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Gragas Build Guide by Loeb

AP Carry How fed he can be?

AP Carry How fed he can be?

Updated on January 28, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Loeb Build Guide By Loeb 1,566 Views 0 Comments
1,566 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Loeb Gragas Build Guide By Loeb Updated on January 28, 2014
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Heyho , I am a Gragas fanboy and want to do a Guide, thats all.

My English is pretty bad , so let me say:


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The general Summoners Skills are Flash and Ignite.

Flash for escape and a shocking gragas ult

Ignite for secure kills

But u can use Teleport too, for two reasons
1. U think u will not kill the opponent in the lane phase
2. Ur Opponent has Teleport
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Early Game

- Dorans Ring is Standard
- Cloth and pots against heavy ad and u wanna play safe.( go for arm seeker first then)
- Crystalline Flask in some Matchups very usefull, heavy harras.

In the Early Game Gragas isnt that difficult. He has a big sustain with his W skill.
With the Dorans Ring u deal enough damage to harras the enemy more then half life.
If the enemy champ is a mobility monster and can easy dodge ur barrels - focus on farm and try to roam (Gank other Lanes or farm Wraiths).
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get Ganked?

If u get ganked , e away . Not enough? Flash . Not enough???! Use the Ult and kick them out of the way.
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u get a Gank?

- Hit e (Slow)
- then q (or e and q at the same time if u sure it hit)
- Ulti for kill secure or push the running enemy back into the fight
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- Early : Use W for last hitting and u will not fail
- Mid : e and meele minions q between range and meele , and w for tank minion
- Late : 1 Q
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Mid Game

In Mid u should roam a much and try to get a blue buff.
Gank other lanes, because u have a really high kill potential.
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End Game

A Gragas is a Devil and a Angel in a Teamfight together.
- Good landed Ult -> U probably win the Teamfight , because ur Damage output is like ur stomach.. BIGGG
- Bad laned Ult -> u probably lose the Teamfight ...
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Pros and Cons


- Good Early Sustain
- Good Early Harras Dmg
- Escape
- nice Wave clear and roam skills


- High Mana consum
- Gragas is melee , so opponent can easy harras u
- Skillshots
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