much damage early game due to her Riposte passive, that taking Armor Penetration in your rune page actually gives you more damage to champions, even at level 1. This makes Greater mark of armor penetration more than a viable pick.

(Note that the quintessences are this way simply because that's how I bought them a long time ago, and didn't see a good reason to change them.)

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The main problem that you're probably seeing in my mastery page, is the lack of points in Warlord . Here's the reason for that:
Anything else should be pretty obvious, there isn't much freedom here.

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This is probably one of the most important things you need to know if you want to reach high - Itemization. Buying the right items at the right times could turn the tides of the game. One Zhonya's Hourglass lets the APCs use their ultimates in ways that win teamfights. One Last Whisper lets ADCs take down tanks that seemed invulnerable beforehand.
The hard part is the period it takes you to build all of these items. For mid-to-late game champions like Fiora, finishing items is extremely important, since it brings them closer to the point where they are stronger than anyone else, despite having the same amounts of gold. Accordingly, one must exploit the time he is given and zone/kill those champions while they are weaker than everyone else, early on.
We'll see more about that in the chapter about game-play. For now let's see the items you are going to need while playing Fiora:

Early Game:

Doran's Blade, a Health Potion, and a Warding Totem. I used to start with a Long Sword and a few potions, which is still equally viable, and it lets you finish your items faster, which we deemed important. But, I noticed it's much easier to survive early game with Doran's Blade, due to the extra health, and the convenient passive. It's believed that once you buy one of Doran's items, you must make something happen early game, or it would be counted as an inefficient use of your money, since later on it would take you more time to build your items. It's true, but it matter much more in higher ELOs where each CS counts.

At your first back, you are going to want to buy Vampiric Scepter against most tanks and bruisers, or you won't survive there. Most of the times I like to go straight for Bilgewater Cutlass, since it's active lets me add some CC of my own to a potential gank from either side. But, when facing tanks like Shen and they get a Chain Vest which shuts down all of my damage, I want a really fast Last Whisper and so I treasure the extra 600g. Against tanks who build health ( Giant's Belt) and bruisers who build damage ( Pickaxe), your only escape regarding items is Blade of the Ruined King.

The reason I don't build Tiamat first, is because this item is relatively weak when it comes to 1 v 1 duels. Buying an early Tiamat could easily result in you getting zoned by your opponent, especially if you didn't buy any life steal beforehand.

Notice something very important: Pickaxe and Long Sword are both used to build Last Whisper and Tiamat, making it convenient to switch between the two in case you are not sure what the opponent is building exactly. (Same thing with Long Sword for Bilgewater Cutlass).

Also, buying boots is always convenient to escape ganks more easily, and mabye gank mid-lane as well, but don't buy it on account of damage, since your base speed is enough for the beginning. If, however, you are facing a DPS champion like Jax or Aatrox, then buying Ninja Tabi could be extremely helpful against them. I almost never upgrade to Berserker's Greaves (mabye at late-late-game), unless I want some early movement speed.
Think carefully while upgrading your boots, look at Late-Game to see why.


This is the easy part, assuming you are not behind. At mid-game you begin to shine. When you have your Blade of the Ruined King, Tiamat, and Last Whisper finished, assassinating the enemy ADC/APC should be quit easy. At this point of the game you also start to look like the DPS fighter you are "supposed" to be, though you'd still die if you play like one.

Note that by the time you reach a team-fight, even a small one, you will have had to finish building Tiamat, or you won't have the AOE damage it grants while mixed with your Blade Waltz.

As to upgrading your boots, Mercury's Treads is a great choice at this point of the game, unless you plan on becoming a DPS Fighter, as seen below.

Late Game:

If I haven't built Mercury's Treads early-game, then at this point I build Zephyr (start by building Stinger, which is one of my favorite items, and it gives an amazing boost for almost no gold), with the intention of becoming a DPS fighter. I decide that while upgrading my boots, and not now at late-game. This is a VERY crucial decision and it depends on the enemy team, and the situation. If the enemy team has a lot of CC from champions like Zac or Leona (if it's both then give up) then obviously you must buy Mercury's Treads when the team-fights start. Otherwise, you should take your chances and put the money into more and more damage. As to the situation, if you are much behind your opponents, then becoming a DPS Fighter is the worst think you could think of. If on the contrary, you are ahead of them, then becoming a Fighter as opposed to an Assassin is the right thing to do. Whether it's Mercury's Treads or Zephyr, Tenacity is a MUST at this point of the game, or you will not survive.

Additionally, you should start building The Brutalizer towards The Black Cleaver or B. F. Sword towards Infinity Edge, depending on what your opponents have built.

The last item you are going to buy is Ravenous Hydra. Doing it earlier than this stage is a fatal mistake and a complete waste of your gold. Don't do it.

Late-Late Game:

There are many variations and weird stuff happening at this point of the game. I barely ever reach it (50 minutes mark), but I think the lack of an extra tank at this point is felt more than anything, maybe except for the presence of too many Guardian Angels which renders assassins useless. Thus, you must build some health with Frozen Mallet, and must become more of a DPS fighter and less of an assassin, meaning you need attack speed from items like Zephyr and Phantom Dancer (I never buy phantom dancer but it shouldn't be too bad). Of course, it's situational, if there's too much CC going around, you might want a Quicksilver Sash.
Your guess about this stage's build is as good as mine.

Counter Items:

There are three items you should take note of:

Zhonya's Hourglass - The APC is likely to own this item, and if you ever Blade Waltz him, then he will immediately use its active to make sure your assassination fails. Very annoying, but don't worry, It's impossible for him to make you waste your ult completely, since if the first attack, which does 50% of the damage in the ult, is stopped, then it's as if you never started your ult. Also, the other attacks will go to other close by enemy champions, which is better than nothing. If there are none, then the 2.5 seconds the item buys the APC won't save him.

Thornmail - This item is relatively cheap, and it shuts you down completely because of its passive. The reason no one buys it, is because the tanks know you'd never have any interest in attacking them unless they are the only ones left, and the other rolls simply cant afford to get it or they won't be able to carry/supp (and it won't help them unless they ALL get it). Still, if you ever notice an enemy buying this item, make sure not to touch him. If it ever becomes a major problem for you (like, if 4 of your opponents got this item), then I think you need to abandon your roll as an Assassin at that point of the game and start playing a DPS Fighter with a lot of life steal, a lot of health, and a lot of attack speed.

Guardian Angel - The more GAs there are on the enemy team, the less your roll as an Assassin continues to be viable. You need to follow this all throughout late game, and turn into a DPS Fighter accordingly. Personally I don't like buying this item myself, but you can try that if you think it's good.

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We finally got to the good part.

Early Game:

After buying your items and helping your jungler with his blue, or guarding it, you should return to your lane as fast as possible. It's inevitable that you would lose 1-2 CS before reaching it, so if you are against a tough opponent, ask your mid-laner to help the jungler instead.
Now the game starts. Obviously you must farm as much as possible. Punish your opponent when he reaches a creep close to you, and you are not busy getting a creep yourself. If he tries to punish you with a basic attack, use your Riposte, and add a basic attack of your own, unless there could potentially be too much creep agro on you if you did that.
There are two things that mustn't happen. The first is that you push your lane too much, to the point where ganking you would be too easy. The second is that the opponent reaches a higher level than you and initiates a duel. The way to prevent these things from happening is to last hit creeps to avoid pushing, and when you see your opponent pushing harder, push just a bit harder and freeze the lane right before your turret is in range to steal your farm.
The same things apply to your opponent, so bear that in mind and exploit your advantages whether it's by level, when you go for a trade, and whether he pushed too much, when you ask your jungler for a gank. Nicely.


This section highly depends on the opposing champion, for each one of them requires a different method of trading. Since it would take a large amount of time to do, I will slowly list these champions and the ways to deal with them one by one when I finish this guide.

But for now, just notice that a lot of times trading isn't a good option for you, for you might be receiving more damage than you deal to your opponent. Notice where the trade takes place, because creeps deal a LOT of damage early game, and can be very annoying. Furthermore, if it's too far from your turret, then you might've just taken the bait, and the enemy jungler is there to make sure you are losing this "duel" and dying.
If you are winning the trades, then the next stage is zoning your opponent from farming, or in other words, not letting him touch your creeps and so preventing him from raising his CS. Be extra careful when that happens, because that's when he usually requests a gank from his jungler, in order to kill you and take the advantage of the lane.


As Fiora, you have no escape mechanism except for Flash which has a very high cooldown, making it very easy for the opposing jungler to gank your lane. Before your first back, the only ward you have is your trinket, which buys you one minute of safety. So don't put it too early, and if you see bot lane getting ganked by the enemy jungler then wait a bit before you put it (actually, junglers know you do that so they intentionally gank bot and then go all across the map to gank top and catch you unprepared). If you put the ward and the jungler is standing on it, planning to gank, then remember to tell your team "jungler top" so they would know they have a safe period before he walks away, if they feel like doing dragon , or gank bot lane.

When you get ganked and die, just return to lane with a ward or two and play safe. When you get ganked and it fails, you can be sure that the jungler is still lurking around, and as Fiora you have no way of checking for how long exactly. If your lane opponent is good, he won't give you any clues. To put it bluntly, you are completely stuck. The only ways you could start farming again is if the creeps are pushed to your turret, at which point your opponent, depending on who it is, could either roam other lanes, kite you, or dive you together with the jungler (or alone but let's assume you are not losing THAT badly yet), or if you see the enemy jungler ganking another lane, or if your own jungler comes for a gank, if they feel like it, which doesn't always happen - it's not their fault that you are losing your lane. And you can't do any of that if the failed gank leaves you with less than half your HP.

However, even if you die and miss a wave of CS, don't let that ruin your spirit. One gank is not enough to shut you down. Let me prove this to you by looking at another champion which is much harder to shut down: Nasus. Nasus is often mistaken to lose his lane after a successful gank by the enemy team, at which he dies. This mistake leads the jungler to go gank other lanes and let Nasus farm freely, with his passive keeping him sustained in-lane. Later on Nasus becomes extremely strong and many times carries his team to victory. Why does this happen? It's because for Nasus farming doesn't only mean gold, but also getting stacks on his Siphoning Strike. Unless you ZONE him, and not just KILL him he will become stronger than you later on.

I brought Nasus as an example because it happens most often with him. However, this applies even to late game champion who don't own this type of skill, since when they finish their items, they are stronger than early game champions who finish their items. Thus: one creep is worth more to late game champions than it's worth to early game champions. As long as you don't die over and over, and farm safely, even under your turret, you will become stronger and more dominant in team-fights than the Darius you are facing.


After knowing all that, how can you not buy wards as part of your core build? 75g per ward, which gives you 3 minutes of safety, meaning at least 5 waves of creeps.

When I'm in the blue team, I usually ward near the tribush, covering the river as well. You must look at the minimap very, VERY often because this ward doesn't cover that much space and the enemy jungler might slip through your line of sight.

When I'm in the purple team, I ward the tribush itself, preventing all ganks except for side bush ganks - which are extremely dangerous when done correctly.

When your jungler ganks your lane, and your opponent hides in the side bush where you cant target him, sometimes your trinket might be off cooldown, so try to put it during the gank in one of the bushes you think is necessary, and surprise him a little.


Here are two tricks to avoid dying while getting ganked:
The first requires your ultimate Blade Waltz and your E Burst of Speed to be up. When the jungler reaches out to you from behind or from the side, wait for the point where you don't think you'll be able to escape the gank without wasting your ult. Then activate Burst of Speed and right afterwards Blade Waltz the closer target. This will grant you at least 21% bonus movements speed which without boots sums up to 73.5 bonus movements speed. That would allow you to slip right out of there and reach your turret. You should also try to use your ult to escape your opponents' CCs, as seen below.

Imagine a scene where you've been baited into a duel by Aatrox, and suddenly Elise comes from behind. The first thing she is going to do is throw her Cocoon at you, and if it hits, she is going to burst you and you will die 100%. But, if at the exact moment she throws it you activate your Burst of Speed and Blade Waltz (on Elise at this situation, since she is closer to your turret), not only the stun is going to miss, but when the ult finishes you could run like the devil is after you. Don't forget to keep juking though, because Aatrox has got his own forms of CC.

The second trick is for situations when you suspect the enemy jungler to be lurking around trying to gank you. All you need to do is wait for enemy creeps to be orginized to right way, meaning one creep is in the danger zone, where you would potentially die if a gank is indeed expecting you, and another creep is closer to you, where it's safe but limited. You need to Q Lunge to the far creep, and KILL it, so it would look like you are simply aiming to farm, and nothing more. At that point the jungler takes the bait and gets out of the side bush or river bush to kill you. That's when you Q Lunge back to the creep inside the safe zone. This is very dangerous, since you might die if caught in CC and bursted down ( Jarvan IV + Rengar for instance), so be careful when doing this.

Level 6+:

This part sometimes turns out to be quite funny. The opponents, in my ELO, don't seem to understand Fiora's killing potential once she has her Blade Waltz up. They keep playing regularly. Usually I need another trade with Lunge, and then starts the countdown to their death, which is equal to the cooldown on Lunge. Now let's see how it's done:

First you check that there aren't too many minions next to your opponent, and especially no siege minion. If there is one, then kill it first. Then Lunge to your opponent once and add an AA. ALWAYS remember to add an AA, because that's all of your damage. Usually that's when they trigger a skill, damaging you, and add an AA of their own. That AA should be blocked by Riposte, which even has decent damage early on. Note that some of the champions are going to have CC (like Renekton or Riven), so you need to activate Riposte before you get stunned. Now, your opponent chooses to either run, or fight.

If he chooses to run, then you simply Lunge to him again and AA, then Ignite and Blade Waltz if you are sure you can finish him up. Sometimes when you initiated too early, you must flash and AA once more to finish your opponent, be careful when you do this, since you might be entering turret agro.

If, on the other hand he chooses to fight, then first you must look at your position, and recall your opponents behavior in the last 30 seconds - for you might've just gotten baited. If that's it, then you are pretty much ****ed, but you could either try the first trick I showed you earlier, or try to kill one of them to lower the efficiency of the gank, or kill them both, starting with the squishy one. Usually they have to miss a skill or two for you to be able to do that, and you have to use everything you've got. This includes Bilgewater Cutlass's active if you have it, you use it on the same target who took most of your damage and is now trying to get away. But, remember that your main goal is getting away from the fight, since dying 1 on 1 still gives your opponents the advantage (assist), especially if it's the jungler and not the laner that dies. So try to walk towards your turret in between AAs.

If you haven't gotten baited, there's not much to do, except activate all of your skills. Just remember not to interfere with your AA when you use your second Lunge. Another important thing to do is use the slight refresh your Burst of Speed does on your AA. It takes time to learn how to do it; you need to activate the skill in the middle of the AA after which it starts activating. Also, you need to try to evade one of your opponent's skills when you start your ult. This is hard to do since you are fighting at point blank, but if you have a sense of his cooldowns then it's possible.

If your opponent is a tank and you don't think you'll be able to kill him with your burst (which never happens until levels 8-9 maybe), then there's an a lot simpler option: gank mid-lane. The APC is always squishy at this point of the game, and if done correctly, you might be able to kill some of the APC champions (like Katarina or Ahri) even when they have almost full HP. Here's how it's done:

First you push your lane as much as possible, so your opponent won't push the lane and destroy your turret. Then you immediately (every second counts) go over to mid-lane (you can go even if it's pushed to the enemy turret but make sure creeps from both sides are there). You go from behind the river bush, next to the enemy wraiths, and at this point you look at the APCs behavior. The APC on your team obviously needs to act like nothing special is happening, or the opposing APC will notice that something is wrong. The opposing APC will either go back to his turret, at which point you know you stepped over a ward somewhere along the way, and you can either go straight back, so you wont miss any minions (you can steal some jungle if you feel safe). Or, depending on the enemy champion, you might be able to dive him. You can only do that if you can actually catch him, but using Flash + Lunge for that could be dangerous and I don't recommend it until you are very sure of what you are doing. Most of the times, I Lunge to a minion, then Lunge again to the APC. I say "depending on the enemy champion" because champions like Lux or Morgana could actually snare you on their turret and kill you, and Fizz can use his Playful / Trickster to dodge your ult's damage, then kill you. And these are just the obvious situations, a lot of APCs can kill you, so be very careful. In fact, if you are using your Flash for anything, it would be to dodge the APC's CC. With experience, you will learn that there is a way to dive almost any APC at this level, especially if he didn't notice you coming. (Note that since Lunge does more damage than Burst of Speed during this gank, you might want to put another skill point into Lunge beforehand, if you plan on ganking mid-lane).

There are two more things you need to notice during this gank: The first is your own APC, who usually has his own form of CC and a lot of damage too, making it much easier. The second is the enemy jungler, which could be very deadly to you if he is close by.

Not long ago I dived a Morgana at level 6 and had to Flash to finish her (b**** built Rod of Ages), then suddenly comes Vi out of nowhere with her Assault and Battery. Luckily, the APC on my team was Kayle, and he used his Intervention to make sure I walk out of there without harm, and return to my lane.

I might list the APC hard to gank and how to gank them if requested.


At mid-game you should've already finished some of your core items, and especially Tiamat, making you a viable Assassin, not a DPS fighter, so act accordingly. The hard part at this point is knowing when to be with your team, and when to keep farming your lane, since every second there could start a team-fight. If you push your lane then your opponent must also be there to guard his turret. If not then your team should let you push the outer turret (assuming it's still there. If not then just push a bit and go to your team.) Watch for global skills like Shen's Stand United, champions who own these start to split push and force a haste-full move from the enemy team.


Fiora fits in both Snowball and AoE teams for obvious reasons. This is how you must act at each given situation:

Here you fulfill your roll as an Assassin: you assassinate one of the carries. The hard part is reaching them, which is easier done by coming from the side or from behind. If there is no way but to go right through the enemy team, then you better have you Mercury's Treads (it's possible without them most of the time in my ELO). Lunge to someone, then Lunge to the Carry. If there isn't too much CC in the enemy team (which is almost like an instant win for you...) and the Carry has no chance of escaping either, you could add an AA before starting your Blade Waltz. The fun part is when they Flash over walls to escape you or use ults like Ahri's Spirit Rush, when actually your ult follows them through the wall, and also saves you from their own team, since when the ult finishes, the opposing APC and maybe the jungler would usually burst you down.

If the flash part doesn't quite happen as you'd like it to (it happens 50% of the time, if you are in paper 7), then you usually find yourself in the middle of the enemy team, squishy as ****, and you haven't Assassinated anyone yet. So just use whatever you can to finish off the Carry if he's still alive. Namely: AAs (you always do one when you land from your ult), Blade of the Ruined King's and Tiamat's actives (a LOT of damage, I advise you to put BotRK on smart cast), the second Lunge of you still have it, and even Ignite and Flash, though summoner's spells are to be used only when you are really desperate. If the ADC is both tanky like Urgot or Graves, and he used his Barrier at the time of your Blade Waltz, then you might have to use everything you've got to finish him off. Remember to do everything after the ult as fast as possible or the ADC will hit you and gain health by life steal (use Riposte).

After the Carry is dead, you either move on to the other carry, or the closest squishy target, or you run away from the team-fight, whether you plan on coming in again or go back to base. Either way, you need to anticipate when the carry is going to die, and activate your Burst of Speed before that happens, so you could get some movement speed and attack speed for free, since the cooldown on Burst of Speed refreshes immediately.

Let me prepare you to what happens many times at this point: you die. As noted in the introduction, playing Fiora is a Dangerous Game . Unlike Kha'Zix and Talon, Fiora has no escape mechanism after finishing up the assassination, since technically she is supposed to be more of a DPS fighter, and less of an Assassin. However, since your Blade Waltz together with Tiamat deals massive amounts of damage to the enemy team regardless of the assassination of the opposing carry, it is sufficient to cover your part in the team-fight after the carry is dead. If you don't die then either something is wrong with the enemy team, or your team is just very much ahead (or the Thresh in your team is a bro).

Now let's look at a situation I encounter a lot. It's easiest to explain with Taric's skill: Dazzle. Say you are entering the team-fight with a Lunge to the opposing jungler Lee Sin, and now you are only one Lunge away from the opposing ADC Ezreal. Suddenly the enemy support Taric, who's job is to defend the ADC, throws his Dazzle at you, which would probably lead to your death. As you know, this skill targets you, meaning you cannot escape it. So, your only choice is to use your Blade Waltz before Dazzle reaches you (of course, the last thing you want happening is you dying without having used your ult), which functions regularly despite having any stun/silence/whatever (even a snare if timed correctly, you can see Lux's Light Binding following your movement through your ult, for real) on you. But if you use your ult on Lee Sin or the tank right next to him on the front line, you are not going to make much difference in the team-fight, even if you have Last Whisper already, and even if you kill Lee Sin(which is usually hard). Then you must assassinate one of the carries, but without your Blade Waltz, it could prove to be extremely hard if they are not squishy and stupid.

This, my friend, is what you call a "fail". If your team now loses the team-fight, or if the tank in your team dies by the hands of the opposing ADC, then it's going to be your fault, since you've failed your roll as an Assassin. You have been completely useless in this team-fight, almost as much as the Soraka on your team. To prevent that from happening, you must get the right timing to enter the team-fight. In my ELO, Tarics don't usually wait with their Dazzles and Twisted Fates don't usually wait with their dangerous Pick A Card, so just wait for them to waste it, and stay out of Amumu's range of Curse of the Sad Mummy, and THEN enter the team-fight.

This one is much easier to play out. Just wait for Orianna to activate her Command: Shockwave or Jarvan IV to activate his Cataclysm, and if they catch 3 or more enemy champions, activate your Blade Waltz, preferably on the squishy. If it catches less then 3 champions, but a carry is among them, then by all means, go ahead and assassinate him.

If the main combo of AoE skills went correctly, then your team is probably winning by far, and all that's left for you to do is clean up, which shouldn't be too hard, since you are a DPS fighter as well. Squishy or not.

If it goes badly, then your team should fall back at some of the instances, if possible. If not possible, then your best bet is to return to your roll as an Assassin, and go for the opposing carries. Failing an AoE combo is vital and leads to a lost team-fight many times, but on the contrary, when it succeeds it deals enormous amounts of damage to the champions caught in it. So don't give up if you lose this team-fight, if next time the combo succeeds then it should be okay, even if you are far behind.

*It is needless to say that you MUST have your Tiamat.

Late Game:

As mentioned in the Items section, here you may buy Zephyr and become a full DPS Fighter, instead of an Assassin. This let you fight even after using your Blade Waltz with a very high attack speed. I'd only go for a DPS Fighter if either you're ahead, or the enemy team is too tanky for assassins to be useful, or there are too many of Fiora's counter items. Of course, you are still squishy, and you can't just jump at the enemy like Jax, but now you'll be much more useful after the assassination. There isn't anything special you should know here, just use all of your skills, Lunge if your targets try to get away, and try to evade CC.

By the way, I haven't thought of it until writing this guide, but after buying Zephyr you seem to have more than enough movement speed, enough to even sell your boots and buy another useful item. I'll try that out.

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As you've probably noticed, my guide assumes you know much of the basics, regarding both Fiora and the game itself. That's because the guide is meant to improve the way you play with Fiora, and not explain everything from scratch. I also skipped putting pictures and editing the whole layout because doing it would be a pain.

If you have any difficulty facing a certain champion in lane, tell me, and I'll write about him in the Tough Opponents chapter (which doesn't exist yet).
If you have any difficulty, or you are just curious, ganking a mid-lane champion, tell me, and I'll write about him in the Ganking Mid-Lane chapter (which doesn't exist yet either).

I hope you found this guide helpful. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

- HolyEyE