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Gangplank Build Guide by C-Bass1337

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C-Bass1337

Gangplank is also a support? WTF?!?!?!?!?

C-Bass1337 Last updated on October 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 5

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 10


Utility: 15

Threats to Gangplank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sona Wanna hear a joke? ok. Sona is a good, relevant support. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA.
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Why GP Supp. ?

His bio says "Secondary: Support". So that's why.

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When do I take GP Supp. ?

A "meta" team is a Fighter (tanky with damage)-Top, Tank or Assassin-Jungle, AP Carry-Mid, ADC and AP (or Tank with utility)Support-Bot. If you really want to take GP Supp, you would want an Auto-Attack heavy team. There are AP Auto-Attack reliant champs such as Cho' Gath (who should NEVER BUILD AD)(sorry). But it is much easier to get a (near) full AD team like Zed/Yasuo Mid, Riven/Xin Xao/Jarvan IV/AD Udyr/Aatrox/etc. in Top and/or Jungle. But simply put, AD/Auto-Attack reliant team is when GP Supp is OK.

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"Welcome to Summoners Rift"


Now RUN. Place your minute-ward in the tiny bush in bottom river OR...
Blue Team start: be a man and minute-ward the side bush between their mid-outer tower and Blue camp.
Red Team start: be a man and minute-ward the bush behind their Red camp.

If either team decides to invade, act accordingly.

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Relic Shield ?!?!?!?!?

Why? Gangplanks Parrrley gives him bonus gold per kill with the spell.

gives nearby ally the same kill gold and you both get a little HP. you get bonus gold, they get bonus gold. It's like you're melee executing minions, but far away.

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Early Lane Phase a.k.a Farm-Fest @ 2:00.

This is where team-work should make its first appearance. After your ADC hits an enemy minion, shoot it in the face with your Parrrley. After a few waves, 2 hits may be required from your ADC. If either jungler decides to early gank, activate Raise Morale (if it's not too early) and run in the right direction. Be sure to Parrrley your enemies in the face and/or butt to slow them down to kill and/or escape.

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First Back


if have the money also get

If you still have the stealth ward from earlier place it:
Blue: in tri-bush
Red: in river at the entrance to your blue camp, close enough to give vision of dragon

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Second Back (Boots pt.1)

Decision Time:

If the other team has a lot of CC and/or AP(and combined with your W, escapes for days.

I personally prefer Boots of Mobility so i can place deep wards or get to a team fight.

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Second Back (Boots pt.2)

Decision Time:

If their team is pushing

If your team is pushing

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End of Lane Phase and/or after the boot fiasco

upgrade sight-stone to the deluxe edition
upgrade Targon's Brace to the almighty Face of the Mountain

Now it's time to create the reason we are here. Combined with your Grog Soaked Blade, 3 attacks(including Parrrley) will have any speedy champ crawling with a 52% move-speed de-buff.

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The Mid Game

zeke's herald
As if giving team-mates more ad wasn't enough, combine with Raise Morale and kill any squishy baby champ with your ap-carry with just auto attacks. And YES I said A P Carry, assuming you have an ap-carry because of the GP pick, but you get the point.

A nice and easy +20 Magic Resist and +10HP per 5 sec.. Upgrading it to Locket gives you the power to turn the tides of almost any battle.

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Item Substitutes for late game

If you feel Zekes Herald and/or Aegis of the Legion/Locket of the Iron Solari isn't what your team needs then the following are acceptable replacements.

: HP and Armor, strong vs DPS champs like Xin Xao and ADCs.

: MORE CDR, and health, health regen, and magic resist. cool, cool. i can dig it. this is best when combined with Mercury Treads vs an AP heavy team.

:?!?!?!?!? what? why you build AP item? C-C is O-P.
GP has Parrrley(single target spell) + (3 X Grog Soaked Blade) = 47% slow BEFORE FROZEN MALLET!
Plus Cannon Barrage has its own 25% slow + 15% from Rylais = 45% slow. GG,GP CC OP

: Health. That is all you need to know.

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Skill Sequence

Start Parrrley for farm.

Take Remove Scurvy to deal with pesky CC champs like , , , ...
OR Raise Morale to allow for easier ganks for your jungler / more difficult ganks for theirs.
take the other skill after.

Parrrley again at level 4.

Max Raise Morale
Then I max Parrrley
BUT you can max Remove Scurvy instead.

Be certain to skill up your Cannon Barrage at the appropriate levels.
When you do reach 6, look for assist/life-saver opportunities. If your mid or top is getting ganked, Cannon Barrage them to slow his/her pursuers. If your lane opponents go in hard, start backing up and Cannon Barrage to where their location is just starting to enter you ult zone, they will either back off or continue to get pelted with cannons.

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Exhaust is the Butter on Grog Soaked Blade(what? idk), and flash is a must have regardless.

if you're ballsy and think flash is over-rated and/or unnecessary you could:

to help your whole team at one time in lane phase
to piss-off any wannabe chaser

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Sorcery Cool-Down-Reduction is a must have for faster farming early on.
Expose Weakness Like giving your opponent a paper-cut and having your allies shoot them with a shot-gun on that exact spot. ouch.

Juggernaut was the main target in this tree everything before was because it fit the profile
Oppression you're going to be slowing your enemies A LOT, might as well make the most of it

Fleet of Foot goes with the Raise Morale passive.
Meditation goes with mana recovery from early farming with Parrrley.
Scout it's a support mastery, just go with it.
Strength of Spirit HP is a good thing for tanks like GP Support
Alchemist / Culinary Master GP likes food. Feed him. So he can stay in lane and fight.
Greed / Scavenger GP REALLY likes money, don't deny his addiction for booty.
Wealth GP brought some buried treasure. It makes starting the game easier.

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1% Critical Chance? Yes. Gangplanks Parrrley can critically hit for 200% his AD + the base damage of Parrrley.
So if that's true why not more? Because this a Support Gangplank, not an ADC Gangplank. The 1% crit. chance is for poke. If you get the crit., you could possibly have an opportunity to engage from there.

+1.5% Health Quint. X 3 ? Yes again. I did the math, having percent hp increase, instead of flat, or scaling hp, is better with the item build above.