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Fizz Build Guide by TheFibix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFibix

Fizz: A guide to fishing kills!

TheFibix Last updated on May 24, 2013
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Hi, Im TheFibix

Im doing a guide on

Because i think he is a very fun champion to play and i hope this guide will help you!

Please note this
This is my first guide, so comment if you have any opinions about it

English is not my native language

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Pros / Cons

+ A unique champion compared to the other AP casters
+ Extremly high mobility with his Urchin Strike and Playful / Trickster
+ Very VERY fun if you put time into him
+ If well fed, can burst ANYONE down.
+ Inbuilt escape mechanisms
+ Works as an AD bruiser aswell

- High CDs at early levels
- is relatively weak early
- If silenced/stunned in a teamfight, gets bursted down fast
- Reliant on hitting Chum the Waters if he wants a sure kill

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Matchups (AP)

Hard counters


Low cooldowns at all levels + he is ranged, and that he can deal quite abit of damage without an a ****load of items


Can poke you fairly easy, since fizz deals most of his damage by his abilites, his ult means your fatality


This will be a pain, whenever you go in for minions, he will just use his E-Q combo.


AP tristana is a pain, her E scales with AP, and it is painfull when she jumps and deals 500 dmg if she builds alot of AP, Her ultimate aswell

ALL of these will require your jungler to do an early gank between 2-5

Easy matchups


Dodge her snare and she is done, also she lacks the burst that fizz has


Farming here is pretty easy, just Playful / Trickster whenever she uses Bouncing Blades or Death Lotus

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Matchups (AD)

I have not played that much AD bruiser fizz, but these are those mathchups i have had

Should not be too much of a problem, when she stuns you, just Playful / Trickster and bait out her shield, then combo her with R-W-Q-EE-AA, and beware of her ultimate, thats it

Just dont fight him near a brush, end of discussion

7/10 difficulty
This is a skill matchups, in early game he has alot of harass and not as mana hungry and can spam his abilities without worrying too much. but he has no escapes, or any high mobility, once he hooks you, just use Playful / Trickster and then use your R-W-Q-EE-AA and he is almost surely dead

Just **** him, he can kite you and poke you whenever he goes in for farm, and he has super low cooldowns and a movement speed steroid. just ban the little devil for a champion



He is an extreme lane bully, but a little bit high cooldowns at low levels, but avoid to fight him when he is in the danger zone, and if he happens to overheat, then you can combo him with your almighty R-W-Q-EE-AA combo and say goodbye to his scrunkyard style

Just dont fight him at full fury, and bait out his ultimate and just stay on him when he is low at fury

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Game time

Early game

Here you should mainly farm and only go in and poke if the enemy does so.
If you come across a sure kill, go for it. if you get fed, you are the enemys nightmare

Remember to ward your sides since that will save you from ganks if you are overextending
Try to get blue buff at around the 7 minute mark for the increased mana regen it brings and its cooldown reduction

Mid game

You can start to roam a little now. If bot needs a gank, go there, and recieve a free kill or assist
Top aswell, get as fed as possible would be great

Late game

Now since you all will go in group, try to force a teamfight and dont go in before there has been an initiation from a teammate. and slaughter anyone in your way

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Items (AP)

Boots of Speed and x3 Health Potion is great because it adds some mobility in the early game. and also gives you sustain incase your opponent is poking you hard

Try to rush a Sheen and Sorcerer's Shoes

Lich Bane benefits fizz incredibly if he has alot of AP in the lategame, since the passive is after casting an ability your next AA gets buffed based on your AP

Rabadon's Deathcap works well with your Lich Bane since its passives damage increases by the more AP you have

Pick one of these

Void Staff if they are stacking magic resist
Rylai's Crystal Scepter if you want a slowing effect on your abilities and some health
Rod of Ages if you are having mana problems and you want some durability

These 2 items are recommended

Zhonya's Hourglass Alot of AP + Armor, what could go wrong with this one?
Deathfire Grasp AP + an active that deals alot of damage early - mid game

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Items (AD)

Boots of Speed and x3 Health Potion is the same as the AP build, great start for almost any laner

Mercury's Treads Ninja Tabi Ionian Boots of Lucidity are all good picks, i prefer the mercury's treads though.

Trinity Force is almost a standard pick for any bruiser, it gives a little bit of everything and goes well with the build overall

Warmog's Armor is a really good item, and stacking health is so strong now in season 3

Atma's Impaler Has great synergy with your warmogs, since it takes a percentage of your maximum health and converts it to AD

Frozen Heart or Maw of Malmortius is a pick depending on your situation.
if there is alot of AD, take frozen heart, if there is alot of AP take MoM

Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil or Randuin's Omen are picks depending on what you want, take what you feel like works

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Leave me some feedback

Comment on what you thought about this guide

I will update this guide regularly as things come up