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Fizz Build Guide by Jawarisin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jawarisin

Fizz, a pain in the ***

Jawarisin Last updated on September 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there!
Since you are reading this, I'm assuming you are actually interested in what I'm going to say, and you aren't only looking up the items for a quick try at fizz. I will try to view up on every item, and the possible alternatives, explaining every one of them. I will also go over the skills, just to point out some stuff you might of not noticed or, simply reviewing what you already know. In no way do I claim to have the best or only way-to-go build, but I do think that this way of building fizz is worth something.

*The missing item in the build will be discussed later on, it is a voluntary omission.
*Comment to vote if you plan on voting down please, I do like to know what I could improve.

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Pros / Cons

1-No unit collision.(we will discuss this further ahead)
2-Free ignite.
3-Free flash.
4-Untargettableness.(yes i do know it doesn't exist)
5-Awesome gap closerS.
6-The escape of the century!
7-Has the "Something's fishy!" taunt.
8-Viable jungle!
9-Mixed damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SPACE 1-Squishy
2-Crowd control magnet
3-Skillshot ultimate
4-Rely on his ultimate alot
5-Not easy to master

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The reason behind this is simple, it will help you pierce through low level and MAYBE high level ad-carry MR. While it may not look like much, 1-4% more damage is better then 3-5 extra damage. Theese help ALOT with early game, allowing you to try to rack up the kill early up. It also enables you to do a WAY higher damage output on minions due to their already low MR. (good for farming)

Greater Seal of DefenseI personnaly like "per level" since we already have a high flat damage reduction from minions. We most likely wont get hit TOO much by basic attacks either, and end game, those will help a lot to weight against your squishyness. Although, i wouldn't argue too long against some for some extra early game tankyness.

My dear "per level" strike again. I would not recommend getting flat for those though. They will catch up around level 8 to flat, and will end up being very important late game. Here again, it's all about survivability.

Some starting AP, with the masteries, you get a nice start of over 20 ap to start with. Later, it will also apply on Lich's Bane. These I would say are all about personnal preferences, maybe someone would get some MS, armor or MR, depending who they are up against.

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Damage and Survability. All said.
I will add though that the utility tree will be useless since you will VERY rarely lack mana or such.

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Summoner Spells

IS A MUST. You shall never NEVER get rid of it. The main reason is to initiate(wtf? Isn't this usually to ensure a kill by finishing or something like that?). The reason why I'm saying this is the passive. 8% of the target's missing health. This will often end up being one of your main source of damage. We want to maximize the damage output by lowering that hp right there with some true damage, to allow an early kick in of that 8% damage. It's also really useful early game, or when people are about to get away behind teammates.

The second summoner spell is more debatable.
I personalty go for flash, I always find some use to it, It also is really helpful for low level escapes since your "e" might still have this gigantic cooldown.

I want to talk about something with flash. If you ever played with a support, you might of noticed it, but I still see around 50-75% of the players which uses flash at 50% efficiency. The general problem, is the tendency to flash straight up to avoid hits. While it may be a good idea to retreat to a tower if you are really close or such, it sometime isn't the best idea. Squishy as you may be, you will not get 1 shotted. It is often wiser to tank some hits but take your time to move slowly and painfully near a wall to flash then flashing right away and loosing a huge advantage. VIDEO WILL BE ADDED SHORTLY

Aside from being a CC magnet, you are usually an Ignite magnet too. Thus, I don't find this really help out. The minor health it gives can be saved by flashing instead.

Does work fine to flee, combining your with can give you an easy escape. It can also help to chase, although you shouldn't need it to chase with this build.

I just hate this one for no reason, but aside from that, The AS (later discussed) won't be much needed late game, and the extra AP, while being nice, is not worth sacrificing the benefits from flash or any other summoner spell. It might be an early game option though.

In combination with ignite, you can get a fine jungle up.


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A pantheon in the way, a Garen bush-wanking or some enemies in a bush? No reason to stop, you go straight trough them! The damage reduction from auto-attacks (includes both creeps and champions) helps a great deal when jungling or for damage trading in minion waves. How many time have you heard "MINIONS OP!"? While it might not look like it, the minions do a great deal of damage due to their number. It synergies well with . Everytime you will escape with 5-20 health, you will know that your passive just saved you that much damage from a basic attack.

Carefully reading this skill, you will notice it also adds your normal attack damage, thus having a higher base damage than you'd think. This is an awesome skill to run up to someone and kill them. It will help apply your first(and most likely last) big damage. It applies on-hit effects, which is why sheen->lich bane and the not-to-be-forgotten-in-proc-effects . This will tear trough stacking of MR. having huge physical AND magical damage, you won't be stopped by a simple stack of resistance. It sometime have the negative aspect of leading you far from your target once you're stuck to it, but this is rarely an inconvenient since you will most likely kill them with the second cast.

One important thing to point out is, this skill will make you go to the extremity of the radius. Thus, you can use it to juke someone when they are about to go in the bush to chase you. Simply them and follow with a quick to be out of range of most abilities. Also, when you are chasing someone, assuming you are running closely behind them, casting this skill will hit them and make you go IN FRONT of them, allowing a few extra hits that you wouldn't normally have if you were landing on them. Also you can go through wall if your target is on the other side!!!!

This is your free Ignite. It cuts trough any healing such as Mundo's or the annoying AD carry life steal. It also does a RIDICOULOUSLY HIGH amount of damage. It will Finnish of peoples so often, who would of normally survived with 1 hp. It is not to be forgotten that it DOES apply on your . It is also the reason why you will be able to do decent damage to help your team finnish off the enemy tank. Just imagine how much damage that 4-5k hp mundo will eat from the 8% missing health. This skill is also the reason why you will prefer to cast ignite and ultimate at the beggining of an encounter, to maximise the 8%.

MAX THIS SKILL FIRST**After playing fizz a bunch, you will know exactly when it will finish off someone or something, enabling you to switch target with confidence that your previous will get finished off**

****ING FIZZ. OP MUCH YOU ***. OMG THAT TOWER SHOULD OF KILLED YOU. OP TOWER DIVE. Ain't it lovely? This skill will be your free flash, your escape, your way to laugh at caitlyn's or karthus's ultimate. It will enable you to go through some walls, make epic escapes or close gap on someone. Alternatively, it is a good source of damage and can be used as an AOE slow if not triggered twice. It is wise to activate it when you see projectile such as caitlyn's or sion's coming towards you. One thing to keep in mind though is that it isn't as instant as vladimir's Pool of Blood. There is this annoying 0.25 second delay before you actually become untargettable, even though the animation started. You will also become targettable before to hit the ground if you are using the slowing "Playful" version.

This skill will very often remove focus from you and allow you to make your way to the carrys without too much trouble. It is also to be remembered that if you use it while under attack by a tower. If you don't hit any enemy champion while falling back down or if your ally attracted the focus to them in the meantime, the tower will switch target and stop attacking you (it will switch target, basicly "resetting whatever makes the tower attack you when you tower dived that enemy champion".

With this build, it will have a cooldown of 4.84 seconds for 2 seconds of "Untargetability". This being said, it allows you to use it as well to engage as to disengage.

With the 39% cooldown reduction, your ultimate will have a 41 seconds cooldown, enabling you to cast it multiple time in a relatively short period of time. Use this to initiate, to chase, to escape, to be awesome. The initial damage is especially useful to start up the damage for . It is a very useful way to zone out an area, say the entrance to baron/dragon or the bush beside the wraiths. Great to initiate ganks or in team fights, to disable carrys or get their supports away. One thing to be noticed is also that, often, players will try to run as soon as it's hooked on them, instead of fighting back. take advantage of that! Hooks up to invisible too, so you can now send akali to hell without even seeing her!


Early game, combo will pump out a nice amount of damage, don't forget to hit with your basic attack if you can, it hurts alot too. Afterwards, you can use if you think you can get the kill with it, or you can use it to escape.

Later, . Use your ultimate to make sure you will reach them, urchin strike for some initial damage, then just go on your stick and stay up as long as you can. Once they get knocked up, you should land at the same time in order to start hitting them, chaining another . After that, it's all very situationnal and improvisation.

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Still reading?? Well here's something that might interest you since I'm differing from most classic builds here.

Cooldown reduction = faster spell casting = more damage & more escape & better chasing (spam of )

Cooldown reduction up to 39%, some mana regen, a POSSIBLY useful active (but seriously, your probably make this active way less useful then it could be, but learning to use it can make it 99% as efficient (by morrelo'ing another target for your teammates for example).

movement speed, mana, MR, quick *** passive. A MUST

HOLY **** DAMAGE -> goes with lich bane also!

Arguably one of the best actives combined with 100 ap and 50 armor.

Last item is usually something with a bit of survivability in it

OPTIONAL AS LAST ITEM. Need some slow? here you go, along with a nice 500 hp for survivability and a boost to damage. I rarely find myself needing this though, since I usually dont need anymore slow's than . DO NOT GET IF YOU GOT AN ANIVIA IN YOUR TEAM (her ultimate chilling doesn't stack with rylei's!)

OPTIONAL AS LAST ITEM. If the enemy team has too much ap damage, none of them got a very nice MR. This is your item.

OPTIONAL AS LAST ITEM. If they have strong ad carry's combined with an assassin such as talon or evelynn, this might give you what you need, some extra armor with a bit of MR and that awesome passive.

I never get this item, i only mention it because i see it in alot of other builds, but personnaly, i don't think this is the way to go. I never really need mana, the extra ability power is the same as , it takes time to build up and barely provides more health then rylei. It doesn't have any slow though.

This is a horrible item. The ap is mediocre, the cooldown reduction is it's only bright side, but we won't need it from there. I said I would talk about why attack speed is nearly irrevelant. The reason is that your passive on the "w" is over 3 second. So as long as you hit once every 3 seconds, you're all good. This item is bad. Don't get it.

Shurelya's Reverie This is the most situationnal item out of all those. Sometime, when they got really squishy but fast characters, you might want to get that active and extra hp (with regens). You might notice other situations where you have, for example a fed Rammus from which you need to be able to run from or such. This might be a solution. The bad side is 5% less cooldown reduction and less damage.

Even when jungling, i find myself starting with 3x . Mobility is really important for a melee, it also allow you to evade early ganks and skillshots easily at start.

I then build up straight to which is one of the core items.

I then finish up my and head into . The reason why I get Morello BEFORE is that, before the +75 of Morrelo, 100% of your basic attack or 100% of your ap is pretty much the same. So i prefer to make sure to get a good bonus out of it. It also enables me to get cooldown reduction maxed (well, 39%).

I then get and head into .

Once i got those, I usually build up around the enemy team, usually going for a and then looking up for my last item.

ALWAYS remember to build situational. If some ad carry is getting too dangerous, you might want to get a while getting rabadon. This apply to any situation.

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So something went wrong with mid, or you decided to go jungle purposedly. Well here is the for-the-momment-short-guide for jungling.

Same items, for the exception of a bunch of health pots here and there, and potential wards.

Same minor change for skill order, your 3 first spells would go as instead of .

*Using your "e" after having dealt damage to neutral mobs will make them regen their health as if you had ran away, due to being untargettable.*

Start at blue, a special thing, which can be most annoying, is that you will have to START with smiting the golem (or after your first basic attack). That way you will get the biggest output you can from the 4% of missing health (huge difference at start).

Follow up with wolves, wraiths and then golems. I then usually back off to buy some items. Next, we are heading up to the red. you should get out of that fight with a decent amount of health and pots healing you. Ganking mid should be relatively easy using your basic combo, maybe having to get up close with . It is to be remembered though, that even if you barely get to urchin the mid since he will most likely flash away, you will deal such high damage combined with the red, that it will give a HUGE advantage to your mid. Usually, you can go back killing a few jungle mobs or ganking top before to come back mid, heading for the kill this time.

Just try to hit your level 6 early, ideally racking up 1-3 kills before then. If you manage to do so, this game should start turning in your favor. Use your ult to engage and get kills for yourself or your ally.

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09/25/2012 OMG I PUBLISHED THIS first version!
09/26/2012 First version of "Jungling"