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Fiora General Guide by DarkLordArbitur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkLordArbitur

Fiora, the monster duelist (FIORA JUNGLE GUIDE)

DarkLordArbitur Last updated on June 17, 2015
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Hello, and welcome to my Fiora jungle build for Season 5! I main the jungle, and my best games all seem to come from dominating the jungle before coming out and rearranging peoples' faces. I tend to be able to make most champions jungle-worthy, with the exception of most mid lane champions, such as Brand or Ziggs, mostly due to their inability to sustain. So, without further ado, here is my Fiora Jungle build!

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Pros / Cons

-Diving Power
-Potential to be either burst or sustained fighter
-Scales well into late game
-Early game nightmare when ganking

-No innate CC, items need to be purchased to provide slows
-No innate escape, again, must purchase items to provide this
-Not a meta jungle pick, if you screw it up, you will be blamed for choosing badly
-Needs a good leash to survive the first jungle run until she has the 450 gold for first machete upgrade

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Many people throw defensive runes into their builds, and while it's understandable why, sometimes an offensive page is just better for the champion you are using. Fiora, as a bursty on-hit snowball champion, benefits from lifesteal and attack speed, since early on she won't be doing much 1v1 and later on defense won't be needed.

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This set of masteries is useful for application of the massive damage that will be built on Fiora, while the 5 defensive points are used for survival early on in the jungle.

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Hunter's Machete Health Potionx2 Warding Totem
As a champion that relies heavily on basic attacks, Fiora works well with items that provide things on hit.
Stalker's Blade - Devourer
This item will dramatically increase on hit damage early on, as not only will it increase total damage, it increases damage as you farm and as you get kills. If you do well, this item will account for approximately 1/5 of your total damage, and with chilling smite, you actually have both a form of CC and an escape. Poacher's Knife - Devourer is better instead if the enemy team has no jungler, as it will increase total farm by 60 per run if you clear one side of the jungle and smite all 3 enemy camps.
Ravenous Hydra
This is a core item on Fiora, and should immediately be rushed after your jungle item. It has massive damage, provides AoE damage, lifesteal, has a nice active, and provides a little extra sustain out of combat.
The Bloodthirster
This item synergizes well with the hydra, and comes with a shield. Very useful on Fiora.
Essence Reaver
More lifesteal, more damage, and an ability unique to it, which increases mana regained per hit. Blue buff is much easier to go without, and sustain in fights is now much better, since running out of mana simply doesn't happen.
Infinity Edge
Another massive damage item, and a little crit rate never hurt you, plus it makes those crits more valuable by increasing the damage they deal.
Blade of the Ruined King
Another lifesteal item, and this one increases attack speed. It also comes with a nice active that gives you a bit of crowd control and allows you to catch enemies.
Trinity Force
While it doesn't increase sustained damage by much, this item creates massive burst, since 2 of your abilities allow you to continue attacking while you use it, one of them is a gapcloser, and the last one applies on hit effects. Added bonus: It increases the damage riposte does by 30.
Statikk Shiv
Not a favorite of mine on Fiora, but still a pretty good item for the attack speed, crit rate, move speed and the passive lightning (which can crit).
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Good for when the enemy team can kite you, as it practically gives you a second Burst of Speed which doesn't rely on actually hitting the enemy to gain movement speed, which means it can also be used to escape.
Phantom Dancer
This item is definitely not my favorite on Fiora. Yes, it increases attack speed, crit rate, and movement speed, but the ability to run through units is only really useful early game, and even then, only when you don't have Lunge ready to just jump through minions to grab a kill. Not really worth it unless you really need to increase the magic damage rate from Enchantment: Devourer.
Mercurial Scimitar
If the enemy team has high CC, this item can save your life, and comes with its' own massive damage and some magic resist. The active effect cleanses you of all debuffs, and grants 50% move speed, so getting out of there is actually feasable.
Maw of Malmortius
If your team is facing a heavy burst AP champion like Katarina then this item is for you. Not only does it give magic resist, but it increases AD based on how low your health is. Extremely useful when the burst ends and you still have some health left to do that massive damage required to finish the job, and regain the health lost with the lifesteal you have.

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An obvious pick for junglers. without this spell, you cannot buy a Hunter's Machete, and therefore cannot jungle effectively.
Good for stealing objectives, jumping over walls, closing in, escaping...doing jungler stuff.
Nice alternative to flash with its lower cooldown and further distance traveled, but no jumping walls and still vulnerable to CC while using it.
If you don't feel confident early game, or find yourself getting executed while learning how to take Fiora into the jungle, take this. It's not as good for speed boosts as flash or ghost, but it provides sustain early on, and is perfect for jungle fighting if you are new to the jungle.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start with the Krugs, and immediately smite the large one. Kill the small one first, as it causes more damage, then move on to the big one. Use Riposte, and time it so it doesn't go off with the stun.
Move on to red. Kill the little guys first, and then take out the big guy. remember to use burst of speed and Riposte and time it to go between stuns, and you should finish him with about 200 HP.
The raptors are easy. Kill all the little ones with a burst of speed, and use riposte to keep the big one from doing too much damage. By then, the big one should be a simple matter. Smite it, and finish it off, and back for the Stalker's Blade and a refill on health.
Move on to the other side of the jungle, and clear out the camps in any order you wish. I generally do gromp (smite it for buff), blue, wolves (smite for vision).
After that, just keep clearing the jungle as camps respawn, and if you are good at timing riposte, you can take dragon by yourself as soon as you build your Vampiric Scepter.

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Fiora is a snowball champion whose potential is astounding in the jungle. When given the opportunity, her ability to get behind the enemy line and slash them to ribbons is unmatched, and when combined with her ability to close and AD scaling, she is nearly unstoppable.


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