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Gwen Build Guide by Azekar

Top Gwen Top [All builds and matchups] [12.21]

Top Gwen Top [All builds and matchups] [12.21]

Updated on November 19, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azekar Build Guide By Azekar 19 2 28,841 Views 5 Comments
19 2 28,841 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Azekar Gwen Build Guide By Azekar Updated on November 19, 2022
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Runes: Conqueror against melee

1 2 3 4
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Gwen Top [All builds and matchups] [12.21]

By Azekar
✄ About Me ✄
Hi, Shad here. I've been a League player for many years, with even bigger gaps. My longest one lasted about 4 years, but I came back thanks to a friend who introduced me to Gwen. After the trailer of this character, I said that she is for me and that I will become her main. Before that, I was Singed's OTP for many years and reached my peak in season 8 - Master 300 LP EUW. Today I still really like Singed and I think he is a great champion to play, but my favorite character as I wrote above is Gwen. I decided to write this guide so that people will get to know this champion as I did. I hope this guide will be more accessible to you.
✄ Why Gwen? ✄
Gwen is a hypercarry/bruiser AP toplaner. It has a fairly simple kit that is based on AP damage as well as true.

He can adapt to any possible situation - he can be a tank, bruiser, and full AP hypercarry. It all depends on what we need most at the moment. Yes, Gwen can be a tank like I mentioned before. However, someone will ask me "How can a tank deal damage like a bruiser?" I answer - it's Gwen.

She excels at splitpushing, and is very strong on the sidelane in mid and lategame, so she can easily defeat characters who want to threaten her and interrupt her job.

However, in addition to splitpushing, Gwen has POWERFUL teamfights where she can easily knock out an opposing tank or carry and come out unscathed thanks to her W (The one that all mages and ADCs hate.)
✄ Gwen Pros and Cons ✄
+ Gwen scales VERY well
+ Has a very good splitpush
+ Has very good 1v1 and teamfights
+ Deals massive damage to structures (towers, inhibitors) as well as creatures like dragon or baron
+ Easy to play
+ She is a flex (toplaner, jungler), can be a tank, bruiser and hypercarry
+ Has a simple skill set
+ Has HUGE numbers

- Poor early
- If she's behind she's very weak, she needs to win a lane or be even so she's not useless
- He is a very weak blind - he has a lot of difficult matchups
- Hard to master
- She's squishy
- Her skill set is damage-only
✄ Gwen Combos ✄

✄ Easy combos: ✄
✄ Hard combos: ✄
(Here's combos with flash)
✄ Very hard combos ✄
✄ Skills what u can dodge with W ✄
Aatrox: Can dodge Q and W.

Ahri: Can dodge everything.

Akali: Can dodge Q, E and first R's targeting. You CANNOT dodge second R.

Alistar: Can dodge W's targeting.

Amumu: Can dodge Q and R.

Anivia: Can dodge everything.

Annie: Can dodge everything.

Aphelios: Can dodge everything.

Ashe: Can dodge everything.

Aurelion Sol: Can dodge everything.

Azir: Can dodge everything.

Bard: Can dodge everything.

Bel'Veth: Can dodge W.

Blitzcrank: Can dodge Q and R.

Brand: Can dodge everything.

Braum: Can dodge Q, R and MAYBE passive if hit from outside. Needs further testing.

Caitlyn: Can dodge everything and R's targeting.

Camille: Can dodge W and R's targeting.

Cassiopeia: Can dodge everything.

Cho'Gath: Can dodge Q, W and E spikes. You CANNOT dodge R.

Corki: Can dodge everything.

Darius: Can dodge Q and E.

Diana: Can dodge Q and R, but latter is difficult.

Dr. Mundo: Can dodge Q.

Draven: Can dodge everything.

Ekko: Can dodge Q.

Elise: Can dodge Human Form's everything, can't dodge anything in Spider Form except E.

Evelynn: Can dodge both parts of Q, W's Charm and R.

Ezreal: Can dodge everything.

Fiddlesticks: Can dodge everything.

Fiora: Can dodge W and R's targeting.

Fizz: Can dodge Q's targeting and R.

Galio: Can dodge Q, W and R. You have to be not in the center when he lands though.

Gangplank: Can dodge Q, E and R.

Garen: Can't dodge anything.

Gnar: Can dodge Q and W passive in Yordle Form. Can dodge Q, MAYBE W in Mega Form. You CANNOT dodge his R.

Gragas: Can dodge Q and R.

Graves: Can dodge Q, W and R easily but autos may be a problem. Even though he's ranged, he's basically melee.

Gwen: Can dodge R.

Hecarim: Can't dodge anything expect E if u have good timing. R is a bit tricky though. If when he ults and he's barely outside the Mist zone, you will be able to dodge it, but it's very unlikely.

Heimerdinger: Can dodge everything including his turrets.

Illaoi: Can dodge her Q and E, R too if she's outside the zone. Tentacles won't spawn if she's unable to hit with R. Also, if she's able to E you and kills the soul, the spawning tentacles won't be able to damage you if you use the Mist.

Irelia: Can dodge Q's targeting, W, E and R.

Ivern: Can dodge Q, E's pop damage if he's barely outside the Mist and Daisy's (R) damage.

Janna: Can dodge Q, W and R.

Jarvan: Can dodge W, but unlikely. Can dodge E though.

Jax: Can dodge Q's targeting.

Jayce: Can dodge everything in his Cannon Form. Cannot dodge anything in Hammer Form.

Jhin: Can dodge everything including his traps. They won't slow you nor damage you.

Jinx: Can dodge everything

Kai'Sa: Can dodge everything.

Kalista: Can dodge her auto attacks and thus, E. Unsure about R. Kalista is the one casting the R, but someone else literally becomes a skillshot and they throw themselves. Likely undodgeable.

Karma: Can dodge everything.

Karthus: Can dodge everything.

Kassadin: Can dodge Q and E.

Katarina: Can dodge Q and R.

Kayle: Can dodge Q and E, also basic attacks and waves after 6/11.

Kayn: Can dodge his W. You CANNOT dodge his R.

Kennen: Can dodge his Q, E and R. But he will likely be in your face when he casts it, so extremely unlikely, unless in teamfights and he focuses on someone else.

Kha'Zix: Can dodge his W.

Kindred: Can dodge Q, W and E but unsure about R. Not sure if you would still get the healing if they would stay outside your Mist. Needs further testing.

Kled: Can dodge Q in both forms.

Kog'Maw: Can dodge everything.

K'Sante: Cant dodge anything? (Im not sure)

Leblanc: Can dodge Q and E with their respective copies.

Lee Sin: Can dodge Q.

Leona: Can dodge E and R.

Lillia: Can dodge Q, E and R.

Lissandra: Can dodge Q, E and R.

Lucian: Can dodge everything.

Lulu: Can dodge Q, W (Polymorph) and E.

Lux: Can dodge everything.

Malphite: Can dodge Q. You CANNOT dodge his R.

Malzahar: Can dodge everything with R's targeting, including Voidlings' damage.

Maokai: Can dodge Q, Saplings (E) and R.

Master Yi: Can't dodge anything.

Miss Fortune: Can dodge everything.

Mordekaiser: Can dodge Q, E and R's targeting.

Morgana: Can dodge Q, W and R.

Nami: Can dodge everything.

Nasus: Can dodge E and W.

Nautilus: Can dodge everything.

Neeko: Can dodge everything.

Nidalee: Can dodge everything in Human Form, can't dodge anything in Cougar Form.

Nilah: Can dodge Q.

Nocturne: Can dodge Q and R's casting, NOT the damage after he casts it.

Nunu: Can dodge W if he stops rolling the snowball and R.

Olaf: Can dodge Q.

Orianna: Can dodge everything.

Ornn: Can dodge Q and R.

Pantheon: Can dodge Q and R.

Poppy: Can dodge E's targeting and R.

Pyke: Can dodge Q and E. Unsure about R (probably no)

Qiyana: Can dodge Q, E's targeting and R.

Quinn: Can dodge Q and E's targeting.

Rakan: Can dodge Q.

Rammus: Can't dodge anything.

Rek'Sai: Can dodge Burrowed Q.

Rell: Can dodge Q.

Renata: Can dodge everything.

Renekton: Can't dodge anything.

Rengar: Can dodge E.

Riven: Can dodge R.

Rumble: Can dodge E and R.

Ryze: Can dodge everything.

Samira: Can dodge Q, E's targeting and R.

Sejuani: Can dodge E and R.

Senna: Can dodge everything.

Seraphine: Can dodge everything.

Sett: Can dodge W.

Shaco: Can dodge E and W, unsure about Clone's (R) damage but unlikely.

Shen: Can't dodge anything.

Shyvana: Can dodge E.

Singed: Can dodge E's targeting.

Sion: Can dodge Q and E.

Sivir: Can dodge everything.

Skarner: Can dodge E.

Sona: Can dodge everything.

Soraka: Can dodge everything.

Swain: Can dodge everything.

Sylas: Can dodge Q, E and many stolen ultimates.

Syndra: Can dodge everything.

Tahm Kench: Can dodge Q.

Taliyah: Can dodge Q, W and E.

Talon: Can dodge W.

Taric: Can't dodge anything.

Teemo: Can dodge everything including his R.

Thresh: Can dodge Q.

Tristana: Can dodge E and R's targeting.

Trundle: Can dodge E and R's targeting.

Tryndamere: Can dodge W.

Twisted Fate: Can dodge everything.

Twitch: Can dodge everything.

Udyr: Can't dodge anything.

Urgot: Can dodge passive, Q and R. You can dodge the skillshot part of the R but cant when he's pulling.

Varus: Can dodge everything.

Vayne: Can dodge everything.

Veigar: Can dodge everything.

Vel'Koz: Can dodge everything.

Vex: Can dodge everything.

Vi: Can dodge R's targeting.

Viego: Can dodge W.

Viktor: Can dodge everything.

Vladimir: Can dodge Q's targeting, E and R.

Volibear: Can dodge E.

Warwick: Can't dodge anything.

Wukong: Can't dodge anything.

Xayah: Can dodge everything, including her feather pulls.

Xerath: Can dodge everything.

Xin Zhao: Can dodge W.

Yasuo: Can dodge ranged Q and E's targeting.

Yone: Can dodge ranged Q, W and R. Yes, Yone's ultimate is dodgeable if he casts it outside of your W.

Yorick: Can dodge his passive, E and R.

Yuumi: Can dodge Q and R.

Zac: Can dodge Q and E.

Zed: Can dodge Q.

Zeri: Can dodge Q, W and R.

Ziggs: Can dodge everything.

Zilean: Can dodge Q.

Zoe: Can dodge everything.

Zyra: Can dodge everything including plants.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azekar
Azekar Gwen Guide
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Gwen Top [All builds and matchups] [12.21]

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