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Gangplank Build Guide by Dramax907

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dramax907

Gangplank Top Lane!

Dramax907 Last updated on April 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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His Skills/Mechanics/Play style -

GROG SOAKED BLADE - Gangplanks passive, each auto attack applies a small poison that stacks up to 3 times, good for small trades and mixed with ignite can secure kills.

PARRLEY - is a skill that can be used to harass and get ahead in lane with farming. Early game you should be focusing on using it for farming because if used to kill a minion it refunds half the mana used and grants you extra gold. Later on in the game, this skill can be a huge help in diving with its range, allowing for not so deep dives. It also can crit and apply on hit effects (static charge, trinity force)

Remove Scurvy - THIS IS A FREAKING AWESOME SKILL! Not only does it heal you! It even removes all movement impairing effects! This is great when going against opponents like Pantheon and other top laners with hard CC. It can turn 2-3 man ganks into wasted time and lost gold.

RAISE MORALE - Passive: Gives a little attack damage and movement speed.
Active: Get ride of passive, gives more attack damage and more movement speed. Half
of movement speed is given to allies. This is great for diving, iniating,
and chasing.

CANNON BARRAGE - Large Global AOE that does a little damage and slows for 25% for 1.25.

Play Style - Early/Mid game -Passive farming. Late game - Win. Gangplank takes some patience because his early game can be pretty bad and he requires a lot of gold.

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Items -

Starting off with Crystalline Flask and Hp/Mana pots allows him to farm up with his Q and have a good early game even against a harass-y opponent.

Mercury Treads with Furor allow you to mitigate more damage and CC. It also allows you to chase better for kills.

Infinity Edge makes you hit like a tank and increase your crit damage output on your PARRRLEY!

Warmogs turn Gangplank into an off tank which is important because a damage based Gangplank gets focused easily and dies before he can contribute to a fight.

Trinity Force, well why wouldn't you get this? Gives some AD and AP. Some Crit Chance. Health and Mana. Not to mention the on hit effects are freaking awesome. It allows you to slow and deal TONS OF DAMAGE! -Phreak.

Since you are tanky as butts from Warmog's, Atma's is always good for the extra attack damage and the armor. Grabbing a chain vest early and keeping it until later when your ready to build the full item allows for good mitigation against AD top laners.

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Pros / Cons

Pros - Bonus Gold can get him ahead of lane. Crit's with Q make for great harass/killing blow. Ult snags kills/assists. Late game is strong with full build. Great harass with Q. Escape from hard CC and heal.

Cons - Weak early game if played wrong. Mid game is kind of weird, being weak and strong. Can be focused down easily. Weak against harass-y champions like Yorick. Fairly mana hungry.

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Early Game -

Gangplank is strong laner who excels at passive play, often pressuring the opponent to act and make mistakes. Since he has passive/active movement speed, he is great at harassing early game and escaping with his W from ganks. I often found myself with the upper hand in 2v1 dives because of my speed and positioning.
BREAKDOWN - Play passive, Farm hard, be mindful of ganks. With the Crystalline Flask you should be able to maintain good mana cost to harass/farm ratio.

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Mid Game -

Remain passive and farm while looking for opportunities to use your ult for assists in kills. If your lane is pushed, check mid for a gank. You have enough mobility to run down and back before it pushes back. This is a pretty good point of game for Gangplank to set up for ganks on top by harassing with his Q. You want to wait for your jungler because Mid Game is an odd situation for Gangplank. He is great defensively, but can still be easily killed 1v1.
BREAKDOWN - Play passive, set up for ganks, check lanes for use of your ult, check mid for gank.

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Late Game -

Warmogs makes your tanky as butts, but don't get cocky because it is fairly easy for Gangplank to get focused after he has used his E and W. Your build makes you an absolutely boss when it comes to 1v1 and your E lets you keep up with escaping opponents. This is when Gangplank really comes out his shell if he is played/built correctly.
BREAKDOWN - Now you can go on the offensive. Press towers, 1v1 with ease, escape 1v5 ganks and clear split pushers with your Ult.

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Score Card
" K D A CS
T Dramax907 16 8 22 243

A 46 minute game against a Cho'Gath and a Mundo Jungle. They fed early and on top of assists with my ult, I ended up winning the game after an ace and the rest of my team died. My farm for a game that long is not very good, but that isn't based on the champion or the build, its based on player skill.