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Fiora Build Guide by RushSomeMore

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RushSomeMore

From Bronze to Plat with Fiora Top!

RushSomeMore Last updated on July 31, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jayce You can parry his auto attack poke. You can engage with Q and if he knocks you away with hammer E you can Q to him again.
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Hello there summoners! My name is Rektifier and i'm a Plat 3 player who carried himself from Gold to Plat in season 3 with Fiora! This guide will teach you how to play Fiora on all level of play, as well as help you with build and runes. Let's get into it with some Pros/Cons!


Amazing duelist
Strong Laner
Tower Pusher
Godlike Damage Late Game
Good 1v2 Potential


Can be kited somewhat easy
Hard to comeback if you fall behind
Somewhat hard to learn

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9x Marks of Armor Penetration
9x Seals of Armor
9x Glyphs of Magic Resist
3x Quints of Attack Damage

This is what i run 90% of the time on Fiora. The armor pen makes her early damage really good and helps her mid/late game as well. I will talk more about why i use Armor Pen marks instead of AD marks in the skill chapter later. I run armor cause i'm normally against AD top laners, but you can run HP/lvl if your against an AP champion. I run MR to have better survivability against the current flavor of the month burst/poke mid laners. AD quints to give some more dmg on Q and R as well as making it easier to last hit.


If you don't wanna run AD quints or don't think its needed you can actually use Movement Speed Quints. These runes have amazing synergy with Fiora's E (Again ill talk more about skill in the next chapter) and helps her chase her enemies as well as run away from ganks. I would use Movement Speed Quints when your against a very skill shot reliant team or if you feel you need more chase potential.

A third option is to run Lifesteal Quints. These will make you self-sustaining through out the early lanning phase. I personally think your passive+standard hp/regen is more than enough, but if you are against someone who can auto you from a distance you might want to run Lifesteal Quints.

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I run 21/9/0 on Fiora cause everything else sucks. 21 points into defense will give you some armor and magic resist, but it's pretty useless on Fiora who builds full damage anyway. I don't take the Warlord mastery cause it only gives 5% more AD. That means you get 5 extra AD for every 100 you already have. Even with 400 AD you only get 20 ad from this mastery. I take Dangerous Game to give me a better chance at 1v1, 1v2, 1v3 etc.

9 Points in defense for some HP/regen and extra health. I don't spend any points in Utility cause Fiora dosen't really benefit from any of the masteries.

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This will be an explanation of what Fiora's skills does and how you can use them.

Duelist is Fiora's passive. It gives her health regen over 6 seconds when auto attacking. This Regen can stack up to 4 times if the auto attacks are against champions. This is not the best passive in the game, but it fits quite well for Fiora. It gives her free health in lane since you will always be auto attacking. You can win 1v1 trades even when dealing the same damage since you will regen after you walk away. This passive is good early, but not worth very much late game.

Lunge is Fiora's Q ability.
It lets her dash to an enemy and deal damage. She can use a this spell a second time within 4 seconds for free before it goes on cooldown.
This is the ability you wanna max first on Fiora. It's her only way gap closer which means if you burn this and your opponent jumps away you have no way of chasing them. For this reason you normally want to wait till the enemy runs away before using this. A small trick you can do with this is Q to a minion before using it again to a champion. This way you can cover twice the ground and have an easier time catching up to opponents. You can activate your E before you Q to get some easy move speed making it even easier to catch up to enemies. If you build Triforce, be sure to wait a before using the 2nd Q. This way you can get 2 sheen proc's before your Q goes on cooldown.

Riposte is Fiora's W.
Its passive gives you a flat AD bonus and it's active lets you parry the next enemy auto attack. If an enemy auto attack is blocked, the enemy will take some magic damage. This spell is pretty useless in some matchups which is why you max it last. However i always put my first point into this cause it gives a flat 15 AD at level 1. If you use the runes i showed earlier while getting Dorans Blade and taking a point in W, you will get 84 AD while having 12 armor pen in level 1. This may not sound that good, but flat armor seals gives 9 armor. This means you will shred their bonus armor and a little more while still having the same AD as most champions who are running AD marks. You can also use the active of the ability to negate some poke early from ranged champions, but the real beauty comes in when you play against champions who has a spell to amplify an auto attack. You can parry Garen's Q which means he wont silence you. This also works with a Sheen, Lich bane or Iceborn Gauntlet auto attack.

Burst of Speed is Fiora's E ability.
Burst of Speed gives Fiora attack speed for 3 seconds. While the attack speed bonus is active, Fiora also gains movement speed each time she auto attacks or uses Lunge stacking up to 3 times. When this ability is maxed, it gives an amazing 120% attack speed. This mean you get more than double your current attack speed as a bonus. With this active she can destroy towers, as well as clear minion waves with Hydra, within seconds. As mentioned earlier you an activate your E before using Q to get a stack of movement speed. Else than that what can i say about the ability? It makes you hit stuff fast..

Blade Waltz is Fiora's R or Ult.
Blade Waltz is what makes Fiora Fiora. When activated Fiora bounces 5 times between enemies dealing damage. All bounces can hit a single target, but each hit deals an reduced 25% damage. While Fiora bounces she is untargetable, but can still take damage from spells applied before she ults such as ignite. The first and last attack will be against the same target. Her ult is AMAZING for fighting 1v2. At level 16 with her ult maxed out you will deal 500+120% AD FIVE times to your enemies. Against a single target this damage will of course be lesser, but if you ult 2 enemies you are getting a value of 1200-1400 damage of on each of them. On top of this her ult proccs on hit effects which mean you can lifesteal while ulting. The best way to use your ult is after you use all your abilities. After firing everything get a few auto attacks and judge what the enemy is gonna do next. If he is staying keep fighting until your as low health as possible. Your ult will let you lifesteal back some HP and let your cooldowns get back up. If the enemy runs away, ult him right away. Your ult works the same as Master Yi's Q, which means you will end up the same place as your oppenent when your ult finishes. You wanna be careful not to get baited to ult and then dragged into the enemy team as you will end up in the middle of them.

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Team Work

Fiora works well with tanky and CC heavy junglers since she dosen't bring any CC to the game. Fiora is pure power which means someone else will have to keep the ADC and Mid laner alive while she reks their back line. I would say any of the "meta" mid laners works well with Fiora at the moment, but i would especially like to highlight Syndra cause she has a long range stun and slow. As for the bottom lane most things works, but Morgana is especially strong with Fiora if she can get a good Ult of in the middle of a fight.
An important thing to remember as Fiora (and alot of other top laners) is when to push and when to group. If your team has good waveclear or can hold the enemy team 4v5 you should split push. If your team is losing you should do your best to help them. I see to many top laners stay top ALL GAME. If you have 5 kills on a carry like Fiora go help you team by ganking their lanes.

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Final Notes

This is my first guide ever which means any feedback would be totally awesome. If you have any questions or want me to add a new chapter be sure to write so as well. Here is a link to my lolking if your interested.

If you are looking for my Fiora stats you want to look under Season 3 since i have not played her in Season 4 due to the champs currently being played in Top lane are quite good against her or just hard match ups.