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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Big Boom

Gangplank-1500 crits

The Big Boom Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Hello this is my guide to Gangplank. Gangplank is a critical strike champion.He can be played AP not recommended, and ad, but critical is the best hands down. He is a great champ i have been playing him for a couple months now and i am going to tell you how I play him, AND PLEASES COMMENT BEFORE YOU DOWN VOTE. Thank you. NOTE this is how i play him please leave no stupid comments like mercury threads sucks get cool down boots i will explain every thing in my guide READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT. Thank you again...

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Pros / Cons

These are the good and the bads about this champion.

Great midder.
Global ultimate.
Personal ignite.
Murders healer with passive.
Great finisher.
VERY high damage.
Personal heal.
Personal cleanse.
Has a great poking skill.

Meele carry. ( can't get close to enemy carries)
Doesn't do much damage if he doesn't critical.
Kinda long Cool downs.

I mean what else can i say he is a PRO hehe champion

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Well you want to go all 21 in offence because then you start out the game with 22 crit and if you get brawlers then you will have 30 critical witch is very cool, also i take the nine in utility for mana regen and gold per 5 you can take the nine in defense if you want. Another thing is you can take all utility if you are going to play DENY plank and 9 in offence, but its up to you what ever you want to play him i am not telling you the right or the wrong way to play him this is just the way i play him so keep that in mind before you down vote.

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For runes i take all critical why? You ask because then with the right item and masteries to start off you have 30 critical and end game you will have 99. Then main reason for all critical is that with the items i take you will have piratically 100 percent critical AND trinity it works great. if you chose not to take critical strike runes then at least take health magic resist armor pen or armor. If you fell like critical cost too much or takes so much time to fill the whole page then go armor pen it helps late game but its not like critical. Another thing is that if you want to mid its nice to have all critical so you want to make those squishes health bars just disappear.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells i take...

I take ghost because you can run out of fights catch up to enemies and just run out of any thing you need to get out of.
I also take ignite because i find that your passive isn't enough to finish them off and it deals i nice amount of damage if you don't want to dive.

Okay summoner spells are

A nice spell to help you ultimate to kill shot more than luck, short cool down a very nice spell.

This is also a great spell of not letting people getting away a one on one spell running in a fight and exhausting their carry has many uses and a great spell.

Another great spell you can blink over wall blink out of fights blink and get that one last blow in to kill an enemy great spell.

This is manly for deny play spamming his rise morale to kill an Ali minion or just for a midder that wants to take the extra poking time another good spell.

A good spell for midders so they don't have to be gone for a very long time and keep that xp flowing to max that q to do that high damage.

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His passive
This is a sweat skill like his own ignite but doesn't do that great of damage like ignite and it also reduces healing very nice passive.Gangplank's attacks apply a poison that deals damage per second, increasing with level, and decreases healing received by the target by 50% for 10 seconds.

or Q
A amazing poking spell and Gangplanks bread and butter if you know what i mean this spell is great for harassing last hitting.(extra gold every minion you kill with the spell) It is also a great poking and Kill Stealing spell does VERY VERY high amounts of damage and does over 1500 critical damage late game G-R-E-A-T SPELL.Gangplank shoots a target unit for 20/55/90/120/150 plus 100% of his attack damage as physical damage. Gangplank gains 4/7/10/13/16 extra gold if Parrrley deals a killing blow. This ability can crit and applies on hit effects.

or W
This is an awesome spell it heals cleanses fears stuns slows snares and blinds. Its like a a personal cleanse on a 15 second cool down and it heals! Yet another G-R-E-A-T spell.Consumes a large quantity of citrus fruit which clears any crowd control effects on him and heals him for 70 / 125 / 195 / 280 / 380 (+100% of ability power) health.

or E
This is another awesome spell it kills an friendly minion to rise attack speed and attack damage. You can use this spell to Deny the enemy team you shoot a minion and then they don't get XP for that minion so when ever you see a cannon minion shoot it and late game you will be a couple levels up. Passive: Gangplank's Attack damage is increased by 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 and his movement speed is increased by 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10%.
Active: Gangplank kills an allied minion, inspiring himself and nearby champions to receive Raise Morale's passive benefits for 10 seconds.

or R also ultimate
YET another amazing skill gangplank shoots a flare into the air and singles i think his ship to rain missiles on that area. It is about the size of pantheons ultimate and nunu's if you play ether of them. It can critical and goes off AP that really the only reason you can play him AP.Signals Gangplank's ship to fire upon an area for 8 seconds. Each cannonball deals 100 / 140 / 180 (+20% of ability power) damage and slows enemy units 35 / 45 / 55% for 1.25 seconds.

There they are two of them are like summoner spells so he is like a summoner of his own humm sounds fun right?

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Before i start i would like to say that you do not use the same exact build every time like if they have 3 tanks you don't take yoyo and you take madreds, and if they are all mages you get hextdrinker and etc...

I start with this item to add a little bang into my hits and to turn it into yoyos later which very nice...


Get this first or avarice blade first if you like big random bursts get avarices if you like constant damage that is reliable get sheen.

I get avarice blade first because of its passive the gold per 5 bounus rushing infinity fist


Ok you can get any boots you want depending on the other team... examples
Get Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you want to die and ks alot
Get Ninja Tabi if at LEAST they have three attack damage carries.
Get Sorcerer's Shoes if there team is pretty much tanks or not a ton of damage doers like defensive teams. This will also make your ulti more of a team fight start or tower taker, ulti on a group of them amumu badges over wall stuns and your team murders them, ulti a group of them that are tower hugging so you cant harass tower that will get them off the tower
Get Mercury's Treads if there team is balanced and the have alot of CC.

Now rush infinity... why? becuase it will give you a huge head start over everybody. You will have about 165 Attack damage is is awesome making you a main target.

This is nice for the added critical and movement speed also the extra attack speed is nice.Again you are prolly asking why? Again the movement speed makes you even better at chasing and getting back to lanes to farm and the critical again is critical haha because your playing a critical champ right?


I Explained both of these earlier...

Ok this item is nice for the armor pen or the critical AGAIN... Why? Well because this item is just great for gangplank with its passive and armor pen you can basically solo any one... Even WW.

This is the toping on the cake making your Q taking out chunks of 1500 HP. Why does it do this the sheen passive of course but 250% this time fro the added attack damage... Again why? Well other than the things i said before you have the slow? no one will escape your grasp and... the critical bonus again leaving you at 99% critical, basically criting every attack.

This is the last item in my build why? because you already have a heal... and with gangplank crits do more damage than base attack damage. this will make you the beast of the game killing every one in almost two shots... GG

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Very simple with gangplank you should already know you last hit with q bleh bleh bleh... he is also fairly easy to last hit with his charter animation is as good as lablanc and Miss fortune.

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Play style

Early game stay conservative because you reliy on criticals to to damage with this build... so just go mid and farm starting to like gangplank ehh?

middle game harass with Q make people rage quit ulti when you ether can get a kill or help a teammate get away or kill someone, slow.

late game just stay behind tanks and q the carries he isn't that hard to play you should get the hang of him fast good luck and have fun...

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Well i will be updating all of my builds soon and making a new nasus build the jungler nasus... i hope you like it and again i put a lot of time and effort in this build pplz comment before you down vote... i bet that someone will...