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Sejuani Build Guide by Heptaman

AP Offtank Godlike Sejuani toplane: how and why

AP Offtank Godlike Sejuani toplane: how and why

Updated on December 3, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heptaman Build Guide By Heptaman 49,900 Views 0 Comments
49,900 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Heptaman Sejuani Build Guide By Heptaman Updated on December 3, 2016
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Hello everyone !

This is my build for a Sejuani toplane, that is really godlike these days, and that can be as useful as a jungle Sejuani, but with a little bit more damages !
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Spells and runes

The Flash is a must have. Don't try the ghost, it's not as good as a Flash (because you can't Flash / Q with it, obviously).

The Teleport gives you the ability to get to the dragon easily, and to be more present on the map. Don't waste it!

The runes now, are the part that you can change. I usually play with the runes I indicated for this build, because I get magic pen and AP to deal more damages. The scaling MR and health runes are there to make you tankier in mid/late game, always keep them. But you can switch the Quints of AP for magic pen, and the Marks of magic pen for Attack speed. Why so? Because you'll be able to take better trades in early game (better do 1 more auto-attack of 60 damages than 12 more damages on your Q).
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You'll always upgrade your W first, it's your main source of damages, as it hurts depending on how much maximum health you have (so... more HP = more damages, you get it?). At level 2, I usually take the Q, because it enables me to dash out if I get ganked, or to engage a trade if I think I can win it. Then, at level 3, you can choose to upgrade your W of one more level and get it level 2, or to take the E, if your jungler comes, as it can slow ennemies, and help take a flash or even a kill. Choose wisely!

So after this, you max the W, then the E, and last the Q (never max the Q). Take your ultimate at levels 6, 11 and 16.
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Your masteries are used to make you tankier while dealing good damages. I think that some key elements need to be explained!

1/ Fresh Blood: you take it, because your W is first an auto-attack with increased damages (based on your opponents max health), and then AoE damages. Which means that, when you use your W, you'll get even more damages with it.

2/ Fearless: You will gain armor and magic resist when an ennemy hits you... Do I really need to explain why you need it? Ok. You buy items with HP and AP, but few armor/MR. You jump in, get hit, get armor/MR. Simple as that.

3/ Legendary Guardian: extremely good mastery, especially when synergised with your passive and the Fearless mastery. You'll get tankier when being hit, when in the middle of ennemies, when dealing damages. But wait... Sejuani is always in the middle of ennemies, deals damages in a zone, and gets hit... What more can I say?

4/ Courage of the Colossus: probably the strongest mastery right now, because with a hard CC you get an enormous shield (your Q and your R are hard CCs). In fact, level 1, you'll have a shield with something like 70 points on it when doing a hard CC on 1 person. But, in the late game, level 18, with the items of the "Full build example", you'll get a 483 points shield when doing a hard CC on ONE PERSON. And if you do a hard CC on 5 PERSONS? it gets to a 1653 points shield. So you'll have 4100 HP + a shield of 1650 points. No one can kill you.
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Some items are very useful and their importance needs some explanations I think. So here we go!

Sunfire cape: it deals passive damages in a zone around you, just like your W... Great synergy, isn't it? Plus health and armor, super great item. Must have.

Protobelt: you have a Flash, you have a dash on your Q... But you need more! Get a protobelt: health, damages, CDR, a dash... Truly a broken item on Sejuani.

Boots: your boots can change depending on the ennemy team. Always choose between the Sorcerer's boots, the Mercury's Treads, or the Boots of Swiftness. The Ninja Tabi can be good too.

Rylai's Scepter: it slows ennemies. You already slow ennemies a lot. Slow them more, and deal more damages as you get more health and more AP.

Zz'rot: My favourite item. I usually complete it first, and put it under my tower on top, to roam on other lanes, because I'll have tankyness, and my lane will be pushed without having to do anything. Completely broken.

Spirit Visage and Banshee's Veil: just a source of Magic Resist, not really important. But I prefer the SV, as it gives more HP, and CDR.

Randuin's Omen: even more HP and armor, plus the crit reduction, and the slow from the active. Indeed a great item.

Abyssal Scepter: AP, CDR, MR, and a passive that makes you deal 10% more magical damages. It's only flaw is that it has no health. But still, a wonderful item.

Warmog's Armor: more health, more damages. And more CDR too. Super great.

You need to stay focus when buying items. Never buy items that don't give you health (except the abyssal scepter and the zz'rot), because it's where your damages come from. Also, keep in mind that you can buy AP/HP items first, as your masteries will be here to make you tankier when fighting.
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In the game

When on lane, you just farm. Until you've got your 3 spells, don't try a trade unless your ennemy is known as a bad duellist (ex: Malphite). Then, you can take trades, but only if your spells are available. If one of them is on cooldown, don't go!

During the laning phase, you have something very important to do: farm. Your waveclear is incredible thanks to your AoE, so that you can almost clear a wave in 1 or 2 seconds. So just farm, to get health, a lot of health. You need to become a big bag of HP, because of your importance in teamfights.

During a teamfight, remember that, even if you mostly have AP/HP items with no armor/MR, you have masteries that will make you a big tank. And as you are the tank of your team, you NEED to engage: you got a very nice set of spells to do so, use it! Once the fight is engaged, try to rush to the carries: your shield of Courage of the Colossus + your HP + your increased resistances + your damages... they'll run away from you, and they won't be able to try and kill your carries. Always protect them!
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A bit of splitpush?

You want to take towers but the ennemy team is keeping pressure on a lane and you can't move a lot? You buy the Zz'rot. Your TP is going here to be very useful.

For example: ennemies are pushing bot, and you want outer and inner towers on top. Go top with your Zz'rot ready, place it in a bush, and waveclear with your spells (fast waveclear = towers getting destroyed easily). And if they dare engage a fight on bot: you TP in and stomp the fight with your tankyness and damages, while the toplane is getting pushed by your Zz'rot. Easy.
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Pros / Cons

+ Super tanky thanks to masteris + passive
+ Extremely high damages for a tank
+ Waveclear quickly, makes it good for splitpush
+ Super strong engage / disengage / escape / survavibility
+ Only need Bami's Cinders and Hextech Gun to win trades
+ Quite easy to control
+ Better than a lot of toplaners in trades
+ One of her skins rides a freakin LION !!!

- Needs a bit of help to be sure to secure kills
- Still not a solution to the Darius problem
- Needs to wait for her masteries / spells cooldowns before fighting
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heptaman
Heptaman Sejuani Guide
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Godlike Sejuani toplane: how and why

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