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League of Legends Build Guide Author Had

Gangplank - Giant Awesome Pubic Hair

Had Last updated on March 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm Had with another build on Gangplank - the pirate with pubic hair....


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What is he, and what we'll make of him

Lets first look at what he is not: a Carry. Why is he not a carry? Put simply, he doesn't have stellar abilities that allow him to carry like other champions do. Twitch has fantastic attack speed and range (and AOE too) thanks to Ambush and Spray and Pray. Same goes for Tristana with Rapid Fire. Corki has ridiculous damage and armor penetrating capabilities thanks to Gatling Gun, and Hextech Shrapnel Shells provides a decent amount of damage augmentation. Master Yi has a boat-load of abilities to help him carry: Double Strike, Wuju Style and Highlander. I could go on like this, but the common thread here is that all of these champions mentioned have abilities that significantly enhance their DPS (damage-per-second) capabilities in battle. The only thing that Gangplank has is Raise Morale, where the passive part pales in comparison to the aforementioned abilities, and the active part is highly dependent on having allied minions nearby (many team battles will take place in the river at Nashor or dragon, or in the woods at lizard or golem or any of the nearby brush). The most common instance where it will be used in a lane when minions are nearby is when your team is pushing a tower, at which point it becomes more of a pushing ability than a carry ability. Parrrley is not DPS, it is burst damage.

Gangplank isn't even that great at being a melee fighter. Even with Remove Scurvy, he is still easily kited by a ranged champion like Ashe, who has a spam-able slow: Volley. Tristana and Corki can easily escape his melee with Rocket Jump and Valkyrie, respectively. He has no targeted stun to hold his victims in place. Lets look at some other characteristics that make melee fighters effective and see how Gangplank stacks up:
- Immunity: Undying Rage, Intervention
- Dodge: Counter Strike
- Ability to close distance on a target quickly: Leap Strike, Shunpo, Spinning Slash, Deceive, Infinite Duress
- Targeted slow/stun: Wither, Two-Shiv Poison, Cryptic Gaze, Dazzle
- Passive lifesteal: Soul Eater, Eternal Thirst
- Stealth (to approach melee range undetected): Deceive, Shadow Walk

Again, I could go on like this. The common thread here to be successful as a melee champion is having any combination of high survivability, distance closing abilities and targeted stuns or slows. Gangplank lacks all of these.

So what is Gangplank? He is a ranged support caster, capable of high burst damage with Parrrley, but for the reasons listed above, lacks what it takes to produce the great DPS that other champions provide. Raise Morale is a great team buff before a big battle, but requires that the battle takes place in a lane. As such, it is most often used to push lanes/towers quickly. Cannon Barrage is a fantastic supporting spell for team battles. It takes great skill and timing to position this ability properly in a team battle for maximum effectiveness. When done correctly, this supporting damage can turn the tide of a battle in favor of your team. Remove Scurvy simply allows you to fulfill your supporting damage role with less interruption. I will try to keep the remaining sections brief since this is supposed to be an advanced guide and I'm betting you all know the basics already....

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Pros n' Cons

Insane Parrrley DMG
Great ulti which can be casted everywhere
Awesome red-eye
Only one with a denial

Early game almost no dmg with parrley
Same with heal
Still thinking

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This is preety clear

Greater Mark of Desolation - ArP most usefull of all on GP
Greater Quintessence of Desolation - SAME
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration - This always helps on mana starving champions
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction- CDR is always nice

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

Summoner abilities:
Okay so for some time now, I've had Smite as a used summoner spell even though I wasn't jungling with Gangplank. I've finally implemented this long-overdue change and removed Smite. However, Gangplank still does need an expansive farm to do a viable amount of damage late game. He is heavily reliant on what he can farm in the laning phase of the game. As such, Teleport and Clarity are the best recommendations because it allows him to stay in the laning phase as much as possible and farm.

I most often use this to escape ganks, or catch up to an enemy to deal a killing blow with Parrrley. In team fights, I use it to kite the enemy if they try to focus me. They will quickly give up since otherwise the rest of your team will destroy them. Cannon Barrage should have them slowed, so it shouldn't be too hard to kite them.

Other option:
Exhaust a viable option in a team battle to cripple the enemy physical DPS. Spending one point in improving it can increase the damage you do with Parrrley by reducing the target's armor, but usually, it will just be for one shot. Teleport/Clarity and Ghost are my prime picks most of the time.

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After that u get few options!!!

Survivability /

Or Max DPS

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Stage Explanations

Early game

Phase 1

U start of with Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potion
What to do: Farm with Smite and Parrrley. Try and stay in your lane long enough to get to Stage 2 items.
Why/How to: Starting mana regen remains about the same. Health regen suffers, but you make up for it with an extra health potion. Early game crit chance is dramatically less than before, but with the right lane partner, you should still be able to grab some early kills, especially now that you have so much armor penetration to start. Melee is quite viable in a lot of level 1-3 situations. Look for when your lane opponents overextend themselves. Most players won't expect Melee + Parrrley + Ghost to drop them before they return to the safety of their tower. Health potions will be your primary source of HP regen for the remainder of the laning phase. Buy more when needed.

Phase 2

Now u should have Meki Pendant Boots of Speed B. F. Sword

What to do: Grab Golem buff. Begin using Parrrley non-stop to farm and harass your lane opponents. Establish lane control. Be mindful of other lanes that could use a Cannon Barrage to gank or push down a tower, or to thwart enemy ganks in other lanes.
How/Why: With the improved damage scaling on Parrrley, I have decided it is most prudent to rush an Infinity Edge. Missing out on chance to crit is okay so long as you can make Parrrley non-crit for a fair amount of damage early on. You can upgrade the Meki Pendant to a Chalice of Harmony, but I find I don't need it that much early. Later in the game, if I have 500 gold laying around, I will upgrade the to a Chalice for a little extra magic resist. Finishing an Infinity Edge fast (before 20 minutes if you can) is the way to go. The faster you get it, the more likely you are to snowball on the enemy.

Mid Game

Phase 1

Now u are with Chalice of Harmony Sorcerer's Shoes Infinity Edge Cloak of Agility

What to do: Team battles and pushes will start taking place, make sure to Parrrley the enemy DPS and use Raise Morale when appropriate. Use Cannon Barrage once the enemy is committed to the fight. Continue to grab golem buff if possible.
How/Why: Finish that Infinity Edge asap to take advantage of the buffed damage scaling. Even though you are no longer doing magic damage with parrrley, you still cannot neglect the awesome potential of cannon barrage, and hence should get Sorcerer's Shoes in anticipation of upcoming team battles. Other boots provide marginal benefit to Gangplank at this point in the game. It works well to grab it around the time that your Cannon Barrage hits level 2. Build up your chance to crit by grabbing another Cloak of Agility.


Chalice of Harmony Sorcerer's Shoes Infinity Edge Cloak of Agility Last Whisper
Cloak of Agility

What to do: The enemy's natural armor should be increasing now beyond your current penetration capabilities. Build a Last Whisper to keep up with their armor growth. Get your crit chance up more by grabbing another Cloak of Agility or Zeal. The Cloak of Agility gives you more chance to crit, the Zeal gives you some movespeed and a number of Stage 5 build options. Try to end the game now with your team, if possible. Your tremendous mid-game advantage will start wearing off. A well-executed Cannon Barrage could help win your team the game here. Winning one big team battle usually results in the enemy losing one or more inhibitors.
Commentary: Basically this part of the game is about grabbing more damage, armor pen, and chance to crit. This is the core build. Most games should end here. If the game doesn't end you will need to make some end-game decisions. Be prepared for Stage 5. HP and survivability will be crucial in this next stage.
How/Why: //

Late game

Last Phase

Trinity Force Sorcerer's Shoes Infinity Edge Atma's Impaler Last Whisper
Phantom Dancer


Frozen Mallet Sorcerer's Shoes Infinity Edge Atma's Impaler Last Whisper Sunfire Cape (IF DMG IS MAGIC TAKE THE Banshee's Veil instead of Sunfire Cape

What to do: //
How/Why: In general, you want: Core build + Frozen Mallet/Trinity Force + Phantom Dancer/Other Defense Items. Trinity Force can actually give you a viable damage boost. In my opinion, since the nerf to Sheen, an early Sheen is no longer viable, but getting a Trinity Force in a late game situation could greatly improve your odds of winning. It's obviously all quite situational at that point. Stage 1 (Mid Game) will determine how you build in Late Game.

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Ability usage

Cannon Baragge
If you are on a highly organized team, you can prepare your allies for an incomming enemy ganker and place a well timed Cannon Barrage that may even out a 2v3 gank situation and net you or your allies a kill.

In general, you should always be watching for opportunities to cast Cannon Barrage since you will be the first person on your team to hit level 6. If you hear that "an ally/enemy has been slain" you should immediately check out where all the action is taking place and determine if a Cannon Barrage is warranted.

If you score a Parrrley crit that takes your opponent down to about 200 hp, drop a Cannon Barrage slightly behind them. Their natural instinct will be to recoil back toward their tower upon being crit down to low health. Ghost in and chase for the kill.

Be mindful of Tristana (Rocket Jump), Corki (Valkyrie), Kassadin (Riftwalk) and those champions who have Flash. They can easily make your Cannon Barrage be a complete waste by jumping out of its range instantly. For best results, use Cannon Barrage when your opponents have their escape spells on cooldown. Try to bait them into wasting these abilities and then go for the kill.

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Tips & Tricks

- Resist the urge to use Remove Scurvy just to heal, smart enemies are always watching to see if you use it. They will target you without fear when they know it's on cooldown. If you must use it, use it when no one is looking.

- A well timed Cannon Barrage on a melee champ who is attacking a tower with minimal minion support could kill the remaining minions, slow the champion and allow him to be hit by the tower repeatedly. Combine with Ghost + Parrrley for a guaranteed kill.

- Getting armor and magic resist can make Remove Scurvy more effective than simply getting AP. You can calculate the effectiveness of the heal by the following formulas:
Physical Effective Heal: [base_heal + AP]*(100 + armor)/100
Magical Effective Heal: [base_heal + AP]*(100 + magic_resist)/100
This is another reason why I get magic resist runes and, in late game settings, armor item(s) too.

- Parrrley will not trigger spell vamp, only lifesteal. Raise Moral and Cannon Barrage will trigger spell vamp, however.


Gangplank can leave his lane to gank, but good opponents will call their lane opponent missing, and other lanes will adjust to avoid being ganked. Also, at level 7 without any items, the expected value of Gangplank's Parrrley damage is somewhat low. Cannon Barrage might help, but without a targeted stun the effectiveness of a Gangplank gank is highly variable. With Gangplank, you are taking a big roll of the dice on ganking. I prefer to stay in my lane until I have hit "Stage 2" items before making any serious attempts at ganking.

When you do gank, use Ghost and run in shooting. Lead their escape route with Cannon Barrage and start melee attacking. Cast Parrrley again before they get to their tower. This is especially useful if you show up late to a fight and the enemy is retreating with low health. I have scored many a double kill this way, Ghosting in with guns-a-blazin'.

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Ending words...

So this is it! Feel free to comment and try it...Pls don't downvote without that... See u on the fields...