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Quinn General Guide by muggy8

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

First game as Quinn tips + in depth guide

muggy8 Last updated on April 26, 2014
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Quinn for the first time

If this is your first time loading into the game as Quinn and you want a quick guide for how to play Quinn this section is for you. If not skip this section.

Starting item:
post core:
defensive items: buy when you need to

Skill priority:
tag teamR > Q > E > W

If you're reading this line of text then you should probably check back at the loading screen and make sure your game hasn't started already. shoo shoo be off with you.

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Why Quinn

The main reason you would want to play Quinn over any other ADC is most probably because she is very very versatile. She can fit a huge array of different roles and do a bunch of different things but on the flip side, because she's a jack of all trades, she's a master of none, kind of like the "ADC" version of Lee Sin except not as strong. The main thing about Quinn as compared to someone like Lee is that she doesn't have the bulk to back up her ability to do basically everything.

- fun (this should be your main reason to play quinn and your main reason to play this game in general)
- can do a bunch of everything
- flexible
- lane bully
- blind
- strong duel potential
- queen of chase
- strong early game
- not mana hungry
- decent ganks

- poor attack range
- somewhat poor attack animation
- fragile (doesn't complement having short range)
- passive is/feels random
- falls off late game
- longish cast animation

Quinn can be played as not just an bot lane carry. In fact, she performs the best as a jungler than a bot lane carry since it's much safer in the jungle and if you do happen to get counter jungled, you can probably out duel anyone who would be silly enough to come into your jungle and challenge you thanks to how OP your passive is at early levels. But because people don't play with Quinn often and they don't really know this and will often assume that she should be played as a carry, the way Riot Games decided to design towards which she doesn't actually do that hot as. None the less both lane carry Quinn is actually not that bad and is probably why you're looking at this guide for anyways. She can also be played to much the same way that teemo is played in the top lane, very annoying except without the mushrooms.

For the remainder of his guide, I will assume that you know a good understanding about league and know how to ward and how to do all that good stuff.

Guide Top

Where to go

Quinn can go in any lane/jungle and can can be played to a vastly different effect depending on how she's doing compared to her opponent. However one items is key to Quinn in all of the different builds and that is Blade of the Ruined King. often times when you buy this item, you want to burst down your target more than you want sustained damage. because Quinn has a decent amount of front load damage, this item is perfect for that adding to your front load burst damage.

As an bot lane carry, you often want to follow up this with The Black Cleaver since it's able to add much more to your sustain damage but also reduce the armor of the tanks who are stacking armor against you. Because you are quite fragile and with short range and no crazy assassin maneuvers like Vayne's Tumble, you cant stand in the fight and out maneuver your opponent nor can you sand at the edge and shoot them from afar because of your poor range. You often would have to build at least some bulk to remain alive to offset this.

As a jungler, I would still recommend that blade of the ruin king remain but if you're good at farming jungle i guess the new Feral Flare is sufficient and you can start focusing on bulky builds.

As a top lane, Blade of the Ruined King is still your best friend. but instead of going for something like The Black Cleaver after try something like Frozen Mallet for the best kiting potential and tons of slow shenanigans and suitability.

Now depending on what your team needs you can easily go into any lane and expect do perform somewhat decently well. often times you want to take advantage of having a blind and champions seek out the champions that have trouble when blinded. this also means that if you have a teemo on your team, you have the potential of perma blind if coordinated well. champions like Vayne, Tristana, Ashe, trundle, and mundo for example are champions who doesn't like playing against quinn. One advantage of having Quinn is because of her flexibility, she can easily rebuild into anything else when the situation calls for. this allows your team to run some strange things such as jungle carry without fearing that your team is missing the bulk it needs because you can build to be a bulky front liner if you need to.

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Runes, Masteries and summoner spells

you need CDR. The more you can vault and blind the better off you are. other than that any other standard runes and mysteries will do. that's why I have a bunch of CDR in my rune setup. However you can if you so incline, get the standard rune setup, you'll just be losing out on about 15% CDR during the mid game and that can be a big difference between vaulting to safety and dead because there's 1 more second on vault.

Summoners aren't really anything special. take whatever you want (or your team wants) and since we all know that flash is a must, the other can be anything. heal, barrier, exhaust, ignite teleport or smite are all viable depending on where you're going and what your play style is. because Quinn is so flexible, almost any other summoner spell is viable on Quinn for one situation or another (except clarity since you're not mana hungry and revive because that spell is bad on SR with few exceptions). yes even clairvoyance is viable but very very situational and is best kept for dominion which isn't something i'm quite familiar with.

Guide Top

The stuff you should be reading but probably not reading because reading is

This is the part of build and guide where I tell you how I play Quinn and I'm assuming that not many people are actually reading this part of the guide but if you are, you're probably seriously looking at Quinn and if you are, you should read everything hence there's alot under this section. This isn't really something that you read and suddenly understand Quinn inside out, it's something that you read to help you master Quinn after you've given her a good spin or two and are ready to settle down and actually learn and master her. In a way this guide is less of a guide on how to play but more of a tips and tricks so you are able to learn and master her play-style easier and understand why I've made the choices that I have and hopefully you are able to enjoy playing Quinn as much as I do.


Currently there's 2 somewhat common build for Quinn that I often see for bot lane Quinn and top lane Quinn is unheard of at least in my experience. The first common build for bot lane is Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster followed by either Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv and then round out with Last Whisper and Guardian Angel or something of the sort. this is the standard i will sit there and shoot something build.

The other common build i see is the triforce build where you run Trinity Force followed by Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster and then either Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv. This build focuses on harrier damage where you vault off some unlucky person and insta gib them with a harrier proc followed by a few auto attacks. this build you would often want to max Vault E over Blinding Assault Q to get maximum damage out of your passive early to mid game and so that you can vault more.

The other somewhat common build is the top lane Quinn where you build something like Trinity Force followed by Frozen Mallet and then from there on resist items like Sunfire Cape or Frozen Heart etc with Blade of the Ruined King as a luxury item rather than an essential item

I personally dont really agree with any of these builds since first, you if you build like a glass cannon, anyone with a cap closer can and will come into your face and blow you up and you can do absolutely nothing about it. maybe you can flash or vault if you still have vault. this is especially true for the second build where you are often using vault offensively rather than defensively. for the common top lane build, I actually have nothing really against it, it's actually a really good I just personally like Blade of the Ruined King much better since it offers you assassination potential. all this is of course because I want to keep as much of Quinn's positive and flexibility as possible and locking myself into a particular play-style hampers her ability to adapt. to deal with this I have put much more emphasis on Blade of the Ruined King than other items.

As an item it fixes much of Quinn's problems as the item scales decently into late game and helps alot with outputting front load damage and provides escape potential and offers more chase potential. additionally, Quinn's Blinding Assault has quite slow of a cast animation so if you have too much attack speed, you'd have to choose between attacking and casting spells because the time it takes you to blind someone is enough time to complete 1 and a half auto attacks which is a problem many late game caitlynn has to deal with but as cait, you have crazy base range so it's not much of a problem, but as Quinn, you rely on your blind this is much more of a problem. that's why between your boots and blade, you will rarely find me building more attack speed nor will you find me investing into it much in my runes and mysteries.

The play-style

With all this talk about playstyle and so on, we finally get to the topic. what is my play-style. to put it simply, to adapt. depending on what your lane partner and what your opponent and what your team does, you can change accordingly. for example you have a very aggressive lane partner, you can then press on your advantage and aim to blind your opponent's carry and engage since a well executed Vault-> Blinding Assault->auto attack combo can let you get off mostly free damage. and when engaging you can going all in or in team fights you can perform Vault-> Blinding Assault->auto attack-> Blade of the Ruined King combo to instantly dish out surprisingly large amounts of damage. because of the CDR setup, you should have 32-35% CDR for the more important times of the game. this ensures that you can vault and blind often so you can better adapt to the situation at hand.

spell reals

there are many different spell reals that you can use at many different times. i'll try to explain them from simpler ones to more complicated ones

Blinding Assault -> auto attack
this is pretty simple. blind and harass and walk away. this is your bread and butter maneuver. this can occur in many many scenarios. your on the offensive? get some damage off to show tell your opponent that you are in control. on the back foot? do this to trade and slowly try to regain your footing. even lane? do this and hopefully it can swing the lane in your favor. this is much easier to execute against a meelee opponent in the top lane and often you will end up just doing this to minions which is totally fine.

Blinding Assault -> auto attack -> Vault->auto attack
this is more of a defensive maneuver where when you get engaged on and you want to get out. however it can also be used offensively when you see an opening. commonly, you'll blind and auto attack and realize that you opponent has no intention of harassing back then you can further punish them by following up with a Vault and auto attack to put the lane in your favor. of course you can use this combo to escape ganks such as jungle yi comes in and alpha strikes you, blind him and vault away to relative safety.

Vault -> auto attack -> optional ( Blinding Assault -> auto attack)
This is also a very common maneuver but often used offensively than defensively. when your lane opponent is behind a line of minions, you can vault them and attack them and immediately back off or sometimes you can get yourself to a decent position to land a blind. when that happens you can really nail home the damage. this is also what you want to do in team fights since you'll surely get dived on leading to the next combo

Vault -> Blinding Assault -> auto attack -> Blade of the Ruined King -> auto attack
this is a much more complicated combo but it's the one that you should get very familiar with since it's your most reliable spell real in team fights. often times you'll get dived on and this combo will reliably put you somewhere safe to deal with whoever it is that's trying to dive you. that being said, be careful that you dont vault yourself into the middle of the enemy team.

tag team -> Vault -> Blinding Assault -> Blade of the Ruined King -> auto attack -> Skystrike -> auto attack

this is the assassination combo. often times when you respawned, chances are whoever is in your base is low. this spell real will almost for sure pick off something such as priority targets like opposing carries. it's actually a very fast combo that can be done in under 2 seconds. and with valor form's crazy speed, it often comes as a surprise. additional if your target is an opposing carry, they'd be blind with no chance of retaliation meaning you can freely end them just be careful of the enemy taem that's around them. the beauty of this is that you dont have to end with Skystrike since you can stay in valor form and keep chasing down other fleeing targtes.

Vault -> Flash -> tag team
I call this the Nope combo. get myself out and fly away. of course you can also use this offensively by vaulting off a minion and go strait into valor form to hunt down fleeing foes.

These are just a few of the small combos that I can think of off the top of my head at the time of the writing. there are a huge amount of things that you can do with Quinn and these are just barely scratching the surface of how to Quinn

Heightened senses

You are probably under the impression that her W is a bad skill (which is why you level it last) and you'd be mostly right except for the fact that her W can also turn the tides of the fights and should be conserved. It is a mistake to use it whenever you feel like there's a gank coming. in fact that's not how you should be using it. wards exist and they are much better at spotting ganks than your W. however there are times where this skill is amazing. one such example is if you dont have a ward and you need to check dragon/baron pit. this skill is good for those situations or checking enemy buffs. additionally you can reveal camps and hop over a wall with vault (at the right angle) to create short cuts.

one key use of your reveal is when fighting in the jungle and works similarly to clairvoyance back in season 1 to prevent jukes, brush get aways and allow you to find a target to vault too. it's especially important when you are attempting dragon or baron and the reveal will show you much more wards when standing at the right spot. another use is for when you want to go place a ward in a dangerous spot such as enemy camp, you can reveal to make sure that there isn't someone already there so you can safely place the ward. because of this, team fights in the jungle is something where you are able to make huge difference because of the reveal.

You can activate your W any time in any of the spell combo listed in the previous section to make sure that people dont dodge out of your spell real by slipping into a bush.

Itme build

This is a section that I will go over why I choose the items that I do. First off is the most important item Blade of the Ruined King this item is the item that I think is essential to a successful Quinn. first off between Blade of the Ruined King and Berserker's Greaves, you wont need more attack speed because if you have any more attack speed you'll have to be stuck between choosing to attack or to cast spells and at the speed of only these two items, you'll have exactly enough time in between attacks to cast a Blinding Assault.

With your attack speed covered, you can focus on damage. But since you're running blade you'll inevitably run into times where you will people are stacking armor and without crits, you really dont have any reliable method of getting over said armor. so to assist with this, the item The Black Cleaver added. it solves the problem of armor stackers and importantly, it added much needed surviviblity to yourself. you might think that 250 HP isn't alot but it often times will come down to the difference between you living with 50 health and you dieing and your opponent living with 50 health. That's why this items is so key. additionally it provides 10% CDR which means more spell casts. all around it's one of the perfect items that you should have on quinn.

from this point on if you have gathered both Blade of the Ruined King and The Black Cleaver, your next order of perchance should be focused on the situation at hand. Last Whisper is a great item if your opponent is somehow stacking insane amounts of armor, another good option is infinity edge since it's one of the best late game items. trinity force is also a good item since you can make use of every single stat it offers except for the 30 AP. This is where Quinn's flexibility truly shines since if you want to adopt either of the popular play styles patterns, you can. and to do that all you need is 1 item. not only that, you can build somewhat defensive with items like Frozen Mallet to be like top lane Quinn, Mercurial Scimitar can be a great offensive defensive item and items such as Maw of Malmortius.

One thing that you should know is that in exchange for the flexibly, Quinn has one of the hardest fall offs in any ADCs in the game. this is because she has very little team utility unlike sivir, has poor range and runs the risk of getting jumped on all the time and is often forced to build defensive stats or die quickly in fights. all this adds up to the fact that she isn't a very big force to be felt in late game team fights but her flexibility allows her to be able to mitigate this by putting her own items and situation into a place that allows her to fit perfectly into situations that that specific game calls for. maybe your team is covering you decently well and you can opt for more damage, Infinity Edge isn't a bad buy at this time. maybe your team isn't covering you as well maybe more health is needed, a Banshee's Veil seems like a good investment, maybe your team has another hyper carry like Tryndamere or a Kha'Zix and just needs someone to support him or her such as distracting the enemy back line. Frozen Mallet is perfect for this situation. maybe your doing pretty hot but the opposing Rammus with 400 armor is always on your case, a Last Whisper is perfect for this situation. what ever the case, you can itemize yourself to to make the best of the situation. tired of getting suppressed by Warwick? dont worry there's always Mercurial Scimitar.

The biggest downfall of most players is to follow the exact same cookie cutter build every game and Quinn is the perfect champion to use to break out of that habit because if you don't adapt, you're missing out on Quinn's biggest strength. Not only that, it's a great place to get to know some of the AD items if you are not familiar with the AD side of items that the game can offer. Hopefully you can see the bright side of Quinn and best of luck on the fields of justice.


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