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Gnar Build Guide by xxxpussyslayerxxx

Gnar - Just GNAR!!!!! (Top guide)

Gnar - Just GNAR!!!!! (Top guide)

Updated on August 15, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxxpussyslayerxxx Build Guide By xxxpussyslayerxxx 2,480 Views 0 Comments
2,480 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xxxpussyslayerxxx Gnar Build Guide By xxxpussyslayerxxx Updated on August 15, 2014
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Just GNAR!!!!

Hello guys

This is my guide to play top Gnar. This guide is going to be short and understandable - i will not write so much words that you will want to kill yourself just explain my way to play Gnar
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Very fun champion
Can easily escape from ganks with hes W
He has so much CC as Mega Gnar
He can kite and opke easily when little
If you play him well, u can win fights even when you under-numbered
All of hes skills can use offensivly and deffensively

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Almost useless in teamfights when he is little
Hard to play
High cooldown when u fail to catch hes Q (in every form)
You have almost no controll on hes passive
No ult as little Gnar

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Boomerang Throw - Max this first for maximum damage - mainly use it to kite and poke ar laning phase

Boulder Toss - Main damage in mega form aswell - when u chase an enemy, make sure u always refresh its cooldown to rapidly slow the enemy


Hyper - Extreamly good abillity - gives you mobility and does % damage

Wallop - Stun all enemies in short range - and then KILL THEM


Hop - Double jump and youre there - the perfect abillity to run or chase

Crunch - You jump only once - but you CC them all


GNAR! - 2 words - MEGA STUN just push them all into a wall and GNAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!
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Flash - Always a good alternative to run or chase when your E is on cd

Teleport - A good way to come back to lane fi you died, gank bot lane or catch up with your team

You can also take:

Ignite - If you want, u can take ignite instead of any of those spelles because you can use it to promise kills or to reduce healing
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxxpussyslayerxxx
xxxpussyslayerxxx Gnar Guide
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Gnar - Just GNAR!!!!! (Top guide)

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