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Fiora Build Guide by 97BligenN

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 97BligenN

Fiora - The Grand Duelist

97BligenN Last updated on December 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 3

The guide

Table of Contents:

Introduction to the guide.

Pros & Cons
Ups and downs of fiora.
Mastery choices explained.

Rune variations explained.
Summoner Spells
Summoner spell variations explained.

Skill upgrading explained.
Itemization explanation.

Gameplay tips for all stages!
How to deal against other top laners.

The end.

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Hello there fellow summoners, my name is 97BligenN and today I'll be teaching you to play Fiora in the top lane. This guide has been made to suit your coding needs, simply go to the top and click any of the chapter names to jump right to the chapter, and above every chapter you will see a "Back to the Top" button which takes you to the table of contents when you click it.
So grab a cup of coffee and get reading!

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  • Great splitpush
  • Strong at low level engages
  • Good AOE for teamfights
  • Very good burst
  • Invulnerability with ult
  • Very squishy
  • No escapes
  • Very susceptible to cc
  • Item dependant
  • No crowd control of her own

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Full offense 22/5/3

O Double-Edged Sword - This mastery is what makes you the full offense monster, it alowes you to deal quite a bit more damage, by sacrificing some tankiness.
O Fury - This gives you 5% extra attack speed, which is by no means a lot, but it's pretty decent on such an auto-attack dependant champion.
O Brute Force & Martial Mastery - Gives you some attack damage, by no means much but it's pretty good for the early game engages, can completely turn arround a fight.
O Spell Weaving & Blade Weaving - This is a pretty decent combo, cosnidering you use a decent amount of abilities, and a ton of auto attacks when fighting.
O Executioner & Havoc - Increases your damage by 3% for the start of the fight, and for a total of 8% for when your opponent is below 50% health, which is an AMAZING amount both in early game and in late game fights.
O Warlord - Works extremely well with this playstyle, when you go full offense this mastery actualy gives you A LOT.
O Frenzy - This mastery has an amazing affect on champions like Fiora, but only after you get your Infinity Edge.
O Devastating Strikes - Free armor penetration for amazing attack damage scaling and auto-attack reliant champion? YES PLEASE!
O Block & Unyielding - Give you a little bit of defenses for the laning phase, making your early game engages even stronger.
O Recovery - Gives you some decent sustain for the laning phase.
O Fleet of Foot - Gives you a nice boost of movement speed, which can change a lot, might even make your delaying of boots not so devastating.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Main Seals:
5x Greater Seal of Armor & 4x Greater Seal of Scaling Armor - This makes up for quite a strong combo, giving you enough armor for the early game, and giving you that little bit extra for the late game!
Alternate Seals:
9x Greater Seal of Armor - The is a very good choice if you're going for the early game fights, especialy against AD champions.

Main Marks:
9x greater mark of armor penetration - This in total gives 11.52 armor penetration, so your opponent's armor seals become virtualy useless against you. Also helps quite well in the lategame stages, when trying to burst down the squishies.
Alternate Marks:
9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage - Can be used if you used and found out that your opponents have no armor runes, in which case you can take these for just a bit of extra damage.
A mix of greater mark of armor penetration & Greater Mark of Attack Damage can also be a viable option, if you want to have a little bit of everything.

Main Glyphs:
5x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist & 4x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Same way as seals, this provides you some decent magic resistance for both early and late game, best used against AP top laners, or AP junglers and you're going to be pushed up a lot.
Alternate Glyphs:
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - This is quite amazing, if you're going up against an aggresive AP top laner, such as Rumble, these will pretty much nulify most of the damage.
9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is a better choice in the scenario where you most likely won't be dealing with any magic damage until the later stages of the game when you have to fight with the enemy mid laner.

Main Quintessences:
3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - This is quite a decent choice if you intend on going for early game aggression, maybe even a kill, this also increases your ability to lasthit quite well.
Alternate Quintessences:
1x Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance - This one single quint is just a nice bonus if you feel that lady luck is on your side today, it can help a lot with the level one engages, giving you the double damage aswell as the attack speed boost from the Frenzy mastery.
3x greater quintessence of armor penetration - This can be used if you used LoLNexus and noticed that your entire enemy team has tons of armor, or when your team has a lot of heavy AD and you know the enemies will stack armor.
Any amount of Greater Quintessence of Life Steal - These can be used if you are sure you'll stay in lane a while, and want to have some nice sustain.

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Main Spells:

I usualy prefer to go with the good old combo of Ignite and Ghost, this gives you a lot of mobility, sticking potential, escaping potential aswell as giving you that extra mmmmmph in 1v1 duels with the true damage and healing reduction.

Alternate Spells:

Teleport - This is a viable summoner spell if you're realy into the whole splitpushing way, with this you can be taking down an inhibitor at top at one moment, and 2seconds later be killing a turret at bottom. So take this only if you're going to splitpush a lot.

Flash - This can be taken instead of ghost, if you think that the quick escape over a wall is more useful than a huge speed boost for 10seconds, which it actualy is if you intend on running away a lot. Take this if you don't intend on chasing as much as running away haha!

Cleanse - Isn't the best spell in all cases, but can realy help you out if your opponent team has a lot of cc and know that you're a high threat, as Fiora is easily shut down with hard cc like stuns etc.

Exhaust - This can be gotten instead of ignite, if your opponent depends on quick burst damage, etc Ryze, you should throw it right as you think the opponent will use his main damage to reduce the damage, or if you already beat him/her in damage, use it to slow them down to ensure a kill.

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This ability is Fiora's passive, which essentialy restores health to her whenever she deals physical damage, altho this passive doesn't do much in the lategame, it does wonders in the early game, it essentialy means that you can engage at level 2, and stay in lane with all this health regen gaining an even bigger lead!


This is her Q ability, basicly it alowes you to lunge at your opponent twice, dealing some physical damage and obviously closing the distance. This ability is a pretty good gap closer, so it's picked up at level 3 for engages and escapes, but not maxed because the damage isn't that sagnificant.


This is Fiora's W ability, only with the passive, you gain amazing stats for the early game. Essentialy it gives you a pretty big chunk of AD, this is why you take it at level 1 for last hitting, and the passive makes you reflect the next auto attack done on you. The bonus attack damage is quite strong, so it's maxed second.

Burst of Speed

This is our fencer's E ability, it's a huge attack speed steroid which greatly increases your damage immensly, as well as giving you bonus movement speed if you use Lunge while the attack speed boost is affective. This is Fiora's biggest source of damage aside from her ultimate, so it is maxed first.
Small tip!

Blade Waltz

This ability is Fiora's bread and butter, it makes her invulnerable for a couple of seconds, as well as dealing a lot of damage to enemy champions, this ability also applies on-hit affects and jumps between different enemy champions up to 5times.
Guess what! Tips

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Choice #1

Starting off the game:

To start off the game, you have to decide how you want to play, usualy depending on the junglers and who you're up against, if you think you will get poked a lot and won't have much kill potential even with bonus AD, go for double Rejuvenation Bead start, these both upgrade into Ravenous Hydra later so they don't go to waste, and give you some nice regen early, but if you think you can go for some early game aggresion go for a Long Sword start for the bonus attack damage, this way you dish out tons more damage and last hit minions easier.
Choice #2

Core items:

Offensive Items:
Last Whisper & The Black Cleaver - These two are here just for the armor penetration, with these items you will be penetrating most of the armor your enemies will get!
Youmuu's Ghostblade - As well as those two above, this gives armor penetration, but not enough to actualy matter, it's mainly gotten for the crit rate, and the movement speed active which helps you A LOT both when chasing and running away - so it's a core item.
The Bloodthirster - A pure damage purchanse, viable if your opponents don't get armor.
Blade of the Ruined King - Increases your 1v1'ing potential immensly, giving you amazing single target damage and a decent chasing/escaping active ability making it core so that the enemy has to send multiple people to stop your splitpush.
Ravenous Hydra - Makes your ultimate almost overpowered in teamfight and increases your splitpushing potential immensly, it's core as this way you can pretty much snowball after you get this one item.
Infinity Edge - Should be gotten only as a last item, gives some decent attack damage and the critical stats, which makes you an amazing duelist, making you able to 1v1 absolutely anything in your path!

Sell your boots!

At the late game stages it's not worth keeping your Berserker's Greaves, so you should sell it and purchanse one of the two items listed above depending on which one you like better, as both offer the mobility and the attack speed, but phantom dancer offers you more crit and alowes you to ignore unit collision, but Statikk Shiv gives you a little bit of magic damage and more pushing power.
Defensive Items:
Banshee's Veil - It's a decent choice if your enemy team has quite a bit of magic damage, and some one-time hard cc, like etc Annie's ulti or Blitzcrank's grab.
Guardian Angel - It actualy has quite a bit of offensive uses for a defensive item, it's mostly used just to dish out more damage and make you just overall a bit tankier. Altho it's best to sell it and get something else while it's on cooldown.
Warmog's Armor - A very cocky item, can be used if you're sure you got enough defenses, but need just a bit more health to survive the entire enemy burst. Most likely not worth purchasing unless you have scaling defense runes.
Randuin's Omen - Can be gotten if your enemy team has quite a bit of heavy attack damage, will help you out a lot in 1v1 fights and in teamfights because of it's active.
Maw of Malmortius - A defensive item, which is gotten only for offense, usualy to be purchased when your enemy has a strong AP champion like LeBlanc or Fizz.
Frozen Mallet - I call it a defensive item, as you usualy get it when you need extra health, but don't want to lose out on any offense, this will help you get tankier, as well as dish out a bit more damage and let you stick to targets easier.

Full Build:
Now that we have discussed every item choice, let's get to making a full build, my personal favourite build can be found up above, the first row, but you can experiment with different item choices (not necesserily listed here) and find what works best for you, and ofcourse you should always build acordingly to what your opponents have, if they have a malphite stacking armor - get all 3 armor penetration items for all I care! All I can do is suggest things, but don't forget - you make the decisions and do what you want :)

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Early game:
Fiora has an extremely powerful early game if you play it right, she has a ton of attack damage with Riposte passive, but ofcourse she can't beat everyone, so don't play too aggresive. If you're positive you can defeat your opponent in an early 1v1, go for it, and push out the lane as fast as you can after that, then recall buy items and push some more to expand your lead to the max! If you think you can't beat your opponent, try to make the wave push towards you, and cs under tower, it'll be easy with all that attack damage! Early game combo:
So if you're actualy going in, here's the best combo you can do: Lunge, Riposte, auto attack, Burst of Speed, auto attack, Lunge. This way you close the distance, block the first auto attack, deal some damage, get the attack speed bonus and get the movement speed bonus from Lunge, with a couple more auto attacks after the enemy should be done.

Mid game:

Mid game combo:
So your mid game fight combo should start off the same way as the early game combo, because there's nothing else you can do! Obviously you should use Ravenous Hydra active the first moment you can if your opponent is near. If the fight is getting close or you're losing it, use your ultimate when you're at arround 10-15% health, this way you get your cooldowns back up and gain a damage advantage.
When for most champions mid game is arround a certain level because of some ability, for Fiora mid game starts once your purchase Ravenous Hydra which makes her a complete beast, you can start splitpushing, and become a beast in teamfights. Usualy tho you should stick to splitpushing, as you take down minion waves and towers very easily with Burst of Speed. At first your enemies will send one guy to try 'n stop you, but soon they'll notice that it's only getting you more fed, as one person isn't a match for you. So to see how to deal with multiple people read the combo on the left side... Obviously you should focus your single target abilities on the squishier target.

In teamfights, Fiora's job is to take down the enemy squishy target, or deal as much aoe damage as possible. The best case scenario is obviously both, here's how you do it: as the fight start, hang back and don't rush in, remember that you're squishy. Once the hard cc from the enemy team is blown, jump onto the enemy adc or apc, whichever one is squishiest, or honestly even a support will do! You jump on that champion with Lunge, and save the second part of it for after the target flashes away or uses some other escape, then use your full kit except ultimate to kill him. After that try to get on more squishy targets, and as soon as you get low or see the entire enemy team getting close to eachother, use your ultimate for massive AOE damage! Be careful tho, as many people will build Thornmail against you lategame, so keep track of your opponents' purchases.

Bonus Helper

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Jarvan IV








I know that these aren't all of the matchups... But I don't want to post information that I am not sure of, if you have tested a specific matchup quite a few times, or see that some of my information is incorrect, please pm me and I'll add it to the guide. ^^

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Anyway the guide has come to an end, if you notice any links not working or have any ideas how I could make the guide better, feel free to PM me or comment. And as always, have a nice day ^^

Change Log:
2013.12.25 - Published the Guide

Special thanks to Natuhlee for making the amazing chapter icons, the banner and signature :)