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Gnar Build Guide by Samoonah



Updated on August 19, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Samoonah Build Guide By Samoonah 82,445 Views 3 Comments
82,445 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Samoonah Gnar Build Guide By Samoonah Updated on August 19, 2014
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Gnar is the new the champion of the game. Many take him as a top laner, but I prefer him as ADC. The reason for that is because Gnar in the mini form is much longer than in mega form. So I take advantage of that the most since mega form only lasts 15 seconds. This is my third guide and I wish I could help you understand this champion as much as I can.
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+ A lot of damage
+ Good escape methods
+ Too much CC
+ can be tanky in Mega Gnar form
+ Great passives
+ Hard to kill
+ No mana required
+ Cute!


- Squishy in Mini Gnar form
- Long cool downs
- Tricky to Catch the Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss
- Bad early game
- Needs good support
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

X 9

You're an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) and you need that extra damage early on for for farming minions and harassing your opponent. Some people tend to take attack speed because of Gnar's Hyper / Wallop. You don't need the attack speed in your runes because you already get 99% attack speed from Rage Gene at level 18.

x 9

You are squishy like any other ADC and you really need to protect yourself. Not to mention that when you transform into Mega Gnar you become tanky. So it's really great to include those 9 runes in your rune page for Gnar.

x 9

Almost all of the games you play on LoL, you would be facing either an AP champion or a champion with magic damage such as Ezreal, Lucian, or Morgana. So you need to protect yourself for that magic damage or else you will be killed really easily.

x 3

More damage will make you more scary early game when you throw that Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss on your Opponent then auto attacking him once or twice.

x 3

I would take this as an alternative to get more damage with my Hop / Crunch and also get on the safe side if Im facing high damage champs early like Miss Fortune or Draven
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Skills Tips and Tricks

Mini Gnar

Gnar has too much CC as a champion. Remember that his Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss can slow the enemy. On the Other hand, his Hyper / Wallop gains him 30% movement speed after every 3 stacks on the same enemy. His Hop / Crunch also slow the enemy. Use this as your advantage.


This is your bread and butter combo for finishing off your enemy,

Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss to slow the enemy > Hyper / Wallop to gain speed and catch up on the enemy > Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss (if it is not on cooldown) or Hop / Crunch (if he/she flashed or are too fast)

> >

> >


1- You can wall jump anything like Ezreal's Arcane Shift with your Hop / Crunch. You can wall jump to catch an enemy who flashed through a wall or you can escape from enemies who are chasing you.

2- You can jump over walls by using double jump (when using Hop / Crunch and landing on an enemy unit) on the jungle monsters such as the ghost and the blue buff monsters.

Mega Gnar

Mega Gnar has 2 stuns and 1 slow. And in this form he gains armor, health, magic resist, attack damage. so don't be afraid to go all in.


Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss to slow the enemy > Hop / Crunch to get closer > Hyper / Wallop for stun > GNAR! against the wall for another stun > auto attacks and repeat if the enemy didn't die which I doubt :P

> > > > Auto attacks > > >


1- Your ulti GNAR! can stun multiple champs at once. So don't for get to use it in a team fight if the enemies are all in one place.

2- Similar to mini Gnar, mega Gnar can wall jump too, but a smaller distance (I think).
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This is a MUST! You have to go for this item first. Why? Because it gives you the following:
1- Ability power to increase the damage of your Hyper / Wallop.
2- Attack damage for the rest of your abilities and auto attacks.
3- Attack speed for stacking the Hyper / Wallop faster, which means damage faster.
4- Health for more damage of the Hop / Crunch
5- Movement speed that will make your passive Hyper / Wallop OP

This is by far the best life steal item in the shop. 80 attack damage, 20% life steal, and 350 shield. With this you can go against anybody in the game with no problem. Specially when you turn into Mega Gnar, you still life steal the hell out of your enemies, making you the the unstoppable tank.

Giving you more attack speed for your domination on the field of battle.

I prefer this item over Statikk Shiv because of its passive. It lets me pass through units, so when I'm chasing someone, I don't get annoyed by stupid minions in my way. Also, I get more attack speed and Crit chance.

This a very good item because of its passive. 100 magic damage bonus on the damage you do, and it MAY crit damage only if your hit was crit hit. But stats wise, Phantom Dancer is better.

This item makes you so much stronger, its amazing! increasing your crit chance to 65%! Which means 65% of your hits are crit hits! And it gives you 250% crit damage!!! HOLY %$#*&?! Not to mention the 80 attack damage you add to your pocket. Definitely take this item!

I know you guys are thinking "why would I take black cleaver?! Its usually a tank's item!" Well your Hop / Crunch deals attack damage and 6% of your maximum health as bonus damage. Black Cleaver + Trinity Force gives you 550 bonus health, which means more damage MUWAHAHAHAHAHA. Also, it gives you 50 attack damage, 10% cool down reduction, and 10 armor penetration for the tanky champs to enjoy ;)

I only take this item if I'm really ahead of everybody and I'm dominating everyone. It's a little extra fun for me to see the enemy die so fast haha. I sacrifice the Berserker's Greaves for this item. I lose some of my movement speed, but I'm still high with it. My movement speed would be around 407 or something like that. But I get 50% attack speed, 10% cool down reduction, 10% movement speed, and 25 attack damage. Not to mention that I get 35% reduction on CCs (Crowd Control > Stuns, snares, slows, fears, silences)
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Best Supports

By far the best support for Gnar for the following reasons:

1- Together they have 4 stuns

4 stacks with Concussive Blows, Hyper / Wallop (mega gnar form), GNAR!, Glacial Fissure

2- Together they have 4 slows

Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss, Hop / Crunch, Winter's Bite, Glacial Fissure

3- Can cover Gnar from most CCs with his Stand Behind Me and Unbreakable combo

4- Tanky enough to engage for Gnar

5- Can heal Gnar with face of the mountain item

6- Extra protection for Gnar with Stand Behind Me

Second best support because leona offers the following:

1- Stuns with her Shield of Daybreak and Solar Flare provided by 2 other stuns from Gnar

2- Slow with her Solar Flare (when hitting enemies by the edge)

3- Good engaging skill Zenith Blade

4- More damage for Gnar because of the passive Sunlight

5- Heal Gnar with Face of the mountain

6- Tanky enough to engage for Gnar

More Coming Soon

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Coming Soon..

I will post more stuff soon as I play with Gnar more.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Samoonah
Samoonah Gnar Guide
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