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Tryndamere Build Guide by Zerserk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zerserk

How To Become Pro With Tryndamere

Zerserk Last updated on October 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello Gamers,
Welcome to Zerserk's How To Become Pro With Tryndamere Guide. This guide will increase your chances of winning with Tryndamere a lot of normal and even ranked games and will help you become a better player at Summoners Rift(5v5) and even at Twisted Treeline(3v3).

Tryndamere is one of the best end game melee carries in the game, because he has the most critical chance bonus in the game. If you play Tryndamere correctly you can carry the whole team and dominate your enemies.

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Pros / Cons

-One of the best melee damagers
-Great Healing Ability
-Escape Ability
-Easy To Farm
-Great Sustain in Lane
-Easy to play
-Great AOE slow ability
-Exellent Ganker


-Very Item Dependent
-Hard Early Game
-Easily Focused
-Countered by Exhaust, Blind
-Low Survability
-Hard To Master

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I go with 21/0/9 with increased buff duration. With red buff you can easily gank 1v1 anyone.
Then I take improved Exhaust.
Never go defensive masteries, you dont need it and I get 10% increased critical damage and 4% increased damage. With Tryndamere's ultimate you really dont need any kind of defense. If you really want to carry your team you need as much damage as possible so go for full Offense masteries.

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For Runes I take:
Armor penetration Marks.
Health Seals.
Health Glyphs.
Armor penetration Quintesenses.

But I recommend:
Armor penetration Marks.
Critical damage Seals.
Critical damage Glyphs.
Armor penetration Quintesenses.

You dont really need more critical chance, because after ghostblade you have 100% critical chance with full fury.
Dont get Defensive Runes (magic resist, armor) its a waste of runes, you really need more damage and armor penetration to carry your team.

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Skill Sequence

So I like to take Bloodlust first because of epic heal and sustain in lane, because Tryndamere has very bad early game so you need that heal + vampiric scepter.
Then I like to take Spinning Slash for getting out of bad possitioning or just kill creep and spin away if you are vs ranged champion. And it will help you to get away if someone ganked you(I got ganked by 3 and still got away) or you can use it like me kill someone in the middle of 5 enemies(some squishy like ashe, brand etc.) and spin away through walls.
Then I go for Bloodlust again or you can get Mocking Shout if you are against some heavy ad carry like Pantheon to decrease his attack damage. But I prefer Bloodlust for more healing.
And Then just max out Bloodlust and Mocking Shout.Why? Bloodlust for greater heal and Mocking Shout for slow and decreased attack damage to your enemies. Spinning Slash is just not worth maxing out first or second, because it only adds a little to the damage and the damage is from how much ability power u have. And dont forget to get Undying Rage at 6,11 and 16 lvls.

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash and Exhaust. Why?
Flash because everybody is using it and if you are not going to use it you are going to get easily out posisioned and then you get owned because you wouldnt even use ur ulti and watch the respawn screen. I think you dont want that. How can you get out posisioned you ask? Well there is a time when your team is defensive and sitting on turrets but you need to farm and get all the time the red buff and the enemy team can camp there to get some lonely sheep. Then you use Flash Spinning Slash and you dont even need to use your ultimate. If you can get away from ganks without using ultimate thats just so great. You can get out posisioned if the enemy team have Blitzcrank he can hook you inside 5 enemies. And a Ghost is not going to help you.

Exhaust is good if you are chasing enemies to slow them which Tryndamere has to + with Mocking Shout ou man your enemies will be slowed as hell + your ghostblade active. You are a rabbit with heal and invunerability with sick ad damage and they are turtles without shield. Exhaust is good if you are vs ad carry. You can basicly 1v1 anyone.

Great Combo: If 1v1. Firstly I get my enemy to half hp then spin to him hit him exhaust him if out of range of hitting him use Mocking Shout if he flash out i Flash to him and boom he is dead. This even works under his turret after lvl 6 so you use ur ultimate.

Ghost no way dont ever use this spells really useless on Tryndamere with phantom dancer + ghostblade active you have a great movement speed.

Ignite on ad carry are you serious? No way man you need to slow your enemies to crit them out not to do little 200-300dmg.

Cleanse never use this spell I can compare it to heal(summ. spell) on that level of fail. You cant cleanse out of Ignite even. Rather buy the quicksilver slash(item) if the enemy team have alot of Exhaust, stuns, fears etc.

Teleport please dont use this seriously. Such a waste.

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How to Use Abilities Properly

Battle Fury(passive)
There are two ways how you can use ur fury:
1. Leave it at 100 so you have the biggest critical chance bonus.
2. Consume the fury to heal yourself to stay in lane as long as possible because you need to farm heavily all the time.
If you are going into a battle with someone always try to have fury at the max so you have the most critical chance.

Consume fury to get healed by this ability. Dont use this ability if you dont need to. Because you will waste ur fury and cooldown. Use this ability after you use Undying Rage and ran away from battle to heal urself a little bit to dont get owned by Ignite. I hope you know what I mean. You have to practice it alot, if you have an Ignite on you u need to wait until the last second of ultimate ends and then use Bloodlust so you dont die.

Mocking Shout(W)
This ability is really awesome not only it slows enemy champions and it even reduces their attack damage heavily. Thats why you can 1v1 anyone. With Exhaust this ability is deadly.

Spinning Slash(E)
You use this ability as escape from battle or jump into battle. This ability only deals a little damage. Thats why its leveled last. This ability lowers its cooldown when you critically strike an opponent or a minion. Its really great when you are trying to get to someone + with 100% critical chance after ghost blade you can use Spinning Slash all the time which is very beneficial. You can go through walls it works just like flash.

Undying Rage(R)
Use this ability when you are about to die(200hp+-) but dont forget to use it its the main ability that makes Tryndamere so awesome in teamfights. When Undying Rage is ending just get to safety. If you dont have Undying Rage ready you are useless in teamfights because Tryndamare is very vulnerable and easy to kill because we stack attack damage.

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I start with Vampiric Scepter for lifesteal + Bloodlust so you can stay in your lane as long as possible because you need to farm and farm and farm. And dont forget to farm.
Then I pick up Boots of Speed and Avarice Blade because of critical chance and gaining gold.
Then I upgrade to Berserker's boots. Why? Because they give you huge attack speed at the beggining and you need that more than Mercury's Treads.
Then I go for Zeal because of critical chance, attack speed and movement speed. This item helps you a lot.
Then I go for the B.F.Sword for some nice damage. I updrage B.F.Sword into Infinity Edge for the sick critical hits. Now You need some more critical chance so you need to uprage to Phantom Dancer. And then pick up Youmuu's Ghostblade because of its epic active(dont forget to use it).
So your Main Items should be:
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Youmuu's Ghostblade

Now for Optional Items:
You can pick up The Bloodthirster if you want more damage but you need to stack it with minion kills.
Or you can get The Black Cleaver if you enemies stack armor.
Or you can get Quicksilver Sash. A lot of Tryndamers dont use this items but its really great if your enemies have alot of exshausts, blinds, fears etc.

Defensive Items:
You can get Force of Nature if you are fighting against a lot of AP carries.
You can get Thornmail if you are fighting against a lot of AD carries.
Or You can get Warmog's Armor if you think you have low hp and want to get more health.
I dont really suggest you these defensive items because you have ur Undying Rage so you dont need no defense, you can just stack damage and armor penetration.

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Early game is the hardest because Tryndamere has bad starts and low survability and without ultimate you cant just rush to ur enemies. What you want to do at lane if you are going with someone at the bottom you should try to last hit minions as much as you can and dont engage fights.
But I recommend you going solo top for more experience gain and gold gain. Try to last hit every minion. Use your Bloodlust all the time if dont have health. Try to harras you enemy by spinning into them and hitting them or if they are going to last hit a minion try to hit them 1-2times and spin away if they fight back. Dont push lanes too much because then you can get easily ganked but you have your epic spin + flash so you should be okay. Dont be afraid of your enemy. But remember you are squishy and easy to kill without ultimate so dont fight with 2 or more people. Late game you can even 1v3, but right now you cant. First of all Tryndamere is sooo item dependent. Secondly you are easy target.
This is very important: !! Always Predict What Your Opponents Can Do To You !!
So if your opponent has Flash and Exhaust, just dont even try to towerdive him or if he has stun + exhaust thats deadly camping on tower combo. Always try to get your enemies to low health even if you loose some of your health you can heal it back with bloodlust no problem. If you see that your enemies have like 1/3 health or out of manna try to towerdive them. But Dont forget on their jungler. Dont underestimate your opponents. Try to win your lane and dont feed the enemy team.

Mid Game is simple. You just continue to farm minions. Even try to steal their jungle. Push your tower if possible if ur opponent went home. Always try to force your opponent to go home by hitting him and getting him low on health. Then he will loose experience, gold and maybe even a tower and thats huge. Try to tell your team to get dragon or you can even solo it after B.F. Sword. Dragon is the key of winning. Start warding Baron and Dragon . If you want to solo dragon get Vision Ward to see if the enemy dont have dragon warded. Try to get red buff all the time even enemy red. If you can control the enemy jungle thats just huge boost to you. Team Fights are starting so be prepared with Infinity Edge more in late game.

Late Game
is all about possitioning and winning team fights. Yes sure you can still farm a little bit and always clear your jungle and if possible the enemy jungle too. Teamfights are the hardest. You must know when to jump into the fight. So the teamfight started let your tanks engage. Wait until enemies uses all their exhausts, stuns etc. Then jump to your enemies carries with Spinning Slash try to kill them as fast as possible so they dont deal any damage to your team. Dont forget to use exhuast and Undying Rage. How to use ultimate correctly look at chapter: How To Use Abilities Properly. Everytime look at the score board at your opponents, how manny and who has exhaust, blind, flash etc. Then look at how much kills and minions they have killed and even what items they are building. If you see that someone is really squishy(Caitlyn, Tristana, Brand, Xerath, Soraka etc.) with 1700-2000+- health try to get to them in teamfight and kill them with 2-3 hits maximum. Dont forget to use Mocking Shout(W) to decrease all enemy champions attack damage heavily. It makes a huge difference. If your opponent team have some invisible champions( Akali, Twitch, etc.) or have a lot of wards buy orcale's elixir.

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Killing Baron:
So you got into the point of the game when its balanced and its not over yet. You can try to get baron , but you have to go with your whole team to kill him. Get Oracle's Elixir before you try to kill him to clear the sight ward. If you see at the minimap that atleast one of the enemy team champion is at the bottom lane clearing minions go for it and kill baron right away! The champion from botom lane cant get there in time so if they even know about you killing baron they could rush it into you and they would just get owned 4v5 and then you would get baron and end the game. GG

Force Fight(Baiting):
If the enemy team is defending all the time(tower hugging) and you cant push that tower.
You dont need Oracle's Elixir, just tell your team to go to baron to force fight with enemy team. Get all 3 elixirs to max out your stats. And hide into the bushes and wait for your enemies. Let them facecheck the bush and kill them all.

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Jungling is terrible for Tryndamere. You cant get enough gold from jungle to get those imba items. Only good way to play him is at solo top.

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I hope you enjoyed my Tryndamere Guide and I hope you get better with him. Just practice a lot and dont use some fail item order.
I take reasonable criticism but dont troll and hate.

You can even check out my youtube guide video on Tryndamere with commentary:
GL and HF in the GAIMZ!