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Singed Build Guide by Tatltuaeis42

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tatltuaeis42

How About A Drink?

Tatltuaeis42 Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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GREETINGS SUMMONERS and welcome to my Singed guide on our favourite Solo top Disrupter. This is my first real guide on mobafire on a champion I’ve loved since he countered me up top. Never wanting to be beaten too badly I got him and played him till he was my favourite beast. One thing that I can say more people should learn is; DON’T CHASE SINGED!

Now while this is my first guide I’d appreciate it if you take a try before you buy approach to the number of up vote’s and down votes that I receive and I am open to any criticism that you care to give. And while this guide is quite lengthly it is that way for the information that it contains.

If there are only key bits of information you care to gleam over this please skip to the sections which matter to you but I'd appreciate it if you gave the whole guide a look at before you vote, and you never know you might learn something interesting.

Credits to jhoijhoi and her Karthus Build Guide

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This guide is up to date and accurate as of 19/3/2012
Guide Being Reworked 20/3/2012

Still to Add:
Video Section on tips
Full Singed Match history
LoL Replays
How To Counter Singed Chapter
How to Counter Other Champions

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~Why Top and not Support~

This isnt really that hard a question to answer, while I see some Singed picks go bottom and support a carry, in draft mode its just not super viable, giving up your farm to the AD carry if you are playing properly. That just wastes a lot of his potential.

I love playing Solotop as my main roll and I do rotate my champion roster to counter picks as they come but Singed is the most useful secure top to first pick without fear of being countered.

Finally Singed can pretty much counter any solotop he is paired against and is generally a safe first pick in draft picks and his utility forces a decent counter which can be shut down if you outplay them.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

This is the rune setup that I run and is pretty standard on my solo top champs.
I'm not saying that other rune setups are bad but I play very aggressively and this keeps me in good sustain for my aggression

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Is pretty standard for this AP tank, Magic penetration is ideal for your AoE poison Trail and is really the only viable mark for this champ. I've seen other Singed roll with bonus health but I believe with my mastery setup and item choice it’s unnecessary

Greater Seal of Armor Again Armor Runes are pretty standard for the extra tankiness. There is no need for Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration as the mana regen will not be a problem if you are playing properly.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Magic resist per level is better than the flat magic resit as you are playing Singed who is just as good at the start of the game as endgame and flat magic resist just doesnt seem necessary

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed 4.5% increased Movement speed combined with both mastery setups makes you one of the fastest starting champs without buying boots at all which makes you able to keep up with other solo tops that start with boots, and if someone tries to gank you then just poison trail and run away. Pretty simple

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The first build setup is for when you are laneing against an absolute pushover in comparison to Singed. This could be a Renekton, Tryndamere, Rumble or even Irelia That’s correct I think Irelia is a pushover champ if she doesn’t have enough farm howeverI am aware that some people are pretty boss on her so this doesn’t always work. However this build is aimed at early game wins and kills without sacrificing any of Singed utility. The CDR on ghost and Teleport means you can be anywhere and chase down anyone that dare’s try escape you. However if you are Teleporting bottom make sure the carry gets the kills if he can or take them yourself if he won’t back you up.


The Second build setup is for when you are laneing against someone who is more durable and can be quite disruptive. I would consider Cho'Gath or Wukong one of the more interesting opponents in this setup or at a push Lee Sin if you are not super confident of your abilities. While this is more defensive than an aggressive setup it is still possible to be amazingly aggressive without sacrificing your life to the enemy jungler. If you are laning against Nasus this is an Ideal setup however I dont reccomend Singed as a counterpick.

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THIS IS BEING REWORKED- Check back soon ^^

If you look at the top and just tried to follow my item build you will notice the only two items I have are Rod of Ages and Boots of Swiftness and might think this guide is pretty rubbish. However I consider these as the core items that Singed requires to be a deadly champion, after these everything else is just a setup to counter their team.

Normally this is my item build in this order

With this order I have enough Health sustain and mana to keep poison trail up for long team fights. I also have enough Magic resist to counter mid if they try and stop me from taking them out. Finally Rylai's allows your poison trail to have an on hit slow for your Poison Trail and your Mega Adhesive

These items are varying depending on how your enemy team has been playing.

Thornmail will counter a Solotop Tryn that thinks they can get the better of you.

Sunfire cape will basically give your twice the effectiveness dealing tons of damage

Finally If you are feeling Cocky build another . Ideally you should have your first before 20 Mins ingame.

Now you may be thinking why not build as they have stun reduction on them which is a very viable point however I feel that people underestimate how much better that movement speed makes the difference. Combined with your without allows you to chase down anyone that would otherwise think they can escape you.

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~Skill Sequence~

Now I know what some of you may think which is why level the E first over W? Sure has great disrupt but what use is it level one? Now while It doesn’t appear to have much use apart from being a disrupt the amount of damage that It does cannot be ignored. Plus if you are particularly pro throwing a level one opponent into a tower and getting first blood is always amusing.

When it comes to levelling up I choose over as I love the damage of the initiate rather than relying on my slow to stop them. Also as the cool down is longer than Fling which does no damage it is more or less not useful until you get to the tower diving stage.

Finally the ultimate is which is what can make Singed truly devastating in the right hands. Always pop this before using your E as the additional AP with 1to1 ratio allows your fling to do even more damage.

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~How to Play- The Easier Tricks~

THIS IS BEING REWORKED- Check back soon ^^

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~How to Play- More Advanced~

THIS IS BEING REWORKED- Check back soon ^^

Learn to Use Smart cast and Quick Levels for your games. I have my Smart cast spells on QWER and I know the range of my and so constantly having the templates up to place wastes a bit of time but It is not essential to master on Singed. He is one of the best solo tops to learn Smart Cast with although you may fling a few minions first getting used to it.
While I’m laning I usually am moving around a lot so I don’t want to waste time clicking up my level abilities. I have these Macro’d to Shift QWER for each ability and level them as required. Again this takes practice but is good to get used to.

When the Game starts grab your and 2 then head straight to top. If on the blue side Cover you’re Jungle but if on the Purple side it is generally not necessary. You have a fling but that only does 100 Damage at start and is a waste using it on minions. Last hitting is something you have to master, actually hitting the minions without farming.Trade off the damage and scare them into attacking you, when they do throw them over your shoulder. When you do the minions will keep attacking them doing more damage. If they are aggressive and push you back stay just outside your tower range, when they come in close throw them behind you and place Mega Adhesive in front of you. This will make them either pop flash or they will die from panic.
Keep an eye on the game and be ready to teleport down to bot lane if they are super pushed or just need a tank to make the difference. However don’t sacrifice your tower for theirs even if you get a double kill in the process. Your jungler should handle that ok.

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~Pro Tips~

I will update this as often as possible or if I think of a new way to use something.

Ideally you want your lane to be ganked as often as possible. Now not by your jungler, the enemy jungler. By keeping Top lane harassed and forcing their jungler to either cover or try gank your lane saves bottom lane from being ganked. If you keep your Carry and Support Alive and allow your jungler to focus on the enemy team it will not be long before they get a bit annoyed why they haven’t gotten a gank. Now while this doesn’t always happen if they don’t come to gank you more often than not Singed Will get a kill all by himself.

Tower Diving The friends that I play with a lot think I’m really bad for this but on Singed I usually do it because it has the following 3 effects.
1. The enemy thinks they are getting a free kill so they engage.
2. When they get thrown behind you and are eaten by the AD carry or AP Mid carry they get annoyed and can’t do anything to disrupt. Usually whoever else is there will join in the fight.
3. While Tower diving the tower is focusing on you and not your team. So anyone under the tower is fair game to be killed providing you have the damage.

Now while I don’t recommend tower diving at every opportunity it can be quite rewarding when done correctly. It also puts the fear into an enemy when they see run at them without seeming to care about the tower can sometimes push them away from it giving your team a free tower.

NOTE! While kills are great they are not really for you as a tank, though sometimes you will get them if you are playing clean-up after a nasty team fight. However try let your carries get the kills, that said I’d rather KS and not see a champion for 40 odd seconds than let someone get away for not putting in that little bit of damage. Remember It is not a kill steal, it’s Kill Secure

You can play passively or aggressively but wait until you have your then it’s all downhill from there.

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~Final Thoughts~

So thats my guide all in all, if you have problems please leave a message at the bottom in the comments section and I will try reply as often as possible. If there is anything you feel is missing from this guide or something you think I haven't quite explained properly then please let me know, and thanks for taking the time to read this guide. So How about a Drink?

Image from Photobucket. Too many to credit origional owner so thank you whoever you are.