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Nami Build Guide by buttercup

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League of Legends Build Guide Author buttercup

First Nami guide (Abandoned)

buttercup Last updated on June 12, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 21

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Temporary Unarchive Notice: A Replacement in Progress

Temporarily unarchived and scratched out some information I no longer support.

The guide will be re-archived at June 15, 2014 and will be replaced with the new guide I've been working on.

Thank you very much :)

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My name is Buttercup, and this is my first guide, about Nami. My main role is support, and after playing her extensively for the past year, I find her to be the one champion that has everything a support ever needs.

I know. I also scrolled through a lot of guides without reading too.

To prevent this, I have made short, yet informative points, and spoilered what seems to be optional. If you are a beginner though, read everything.

Otherwise, make sure you read the following,
to have an understanding of how Nami works:
  • (The rest of this introduction, including spoilers, if you're visiting first time)
  • Pros/Cons.
  • General Strategies while Laning.
  • Optimal Positioning for Teamfights.

Nami is a ranged utility-based support, that has a relatively high skill cap, compared to other supports. Her skillshots take a while to master, but her healing, speed buffs, and crowd control ablities brings everything needed to seize the upper-hand of the laning phase and teamfights from a safe distance.



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Pros / Cons


+ Long Ranged (Esp. Ult)

+ 2 Hard CC + Good Heal

+ Can be Passive or Aggressive

+ Works well with most adcs

- CC= Unreliable

- Can run out of mana. Fast.

- High learning curve

- Squishy, needs positioning

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Best spell for you to re-position with ease. Act quickly if you get caught in a gank: flash backwards before using R to disengage. This helps save both yourself and teammates.

Exhaust: Disable the enemy carry when your team ganks/get ganked. In teamfights, don't throw exhaust immediately on the first person you see, instead, reach out for the DPS.

Ignite: Disable heals. This completely shut downs healers in laning phase, and strong late game champions like Jax, Aatrox, and most AD carries so always consider this option.

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Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

AD-based alternative

~Armor Seals FTW~

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I run 0/9/21 Masteries,which is the best possible (at least for me) mastery choice for support Nami. Even though it's usually personal preference within the utility tree, I have recommended some of what I think are must-haves below.

Mastery Details: Defense

Mastery Details: Utility

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Alternative by Maxing E
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Surging Tides (Passive)

Aqua Prison (Q)

Ebb and Flow (W)

Tidecaller's Blessing (E)

Tidal Wave (R)

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Core Items

Once you get Frostfang, the tribute passive will proc on abilities as well as AAs. I chose Frostfang over Nomad's Medallion because of the 10 AP start from Spellthief's Edge. This will give you about 45 ap in early game, which will help your healing for the adc. But always consider Nomad's Medallion to run more of a passive playstyle, and consistent gold income, or if you want to build Talisman of Ascension (Previously Shurelya's Reverie).

Grail basically solves Nami's mana and cdr problems, as well as the assist refresh keeps Nami stay in the upper-hand of the battle.

Sightstone is okay, ruby lets you stay in battle longer.

Nami cannot be The Tenacious Tidecaller without this item. Staying in the back of the battle meaning that only the long mage carries reach you, thus the MR from Mercury's Treads and Athene's Unholy Grail. Tenacity interrupts every caster's combos. A very important item.

Alternate Core Items

Other items

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Nami can lane well with most carries. Better choices are: Caitlyn, Jinx and Varus, since they have spells that will help your bubble or wave to land. As for Tristana and Ezreal, you have to worry less about their safety (but always watch out when their spells are down!)

After closing into a hundred games, Caitlyn is the best choice for Nami. Nami can simply cast Tidecaller's Blessing in lane due to Cait's epic range for efficient harass. You can always bubble those who get caught in Yordle Snap Trap. She also has her net for escape. All in all, Cait FTW <3

Lane Counters

Counters do not mean Nami automatically loses the lane. However, the following champions have a distinct advantage over Nami, so it's necessary to be careful.






General Strategies while Laning

Basic Tip: This is basically rock, paper and scissors, in which league of legends would be sustain, poke, and kill lane. Nami can switch between all 3, so simply rotate in this order.
  • Sustain Lane over Poke Lanes (Lulu and Janna)
  • Kill Lane over Sustain Lanes (Soraka and Sona)
  • Poke Lane over Kill Lanes (Blitz and Annie)

Safe Zone

Neutral Zone

Danger Zone

Other tips

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Optimal Positioning for Teamfights

Basic Tip: You should always be positioned at the back of the team. Unlike Sona, you do not need to waste flash or be in that short range to cast your ultimate, which makes your positioning at the back the best bet. Your main job is to keep the whole team alive and health-y before going all out offense.
  • Protect and peel for your highest priority ally.
    →Highest priority ally is usually the adc, but if he/she isn't doing well, it's better to save someone who is actually carrying the game.
  • Never stop healing.
    →Use it on your high priority carries, then tanks and yourself.
  • Use summoner spells wisely.
    →Igniting an out-of-control lifesteal champion or exhausting the enemy AD or AP carry (if you are in range) is key to winning the fight.

Other Tips

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Controlling Vision: Trinkets


Basic Tip: Trinkets are new vision items in S4, and is only available on a specifically added 7th slot. There are 3 trinkets which also works just like rock, paper and scissors, so try your best to always stay on the winning end!
  • Vision Totem over Scrying Orb (This lasts much longer.)
  • Sweeping Lens over Vision Totem (Self Explanatory. This secures objectives in the mid-late game.)
  • Scrying Orb over Sweeping Lens. (Not an exception, you should still ward!)

Warding Totem: Best Choice to pick up at Spawn

Sweeping Lens: Best mid game item

Scrying Orb (Not really recommended)

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Controlling Vision: Bot Lane Warding

Fortunately, as per season-4, there are no more ridiculous vision wars c: Glad that change happened. Although I'm sad about the ward limit because low elo people still think it's always the support's job to ward... lol. Below are the screenshots of where you should be warding early game.

Bot Lane: Warding The Enemy Brush vs. Yours

(I did these in a custom: this does not represent a real game scenario, so please read everything if you're not familiar.)

Tip:To decide which brush to ward, wait for the first wave to push either to your side or the other side. Depending on how each adc likes to push foward or back, ward accordingly. E.g. If they're pushing towards you, warding the enemy brush is useless, because they will now camp on your side of the brush.

Bot Lane: Tribrush and River

The first possible place to ward is the tri-brush, especially if you are on blue side to check the jungler's movements.

The river brush is usually necessary for both sides. If you need to cover both routes, ward in the place near the pit inside the river. You will not see inside the brush, but you will know, and you will ping the adc to back off, because you're a good support who checks the map every 10 seconds. c:

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If you have suggestions write it in the comments section. I always re-run it through the game and reconsider them. :)

If this guide helped you, make sure you upvote. Every +Upvote counts!

Special thanks to:

Beautiful Guide template! <3
This layout basically has jhoi written all over it :3

Original Lane Zoning Section written by Jamesspongebob.
I have permission to share this knowledge to you, so please don't flood the comments. :)