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Fiora Build Guide by Lhydia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lhydia

Fiora: The AoE Vampire.

Lhydia Last updated on August 5, 2013
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My summoner name is Lhydia and I am part of the EU West server and this is my first champion build here on Mobafire. I have been playing for some time now as Fiora and against her and have seen what she is good at and where she isn't. I first started to use her when she was part of a free week and have never looked back buying her as soon as I earned enough IP .

First of I want to say that I am not going to pretend that I am an expert at this game as I only started playing in the past months but feel that I have a solid build that I don't see being used as often as I think it should.

Build overview.
My build for Fiora focuses around her high DPS and coupling that with Life Steal to allow her to tank more than she normally would as well as the AoE damage given by the Ravenous Hydra makes her a very formidable champion to face in any lane! Please enjoy it I am sure to keep updating this as my knowledge progresses.

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Build Summery

Zeke's herald

greater mark of armor penetration



Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Champion Overview

Champion overview.

Fiora, Demacia’s most notorious duelist, earned her fame with her sharp blade and sharper tongue. She boasts the refinement of an aristocratic upbringing, and a fierce devotion to the perfection of her craft. Having surpassed her peers at home, Fiora now seeks greater foes. She will settle for nothing less than the world’s acknowledgement of her mastery.

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Pro's & Con's


+ Very high DPS.
+ High life steal .
+ Very mobile.
+ Very adaptable.
+ Very quick takedowns.
+ Powerful from start.
+ Health regen from start.
Right from the start Fiora has a very high DPS at 54.5 which if you get the Doran's Blade will increase by 10 making you a strong initial fighter for that first blood. This also helps with Fiora's passive Duelist which gives her some health regen right form the start just from killing minions. Both of these make her a reasonably strong starter however she is still quite squishy so you need to watch out. Once you start to up her attack, life steal and have a Ravenous Hydra you are in very good shape with the AoE damage combined with life steal makes her a force to be scared of.

+ Can be hard to get started.
+ If cornered very easy kill.
+ Reasonably squishy.
+ Long ult cooldown.
+ Small ult range.

Like all champions Fiora has her strengths and weaknesses and with Fiora it mainly revolves around her ult Blade Waltz which has a relatively low cast range and a high cooldown making it easy to find hard to cast and then if you do hard to get away from if they don't die. However if built well they wont be walking away from your ult. Fiora is also quite squishy throughout the whole game unless you buy into defence such as Warmog's Armor so you must be carful not to be caught out of position or push up to far and over extend yourself because that will cause you to be an easy kill which you want to avoid at all costs.

Overview of Pro's and Con's.
Although Fiora is a reasonably squishy champion she has no issue in dishing out a serious amount of damage and in turn gaining health through life steal. The only weakness that is a constant issue that you really need to watch out for is her ultimate Blade Waltz which has a small range and so casting can be risky as it puts you in a position to be attacked heavily so I would suggest saving this for a gank or where they are stunned so you can get a definite cast.

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Item In Detail

For a first item you can't go far wrong with this sword because of its increase in your attack damage it makes those first few minion kills that much easier and if you get the chance even claiming that first blood with the small but helpful additional damage.

This is one of the core items of this build with its bonus attack damage, attack speed and more importantly life steal which this build is focused around. I would suggest getting this as soon as you can because of its great passive and active ability that allow you to get that kill.

This I would count as the second core item for this build as it's passive ability grants your auto attack AoE damage which is just invaluable allowing you to quickly clear through minion waves and in combination with Blade of the Ruined King's life steal you will be healing up fast!

When you have enough for this item you will be in a very good place! With its damage and life steal combined with its passive you will be dishing out tonnes of damage that not many enemy champions will be able to withstand making you a very formidable gank or even straight up engager.

These in combination with the enchantment Enchantment: Furor allow Fiora to not only have a really nice boost in her movement speed but also with the bonus movement speed when you hit an enemy makes those chase down kills easier and means you don't need to burn any of your summoner spells to catch them.

Grabbing this sword nearer the end of the mid game early late game is a great bonus to not only your attack damage and attack speed but also your cooldowns are all reduced allowing you to use Blade Waltz and Lunge more often which is always a bonus.

As a final item you can't go far wrong with picking up this as its increase in attack damage is a great boost to keeping yourself a feared champion on the battlefield and allowing you to pick up quick kills and helping your team to victory.

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Masteries In Detail

For the masteries I chose the standard 21-9-0 that many people who use Fiora run which focuses on increasing her attack damage while also making her a little bit more of a tank early in the game. As you can see below.

Further details (Offensive).
Summoner's Wrath: I take this because I take Ghost. While the added bonus is nothing exciting the extra speed will always help.

Fury: I take this for 3% more Attack speed which combined with Burst of Speed works very nicely in taking down that last bit of health securing the kill or tower destroy.

Sorcery: I take this because of Fiora's long ultimate cooldown having that 3% reduction is always nice to make sure I can get as many off in a battle as I can.

Deadliness: I take this skill for the bonus attack damage that as Fiora you don't really need but its so nice to be able to hit really hard from the start to try and secure that first kill!

Weapon Expertise: The reason for this is when playing as Fiora its always nice to be able to take on a more tanky opponent champion and not have to worry about them having to much armor to kill. This combined with the runes makes armor far less of a worry!

Havoc: Again I chose this because I want to get as much extra starting damage as I can because I am then able to deal that little bit extra that might secure me that firstblood and the all needed minion kills.

Brute Force: I take this for the same reason as above, because of the permanent increase in damage you can just make yourself into a force to be reckoned with by any opponent.

Sunder: I take this because of the threat of opposing champions just tanking up and buying lots of health through Warmog's Armor or armor through Thornmail you wont need to worry as much when you have a standard 6% armor penetration.

Executioner : This final skill in offensive is chosen because of the increased damage to low health enemies just gives you that bonus damage to get that kill quickly as they run away so you can turn your attention to other matters. A real help in my opinion.

Further details (Defensive).
Durability: As Fiora is reasonably squishy in the early game you cant go far wrong with extra health from the get go and with 4 points in this skill getting 108 extra health is a real bonus.

Resistance: I always seemed to be getting finished off by a quick cast ranged spell which was getting to me so this skill is perfect giving you base magic resistance allowing you to be that much stronger not much I must say but just enough to help.

Hardiness: I chose this for similar reasons to why I chose Durability in that Fiora is very squishy and it is nice to know that you have some protection from the onslaught that will be heading your way no doubt.

Veteran's Scars: This final skill in defense and overall is chosen because it gives you just a straight up boost of 30 health which in my opinion is invaluable and have always gone straight for this skill as it allows any champion to be that much tougher to kill.

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Spells In Detail

What I use and suggest.

I have chosen this because not only is it a great tool for allowing that quick escape if needed but also can be used to run down an enemy to secure that last killing blow or if used in combination with the Blade of the Ruined King you can slow the enemy while massively increasing your own movement speed and in turn the tide of a battle.

I chose ignite for those enemies that have that slither of health left but you just cant catch them and you need that ranged damage to finish them off which Ignite happily provides. This has finished off many an enemy champion for me and couldn't recommend more!

Other viable spells.
This is another really popular and strong spell however I do not chose it as my go to spell because in my view it is not as good as Ghost because you can travel far greater distances with Ghost and can run through minions to make that escape which I prefer more than just a simple jump but feel free to swap out what you are comfortable using.

This spell is great for quickly getting back into the fight and allowing you to jump across the map and help out in a push or if a friend needs a hand in his land however with its long cooldown I prefer to just increase my actual movement speed and swap it out for something like Ignite or Ghost which I can use to greater effect.

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Runes In Detail


Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

For this build having the life steal right from the get go is an amazing health as Fiora is quite squishy this really helps her get past the early game and get those high cost items that really make her excel as a AD Carry.

These are also a viable replacement for the Greater Quintessence of Life Steal as these allow you to hit just that much harder and help secure those kills and help throughout the game not just a set point but throughout the whole thing.

Greater mark of armor penetration I use this rune because with the bonus armor penetration that they give in combination with all the other armor penetration added by this build you will have no worries with dealing massive amounts of damage to armored or unarmored champions. I think this is a must have for playing Fiora.

The added protection that these runes give in combination with the masteries and items allow you to not worry massively about having to go out and buy an item that gives you addition health or armor because you know you have enough protection to survive the initial poke and then unleash your own damage upon the attacker.

These are a viable alternative to the straight up magic resistance as they do offer a greater degree of protection however it is not from level 1 you have to work your way up to level 18 to receive the full power of these runes but defiantly a good choice.

These I would count as the same reason as why I have chosen to use the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because of their added protection to a somewhat squishy champion which will allow you to survive that much longer and maybe secure a kill. These are a must in my opinion.

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Example Games

Here are a few games from earlier tonight where I was using this build and have had mixed success as you do run into good players who show me I am still learning by handing my *** to me on a plate! I will update this with more as and when I get them!

Example game photos.

Spoiler: Click to view

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Thanks & Summary

First I would like to say thank you very much for reading through all of this and any feedback would be so greatly appreciated so that I can tweak and improve my build accordingly as it is my first build on here and I hope its up to the right standard.

Build summary.

Overall this build is very strong in the mid and late game with extremely high DPS and Life Steal however if you get stuck during the early game you can be put into a bad position and struggle to get going so chose your early game plays well as they impact the whole build! Overall a fully build Fiora like this is something I view as a serious threat to most champions you can throw at her.

First I would like to thank jhoijhoi for a great tutorial that taught me much of what I have learned on how to make a nice looking and functional guide. I don't think it would be anywhere as nice without her help. Link

Second I would like to thank BlackIceT for his build that started me off for my own build as it was his that I build mine off. Link

Thank you both and enjoy I will be adding more as soon as I feel knowledgeable to do so.