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Hecarim Build Guide by Elladox

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elladox

Hecarim: The Centaur Bruiser

Elladox Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my very first guide on Hecarim. I would like to say that this build in no means might be the best, but it is the one that i chose to use.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoners

This summoner spell is simply amazing on Hecarim, it synergizes well with his passive and allows you to catch up to, or run away from, another champion.

I find this spell to be extremely useful for any top laner. it allows you to dominate early game fights as well as shut down the other team's AD carry late game.

Other Summoner Spells

Flash is considered to be essential on many champion, especially ones without escapes like Hecarim. You could use this spell instead of ghost in order to have a more solid escape, but personally i like the extra damage your passive gives you, but that's just my preference.

Teleport is a useful spell for any top champions. It allows for an amazing map presence and good dragon/lane control. With this you can teleport to a ward near dragon and make that fight in or favor, or go in for a surprise gank. if your going to use this i would substitute exhaust.

Ignite is a great spell that can shut down people like Mundo or Vlad, or just get that last little bit of damage off. If your going to be playing against champions who heal a lot i would suggest you get this. if you do chose ignite substitute exhaust for it.

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Greater Mark of Desolation
These are pretty standard runes for anyone that deals physical damage

These make sure that you can take a little more damage early game before you get any kind of defensive items

These runes will give you a some magic resistance in order to be a little bit more tanky.

These quintessences are essential to Hecarim, the added movement speed means that you are pretty fast from the start, and give you a little extra damage from your passive

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I go 21/0/9

I feel that the offense tree has the most to offer to Hecarim, and then opting into the utility tree for the move speed. On the other hand you might opt into the defensive tree for a little more tankyness and the extra move speed, but i still prefer the offense one.

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Skill Sequence


To start off with I max Rampage first, its your spam ability and your main source of damage. grabbing Spirit of Dread allows you to get a bit of sustain before your lantern, you can opt to put a few more points into this early for sustain. Lastly i put points into Devastating Charge, because mostly its a utility ability. And of course you upgrade your ult whenever you can

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This is Hecarim's passive and i think that its a pretty useful one. It allows you to move through units which means that those pesky minions wont be bogging you down when your trying to get away. The larger part of the passive though is the bonus damage you get from movement speed, while i wouldn't build 6 Phantom Dancer for it,i still feel that it gives you some good damage.

Rampage is Hecarim's Q ability and his main source of damage early game. This is a spam ability, meaning you want to use it as much as you can to deal some damage. Be careful though, using it too much while in top lane will push it quite quickly, opening you up to ganks. Try to stay w a little bit in front of enemies when you use this, so that it hits them even if they are moving. Although i said this is your main source of damage don't forget to auto attack, it might not be as good early game but as you get items it becomes much stronger.

Spirit of Dread is Hecarim's W and his main source of sustain during the lane period. Popping this and using Rampage a few times on a minion wave will regain you some health and allow you to stay in lane much longer. Its very important to remember that the heal is for ANY damage to enemies within the radius, this means that you can regain a lot of health under the tower. This has saved me a lot from potentially fatal turret dives. Because it is your main source of sustain you might want to put another point in it around lvl 5 so that it keeps up its effectiveness, or you can just go with straight up damage and put a point into Rampage

This is Hecarim's e and an amazing utility ability. Using this you can initiate a fight, get away from one, single enemies out and even break channeling effects like Infinite Duress. While a great ability i max it last because it doesn't offer than much damage. Don't forget that the extra move speed this ability gives you works with your passive, meaning that activating it will give you some bonus damage.

This is Hecarim's ultimate and his greatest ability. In my eyes this ability has two main uses: Offensive and Defensive


Onslaught of Shadows allows you to jump into a fight, split up the enemy team and look bad-*** while doing it. You can use it to cut off a fleeing champion and drive them into your team, or you can use it to completely scatter the entire enemy team and allow your team to pick them off. Over all a great ability that does decent damage and has very good cc capabilities


You can also use Onslaught of Shadows defensively.It can acts at a long distance flash that you can use to escape a gank, or you can lay it down to intercept a enemy chasing your teammates, and possibly turn the tides on him.

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Starting Items:

Starting off with boots gives you great early game mobility as well as some extra damage from your passive, you might substitute them for a Dorans Shield, but only if your facing a 2v1 top or what you know will be an extremely tough lane without some early defense.



Wriggle's lantern is the first item that i get, its armor and life-steal will help you stay in lane longer, and its passive will save you a lot of gold in the form of wards. After getting your Wriggles you should then get your tier two boots, depending on what your up against, you either get for a cc/AP heavy team or you get for a AD heavy team. Finally to complete your core you get a Trinity Force, all of the stats on this item benefit Hecarim immensely, movement speed, a slow, sheen's proc. This item will allow you to deal a lot more damage, and take some more in return. I would start off with a for the extra movement speed, then a for some tankyness as well as the slow, and then finally end it with

Late Game

Both of these items will give you some tankyness and allow you to keep up with other champions. Depending on whats the bigger threat, AD or AP, either get a FoN or a Sunfire cloak for your fourth item, and the other for your fifth.Sunfire cape synergizes very well with all of Hecarim's abilities, all of which require you to be up close and personal.FoN gives you a massive chunk of MR and great HP regen, not to mention the move speed it gives you, which of course gives your passive even MORE damage. If you want you could substitute the cloak for a , while you already have some slow from your trinity force more can hurt, and it gives you a fair amount of damage.

Final Item

The Bloodthirser offers good damage and sustain, something that you need more of after buying a couple tanky items.
guardian's angel
If you feel that rather than more damage, you need more defense, then get a Guardians. It offers some good stats, and who doesn't want an extra life?

By now you actually have a good chunk of Hp, meaning that the passive from Atmas will do you good. it also gives you some armor and crit which is always nice.

If you feel that FoN just isn't enough i recommend a BV for those heavy burst teams, it will allow you to get close to them and deal some damage, or it can save you from getting stun-locked by heavy cc teams

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This combo will allow you to jump up behind someone, make them flee in the opposite direction, and then send them even FARTHER in that direction with your charge. this basically allows you to pick off a champion from the safety of their teammates, or gank with ease.




This combo allows you to charge into a champion, send them in whatever direction you desire with your charge, then quickly put down your W for some extra damage and healing, and then just auto attack and spam your Q

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Final Notes

This is my very first guide on Mobafire and i hope i did OK. i plan to add some more stuff like explanations on the laning phase as well as a smaller dominion/jungle guide. I appreciate all and any comments and i hope that this guide allows you to get adjusted a little faster to a new champion. I also realize that there are probably a bunch of mistakes in here so any help pointing out those is greatly appreciated.