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Yasuo Build Guide by TrinityForceYasuo

Top Grandmaster TrinityForceYasuo Build Top Lane S10 Patch 10.2

By TrinityForceYasuo | Updated on May 31, 2020
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Top Spells For High Elo
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
Ranked #48 in
Middle Lane
Win 50%
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Typical Starting items
Starting items for hard matchups
After boots optional 80% crit
First Item If Against Tank
First Item If Against Ap champs (2 ore more)
Follow up by stinger if u are confident and want the attack speed for airblade or for sustain phage
Next try to have enough gold so when you back you can get trinity
Get Cloak of agility follow it up by bf sword and make your way to IE

Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies

Champion Build Guide

Grandmaster TrinityForceYasuo Build Top Lane S10 Patch 10.2

By TrinityForceYasuo
About me
Hello everyone! My name is John ''TrinityForceYasuo'', I'm a yasuo main from EUNE. I play yasuo from a few years now (3+) have 6m+ mastery points on him. My peak is GrandMaster 280 LP and #3 Yasuo in the world. I started playing league from the age of 11. Why I chose yasuo as my champion? I think he is a really fun but needs a lot of time to put into him to become fun, he has a lot of outplay potential and there is pretty much always something to improve with him no matter how good you are. There are always little details you can improve on with the champion. I'm also streaming on and I also coach. You can come and ask me anything about the game or yasuo specific stuff. I will happily answer. The stream is in 3 languages which are Greek,Bulgarian and English. I try to mix it up to have people from all over the world interacting in my stream and trying to feel comfortable when the join to watch! I have a youtube channel too, I will be upload some plays and different tips and tricks about yasuo + full gameplay of how to laning phase against specific match ups:
Laning phase Back to Top
I would recommend just to freeze let the enemy overstep and then to try and go for an extended trade depending on the enemy champion of course, freezing also helps you build a cs lead, keep you safe from ganks and set up potential ganks for your jungler. Try to bait out your enemy's abilities and play around their main abilities cooldowns, that would be the best time to go for a short trade and slowly but surely set them up for an all-in. As a last thing try to adapt to your enemies dodging patern, throw few nados and notice how he dodges and later on you will be better hitting your Q's. Always pull an AA before ulting if you are in range and have enough AS, this one AA can make the difference if you gonna get the kill or not.
Late Game/Teamfights/Split Pushing Back to Top
Late game/Split pushing: When laning phase is over. Try to adapt on the enemy's team comp, if they have a lot of CC you probably gonna be useless in the teamfights, so start split pushing get 1 or 2 enemies to stop you and this way you can give an opportunity to your teammates to force an objective, make a teamfight with member advantage or just push another lane without the enemy team being able to stop them so its a win-win situation for your team overall. Just learn how to split, while splitting pay a lot of attention to the minimap and have the blue trinket and place it to a good place where you think the enemies will most likely cross to come and try to stop you...Oh and also hope your team won't get caught in case no one comes to stop you.

-Teamfights: Try to hold your nado as long as possible and look for better opportunities to knock up more people because that can change the whole teamfight or even game outcome. Don't rush your W too, learn to place it to the most efficient way possible to prevent the enemies blockable abilities.
Tips Back to Top
Learn to use your E the most efficient way possible, don't rush onto dashing, get a good angle with your champion and then dash to maximize the range you gonna travel and catch up faster to the enemy you are chasing or just maximize the distance between you and your enemy while trying to escape.

Never rush to use your ultimate to maximize the time your enemy will be knocked up, pay attention to the little line above the enemy you knocked up with your nado and use your ultimate right before it reached the end, this way when your ultimate is over you will have your Q right back up of cooldown and will be able to use it when your ultimate is done. Also before using R try to AA if you have enough attack speed and if you are close enough to your target. When you have 2 attack speed items and you are in range to AA and airblade (E+Q+R) do it to maximize the damage you output.

Never rush onto using your E on your target if there are minions close, use it in the end to kill them just in case they have some kind of a dash/flash/escape ability to be able to catch up on them and kill them.

Always when going to E+Q try to pay attention to your Q cooldown, when it reaches 0.5 seconds use E because at that point your Q gets resetted. Doing that a couple of times in a row will make a big difference and it will look like your Q has no cooldown.

Learn how to dash around in the teamfights, do not I repeat do not dash around in autopilot, think how you dash why you dash and where exactly you want to dash to achieve an outplay,dodge skillshots or get a better position to land a multiple man R.

I will be doing an advanced guide on my youtube channel about how to utilize yasuo's E and how to dash the proper way and improvise for some really good and not that commonly seen wall dashes.

When you chase and you are close to him with nado try not to use it instantly because they most likely will try to dodge it so in the meantime you can AA then and after when nado is almost over use it for an easy hit. If you get chased and you have nado hold it, they will try to side step and this way the distance slowly but surely becomes bigger between the 2 of you and again just it at the end when its almost over
Pros and Cons Back to Top

- High mobility
- High outplay potential
- Really fun to play
- Can snowball hard if done right
- Really good wave clear which helps for split pushing (if E+Q used right)


- Really squishy early game
- Easily punished if done 1 mistake
- Hard to master
- Hates CC
- If not around minions waves can be easily ****ed
- You gonna put up with a lot of flame just simply because you play the champion
so prepare to test your mentality
- In low elos highly banned
Core Items Back to Top

Trinity as first item for top is really good in my opinion because of all the resources it gives you.Nothing really goes to waste, you put in use everything expect the mana it gives you. Phage helps really a lot because as yasuo you are always around minions so you got unlimited movement speed boost 20 if hit something 60 if you kill. Stinger gives 35% Attack speed which helps uncap your Q and the total attack speed is 1.45 and it feels really smooth, and then we got sheen which boosts your Q damage or AA which also helps for split pushing

Infinity edge is a must item on yasuo. Yasuo utilizes it very well, you get 80 damage and 25% critical strike which transforms to 50% because of yasuo's passive doubling critical strikes. Its passive increase your crits by 25%. Combining infinity edge with trinity force is insanely good, if you are lucky enough and crit because you gonna have 50% critical it will hurt a lot, in the best case you can deal 600+ damage combined with sheen on champions and on minions or monters even more.

Now here you gotta experiment and see how you feel with these.

- BT: Gives some good amount of damage and sustain

- Raports cloak: The passive for the movement speed boost by 20% is just insane when split pushing, you can chase or escape in the lane (you gon be really fast) plus the armor and hp regen doesnt go to waste, dont really build it to anything else, use it for the mid game and then when it comes to buy a better item like he 5th or 6th sell it). The movement speed boost it gives you combined with TriForce is pretty insane, 512 MS when you kill something and 470 or close there when you just attack it without killing it.

-Steraks: Good amount of ad/hp and the passive is wonderful, would recommend for every game personally.

-Mallet: Really good for target accessibility and good vs tanks too. Combined with trinity you basically get ms and slow them down so yeah good luck getting away from you.

- Statik: Really good burst damage it provides, makes your healing insane because of the more damage you do with it

League of Legends Build Guide Author TrinityForceYasuo
TrinityForceYasuo Yasuo Guide
Grandmaster TrinityForceYasuo Build Top Lane S10 Patch 10.2
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