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Wukong Build Guide by Drakkiron

AD Offtank Godkong {Season 6} Top/Mid/Jungle

AD Offtank Godkong {Season 6} Top/Mid/Jungle

Updated on March 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakkiron Build Guide By Drakkiron 61 5 3,480,223 Views 25 Comments
61 5 3,480,223 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakkiron Wukong Build Guide By Drakkiron Updated on March 5, 2016
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  • LoL Champion: Wukong
    AD Offtank
  • LoL Champion: Wukong
  • LoL Champion: Wukong
    AD Assassin


My name is Drakkiron and I used to main Wukong in the Top lane, however he is proficient in both the Mid lane and the Jungle as well. Wukong is a strong laner, able to do massive mid game damage, and this is mainly where he gets fed. Jungle Wukong is pretty different, focusing more on trying to get early kill participation and jungle farm early to scale in to a tanky late game, or if you're going a good AD build, then to shred their team and carry. Mid game roaming is also a strong point for him as a laner and a jungler. Wukong excels at many things, including dueling, pushing towers, shredding down tanks, doing a sh*t ton of damage, and especially the teamfights. With tons of CC, damage, dueling potential, and his large AOE team demolishing ultimate Cyclone, he is fit to carry any team to victory.

In this guide, I focus more on laning Wukong than jungle. This is not the BEST jungle Wukong guide.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is the best summoner spell, on almost every champion, no doubt. Offers great escape and chase potential. Never go without it.

The summoner spell is better than ignite since it gives you global pressure and can help get you fed where you cant with a hard lane matchup. I almost always take it, unless ignite is just called for.

Ignite works well to get fed early. Afterwards, it's only used to secure kills that are already at near death or a counterpick against heals.

I wouldn't take this in most circumstances. Flash is a much better spell, in my opinion, for Wukong.
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Quintessences: Nowadays it's best to go with 3 flat AD Quints.
Marks: 8 flat damage marks to put the hurt on, and the infamous 1% crit chance rune! (Or just 9 AD Marks if you so please.)
Seals: 9 flat armor seals to tank some physical damage up
Glyphs: 9 scaling MR glyphs because late game AD Wukong is squishy, especially to burst.
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As of now, Masteries are nearly set in stone. The [Thunderlord's Decree] path is usually the way to go, since it's the best for really quick trade (E-AA-Q-W). If you want to go more of a tanky route then [Grasp of the Undying] isn't bad for top lane either.
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Pros / Cons

1. Very strong duelist
2. Very strong pusher
3. Very strong teamfighter
4. Useful as a tank or a high damage bruiser/assassin
5. Can shred through one teams armor with ease
6. Has an ability that makes him go invisible
7. Great waveclear
8. Possibly the strongest Ultimate in the game, with a great initiate.

1. No sustain unless lifesteal is built quickly.
2. Can get zoned by stronger duelists
3. Anyone that can reveal him while invisible is an insta-counter.
4. An AD Wukong is a little squishy.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Max Nimbus Strike for maximum damage output. It's the best thing to grab, and Crushing Blow is inferior to it.
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Stone Skin (Passive): This adds to you overall tankiness in teamfights. This will allow you to stay alive for much longer while you are spinning on everyone.
Crushing Blow (Q): This ability has a range of 125, making it a good poke ability. This spell hits 1 enemy, reducing their armor by 30%, so basically, it's a built in Last Whisper. To use this effectively in teamfights, use your Crushing Blow on the focus and Cyclone them, shredding their armor down to do tons of damage.
Warrior Trickster (W): I should have told you this earlier: this is his core ability, although below, I state Nimbus Strike is also really important. However, Warrior Trickster allows you to assassinate, juke, surprise and engage entire teams, taking them down with your Cyclone. There are a couple ways to juke with Wukong, which I will state later in this guide. Anyways, use Decoy when you think it is time to use it, in sticky scenarios for either sides.
Nimbus Strike: This ability is his farming ability, his initiate, his poke, his duel, gapcloser, his bread and butter. I max this ability first because it does damage to more than one person, gives you a lot of extra attack speed, and Wukong gets a ton of damage from it. A lot of people max out Q first, but for me, I believe his E is a better ability to max.
Cyclone: This. This ability is the best teamfight ability in the game, hands down. With a constant damage, armor shredding, knocking-up, team-destroying ability like this, you can carry a game so hard. This ability is why Wukong is the King of the Rift. He can 1v5 with a well placed Cyclone, and he will destroy and turn fights combined with Warrior Trickster.
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Here is the Champion Spotlight for Wukong.
An Example of what Wukong is capable of.
The literal Best Wukong in the world, Allorim! Watch him in action!
TIps and tricks for Wukong, all credit to Allorim once again.
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The King of all Monkeys, Wrecking Ball of the Rift, Demolisher of Top Lane, and Spin to WIN! Thank you for reading my guide, and hopefully people will see the true power of Wukong once again!

I'm Drakkiron, and I hope you destroy the Summoner's Rift with our favorite banana eater!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakkiron
Drakkiron Wukong Guide
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Godkong {Season 6} Top/Mid/Jungle

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