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Heimerdinger General Guide by Fenarir

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fenarir

Heimerdinger - The Inventive Support

Fenarir Last updated on December 24, 2012
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hi everyone, quick guide to give you the gis of support heimerdinger :)

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hi everyone, quick guide to give you the gis of support heimerdinger :)

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Normally I tend to go with a core of gold per 10 then generally some ap and defence

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in the masteries department I go with emphasis on support, 0/9/21.
max the gold per 10 and main support masteries and the hpr and armour in the defence tree

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Opening with the setup above you will have massive sustain and between your wards and turrets you should be able to lane easily to 1.2 ish k when you need to b to buy your kages and philo stone. After this after tear of the goddess to begin building up the mana cap and provide extra regen for harrass in the lane.

After this point you need to start thinking of your team, you are the support so support them, this build revolves around protecting your allys with hpr and the defence of your turrets and stun, so start building aegis and banner of command, these two items along with heimers passive will give off an aura of nearly 50 hp per 5 regen. to give you an idea why this build works, if a tanky bruiser builds a warmogs and stands in your aura's they have 100+ hp per 5 regen.

The game is normally decided by this stage but if it continue's your going to need damage, build AA staff and liandry's, aa staff will give yourself more mana sustain (heimi burns ALOT of mana) and liandrys + his w does alot of damage in the poking stage before team fights, liandrys also sync's well with his ult as the turrets slow and do magic damage, proc' ing the 10% melt of the enemies hp.

From here you should only have one slot left, most supports need this for wards but not heimi as he has turrets, you can build any item needed here, i normally go twin shadows as kage's builds into it and when you use it you can also use your w to inflict alot of damage on a fleeing oppoent your trying to catch up to but other items will work. Hourglass (got several penta's with this as people just stand about if you put on your ult before you use it and dont realise the damage liandrys does through turrets), rylai's works too, wota etc etc pretty much any item helps.

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Skill Sequence

I'm not 100% on the order of the skills and when you have to level others before you can level w again but a rule of thumb is to start with turrets and level w when you can (besides the ult ofc)

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Pros / Cons

Can harrass easily in lane with w (the key to heimer support)
Huge aura buffs
Can melt people as hard as ap casters once you get liandrys

Vulnerable to burst dmg( this build is all about sustain, if a teamfight goes on longer than 10-15 seconds your team will probably win)
No escape's(this is just from my play perspective as i take heal exhaust, flash is obviously also an option)


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