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Udyr General Guide by Bestia23

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bestia23

Godyr Tiger Patch 5.14 in depth

Bestia23 Last updated on July 30, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rek'Sai Steal all his jungle and 1v1 him evrytime you can ,he will try to 1v1
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Tiger or Phoenix

Very important:
-First of all this is a tiger guide ,and i dont recomand to do the same on a phoenix one
U have to play what you like, here is a little story:
I am a main in plat elo , a one ,and i played 400 games on until the new Sated devourer wich let you have max 30 stacks and gives u a passive that at every 2 hits a clone of yourself hits the target, so.. what this means?If youre playing on the this is broken because with this new item u will activate the passive at 2 hits instead of 3

With all this new update they made the very OP so i played it .... and there were games were i was like 20/2 or 0/10 ...because i just didnt enjoy phoenix,and then i had a big lose streak..
And i say fk and i did go play again tigger stance and with that i won my promos to plat very easy and enjoy the game...because this is what i like to play

So the whole idea is :to play what you like not what others like ,and i put this first because it think its very important

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Explaining of the Runes


-Why attack speed?It synergise well with ur Q() and will make ur clear very good

-The monsters in Jungle deal AD DMG , and the seals are the efensive ones of the runes , to put offensive on seals is good only if u do like a full ad or ap because it dont give you a lot of offensive stats

-U have to be mobile in jungle to clear faster and do other buffs or gank the lanes , and if u think this number is insignificant ... this give u 20 mov speed

-Cooldown reduction its usualy veryy good on udyr because if u have 5% cdr from runes and 5% from masteries after u do blue u gain 10% cdr wich means u got 20% cdr and that will let u to have permanently 3 stacks of passive wich means better clear
-There are 3 more places for runes free , i prefer to take more attack speed instead of magic rezist because it wont make a big difference

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Explaining of the Masteries


This is the 5% cooldown reduction i was talking about to synergise with ur runes and have permanent 3 passive stacks after blue buff

Usualy one of the best mastery for junglers because it gives u sustain

An upgrade for even more sustain

Because u will not be focused a lot on the AD and more for Attack speed becauseu will do a lot of dmg from abilities and the devourer enchant its good to have a little bonus dmg over the time

Its a good sincronisation with your passive and the best part ,bonus damage


Synergise with the health u get from attacking a monster in jungle from

Not that important but needed to put a point in juggernaut

Juggernaut it gives u 3%hp and u know how important is to have a little bonus hp,i mean how many times u escaped with 10hp ?:)

This is one of the best because ti gives u tenacity wich means a stun will be lower with 10% , this is one of three basic things with carrying with udyr tenacyty.. and if u build the mercurys treads

Reduces the damage taken from monsters in jungle that means better sustain in jungle

This is like a thornamil for minions except that they take dmg depending on their hp


Thats very good because more mov speed+Udyr=Nascar

Lowers the cooldown of the Teleport

Longer time u will have blue and red buff , perfect mastery on a jungler

Why this ? Because junglers do objectives like Dragons Buffs Barons and in some cases splitpush so u need to be safe or u can use this as a offensive play

Because in the season 5 now u can only buy 2 pots at the start fo the game i decided this is a good mastery

Because in the season 5 now u can only buy 2 pots at the start fo the game i decided this is a good mastery

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Jungle route clear and ganks

this is my route:
Gromp-Blue-wolves-krugs-red-chickens-scuttle crab

First we should talk about what u smite:
1.Gromp-it gives you a hit buff to clear better
2.Krugs-a stun buff on hit at 6 hits wich will stun the red 2 times before attacking you
3.Chikens-gives you a buff wich detect wards ,

In all this time youre doing your jungle be carefull especially at the red buff ,and ward this bush and check this one , and look on the lanes to know what lane to gank

Here how to be safe :1.Red-where to ward 2.Green-check that bush

1.How to clear your jungle, lets take it from the start:u activate in base when u spawn , then u first hit gromp with a hit and then again because this will activate again the passive that deal a lot of dmg on first hit again for the maximum DPS ,and after you take from gromp , u before attacking the blue buff to get a extra shield
2.Now , how you switch betwhen abilites while doing the jungle:The basic is to and after u get 1 hit from the mob attack him until his animation of attack start again and right before that animation start you to avoid the DMG and for AOE if u got cooldown on but the primarly damage output is your .Always betwhen camps to keep ur passive stacks up and stun them ,and after this u use the combo that i just say above

The whole idea with the Godyr are the stacks after you get from the new devourer
1.First this is the stacks per evrything,try to do the dragon evrytime you can
-normal monster(krugs,gromp,chickens,wolves)-1 stack
-kills/assists-1 stack
-scuttle crab-2
2.The secret with this item is to take imediatly after u build it dragon and scuttle crab,so if we do some simple math we will have 7 stacks from the begining.... thats a lot ,its like a steroid
3.Its simple, after u did the steps from above just gank when u see a oportunity ,somebody pushing too far or countergank and just farm the jungle camps , but if u know u can 1v1 the enemy jungle go for it , take it , take his jungle , make him suffer

Lets talk about the ganks,here are they ways you can gank
Red if youre in the red team
Blue if youre in the blue team

This applies for UDYR in general:when u have a lot of attack speed u dont just let the auto attack ,what u do is attack move forward to the target ,attack and the best to do this is by attacking by lateral, so if youre doing this you will stay near that champion and attacking him at the time

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Wards are very important , especialy for jungle just think how many things you can do if u know where you enemy is :u can go take another buff , u can go kill him ,gank a lane and your team knows where so they will dont die.. because a gank , because me as a godyr player .... i hate when like 2 lanes die continously because if they feed realy hard u will cant gank those 2 lanes....

Here are some good warding places:

upload img

1.wards yor buff ,mid lane and bot lane
2.wards a frecvent way of the junglers who gank mid and bot
3.a jungler without much cc will try to come there and gank from behind
4.4 ways ward.. one of the best spots for warding in the game will know if thier jungler is in your/his jungle or is trinyg to gank mid lane is safe

You do the same for red side except that is conversely

And dont forget to ward baron and dragon.

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Pros /Cons

-Good splitpusher
-Very high mobility
-big attack speed
-Fast clear
-good sustain
-big lane presence when enemy push
-big DMG output in late game and mid game
-very tanky


-Mana hunger early game
-not big early presence
-if gets a lot of couter jungle.. not that strong

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Lets talk about the items

The primary: Jungle items

This is the item that u want to get if youre focused more on farm than on ganks ,and its my choice because when you smite a monster it gives you hp and mana back and stun aoe the monsters

If you want a big pressence early and a lot of ganks this si what you need

Now lets talk about the viable items:


This is the must have item for , it give you everything you need ,and you deal TONS OF DMG

Im not a fan of this item.. because you have your and your attack speed will make you attack faster and if you go for u will have a lot of life steal from w , but this is very ok if ure very feed and u did go for stalkers blade instead of the trailbrazer and their team dont do much

I really enjoy to build this item,one of the best, it gives you attack speed a bonus amout of dmg and very import tenacity wich dont stack with so if you build zephyr dont build too and go for or ,and lets dont forget about that bonus mov speed u get from this item because 10% its a lot

Very good when their team have squishys (low hp charachters,especially adcs and midlaners)

It synergyse with the jungle item because tha clone will appear after u do 30 stacks is a hit so the bonus dmg on hit from this item its count and add a magic rezist stack on the of the clone


This item is very good against feed adc and ad carries such as , .yndamere, , and the worst item for you if one of the enemy build it

If the game goes well rush this after trinity ,because tanky stats and bonus dmg

One of my favorites item in the game , this is so good because is the bigest amount of hp and armor you could get from a item at the time

I do this item only in special cases when we have carryes in our yeam but they have no mobility and im like the only tank in the team

We all have some time or another that midlaner who said he is a korean chalenger riven smurf aaaand he feed like hell the other midlaner wich is usualy ap so magic resista is realy good .If you just want to have some magic rezist take the spirit visage if u have problems with the enemys mages take the banshees

Very good for your carries and insane because it gives you 10% cdr wich means you can have permanently 3 stacks on passive ,and 400 hp looks nice



These are the items u can build to push but ,dont do all three at the same time

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SplitPush & Backdoor

The basic reason for split pushing is to force the enemy team to think about two different areas on the map, and decide between them. You do this because you don't want to 5v5, or because one person on your team is such a good split pusher that it will be dramatically in your favor.

You do this by threatening two different objectives on the map, such that the enemy team has to choose in advance how to position themselves, because traveling between the objectives is time consuming. A very basic example is having four team members push top, while one member pushes bottom. The enemy must decide whether it wants to try to stop the top or bottom pushes, or both.

The entire goal is to set up an unfair situation, where the enemy either does not defend against the split, and the split pusher is able to take things for free, or multiple enemies go to deal with the split push, and the rest of the team can start a 4v3 fight or take an objective. If your split push is putting a lot of pressure on the enemy, you can often force them to make desperate plays that result in them throwing the game, because they know that if they don't do something quickly they will lose towers etc.

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Thanks for reading my guide,i will do more for other champions

Here a image of my account on EUNE if ,want to know something add me
And if you like this guide like it to help other people see it



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