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Gnar Build Guide by Cwieker

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cwieker

How Gnarly! (A Gnarly Top lane guide) 7.19 Build

Cwieker Last updated on October 4, 2017
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Gnarly Top

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Introduction (You guys are great! Thanks again!)

Thanks to everyone for using my guide :), We've hit 4 million. HOLY SH*T This guide has taken off and it makes me so happy to see people using it and learning from it :) super big thanks guys :D.
Welcome to my Gnar guide! I am a Platinum player that played on PBE and learned a lot about Gnar before the initial release. I have ~35+ games played and I think i've learned Gnar pretty well. My KDA on the real server is 13.8/6 so far. This guide is not finished yet, but i'm adding a new section every day. I really hope this guide helps you :). Thank you for using it! -503

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Check me out on Twitch!

Come check out my stream for tips on playing!
I stream almost daily so be sure to stop by and say hi.

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Music ;D!

Enjoy this wonderful music from Instalok.

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News update!

The nerf is out :(!

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Pros / Cons

+Good cc in Mega Gnar
+Good poke
+Good early and mid game
+Super mobility as Mini Gnar
+Mega Gnar gains HP when he transforms(lol wut.)
+Mega Gnar gains armor and MR
+Cutest champ in the league, Duh.

-Very easy to be kited while in Mega Gnar
-Difficult to use
-Late game isnt the best(past 40 mins)
-Shutdown with CC on Mini Gnar
-Very short range

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- The Attack speed quintessence really help a lot, due to his passive spell Hyper, take 2 of them.
- The Attack Damage quintessence allows you to CS easier and also gives you more poking damage, take 1 of them.
- The Attack Damage mark allows more poke damage and easier CS same as the for quint, but take 6 of them.
- The Mark of Attack speed really help a lot, due to his passive spell Hyper and allows more poke, take 3 of them.
- The Seal of armor Allow Gnar to take more poke then normally with out them, take 5 of these.
- The Seal of health's soul purpose is to get you through that early stages of lane, take 4.
- The Glyph of Attack speed allows Gnar to proc his ability Hyper more, take 5 of these.
- The Glyph of Magic resist allows you to take more magic damage from those gnarly AP top laners.

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Core Items

Doran's Blade gives you a small amount of HP, the 7 damage will help your Mini Gnar form and the 3% lifesteal will help both forms. Always Buy.

Blade of the Ruined King the bonus attack speed works well with Hyper and it's passive allows you to chunk down the enemies with high amounts of health. The active is very helpful with Gnar's Hyper procs and will help you chunk healthy champs or even help you live through a fight. Always buy.

Trinity Force gives balanced stats which all benefit Gnar. Trinity force's Rage gives bonus movement speed which is essential for Mega Gnar. Always buy.

Last Whisper gives you armor penetration and a decent amount of AD. Always buy.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Boomerang Throw/ Boulder Toss will be the first spell you choose and the first spell you prioritize upgrading. Boomerang Throw deals heavy AD damage, slows and can proc 1-2 parts of your Hyper on an enemy; this is good for starting an attack, getting the final hit and farming in-lane. Boulder Toss deals more AD damage and can potentially slow more opponents, however it does not proc Hyper.

Concentrate on Hyper/Wallop next.Hyper deals damage based on the target's HP and can be easily abused with attack speed, whilst Wallop deals heavy AD damage and stuns opponents. Both spells are very good and are the most helpful for each form. They will be your secondary source of damage output.

Hop/Crunch will be the second spell you choose, but the final spell you prioritise in upgrading. Hop provides attack speed and excellent mobility by allowing you to jump closer to the enemy or run away if necessary, just remember that Gnar will bounce on any unit (ally, enemy and neutral). Crunch provides an excellent initiating spell and will slow all enemies in the impact zone, however he will not bounce using it. But if Gnar uses Hop to trigger Rage Gene, he will bounce on the first unit he touches then finishes with the Crunch.

GNAR! is the ultimate spell and will be upgraded whenever possible. It's passive effect turns Mini Gnar into a running machine capable of chunking your health down with Hyper, it's active effect however can be game changing in a team-fight. Mega Gnar throws all nearby enemy units in one direction and will stun + deal bonus damage if they collide with the map, use this successfully and you can stun an entire team whilst dealing 600 (+75% AD) damage.

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Flash is the standard summoner spell.
It provides defence by enabling you to flash over a wall or flash from an oncoming spell. It can also provide offense by enabling you to flash towards the enemy if you need that final hit, however I do not find this scenario happening often.

Ignite is a must have.
Its provides extra damage while in brawls and also providing you vision if they enter in bushes.

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Lanning Phases

Early game

Gnar's lower levels are kinda sucky, play passive and farm till you hit level 4. At level 4 you will have all of your skills and this is where Gnar excels. The first back will be a Vampiric septar, this will allow you to sustain poke from most other top laners. Around level 5 and 6 is where you can start to fight. You are going to abuse the AS runes and CDR in the masteries, for his Boomerang Throw and Hyper! Kite the enemy laner with the extra MMS you obtain off of Hyper! stacks. Make sure to be wary! about where your passive Rage Gene is at, for example do not fight with 20 - 30 but start to fight with around 70 - 80. Good luck in the early game.


Gnar is a heavy split pusher in the mid-game due to his Q reset, the AS runes, CDR masteries, and also his mobility with his jump. Generally, your going to stay top pushing the lane and applying constant pressure on the enemy top, jungle, and even the mid-laner. This allows your team to pick up easy dragons, while the jungle is spending his time stoping you on top, and also allows for them to pick up towers as well. Abuse the double jump on Gnar's e for extra mobility while getting ganked/chased.

Late game

Gnar's late game isn't the best, but we can abuse the low CD Boomerang Throw to slow enemies and clear waves. Gnar's soul purpose during late game is hitting a 3-5 man ultimate in Mega Gnar; smashing them into a wall following with his W for a 3 second stun on multiple champions. If that does happen, your team will most likely always win team fights. When your about to team fight, make sure you Rage Gene is above 50 that way you do end up turning into Mega Gnar near the start of the team fight.

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Pictures of games


Thanks to 503

Thanks to devildevil21

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Special thanks to ChiTenshi!
I hope this guide gets you into the cutest champion on the league! I will continue to update and keep playing Gnar to give you the up most guide I can create.

Thanks! - 503

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Work Log

Red = Still working
Green = Finished
- Working on a lanning phase portion (8/17)* Will be released on 8/18
- Working on Tips and Tricks (8/18) *