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Heimerdinger Build Guide by IonicWind

ADC Heimerdinger Back in Bot Lane Carry!

ADC Heimerdinger Back in Bot Lane Carry!

Updated on February 6, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IonicWind Build Guide By IonicWind 11 3 60,755 Views 1 Comments
11 3 60,755 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IonicWind Heimerdinger Build Guide By IonicWind Updated on February 6, 2024
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Runes: Gold Gains Heimer

1 2 3 4
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


TP and Flash
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Heimerdinger Back in Bot Lane Carry!

By IonicWind
Heimerdinger Carry

Welcome Back to Bot Lane ****er Carry

1st off your here to gain massive gold and carry the game and I hope this helps you achieve that goal.

2nd You can clear waves and enemy minions with Ludens and Liandry's or take jungle camps, which is major gold net worth.-

3rd As Heimerdinger you can secure major jungle objectives like solo dragon; grubs; solo herald; or steal baron easier.

4th We Turn into Oppenheimer by literally nukeing the enemy champions with Shadowflame combo.

Disclaimer this Heimerdinger Guide is not responible if it warps the meta, is ahead of the meta or curve, or breaks the game. StormSurge is busted right now 01/15/2024 it will be nerf again and possbliy removed from the game. This guide has several back up items to replace it when it's dead. Zhyonas is dead right now with Tear of the goddess, and Malignance all 3 will get a buff after this guide is published; they will also adjust that triple Tonic Rune, haunting guise. Be sure to build to Match your play style and role your playing as Heimerdinger

Ability Choices

The main focus in spells is to MAX TURRETSand ULTIMATE then level up the rest when available. You can Max rockets but only if you can hit them consistently and only for counters that rekt your turrets. I personally max rockets next after Turret cause I can hit it more consistently and it guarantees more lasers fired.

Turret placement and Formations

◦ I'll give you a run down first as many other ****er mains have suggested is the Pyramid formation or the reverse pyramid formation which is two in front one behind or one in front in two behind.

◦ Second the conga line formation that most people use for dealing with divers like LeBlanc Zedd ultimate or Talon it is a straight line along the minion path spaced out evenly so you have something to run back to you much like the Pyramid formation which is the two in the back one in front.

◦ Third is the Illuminati formation which is two on the right and one on the left and the reverse Illuminati which is two on the left and one on the right now keep in mind this is from a blue team viewing angle so just try to picture of the Illuminati symbol and it should come together.

◦ Fourth is the cluster **** formation a instant burst technique were you will put all your turrets in the exact same spot and grenade stun and Rocket fire or ulti to delete an enemy champion the reason it's a cluster**** is that if one AOE spell in that one spot goes off and it will destroy all your Turrets high-risk high-reward and all your spells will be on cooldown, aka be fast and aim well this formation is usually setup in bush to bush wack an enemy, much like trap card activation its op.

◦ Fifth I don't have a name for it yet, but it's a formation where you keep turrets attack rings outside of another turret but still in range of the attack circle of other said turret, the goal is to keep them spaced for laning against fire pillar from brandi's, lux light singularity, or Morgan's pool basically enemies that will wipe all 3 turrets out if the are in pyramid or Illuminati formations, because all the turrets in each other's attack range in a layered format, which is good if you're beating someone in the middle of that Trifecta Nest to stun rocket combo them and delete them with no escape from the Rylai's ice crystal scepter.

◦ The sixth formation is called The Reserve are you always leave one or two turn in reserve for a stun grenade combo just having one out too slow push the wave so the enemy can push in and you can get a gank on said enemy and combo kill him.

◦ Seventh is the zig zag or snake combo for my favorite way to say it Serpentine Serpentine is where you put one turn in front and the minion wave one to the back right or left and to the opposite behind that much like the straight line or conga line formation but more sporadic for dealing with tanks or any Lane divers or junglers that can dive you.

◦ The eighth one is a formation I don't really have a name for is where you put a turret to abandon it or a sacrificial Pawn it's affirmation I try to avoid since I turrent is worth gold but has given me a Kill from dumb players that don't move out of the range and get Auto tacked to death by the turret, it's mostly used to hold the line or push the wave or freeze it while you recall 4 items.

(EuphoricToaster)"Imo play the game and learn the placement, the knowledge should come with play",(EuphoricToaster)"

The most important things with turret placement imo are just:

1) Keeping a semi loose triangle/line so all turrets are in relative range of each other, but not too close to be hit by aoe.

2) Knowing when to start placing turrets forwards in a lane (when you want to pressure) or backwards in a lane (getting HARD shoved in or under threat of a particularly dangerous gank).

3) Keep as many reserve turrets as you can, while placing fresh turrets on cooldown so you dont stay at 3 reserve long.

4) Protect your turrets. If the enemy laner is just AAing them on cooldown and youre just losing them all you have to do something to protect them. Either turn on them, shove the wave faster, or use more defensive positioning.

5) Experiment and get creative. You can do a lot of creative stuff with them like place them over walls, use them as wards, use them with blastcones, block skillshots, use them as bait and etc"(EuphoricToaster)


To start with Dark Seal and Refillable Potion is a classic combo, but if you're more of a Dorans Ring and Health Pots kick that's fine too, both rings are sellable whenever you need. The same goes for the Magical Footwear/boots late game or the Refillable Potion/ Elixir, be sure to buy control wards when available. If Mejai's loses all its stacks, replace it with a high AP item like Rabadon's Hat or Shadowflame. That ring slot is for High AP damage items, the next item you'll need is mana and right now Lost Chapter into Luden's companion with Mana Flowband in the runes is your core of lane mana sustain.

Next is where the player needs to pick the next item. You have a lot of choices at this point in the game based on the current state of the match. You have an assassin problem, rush Seeker's Armguard into Zhyona's, got a Burst Mage terrorizing you, get Verdant Barrier into Banshee's Veil. You can get Sorcerer's Shoes if they have no MR items cause Sorc's shreds based MR stats or Void Staff if they have 2 MR items cause it shreds only if they have alot of MR. ShadowFlame is an option for early flat pen like the Sorc Shoes or if you want more movement and lower Cooldowns Cosmic Drive maybe your cup of tea. If you want to have Dash go Hextech Rocket Belt a Heimer God named: lolgunslinger approves of this choice. If they have a lot of self healing or soraka/briar get oblivion orb into morellos. My choices if the enemy doesn't have anything to counter build is just go ShadowFlame until the nerf this item or remove it from the game or Liandry's Torment for more wave clear, more gold, and burn, You can always get both. After 2-3 completed items if your not bogged down with counter items go ahead and build Rylai's Crystal Ice Scepter PERMA SLOWS the enemy in your turrets and since Heimer is a Damage over time champ vs an enemy with no escape from your damage = a win for you. Now a nice follow up item to Rylai's is Horizon Focus combos with it's slow trust me you'll love it.

Ideally you get stacks early upgrade the dark seal at 8-10 stacks to Mejai's you've got Luden's, ShadowFlame, Liandry's, Rylai's, and Sorc Shoes; if you want to protect your stacks buy Seekers or Verdant Barrier. Now lets give you a backup plan if stacks aren't stacking; sell the the dark seal or Mejai's and buy Rabadon's Hat, Horizon Focus or Void Staff at this stage of the game you should be full build with only magical footwear or sorc shoes to sell to replace with Void Staff or ShadowFlame only.


1st Strike rune works great on Heimer and Zyra, but you can easily carry with Meteor or Electrocute Rune paths. The purpose of 1st strike is to gain gold to afford items to do more damage to gain more gold "STOCKS".

Magical Footwear is the recent subsitute for perfect timing rune thats gone now."Free Boots"

Future's Market allows us to focus the goal of the rune page setup by 1st strike and gain more gold and lets us be Reddit Stock bros.

Cosmic Insight is to help speed up teleport, flash, and items so you have it up more often.

The 2ndary Rune page slots have a couple options, but I believe currently Manaflow band has the mana sustain you need to win laning phase.

The last major rune is Scorch to proc 1st stike and other item effect easier, also Scorch is better than Gathering the Storm if the games dont last past 40mins.

Some runes that you might try for 2ndary are:
Precision: Pressence of mind or Triumph then Coup De Grace
Domination: Taste of Blood or Cheap Shot then Treasure Hunter
Resolve: Overgrowth then Demolish or BonePlating

The Sub runes are just flat stats: AP haste, AP damage, and the last rune you change in lobby depending on match up Armor for AD enemy, Magic Resist for AP enemy, and Health for True Damage enemy.

I focus AP, Base Mana, Mana Regen, and Ability Haste for spells and active items, after that the focus is surviving. You can focus health regen with Taste of Blood rune path or go Transcendence for more Ability Haste, if you decide to go that route.

The Goal

The goal of this build was to utilize Heimerdinger in what he was meant to be, a Bot lane Carry. This build uses many aspects of many AP users but is custom to Champions that summons minions to the Fields of Justice. The thought process behind some items like: Mejai's Soulstealer, Luden's Companion, Liandry's ,and Rylais are all done with a goal and purpose to help Heimy win the game. Mejai's Soulstealer is a great comeback item if you have given up some kills or you need a goal in game to strive for to help you win, Most people will say its only good if you are getting kills, and yes that is true, but it also builds off assist aka "teamwork" The goal is to get kills while having this item but it also encourages you to focus on assisting and team plays to get kills or assists it forces you to look for situations to make great plays and (gives you that goal that if you don't stack you lose! but if you do you can win!)

I cannot stress this enough Mejai's Soulstealer is a legitimate, cheap, quick, and easy way to get AP! It is not a troll item, its real and it was made for a purpose and works great with mid-late game Heimy and early if your doing awesome! The Luden's Companion works great with Heimy in many ways it provides even more pushing power and map pressure. It's good for collecting gold and exp for you, (I recommend using it in a lane that is unnoticed by the enemy and can sneaky split push like bot or top depending on the enemy and positioning). The next question would be why do I want to speed up the push of all the lanes?, and the easy answer is to push down towers faster and it all benefits map pressure for objectives.

The Luden's Companion is great for getting the wave clear you need and reaching max mana for manaflow band that you need, since it's based of your curretn max mana and you need mana for Heimy + wave cleaer for most enemy mid laners. The Seekers is an optional item that most Champions that summon minions have yet to Capitalize on yes it's a great defensive item, but it's also a bait/trap and offensive item. Because when Zhonya's is activated you take a while to re-spawn you can use that to an advantage by summoning minions before hand to attack the enemy while you're re-spawning this lowers the enemy health if not just killing them out right, to where you can finish them off when you re-spawn with half your health while they have barely any left. This same concept applies to Hourglass but the safety time is shorter, "Zhyonas gives you more time to deal damage".(IonicWind)

Sorcerer shoes are great for most ap mages mid in some cases you might want merc treads for veigar cage or a crazy heavy cc team. The item that has been flying under the radar for heimerdinger that helps win his games and team fights is Rylai's Crystal Scepter, now your asking what's so unique everyone mostly builds that item, but for heimer****er it's a special case where not only does his rockets proc the slow and the grenade as well but "the turrets auto attack" and lasers do as well aka you can always perma slow an enemy just walk with/ ahead of them and put a turret grenade rocket. In team fights it can slow every champ without them even noticing.

(unknown embed type) (unknown embed type)

For Warding just place at chokes and spots that give the most range of vision. and hide control wards iin bushes as well as farsight wards

Pro Tricks and Tips when playing Heimy

When in lane try to position the turret between fight minions and caster minions or next to the casters aka make sure they are behind the front line minions so they aren't attacked as much, unless trying to deal damage quickly to enemy champions or tower damage.

When fighting divers/burst assassins use the Shotgun formation 1 turret at the front line to attack minions and champs before and after they dive and 2 in the back near you but further back to deal with any divers.(closing the gaps where the enemy receives no damage for attacking you leads to victory in lane.) Another formation is the turret train aka a straight line of turrets evenly spaced out touching each others attack radiuses from the front line minions or in between the caster minions and front line minions then one near you then one way behind you for escape it's crucial to keep all 3 active and not letting them deactivate so you can build up laser charge.

Try and stay in range of at least one of your turrets at all times when near danger zones aka enemy champ spell range or attack.

Heimy can steal any jungle creep by placing turrets over the wall by getting really close to the wall and pressing the spell near the outer radius of spell range and throwing grenades and rockets at the right time. aka you can steal drag, buffs, baron and other jungler creeps. You can even farm wraiths while still in mid lane farming creeps.

Don't be afraid to be aggressive in lane and in pushing. Most time sa jungle will not gank your lane so always be prepared to fight multiple opponents alone.

Farming is crucial to winning games always remind yourself to farm, Farm anywhere you can! example you go to help your Jungler or another lane and leave a turret in lane before it times out or near a camp so you can get cs/exp, within the given timer.

The combo is to set up turrets before hand and try to predict where the fights will occur then stun rocket and re-setup turrets if destroyed. Another sick combo is throwing a grenade at an enemy within range of a turret laser or auto attack range that you will set up immediately after tossing the grenade at enemy to burst the enemies hp down.

In lane to poke and harass enemy laner just wait till enemy minions are low then shoot rockets through them, they never see it coming. XD

Rockets are great for finishing off enemies and killing runners just make sure your in range and aim! You can also Ulti-Rocket behind dragon or baron pits to steal buffs.

Try to get max Area coverage for your wards aka try putting them in spot like the huge open gap entrances that are near the mid lane river by the wraiths on both sides looks like a land ramp into the river. and hide your control wards in bushes near river entrances.

If you are focused on killing the enemy that is a tank or melee but is not a great diver or is ranged but is a burst like Ryze you should Clump your turrets together and try to throw all your spell in one are to out burst enemy down. Also be to spread out your turrets for lux ziggs brandi with ranged aoe circle spells make sure the turrets auto attack range do not overly each other so you don't lose all 3 turrets to one lux singularity or brandi firepillar. You want to layer them for champs you can bait into the center of the trifecta turret attack ranges stun them in the middle of that and 1st blood or flash will be the next sound you hear.

Remember that you can stun with grenade then follow up with utli rocket for a sick insta-burst combo. or follow up with utli turret if you have more cc helping you or big team fight.

Practice using Heimy's stun grenade and making turrets without smart-cast. the range indicators you get from normal casting helps.


Believe in yourself! you can always come back from the ashes.


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE YOUR ****ERS! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

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