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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shaco Build Guide by Th3Gh0stK1ller

Assassin From a Jester to another ~ All working ways of Shaco

Assassin From a Jester to another ~ All working ways of Shaco

Updated on September 10, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Th3Gh0stK1ller Build Guide By Th3Gh0stK1ller 40,995 Views 4 Comments
40,995 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Th3Gh0stK1ller Shaco Build Guide By Th3Gh0stK1ller Updated on September 10, 2016
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  • LoL Champion: Shaco
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Hey,I am Th3Gh0StK1ller, lv 30 :D. I am looking foward to reach gold only by playing this amazing champion, Shaco. In this guide I try to learn you the game-style of Shaco, to understand who he really is, alongside with some tips, advices and tricks.
Why should you listen to me? I think I played enough games with him to understand his mechanics and I will try to show you my knowledge.

If you got any sugestions ,I will happy listen to them.

What about Shaco?

Shaco is one of the best assasins/ offtank junglers in this game.I really want to see more Shaco around. When the enemy jungler will see that you play Shaco, no matter what champion he picked, he will just stay safe in his jungle..Even he is squishy ,if you can use his Q with intelligence,you can escape from any situation.Also your Jack In The Box can be useful in an escape.

Enough with those sophisticated words, Shaco is the fu*king awesomest and funniest champion :D
With Shaco,killing somebody is funny :DD[/color]
(sorry,I guess that the time I spend with this physco makes me become one )
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I decided to update this build ,and make it shine a little bit more! :D

till now updated a little the fotos,headers,etc

coming up:

detailed guide!Will make you understand (if you don't already) who Shaco is!

wow,some buds saw my guide(2k)!thanks!It makes me to continue updating this guide!

Updated masteries, items and explanation.Added crit- Shaco items, camp routes to counter-jungle.

Looking foward to: explain how to play crit- Shaco + make this guide in more detailed.

Thanks for the 17K views!


You are awesome guys. Thanks for the 22K views!
today I added: get ready: you sure you ready for it?

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Awesome scaling damage.
Easy clear-camping.
Very stealth.
The Joker of this game.
You can have 2 Shaco (ultimate)
at the same time :D
Awesome split-pushing potential.
No need to be builded full asassin sometimes.

Squishy(that`s a problem for all of us) if builded full asassin,

Jack In The Box and Hallucinate deals and scales with magic damage.

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Runes & Masteries


Again,your personal choise. Some notes, the 20 life you gain from Feast is not worth, and I preffer the ability power and attack damage of Natural Talent over the spell vamp and lifesteal of Vampirism .
My personal choice is :
up at the top of the page. I think the best is to go for the cunning tree, and take as a keystone: Thunderlord's Decree becoase is the best keystone for Shaco ( assasin or offtank). You can try to go for Warlord's Bloodlust if you are going for crit- Shaco.

What about runes? Well, after some tests,the best runes for the assassin Shaco are the full ad runes. But what about the offtank Shaco? for the offtank one you should run the cdr glyphs, 4 x +8 life seals, 6x attack speed marks and 3 ATTACK DAMAGE marks. You got it, you still take the 3 ATTACK DAMAGE Quints.
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take Stalker's Blade , or Skirmisher's Sabre if there are stealth champions in the enemy team. (ex: Teemo, Akali, Twitch)

Berserker's Greaves are the best boots for Shaco as they provide you attack speed and movement speed. Take Enchantment: Alacrity if you want to gank often or Enchantment: Furor if you want it to stack with Black Cleaver`s `movement speed gained on hit.

If you want to try Crit- Shaco you can get Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer instead of Bloodthirster and Last Whisper but remember, Ravenous Hydra is a core item.


Not much to talk about here. You should take the items in the order presented above, maybe you can change mercurial treads for Boots of Swiftness if they have rather more slow than hard cc.
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Backstab- Shaco deals 20% bonus damage when striking a unit from behind.
Deceive- Shaco becomes invisible and teleports to target location.His next attack is guaranteed to critically strike.
Jack In The Box- Shaco creates an invisible,animated Jack In The Box,wich will fear ,and then attack ,nearby enemies.
Two-Shiv Poison- Shaco`s shivs passively poison targets on hit,slowing them and applying a miss chance to minions and monsters.He can trow his shivsto deal damage and poison the target.
Hallucinate- Shaco creates an illusion of himself near him,which can attack nearby enemies.(deals half damage to turrets)Upon death ,it explodes,dealing damage (MAGIC damage) to nearby enemies.

How and when to buy items + gameplay as ASSASSIN

Start of the game:

Take 3 Health Potion, Hunter's Machete(for taking the Stalker's Blade) and a ward .
(About Hunter's Machete vs Long Sword:
you should take hunter`s becoase you will get extra money by killing camps,and,at the beginning,you count more on your Jack In The Box for clearing camps ,so you don`t need that +10 damage now.)If you think you don`t need attack speed(from berseker's ) you can take Mobility Boots.

Early game:

You got to know where the enemy jungler will start. If he is an energy/life based champ, he will probably start with the red part. So, if you spawn from the right side and the enemy will start the red jungle, start with blue and then put a point in 1 and q and go to his red buff camp. wait him to almost clear it, smite it, put a Jack In The Box so he cant run and ignite. This is how you get first blood. If you are on the right side and he start with the blue part of his jungle, do first your red buff and then go to his blue and steal it right when he does it. Same if you spwawn on the left part.Take Stalker's Blade - Warrior,and Berseker's Greaves(Homeguard).Gank top and mid as much as you can,now ,any assist or kill matters.If you have a good game now,then the late game will be insane .Don`t forget about dragon.It will give you and your team a great advantage.use trinkets to make sure nobody is warding it ,and do it as ast as you can.

Mid game:

Mid game is around 20 mins. It`s the start of those teamfights.The best part now is you can easy pass over all of the enemy team ,with your Q,insta-kill the enemy ADC,and run the f*ck out of there.
But,dont just dive between enemy champs,like you are running at a marathon.Take care,be sure the other enemy champs are busy.

Late game:

Now the enemy saw your insane attack power,and he might buy some deff. That`s why you must buy Last Whisper.Your role,in the late game is to push as good as you can.You don't exel at teamfights,that`s why you must make your team have a good advantage in the early game.

If you can handle Shaco ,and you understand his style,there`s no way you won`t lead your team to victory.

If you can`t handle a 1 v 1 fight,you can take 1-2 deff items.I recommend Guardian Angel or Mercurial Scimitar.Anyway,those are situational items.

just remember:A good early Shaco is the best player late.

Offtank Shaco

For this little guy, pretty much the same thing. Counterjungle, but build tanky. You can absorb some damage with your items, so you wont have only to assassinate and run, you can stay in a teamfight and deal/tank more damage. ( more tips coming soon)

tips & tricks :
Using Deceive over terrain can help you make a clean escape.[/color][/b]
Try getting on-hit effects,these will also benefit you Hallucinate clone
(damage can be incrased with incrased critical damage items).

So, Shaco`s mechanics and skills are pretty easy.
Q for running to a kill/escape/gank .
W for clearing camps.
E for slow/kill/damage.
R for killing a low health enemy under turret/escape/ so on.
But,of course,you may use them for much more things.
I use q especially for ganks.Then I "r' behind the enemy,then,I get a easy fast kill :D
W is the ability wich helps you to escape,or clear a camp.(easy,huh?)
And so on.
Remember: Shaco`s abilityes can be used in may ways,just do what you think is the best in that moment.
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More about Shaco

Shaco can work with all types of champions.Even if your teammates aren't the best ,you should be able to win a 1v 1 or 1 v 2 fight.

At the beginning,you can clear any camp with almost full life and mana.how?go to the spawning point of the animal,and when you hear "30 secs until minions spawn" place a JITB.and keep placing them ,till the animal appears.Then smite it,and basic.You should be the first player with lv 2 :D

Shaco can counter-jungle easy.just kill fast a camp,put a JITB(a little gift for the enemy jungler) then q and run away.

Shaco`s counter champs are a few.Especially ,those champs who can trigger a stealth champ,like Lee Sin . But I am not the kind of a guy who belives in counters for Shaco ;) .

He is the tipe of champ unbeatable(If you play it good)
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I hope I helped you,thanks for reading ,and I hope I will see more shaco`s around.If you got any sugestions,just pm me here or in the game,I will answer when I will see the message.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Th3Gh0stK1ller
Th3Gh0stK1ller Shaco Guide
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From a Jester to another ~ All working ways of Shaco

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